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264024264024B004EAGP74ADA54CYR5KZGCHarmony4551289174400Best oil for hairAccording the research online, the coconut oil work great on hair. It is the only oil reported to penetrate the hair shaft and leaves hair soft/moistened. I use the oil as a pre-conditioner for 30 min or longer no heat. Then followed by shampoo. After shampoo I apply again the coconut oil other oils to seal the oil in the hair. The product is cost effective, natural, and most importantly does the work.
264025264025B004EAGP74A1KSYEWBOX65N1Robin "Green One"4551281139200Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oilI would not live without this product. I Have read and done some research on the benifits of using
coconut oil. Its uses and benifits are endless. I actually have a small jar I refill for keeping in
the bathroom. It has become my lotion after showering. I use this only in the pm due to the initial slipery
feeling till it soaks into the skin. My skin is supple, no more dryness, more elasticity, and the best of all is it is antibacterial, antifungus and a great disenfectant. I put it on everything. It dries it up. I eat 3 tablespoons of it a day, I cook with it, put it on anything I would normally use butter for. Its great for high heat. I have read it is good for the gums and digestion as well. The body synthesises it well and is beneficial. I would encourge anyone to read about this and try it. there are cookbooks and how to use this on amazon. Thanks to Nutiva and Amazon for carrying it.!!!
Its flavor is lightly nutty and love that coconut flavor.
264026264026B004EAGP74A3K7ZLR7OMIM1LBrooks Emerson "Brooks"4551178928000Amazing OilI think I will always use coconut oil from now on. It is just amazing. Since I can't get oil in Istanbul, I actually wish I had bought more of it. This brand of coconut oil is smooth, creamy, and sooooo delicious.
264027264027B004EAGP74ARPAH41LH4SS7C. Benson "C.B."4551168300800Great ProductI have had other brands of Coconut Oil and this one smelled much fresher and stayed that way longer, too.
264028264028B004EAGP74A316D2HUYDJV3NJulia1151350086400Oh God...That this is legal bliss is..astonishing to me. You can eat it, oil yourself down with it, cook with it, think with can anything that tastes so good, smells so good & works so freakin well be legal? Well, it is...and of all coconut oils out there, this one is Godly.

Here is one method of employing this product:
1) wake up, roll over...grab the jar of nutiva, take a small handful of half the handful...adorn your body and face with the other half..have your coffee, smell that delicate parfumy coconut...breathe deeply and thank Nutiva and the big coconut gods in the sky for this unreal product at such a great price.

Here is one other set of culinary lieu of butter on your scone... have coconut oil...cook all of your food in it...and certainly add a handful to every soup you coats the palate and makes the tongue happy.

Oh yes...I love this stuff, it makes me feel all googley and a thousand times a woman.
You should buy several jars right now...tis the small luxuries in life that make one whole.
264029264029B004EAGP74A1QW1GRBHR11ZYKMcQ1151347926400I love coconut oilI use coconut oil in everything from cooking to adding it to my aging, finicky Standard Poodles' food (he loves it). The Nutiva Coconut oil is excellent and I will definitely purchase it in the future! Shipping was fast and product was exactly as expected.
264030264030B004EAGP74A2TKZM9IZBVU61Sunshine1151347494400Delicious & Nutricious!Our family now uses this in place of butter or other oils for all our cooking needs. It tastes sooo good - it has a very nice lite sweet taste to it. Also it is much healthier for you than butter or other oils. We use All Clad cookware and have no trouble with sticking as long as adequate coconut oil is used when cooking.
264001264001B004EAGP74A1LDWNWQJ8I1KBG. Lees "Mom of a 6 1/2 year old."2251282003200Nutiva Organic EV Coconut OilI LOVE this stuff. It arrived fairly quickly, but had leaked a bit inside it's box (I suppose that's to be expected with trying to ship an oil in the middle of summer). I've had it for a month or so and it's only just starting to solidify in the cupboard.

The oil smells wonderful, a yummy coconut smell, and when it's heated in a pan it just smells that much better. I use it every time I pan fry anything (eggs, fish, chicken, etc) and it always works wonderfully. I haven't noticed it adding any coconut flavor to anything really, except perhaps eggs which I don't mind at all.

