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264132264132B004EAGP74A1QVILQEW4ATGAS. Rahbar0041335657600Nutiva Certified organic extra virgin Coconut oilIt is made in Philipine. The smell is not as strong as the ones I get from Mather's market but everything else is as good and its price is better for sure!
264133264133B004EAGP74A1CL6LXQM8D5AOSamuel T. Peace III "curious reader"0041335657600Product was as advertisedThis product was as advertised, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. The consistancy was good, it arrived promptly for Ground Shipping. I ordered two continers, and take four table spoons per day. I have a low level of type 2 Diabetes, and my blood suger level has dropped noticeably. Not a cure, but a help.
264134264134B004EAGP74A28JE4EGO6QUWFN. Larrick "Scott's wife"0051335398400The Best!This is a great product! Delicious, pure and the best coconut oil I have ever used. I like the fact that it's certified organic.
264135264135B004EAGP74AN5EHGQ1RQCG9L. Wheeler0051335225600candida dietI have been using this product for cooking and putting it on sprouted bread for awhile now. I stopped using it about 3 weeks ago because i was craving butter lol. About 4 days ago, i broke out in a rash under my armpit. Its a yeast infection! After researching how to get rid of that (ive been using tea tree oil for that on surface), i started researching candida (fungus/yeast overgrowth) and coconut oil! To my surprise, by my using it all this time it was keeping the yeast in check enough. Ive changed my diet slowly and have been eating good with occasional slip ups. Now the candida is taking over! Im back to using coconut oil in my foods and will add it more often as i go. Not just coconut oil, but other virgen coconut products like milk and just plain coconut. Ordered some probiotics and a detox tea called "holy tea". Time to get the gut healthy! MOST americans have an overgrowth of yeast in the body. After looking at all the symptoms (there are tons of them) seems like its been a problem for awhile now, but who knows until you get "thrush" (white coating on tongue, which my doctor didnt even tell me was from candida) or an armpit rash. Thank you for selling a product that is healthy and works for so many things!!!!
264136264136B004EAGP74A271RXD5LLTRK7Joe Vaughn0051335139200Very Good ProductI have used this product for about a month now and it is as advertised! Cooking with coconut oil gives a nice flavor to eggs or other items and it can be used on bread to replace butter, etc.
264137264137B004EAGP74A3LB1VEHMT9VEBK. Bowman0051334880000I Love This Stuff!Actually, I'm on my 3rd jar of this Coconut Oil. I use it in cooking, in my coffee, and on my skin. In fact, this oil has cleared up problems that I have had on my cheeks, little white bumps, almost completely!
I love sauteing chicken in the oil as it helps keep it moist and also has a delicious flavor with the chicken; a plus are that the pan scrapings are delish! :) I also add a teaspoon to each cup of coffee I drink. I don't use sugar for sweetening but do use half and half but have found that I need less cream when I add the oil. I started using a tablespoon but that was too much in that I almost couldn't leave the house, if you know what I mean.
There is a book I reviewed about coconut oil too so if you are a "coconut oil beginner", I suggest reading the book I reviewed as it has a lot of useful information.
264138264138B004EAGP74A2WAW6DNRJNIV4coolcat0051334361600YumI love this stuff. I use it to cook with, I spread it on bread like butter, I use it on my dry skin. I have different uses all over the house for it.
264139264139B004EAGP74A24R5KXMQMASAGBrad Reddick0051334016000DE LIC OUSThis product smells so good when you put it into a pan you just want to drink it. If is the best frying oil around!
