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263821263821B003R0LKWMA49NIDCJNT37XWanderingStar4451321574400My cats love thisMy cats really love this food (we also mix it about 3:1:1 with Innova and Innova low-fat dry food for nutrient variety - yes, my cats are very spoiled). It's a very healthy product for my kitties (I couldn't find any evidence of Felidae foods ever having been recalled), but it doesn't break my budget as much as some of the other high-end foods.
263822263822B003R0LKWMA1O4F43PKACRVYSherlock3451300838400SandieSherlock is a teenager and eats like a typical teenager. I require cat food that has no by-products and as few chemicals as possible. This food fits the bill.
263823263823B003R0LKWMAJTVRP16HVF6GCHeck0051342051200great product!I've been feeding my cat this since he was little and he loves it! He is a healthy weight and always gets a clean bill of health at the vet. I would definitely recommend this cat food to anyone!
263824263824B003R0LKWMA1QQHFFI1FNFWKDavid M. Germaine0031336694400cats don't like itTried it as one of my cats has a yeast on skin problem and needed grain free and Soy free diet. This filled the bill. The problem is that my cats don't like it. 1 cat will eat it but only because that is all there is for her to eat. She has lost a considerable amount of weight. SHe was overweight so I didn't mind it much. THe 2nd cat however hates it. She even started eating the dogs food, something she never did before. I now have to keep the dog food locked up. SHe too has lost weight, but she didn't need too. The yeast growth didn't go away, so there must be something else in the ingredients that is not good for her. I am now switching to another brand of cat food.
263825263825B003R0LKWMA91R4HKQBM91E0tk4210051333843200Great stuffWe switched from a grocery store brand cat food when we got a new kitten, since the pet adoption person recommended it. This is all my kitten (now 2 yrs) has ever eaten and LOVES it (we actually started with regular felidae and switched to the pure elements variety about 6 months ago, they didn't notice a change). My older cat had no problem at all switching over and even seems to like it better. She gets less hairballs with this food too. We got a third cat recently and had no idea what he was used to eating but he gobbles this stuff up with no problem. It's hard to know what the healthiest food out there is for your cats but for now this seems to make me and my kitties happy. It isn't too expensive and it has a better ingredients line up than most brands. I recommend giving it a try!
263826263826B003R0LKWMA3F8SDTCIB6QWEwhat??0031333152000Thank God for dogs that eat anything!Felidae Canned Cat Food for Adult Cats and Kittens, Formula with Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Ocean Fish (Pack of 12 13 Ounce Cans) Not ONE of my 4 cats wants to even taste this food! It's the first time ever that a cat food has been so overwhelmingly rejected.
My dogs will eat any cat food so, they'll get a treat mixed in with their dry food.
Felidae Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats and Kittens, Grain Free Formula, 15 Pound Bag They are barely touching this stuff.
The cat box has never been cleaner!
263827263827B003R0LKWMAM15R179IBHK4Dr. J.0051332720000Excellent Cat foodThe grain and gluten free cat foods are better tolerated, as Felines are "carnivores" primarily, moreso than "herbivores".
Most available dry, and for that matter, wet, cat foods available in the grocery store contain grain products. I am not a DVM; however, in my experience with 9 cats, I notice less "regurgitation" of food (independent of hairballs), using the more 'natural' or appropriate, grain free foods. This dry food is well tolerated by my kids, so I am able to recommend this brand, as well as, or better than, others I have tried.
263828263828B004R28Q2QA32AYZRCF0P8YRdragonfly0051315267200best serviceproduct was sent out right away, and was as advertised. great place to buy, but it takes some research to learn how to use this product. Very healthy stuff!
263829263829B004JWV7JIAH3LF9RAD1O2VMark E. Armesto6651323216000Great stuff!I love SoBe Fruit Punch. My neighborhood Tops market sold it for years. Their price was $1.00 per bottle, but they don't carry it any longer. I wish I could still get it, but this price is WAY TOO HIGH!
263830263830B004JWV7JIA3HFTJ1BS4FCNSSandi5551332115200Sobe PowerSobe power is my very favorite drink of all time. I would go out of my way to get this drink, but asking this kind of money for it is just wrong! If they do discontinue this flavor I will be looking for a new favorite drink that is reasonably priced.
263831263831B00684QSSKA1FTES2DJO4WU5Ryan5751321833600Dark and fruityFinca Las Delicias Reserva is a deliciously deep cup (the Merlot description above is spot-on) and its fruit notes shine through with different flavors coming out depending on your brew method. I brew it in a Chemex using a Baratza grinder and the tart fruit pleases me every time.
263832263832B00684QSSKA39XHTRQ6H15K5Mark R Paulson4651322524800Ignorance is BlissThe highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about. This is directed at SalVetUSMC. As Albert Einstein said ", Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." It is painfully obvious that SalVetUSMC has some form of an agenda against Brown.