I have used it in baking a couple of times and have had only one issue. Because it's a 'solid' oil (depending on temperature) when I added cold eggs to the oil and didn't mix fast enough it started to chunk up so things didn't mix very smoothly.

I should also add that my son has exzema and has since he was born. I haven't found anything better then coconut oil to use as an after bath moisturizer for him, and he smells sooooo good when we are done.
264002264002B004EAGP74A3LV9PSOH448QAMaggie H. Villegas2251281830400Great alternative cooking oilI first read about the benefits of coconut oil while reading an article in Oxygen Magazine. I was curious about it's potential benefits so I did more research. I was very surprised to learn how this oil had been the primary source of oil in the United States until there was a propagandist pitch against buying this oil due to conflicts of the world war at the time, as well as the increased interest in corn oil manufacturing in the U.S. Coconut oil became a target of U.S. corn and vegetable oil manufacturers. Today, it's nearly been forgotten or written off because of it's high saturated fat content. Interesting to note that this oil's properties do not act like other saturated fats because it is a medium-chain triglyceride, which breaks down differently in the liver. After reading the information I gave it a go and I love it. It is great for all sorts of cooking. It even blends well into a protein shake. It smells wonderful and works as a great skin conditioner and massage oil. I would highly recommend coconut oil to everyone. Once you try it you won't want to go back to the unhealthy corn or vegetable oils.
264003264003B004EAGP74A3RFEVNPLN8TDNYadi Alamin "QiGong Therapist"2251280275200The reviews don't lieBeen taking Coconut Oil for YEARS. This is the best on the retail market. I wish it was in glass, but this is the one.
264004264004B004EAGP74A2S38KP8H5CANGDavid Stefanchik2251278028800A great alternative OilThis oil is awesome, does not flame up when Frying,taste great,great for salad dressing,My GCF son with autism loves the taste.
264005264005B004EAGP74A3JE0BZDT8IURGThomas N. Brogan2251277424000Create product - hit or miss shippingFound this same product for about $5 less at the Vitamin Shoppe website and bought it there.

Even with their lowest price shipping, the Nutiva Coconut oil arrived quickly. However, it opened during transit and leaked everywhere. Called the customer service number and the gentleman who answered immediately wrote an order to send another shipment to replace my shipped spilled one and the replacement arrived quicker than the quoted time frame for the discount shipping. This time, it was packed much better and didn't spill. Seems I'm at least the second person to complain about how Vitamin Shoppe ships their coconut oil - hoping they'll ship it better next time so that they have more profit and I have more instant gratification.

On to the product itself and the 5 stars it earns:

Nutiva's extra virgin coconut oil has just a faint coconut smell and no taste. It's liquid at 77°F and great inside and outside the human body. Can't wait to saute veggies in it tomorrow! Very psyched Nutiva markets this superfood and The Vitamin Shoppe sells it.
264006264006B004EAGP74A2KL4L51LV6KFTKelli Sewell2251272067200Coconut OilLove Coconut oil! Ordered this because of the great value. Will be buying again and again.
264007264007B004EAGP74A2LD84AWXV27REN. Mersha2251271462400This stuff is greatI have used this product in smoothies for my son and he loves it. Additionally, I use this oil in the shower as a skin conditioner and it has made my skin look great. Some of the stretch marks on my belly has disappeared quickly. Highly recommend!!!
264008264008B004EAGP74A93A168DZD61RR. Spencer2251271116800Amazing productFirst time using this product and I can't say enough good about it. I fry with it, butter toast with it and it gives homemade cake icing a surprisingly wonderful flavor. An excellent healthy alternative that I highly recommend.
264009264009B004EAGP74A3HARH90CDL5MST. Kohut2241268092800Value and QualityI bought this for my dog that has a yeast infection. I have used it on his skin and feed it to him. He loves it. It has a great smell and is a great value for the amount you get and that it is organic. I don't like the plastic container, but other than that it is a great product.
264010264010B004EAGP74A3U3FNY580IWYCErin M. Ziersch2251264896000Wonderful GoodnessThis product is super!! It tastes amazing and is the best you can get as far as being cold-pressed, extra virgin AND organic!!! Not only that but the price is enough to blow your mind :) Everyone should have some of this on hand for not only internal issues, but also for skin problems as well!! LOVE IT!!!
264011264011B004EAGP74A141GGRXSHP17IS. Torossian "SToro"2251258588800Nutiva Organic Coconut OilRepeat customer. I've yet to try another brand of coconut oil but I love this Nutiva so far. Vitamin Shoppe is a great vendor, prompt communication, prompt everything. $.99 ship is great!
264012264012B004EAGP74A1ASDOOO4TST7WCindy M. Kalkstein2251258243200More value for your moneyI've purchased this item in a smaller quantity for an outrageous amount of money. This is an extraordinary value!
264013264013B004EAGP74ATEYD0AI8PFQHShopaholic2251250467200Holy YUM!!I just got my Nutiva Coconut Oil yesterday and it has FAR exceeded my expectations. I got the oil to use in a recipe for a pie crust. Since yesterday I have tried it on my hair, skin, and on toasted cinnamon bread. I was surprised at how great it smelled, but I was blown away by how yummy it TASTES! I really wish that I would have bought a bigger jar! This will be something that I continue to use for a long time! Thanks Nutiva and Amazon!