264140264140B004EAGP74A3S5VF8JPGLZJNWise10051333584000Great Decision!Over the last few months,I've been becoming more and more aware of the fact that everyday products we use such as our lotions and toothpastes and hair care products etc. are actually items which contain chemicals and products harmful to us such as fluoride for example in toothpastes which is also in water supplies. Being that I'm a male who's only 23, I have slowly wanted to switch to more healthy,organic products for my health and body as I recently did with my toothpaste,a fluoride free brand called Tom's of Maine. I decided to do the same with my lotions and hair care products. I did research of what products,organic,which can also be consumed,can best be used for these purposes,especially hair, and after reading about apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil I decided to go with the coconut oil because I can use it on my body as well,and man was it a great decision! The first noticeable thing about the coconut oil is the smell...DELICIOUS. I find myself just opening the top and having a whiff before I'll even use it sometimes. Also,the actual feel and convenience of the product is great. It's a great alternative to high fat butter products. It makes my skin feel smooth and my hair is always soft and my scalp dries nowhere near as horrible as it used to. Really,in this last month,I find it harder and harder to find dandruff present. When I'm out of the shower,I don't have to have 2 or 3 or 4 different bottles for conditioner then grease then lotion,etc. I have it all in this one container! I simply rub a bit in my hands to melt it,massage it through my hair and when I finish my hair,I move to my face and so on. It's great! It smells amazing,it's convenient,and it's healthy in terms of the fatty acids it contains which our bodies need. I know it's "different strokes for different folks",but I'd recommend this oil to anybody. If you use it for foods and personal hygiene like myself,I recommend the 54 oz. container. BTW,super fast shipping! I ordered on a Sunday morning,I had it Tuesday morning and was using it Tuesday night!
264141264141B004EAGP74A1Q44S5O68L47LJohn Gentzvein0051333238400great price and qualityAfter reading about the many benefits of coconut oil, I set out in search for the best product and the rock bottom price, This product, being certified organic and extra virgin, filled the best quaility bill. I shopped around, the only better deal was through Amazon for double the quanity. I was relutant to purchase such a large quantity until I determined my tolerance to the product. I seem to tolerated the product well, an added bonus, it tastes great. my next purchase will be for the larger quantity.
264142264142B004EAGP74A31P52CVKZLM9Uclevelandchic0051332115200Good qualityLove this stuff. I use it for everything. Awesome in the kitchen (especially in brownies!), great in the bathroom for a hair mask. I buy this all the time!
264143264143B004EAGP74AANH7BSJCIJGKBrian D. Merryman0051331596800Five Star Every TimeLove this product. Always good quality. Use it quite often and am very happy with Nutiva's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
264144264144B004EAGP74A1EOF9V4Q7Z9UTCarl W. Fritton0041331251200Nutiva Coconut OilGreat substitute for butter on cinnamon toast or over vegatables. Also makes an easy substitute when baking calls for butter or vegatable oil. Taste is fine when used these ways. Not sure yet we're getting benefits and results of using claimed in publications.
264145264145B004EAGP74AB5SKU43BK2GYDestiny0041330992000Wonderful Product👍👍
264146264146B004EAGP74AVGX93FCC5F26amy0041330819200good producthusband is using every day and says there is no coconut taste. he adds it to his oatmeal every morning. just a note to those purchasing it, it does have a low melting temp!
264147264147B004EAGP74A27OSTIOMN3HOQKathy0041329955200Good taste, easy to useNutiva Coconut Oil was bought to see if it would help improve mental function. We haven't used it long enough to tell. The taste is good spread on bread in place of margarine and mixed in with vegetables. It needs no refrigeration and works well to fry eggs or grill sandwiches. It is supposed to be good for the skin also. Despite a slightly higher cost over butter or margarine it is worth it if our minds improve. Time will tell...
264148264148B004EAGP74A276UN19IILK07lderouss0051329523200what a great productI am so glad I made this purchase. Where to start-I had quit eating fried eggs as the taste was bland. To begin with I decided to fry eggs & hash browns. They tasted so good. I haven't gotten to try too many things but I like taste coconut oil gives food. I have also been using it as a makeup remover & moisturizer for over a week now. My skin feels great, some of the laugh lines are reduced on my face & my hands feel so much softer.
264149264149B004EAGP74A3CZ3DI2TYI5JScharleyc10051329436800LOVE!This is my second batch of organic coconut oil and it is fabulous! I use it every morning in my coffee and I also make a coconut bark refrigerator candy. A few bites of it and I can satisfy a sweet tooth and help me fill fuller longer. Great for low carb diets.
