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264061264061B004EAGP74A26VL5Q0FI2RHWme "me"1151264550400Great coconut oil!This is great coconut oil that we've been using for a year now. We love using it for high temperature cooking (when olive oil and other oils are not appropriate to use) and also especially on our popcorn. Coconut oil is so good for you and tastes delicious! This product is wonderful too because it is organic, extra virgin, and very consistent in quality.

We're really pleased with the pricing here at Amazon AND the customer care; when one container arrived to our house punctured and broken, Amazon immediately sent out a new container.

We will definitely order Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil again.
264087264087B004EAGP74A1N7BFJSBP75A8Glitter Girl "Amy Elizabeth Gibb Gish, Esq."686951233273600THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE!!!This is amazing. I like it better than all other coconut oils. Of course it tastes like coconut. I don't want to use oils that are so overly processed and refined that they taste like "nothing". I don't understand why the coconut flavor bothers some people. If you don't like coconut, find a different oil.

You can use this for grilling, frying, baking, sauteeing, greasing & flouring a cake pan, and all other places that you'd use butter or a Crisco-type product. Just be careful on the baking because this melts at a low temperature.

It is amazing as a skin softener, a hair conditioner, a leave in hot oil treatment, make-up remover, eyelash conditioner/glosser, shaving "cream", lip softener, cuticle oil, nail conditioner, bath oil, after bath oil, massage oil (add a few drops of essential oil if you wish), etc. Speaking of massage oil, this is an excellent product for "adult activities" . . . as a perk it is definitely edible.

If you have dry feet, slather this on, rub it in, wrap your feet with plastic wrap, cover with socks, and go to bed. In the morning your feet will feel nice and soft.

This can be used on leather such as shoes, jackets, and purses. Because it's clear, you can use it on leather products that have decorative stitching that you can't cover with regular colored polish. (In fact, I just bent over and put coconut oil on my black leather shoes with my fingers . . . the only clean up needed was to rub my hands together.)

I've even used it on my wood furniture to obtain the same results as furniture oils. I have used it to grease hinges and mechanical parts. I have heard that you can use it to add lustre to pearls but I'm too chicken to try it on my good stuff.

I know people that have used it as a laxative (in large quantities) and a diet aid. When I eat about a T. a day my skin is softer and my wrinkles are less noticable.

I keep finding new uses. I'm sure you'll find some, too.
264062264062B004EAGP74A3MK8B50JPHBB7Amber Wright1151263168000We use this for everything!I buy this every two months. We have a family of 3 and use it for cooking, skincare, and my massage business. The only thing that would make this better is having an option to subscribe and save on it, I would be the first to click.
264088264088B004EAGP74AP5HH5USUJANTNatural n Lovin it555551268697600Endless uses! Great product! You gotta try it.This is the best brand! [[ASIN:B000VUMSE0 Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54 oz]I have been using more and more coconut oil for the past for months. First it was for facial moisturizer than learned how great it is for a whole body moisturizer. Use as you would baby oil. The I tried for my baby who has eczema and is allergic to just about all the "pure" and "natural" products out there. His skin drinks it in and leaves it super moisturized and smooth. No more cracks and irritation. Great for all seasons. My husband uses after shaving as do I. I love it for cooking, No more olive and canola. If you do your research this should be your only cooking oil. Whether savory or sweet or deep frying and sauteing. Has a very mild taste, my husband doesn't even notice the difference. Also try in your hair as a conditioner, hot oil treatment or sealant also cuticles. I am an african american woman with natural 4a hair. I can't say enough about this. I started with the 16oz, but the more I used this the more I found that I needed a larger size. To my amazement I found this gigantic size. I put some in my smaller containers and leave one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the baby room and the largest one in the kitchen. Can't get enough of coconut oil.
264063264063B004EAGP74A39OOEZUO49TOXBeth Beatrice "missbeth"1151258243200Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 ounce jarThis coconut oil was great for eating raw and unheated or for cooking and sauteeing. I prefer its consistency and flavor to some of the other brands that I have tried.
264064264064B004EAGP74A1QV4VPFKPDGBFA. M. Wedemeyer "Mel"1151251244800I can't get any better than this...I used to pay $15 or more at Lassen's for a 14 ounce jar of this same brand of coconut oil. I can't believe I pay only $21 for 54 ounces of it. I use this oil not only for cooking everyday but also I rub it in my skin and I use it in my hair..I even get compliments in the way my skin looks or the way I smell too..It's totally amazing! Don't forget the health benefits of it too..It doesn't hurt to burn some extra fat..I highly recommend this product! I love this coconut oil!!!:)
264089264089B004EAGP74AG8VYDW8FCDIRMichael D. Mullins "Mumbles"596151273968000No worries about plastic leachingI wrote this to ease the worries of those who read some of the lower starred reviews complaining about the plastic container and possible "leaching" of harmful byproducts into the oil. Turn your Nutiva jar upside down and read inside the little recycle triangle. See the little "1" symbol and the PETE written under it? That's a good plastic: "#1 is Polyethylene Terephthalate, also marked as PET or PETE. Companies normally use this plastic for various beverage containers such as water, soft drinks, and sport drinks. You can also find this plastic for ketchup, peanut butter, salad dressings, jellies, and various other condiments. This plastic is known as one of the "good" plastics since it is not known to leach, or gradually penetrate, chemicals into the products it houses." [...]