UPDATE: I have used my 15 oz. jar in 2 months and I am now ordering the 54 oz. jar... I am blown away at how delicious this stuff is. I eat it on toasted bread ALL the time. I also use it on baked sweet potatos, baked butternut squash, and to cook pancakes on the stove. My skin and hair are considerably softer! I want to tell everyone I know about this stuff.
264014264014B004EAGP74A2FAM5HUKI5MSALaura Hamm "wiskyrapids"2251242604800love this productI bought it for cosmetic reasons, and I'm glad I did. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't feel really greasy. I have heard of the benefits of cooking with coconut oil as well, and I might purchase another jar to use for that purpose.
264015264015B004EAGP74A19XFXSWFX1CW3Mater Lea2251234224000Good Deal - Good OilI've been using coconut oil for years. I took several T. a day for 2-3 years but never lost weight, so I can't recommend it for that.

To eat several T. daily, I made a concoction of chocolate melted with coconut oil and kept it in the fridge. I found that I ate less sugar and chocolate that way--the coconut oil helped me feel satisfied with a little less chocolate. But, perhaps you can see why I wasn't losing weight . . .

By making this coco/choc mixture, I was able to add fruit or ground flax seed (I'm allergic to nuts and this gave the choc/coconut oil a nutty flavor like a ganache) or wheat germ (a nutty-like crunch). These additions helped me maintain a good glycemic index while eating so much candy.

When I was using the coconut oil daily, my total cholesterol did rise but my ratio of HDL:LDL greatly improved. I do believe that coconut oil is the best one to use, I'm just not much of an oil user.

Perhaps if I had been substituting for something besides chocolate, I might have lost weight. I was really adding oil to my diet instead of swapping. But, even adding 3-4T. daily, I didn't gain weight, either, and I did get the improved cholesterol ratio.

By God's grace, I stopped eating sugar in 2008. Now, I use coconut oil on weekends as my "weekend treat" in homemade popcorn. (Not eating sugar really made me lose weight: 1#/week for 30 weeks, where I've remained for months.)

This Nutiva jar is easy to open. It's probably good to keep smaller amounts in another container to keep the big jar less contaminated . . . but I don't always do that.