I was introduced to Brown Coffee Company by a friend who new what a coffee geek I am. I currently have a La Sapaziale Mini Vivaldi II and an older Bezzera BZ 99. Previously I owned a La Pavoni PPG-16, Pasquini Liva 90 and an Isomac Tea so while not an expert, I am certainly not a novice. I have tried coffee from all over, Illy, Intelligentsia, Lavazza and others. For quite awhile I roasted my own with beans from Sweet Maria's and CmeBrew Coffee. I was quite sceptical, but decide to investigate Brown Coffee Co. What a pleasant surprise! The cappa I had was the best I have ever tasted including Intelligentsia in Chicago. I was hooked. Now I make a weekly trip to the other side of town to pick up my beans. I'm finally done with roasting, yeah! My espresso is the best it has ever been and my family and friends love it. Now, when I am too lazy, I can have coffe delivered to the door.

As far as SalVetUSMC goes... I'm leery of people who won't use their real names. Semper Fi Mac!
263833263833B00684QSSKA3CIRADJ60GX04David Ross1251324166400Delicious!Excellent coffee! I used this one in my home espresso maker. All the different roasts I have had from Brown Coffee have been wonderful. Can't go wrong with any roast.
263834263834B007P2PRTAA2YN9LK42S62DRFatcat "Fatcat"0051343606400Good!This is a really good, reasonably priced baking mix. The chocolate chip cookies made from the recipe on the box are to die for. Yum. You won't miss the gluten. I use this for everything I bake. The last box I had did not include butter in the chocolate chip cookie recipe and without butter, they are too bread like, so put a stick of softened butter or margarine in the recipe and enjoy1
263835263835B001HTKS00AFP15CHXPGQCFKristofer S5551296950400Fiji Water has no rivalsThis isn't exactly scientific, but I consider my sense of taste experienced and particular enough to judge water based on the following criteria:
1. Free of chemical leeching from the plastic bottle.
2. Balanced mineral content (i.e. no excessive fluoride, not to "wet" and not too "dry")
3. No excessive purification agents (i.e. chlorine, etc.)

Fiji is, by far, the best I have ever tasted.

By the way, at the time of this writing, Amazon is selling the water with FREE delivery to retail consumers for less than the manufacturer is.
263836263836B001HTKS00A2XWK5XCEDNXA9Chris C.4451294099200Best Water On The Market!This water (coming from a person who has spent $10+ on fine water and has also bottled water at the source)is honestly the best water around. Smooth, crisp, and with a great taste. Highly recommend getting yourself some if you're in the market for a good drink.
263837263837B001HTKS00A2OP1BR4HSR8MFS. Johnson2251296172800Great water for a FANTASTIC price!!!I have been a fan of Fiji water for a long time due to its unbelievable taste. So when I saw it for $17.44/case in November, I had to order a year supply, 22 cases to be exact!!!

Although the price is now $22.52 it is still a steal compared to Fiji water's website and the price at Wally World for a 6-pack. It is a bit more expensive than Zephryhills but it is DEFINITELY worth the money. It is also the only water I drink.

Btw, Amazon shipped it very nicely in another box with the case inside. So if you want it for a special occasion or for business, you dont have to worry about your name and address on the Fiji box, nor any scuff marks from the package being handled.