Also, don't worry about the clear container--coconut oil is highly resistant to becoming rancid from heat/light, unlike olive, corn, and other oils.

264065264065B004EAGP74A2J6KE6YH1W6DVL. MOTLEY1151247184000Great ProductThis product is really great! I love it! I use it on my skin and my scalp and in my hair. It really does absorb fast. I was worried because when I opened the jar and took a whiff, it smelled like I was hesitant to try it on my skin. I rubbed it between my hands then apllied to my skin and it smelled heavenly. It smells like a creamy coconut. I love it! I just wish it would smell that way before it melts, but I love it! My hair is so soft, my scalp is nice and dandruff free and my skin is soft and supple...not to mention smells so great!
264090264090B004EAGP74A3H7NPNDMGLOU4Kerri Elders485051191974400Can't Beat Nutiva's Organic Coconut Oil for Taste or TextureI first tried coconut oil last fall after reading The Coconut Oil Miracle (***highly recommended book***) and Nutiva's Organic Coconut Oil was the first I tried. It spoiled me completely. I've since tried two other brands and NOTHING tastes as fresh and light as this oil. It has a nice coconut flavor and personally, I love the taste it gives fried eggs and even pancakes. I also used it to make a pie crust (after chilling the oil slightly to compensate for the friction of working the pie crust) for a coconut cream pie and it was out of this world--flaky and delicious!!! Like another poster, I also like it spread on a toasted English muffin and then topped with a light drizzle of honey.

Our family has changed our eating habits in the last year and now we use only 3 fats: 1. Coconut Oil 2. Butter 3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (but only raw---never with heat!!!!--use the coconut oil or butter for fried & sauteed foods). Our general health is much improved; my husband's cholesterol levels are finally dropping (after YEARS of using "SmartBalance" and other "healthy" spreads that just raised his cholesterol).