264150264150B004EAGP74A2L6JOBU0XL5RMJoel0051329436800Can you say DELICIOUS?This is my first time trying Coconut Oil so I wasn't sure which brand to try first so what my wife and I did was buy this one (Nutiva) and also bought Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil Extra Virgin --We read many reviews on both some saying they liked one vs the other so we just decided let's try them both. They arrived today, we opened them both and took our first taste of both. The Artisana brand we both agreed was kinda blah. The Nutiva brand we were both licking our lips because it tasted so much like a Almond joy candy bar. The coconut flavor is delicious!! If you want coconut oil without the coconut taste go for something like the Artisana or maybe another brand, but if your looking for the coconut flavor NUTIVA is the one!!! We will be buying more and will be buying the large size because we know for a fact we will be using this daily.
264121264121B004EAGP74A3OKC6MJVINROMmsquared0051339027200great productThis product is great. It has a great taste and is fantastic as a skin moisturizer (or so my wife says). We both use it regularly.
264122264122B004EAGP74A33M7D2EH7CLZLN. Wilson0041339027200Coconut OilAfter reading an article about coconut oil improving memory, I decided to buy it for my husband. After taking it for 2 weeks, he has decided that it has definitely improved his memory. He uses it on his oatmeal in the morning. Check with your doctor before you start using it.
264123264123B004EAGP74A294A582WP0RYSJ. Sullivan0051338681600Coconut -nom nomThis is my first time trying coconut oil. I can not believe how great it tastes. Almost as good as butter. Sure hope it as healthy as it has been declared.It does not have to be refrigerated. But if room temperature is about 77 degrees it will turn to liquid. So I refrigerate it on the hot days so I can use it as a spread for my bagel.
264124264124B004EAGP74A359BGGHBEM4HAGDL0051338595200FABULOUS!My husband read that coconut oil may be effective in treating Alzheimer's Disease and asked me to order some. It is cholesterol-free with no trans-fats. This brand is also organic. This is what theaters used to make popcorn back in the day. For the first time in years we had real popped corn instead of microwave popcorn. OMG!!! The taste is fantastic, no need for butter, a great healthy snack rich in fiber.
264125264125B004EAGP74A226J6M69K97KKandy0041337990400perfect productI have enjoyed using this product. It is as advertized and seems to be the perfect quantity for a beginners usage.
264126264126B004EAGP74A90GVYBAXMSKMPollyanna "littleinstature"0051337558400My FavoriteI have tried several different brands and up to this point, NUTIVA is my favorite. I have been using this for several years. Great for cooking and for health purposes just eating off the spoon is not bad.
264127264127B004EAGP74AL8OXLWOXDQ4RLee A. Buzzell0051336521600Coconutty, mmmmmm.The oil was just right, very good texture/smell. Great size- it's a two hander. Works not only as a supplement, but also as a moisturizer for skin/hair as well. This oil is mild, not overwhelming in the least when used as a butter substitute or while cooking; you really can eat this straight off the spoon if you're so inclined. I was able to convince a skeptical man and two little ones to eat this. They love it and request it when given a choice between butter or oil. It's worth a try and there is a multitude of research in support of the health benefit(s) from adrenal/thyroid to dental maintenance... This has got to be one of the most painless ways to eat healthier.
264128264128B004EAGP74A9VE2TD3END8UMindyJ0051336262400Nutiva Coconut oilThis is a great quality coconut oil at a great price!! To try to buy it by the pound at a local health food store is outrageous in price per pound. This oil I love for cooking,baking,eating cold in yogurt,and it's a great skin moisturizer. Light coconut flavor without overwhelming fried foods..highly recommended~~
264129264129B004EAGP74A22A9K7N6EPHO5Sharon Abraham0051336176000GREAT!I use this on my morning oatmeal and I use it in cooking. Wonderful flavor! Excellent value for your money.
264130264130B004EAGP74A27LYSOCFY8XLLNettyd0051335830400Great productGreat buy, excellent quality. Love the big size. Keep it right next to the stove. I look forward to ordering again soon.
264131264131B004EAGP74A2K2HEUWW7LB4Flda0051335657600good product, good price, good serviceThis purchase was everything I hoped it would be. The coconut oil is excellent. I will certainly use the Vitamin Shoppe again when I need product.

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