There was a slight coconut scent at first but that disappeared. When I lick off the spoon when I make popcorn, I can taste a little bit of coconut, but not much. I'd highly recommend this brand unless you really wanted that coconut scent. the lack of scent does make it extremely versatile and much easier to substitute as a butter spread (hot vegetables, toast, etc.)
264016264016B004EAGP74A13PCQ6UC1T1VLD. Schaefer "Amens daughter"2251230336000The best tastingThis brand is the best tasting to me. I've tried others, and don't like them, (except for Garden of Eden brand). This smells and taste like coconut. I toast sprouted bread, spread this on it, add a little salt, and maybe some nutritional yeast. Or I use some agave nectar instead of the yeast for a sweet fix. I bought a gallon of another brand, and I don't like it. I will be buying more of this brand.
264017264017B004EAGP74AGFFF8TSKHJ3RA. Black "Electra Designs"2251230336000I use it for everything!This coconut oil is raw. It smells amazing and is super healthy. I use it for everything, from salad dressing to raw vegan deserts, to stir fry, skin moisturizer, hair finisher, massage oil, etc. It's amazing on baked yams. If you eat toast, try mixing raw coconut oil with honey and using it as a spread. This is a great value, and a fabulous product. Be sure to read up on the benefits of raw coconut oil, and remember, never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. I'm actually a raw vegan, so this is a big staple for me. I love massaging sea salt and coconut oil into raw kale salad. Add ginger, cayenne, a bit of tamari, and a squeeze of lemon. Healthy and delicious! If you aren't a raw vegan, but you just want to eat healthier, try replacing all your regular oils and butter with raw coconut oil. Coconut has a much higher tolerance for heat before it becomes harmful to the body. It's way more tasty than butter or any kind of butter substitute too.
264018264018B004EAGP74A3IB0RME5ENI88Ryan L. Burrill2251225843200Nothing ComparesThis oil is wonderful, I have nothing but good things to say about it.

Taste is fresh.
Quality is unsurpassed.

As a raw foodie I'm always looking for the truly and minimally processed fractured foods such as this oil, I've looked in to Nutiva's process for making this and it appears it truly is raw and as minimally processed as coconut oil can get.

The way I use it most often is to make a raw custard smoothie in the blender as follows..

3 raw eggs
1 cup or more of raw 100% grass fed organic Milk
1 Teaspoon raw unheated honey
1-3 Tbsp Raw Nutiva Coconut Oil

It makes the creamiest most wonderful and incredibly healthy smoothie. I make between 1 and 3 of these each day so I use this oil very fast.

I also use it with a little raw milk and raw honey to make one of the creamiest, tastiest cups of coffee you can imagine!

The above smoothie can be turned in to a banana smoothie by adding half a banana and subtracting the eggs and honey.

Can also be used externally in hair and on skin.

This coconut oil should be a staple source of raw fat for every family, especially if you don't have ready access to fresh coconut!
264019264019B004EAGP74ASEDE7XOQ9FYSMig2251202860800Excellent value and product. Love it!I used this for the first time as a night cream since my skin was dry from the weather here in Los Angeles. I woke up and noticed my face looking refreshed and hydrated without any of the breakouts that other products leave behind. It's like it actually went beyond the surface of my skin!
264020264020B004EAGP74A3PNOW3BT61KCGLillian Wengerd "funhealth"2251199923200A cut above the rest!This is my favorite coconut oil for the following reasons...

it is delightfully fragrant
the smooth texture
tastes like it should...coconutty :)
fries and cooks and bakes like a charm
delectable hand cream

My only complaint is that one side (approx. 1 cup) was empty. I hope not to find that problem in future purchases.
264021264021B004EAGP74A1HDWGY5KWY11YBrooklynite2251199664000Best Deal Ever!You are not going to get a better deal on any Coconut Oil product. The best use? Put a teaspoon of coconut oil into your morning protein shake, along with organic berries and a teaspoon of almond butter. It will taste great, optimize your overall health and keep you energized well until lunchtime. I repeat, don't hesitate to purchase this excellent product at an excellent price.
264022264022B004EAGP74AFC84OC23E6H1K. Torres "health nut"2251197331200A great deal!This coconut oil is of great quality and the price is great. I paid $10 for an 8-oz jar in the local stores!

I love cooking with this product. Scrambled eggs seem to come out very fluffy.

I will warn new users to not use coconut oil on very light foods, as the oil does have a slight coconut taste and fragrance. In other foods, the taste disappears completely.
264023264023B004EAGP74A1VF1MSJ9ZFHCOJ. Rogers2251178409600Tasty and nutritiousI can only compare this Nutiva coconut oil to one other that I had tried bearing the Spectrum label. Perhaps the Spectrum oil is exactly as good for you, but it had no flavor whatsoever. This Nutiva coconut oil, on the other hand, actually has a delicious coconut flavor. Well, I think it's delicious. If you don't like coconut flavor, you'd better try a different brand.

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