Try this coconut oil and do yourself a favor and order The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil)so you can understand why it not only tastes so good, but is so good for you!
264066264066B004EAGP74A1JD5WV2Y17ZTQD. Hawkins1151246752000A Diverse ProductThis product is pure, unrefined. It's fresh and can be used in so may different things. I've used it in cooking and baking, I use it in my hair, my skin as well as taking a teaspoon of it daily. You really get a lot for your money. Without a doubt, I will order this again. The seller even included a letter...which i s very personable. They not only want to see you a product, they have your best interest at heart!
264067264067B004EAGP74A3T7Y1ZJ0BF64SK. Henry1151243296000Great product, great value!I have been using this product for years, and I have found this to be the best value. The shipping time was superb! Thank you for providing so many great products at such a great value on your website. I refer my friends here all the time, because many of them are not aware of the fact that you sell much more than books, electronic games and movies.
264068264068B004EAGP74A2YOZ8RP2JM9VDK. Hadaway1151234396800Nutiva Organic Coconut OilI have tried several brands of coconut oil, but find Nutiva to be the best. I use it instead of butter on toast, for low temperature frying, as shortening for baking and is excellent as a skin moisturizer. By ordering from Amazon sellers I can purchase 54 oz for less than the health food store price of a 29 oz.
264069264069B004EAGP74A3N8RB943DMSH7Alisa Marie Fleming ""1151197244800Always stocked in my houseI love the buttery taste/texture of this coconut oil. We use it for everything from baking to sauteing to just whipping up a frosting or homemade "buttery" spread. It does have a coconut inspired flavor, so if you are looking for total neutrality, another brand may be best.
264070264070B004EAGP74A254V9SGIAVT4FRRFool "RRFool"1141187827200Nutiva Coconut Oil - change in bottling?I was happy with the quick delivery time of this product. I ordered one bottle last month, and was pleased enough that I ordered three more. However, this recent order came with all three items being packaged in plastic jars, whereas the first was in a glass jar. I prefer the glass, which is why I ordered again. However, the shipping was fast and the quality of the oil appears to be the same. Overall happy with product, but will seek out glass jars in future.
264071264071B004EAGP74A2Y3MYAOSS5HERL. Perry3451308355200Great tasting!I love this coconut oil! It smells and tastes delicious, and makes a wonderful skin moisturizer too :-). I use it for baking, and cooking and it's great. Mine arrived in liquid form and has never become solid. I guess my house temperature isn't cool enough for it to solidify but that makes it easier to measure out for recipes. The bottle does say that it becomes solid at 76 degrees, anyhow it's a great buy on Amazon! Enjoy.
264072264072B004EAGP74A1J31YTP84V180Sarah B.3441294617600Perfect for HairI use this oil as a pre-shampoo treatment.
I put it all over my hair, throw on a scarf and leave it in overnight. Even the gentlest shampoos can dry out my hair but when I put this in then shampoo my hair stays moisturized and I can still get it clean. I'm still exploring other uses for it but for right now I am very happy with my purchase.
264073264073B004EAGP74A3JADDHNP8CD63D. Douglas3451178928000Wonderful product...I have been using this product for a few weeks now, it is sooooo much better and smoother than what I used before. It is highly recommended!
264074264074B004EAGP74A2TD2HP0BXBPHHPaul Beckford5751176336000Best Deal on the InternetI wont go into the quality of this product or the nutritional benefits as I think the 4.5 stars and the customer reviews speak for themselves. However, I think you will find the 54 oz for 20 bucks is the best deal on the Internet, especially when you buy two and choose the super saver shipping option. I would challenge anybody to find a better deal for pure coconut oil of the same quality.
264075264075B004EAGP74A1UZX9MZODYSNQjerity6931284336000Disappointed the oil didn't come in a "jar" ended up being a "plastic bottle." :(Everything about the oil is amazing the way its processed, you would think they know what a quality product they have...until it came in a plastic bottle. When in the picture you can see its glass and its referred to as a jar (kind of important)!
264076264076B004EAGP74A3LKTCTRCDT2RMM. S. White2351305417600Great product great store.
264077264077B004EAGP74AIVNI694HY6GFRay A2351297987200Healthy cooking with coconut oilThis an excellent product, healthful, tasty and inexpensive when purchased through the right vendor. I highly recommend it.
264078264078B004EAGP74A1R8EAVFJA17HRP. LIU2341272153600Oil is good, bottle is notI like the oil a lot. And do everything with it. The only problem I had was with the way the shipping was handled.
The box was obviously too big, oil bottles were not wrapped. A few pieces of bobble wrapped throw inside box did not provide any protection. Bottles were arrived crushed to the point almost broken. Fortunately, the oil was solid not liquid, so no leaking. But I did read another reviews about honey, having problem with the way they were shipped, it got spilled all over the place.
264079264079B004EAGP74A2HDM2II4C2FTLG. Ganesh "showmemiss"2351242000000Fragrance that takes you out of this world!!I am so thrilled to have actually bought this oil. I wouldn't have done it had I not read the reviews of others so thanks to all of them!! This oil is so pure, untouched, and it smells so perfect. It has delicate coconut aroma, and a taste that is similar to eating tender coconut.