Thanks Amazon!
263838263838B001HTKS00A15EQ02JDBAE1JSavannah Cline1151301875200The best tasting waterThis water makes me want to move to Fiji it tastes so good. I feel bad about shipping it across the globe to drink it, but you can't beat the taste.
263839263839B001HTKS00AVXCHG8QP67UALaura Darr2351292198400Love it.I love Fiji water. I can never quite put my finger on what is different about it, but it is a significant and positive difference. It feels different too. There are other nutrients in it, which are listed on the bottle, and this makes me feel like it is an enhanced experience of drinking water to stay healthy and hydrated. I definitely recommend it. (I also like the low prices and free shipping that are sometimes available on Amazon).
263840263840B001HTKS00A3V2EZ6MA32FF6Bearcat2451295222400Water is great, Amazon purchase policy not so much.I was overjoyed to find FIJI water by the case at such a reasonable price on Amazon. My wife is pregnant with twins and she is only drinking bottled water. This is her favorite bottled water, she says it just tastes better than the other brand. So from a product perspective this water is great, as is the price, and I give it five stars!

One thing to note. There is a three case limit on this item and once you purchase three you evidently can't purchase more? When I tried to purchase more it said it is a limited quantity purchase item. I had no idea as it did not explicitly state this on the product page that I could see. I am disappointed with Amazon and I hope in the next few weeks when we run out I can purchase more as we are trying to save money due to having twins.
263841263841B001HTKS00ARAYUG3S7JAZ6Six Pack "Young Six Pack"2551302998400Higher price but worth it. Could be life saving!I am the type that don't want to spend money on expensive water althoght they are not the same water. Openly and honestly. One day I was there at WalMart looking at water, a lady was grabing Fiji water infornt of me said, she started to buy thoese water because one of her relatives was doing dialysis treatment regularly, after he starts drinking Fiji water and she no longer need the treatments anymore. The reason she buys the water just to loss weight.

The price of the water still high to me, I buy them when they are on sale, I use it as vitamines, since my bottles of vitamine always forgot to take and got all expired. Fiji is a better way to go. You will never forget to drink water.
263842263842B001HTKS00A3FYBIG3EG05SPJoseph J. Bartels41041301184000The truth about FIJIFiji water is noticeably an excellent quality water. I've been drinking water for over 21 years, ever since I was a child. So as you can see I have tons of experience with water. My family tells an old story of how when I was a young man infatuated with water that I almost drowned myself trying to drink 3 glasses of water at one time, using a series of straws! Needless to say, I consider water an expertise of mine.

I conducted a 3 week study of FIJI water. I used FIJI for almost everything, excluding bathing because of the obvious expense. I cooked pasta with FIJI water, I washed my face every now and then with FIJI water, I diluted my liquid soap with FIJI water, and I drank exclusively FIJI water. What I noticed over these 3 weeks will shock you!

Week 1. My toe and finger nails grew much faster than usual, with a nice shine to them. I also noticed a loss in body fat.
Week 2. My nails continued to grow and I noticed noticeably thicker leg hair.
Week 3. The improvements continue to increase, my current nail length is approximately 3/4 of an inch. I had to trim my leg hair because it was getting out of control.

I will not buy FIJI again, but only because I do not necessarily want thicker leg hair.
I do recommend this product though!
263843263843B001HTKS00A2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"2951279238400Great water.. pretty darn good priceI am hooked on this water.. clean and pure fantastic!
at 25.00 and FREE shipping it worth not dealing with driving, standing in lines and
hauling it around.
263844263844B00631TI2QA25LXOYTSL3GL3Marigno1151338336000Very good peppercornI'm used to season everything to be eaten with something spicy. This peppercorn smells very good and strong, if you crush a grain with teeth you will discover that it is full, not just bark and strong in flavor. Very good peppercorn! To be tried on spaghetti with clams (no tomato, please).
263845263845B00631TI2QA1562Q9BQWHV9PXuanyi Zou0051346371200Great bulk buyI really like it. The pepper smells wonderful. I used it for some Indian curry and it turned out great.
263846263846B00631TI2QA157EV12M2EJIQPatty1251332115200Great service.Product arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Item was packaged well so it arrived in great shape also. I always appreciate fast service.
263847263847B00631TI2QA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0151347321600Great peppercorns, High quality.Why drive (what's the price of gas today?) & wait in line? These are pungent Tellicherry Peppercorns. Great to complement your cooking and table presentation. Glad to find this well priced spice here.
263848263848B000WL39GEAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1151271894400Reese's Pieces CandiesI really like this product and I order this alot. The price was good and they are packaged properly for the trip. They are delicious.
263850263850B000WL39GEA3K29LZYV55TUKBargain Hunter "Just me"0041264809600Reese's PiecesLove Reeses Pieces! What else is there that tastes good? Especially if its Peanut butter flavored and sweet.

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