I would buy this again and again and again. For anyone who is looking for perfect coconut oil, this one is for you! You will never regret it.
264080264080B004EAGP74A150LY3C1UEV9ECharles Buerschinger0051351209600Good quality, great to cook withWe have enjoyed using this product. I like it specially for cooking lightly breaded fish or vegetables. It gives a faint pleasant taste of coconut. I can hardly wait to do some tropical dishes.
264081264081B004EAGP74AQ27DT1BRHMLCGram B "healthier & learning"0051350950400Completely SatisfiedI have been enjoying my Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I am on a moderate low-carb food plan, and it fits right in to a healthy diet. I use it for sauteing,for making a low-carb chocolate candy, in a low-carb molten chocolate cake, as a spread, and I use it for a moisturizer on my skin. I also thought this is a good value for my money. I'm completely satisfied with it.
264082264082B004EAGP74A2GQYTKI6VL1CZcalicokitten0051350777600love it!I love this coconut oil. I use it on my face and body everyday and night. I love the smell also. Very coconutty:}
264083264083B004EAGP74A3EU6P17Q7868SCarol Frome "Carol Frome, Author, Watermark &...0051350432000Coconut oil fan, hereI really like to use coconut oil for baking. It produces a much lighter end product than shortening does, and it's much better for you. Also, surprisingly, there's no heavy coconut taste. For health purposes, I also stir a teaspoonful into my coffee in the morning. Nutiva Coconut Extra-Virgin Oil works just fine. My only gripe: unlike with olive oils, as far as I know, there's no such thing as EXTRA virgin coconut oil. It's the same thing as virgin coconut oil. I suppose they label it that way for marketing purposes, but I never like to promote a myth. In any case, Nutiva works in every way that I expect it to, and buying the 54 ounce jar of Nutiva is the most economical way that I have found to buy it.
264084264084B004EAGP74A2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes17017151172966400DeliciousI've tried two of the major coconut oil brands that I order via the internet. I've been using the oil in food and on my skin for about 5 years. I ordered this just to see how it tasted because the price was so good, if it didn't taste right, I'd just use it on my skin. It is the BEST tasting oil I've tried. Tropical Traditions, Coconut Oil Supreme pale in comparison. This is truly a coconut oil you could eat right out of the jar. If you want to try a coconut oil that tastes as good as it smells, this is it. And the price is fabulous. Yea, Nutiva and Amazon!
264085264085B004EAGP74A2UFC8M91UFRX9HH "h_squared"969751166054400Tropical TreatI love this coconut oil! It has a delicate coconut aroma and flavor. I have only just started using it but have found it to be delicious when making pancakes in lieu of using butter. I have also used it as a substitute for butter when making grilled cheese sandwiches and baked sweet potatoes. It will do wonders for your hair and skin too. I especially like using it as a hot oil treatment for my hair. I mix the coconut oil with a few drops of lemon essential oil and rub it into my hair. It smells like dessert and good for my hair and scalp. Try it with your favorite essential oils!

Warning: It melts at 76F. Be careful when opening a jar that's been sitting in a warm cupboard.
264086264086B004EAGP74A1WP7H0MXYV81DJean de Waal10510851172275200It's a win win thing. And I even like the smell!The skin is a great delivery system for absorbing things into your body. So what are you putting on your skin? Read the ingredients on your handcream or body lotion. Are they good for you? Don't know? Can you even pronounce them? Let's keep it simple. Virgin organic coconut oil. Snowy white, unrefined, heavenly smell - this stuff is terrific!! Solid at room temperature, smooth and buttery and melts at 76 degrees; cook/fry with it on low heat for a healthy and fragrant alternative to all those ulgy refined oils and hydrogenated trans fats (YUCK!), use as a lighter butter or shortening alternative (there's not a lot of flavor and the smell is intoxicating); use as hand cream (rub it on - only gets greasy if you really over load the area) I use it as a body lotion all over my body (my skin feels soft and smooth like it did when I was a child), hair conditioner (a light deep conditioner); anti-fungal properties (put it between your toes for goodness sake!) make-up remover - voila! ear wax? I put a tiny bit of this on a q-tip; moist toilette wipes? ssshh... try a touch of this on your t.p. - and I could go on and on... It must be organic and virgin coconut oil - anything else is something else and unexceptable. I understand that it is fine for diets, and speeds up the metabolism (its those little medium fatty acid chains). Don't take my word for it - read all about it for yourself! And yes, I feed it to my dog and cat, my cat loves it - and he won't eat anything! Actually, I don't think that he can resist the smell, I can't! Another one of those items that I out on my favorite things list!

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