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264151264151B004EAGP74A3N70ODAFZ9DSVK. Davis "oh_wow!"0051328832000High Quality Coconut OilI purchase coconut oil for non-food purposes - hair, skin, nails, feet; I use a heaping teaspoon in my hair once a week for fifteen minutes, which keeps it incredibly soft and hydrated. It's great added to a hot bath or used to oil the skin. Terrific cure for tough feet in just a few applications. It's definitely helped soften my facial skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines.

This particular coconut oil is excellent - very smooth and free of graininess, it melts into a soft pure oil in your hands. It has a very light, clean, coconut-butter scent - very pleasing. It's a very large amount for the money and the best quality I've found of the half dozen brands I've tried over the years.
264152264152B004EAGP74A2QD2LG9F6A2GLUNLV REBEL0041328745600ONLY PLASTIC CONTAINERI called the company and they said that their products only come in plastic. That's too bad because I like everything their product has to offer. Bummer.
264153264153B004EAGP74A17O9LCU4G5JTCmissmile0051328745600New productI order this product for the first time just to try it. Now this is the only type of oil I used for cooking. Plus the seller was really fast sending the products to me.
264154264154B004EAGP74A3FA5OEIAYLB5IH. L. Manning "Lucky"0051328227200Nutia Coconut OilWe have used it for popping our popcorn and it taste great. This is the first coconut oil we have used and we do like it better than other oils.
264155264155B004EAGP74AQDKNPHIMF5VSHoda Michel Tabet "HT"0051328140800Healthy OptionThis is a great healthy product at a good price. Not the first time I buy it, and not the last.
264156264156B004EAGP74AUU3DAAVGBVXOmamanoam0051327622400Nothing like Nutiva.This stuff is nothing short of amazing. I love it and my only grief is that they don't seem to sell it outside of the US, so I have to have folks bring it to me when they come with them on the airplane. I use it as a face moisturizer, to cook, bake, as a hair mask and soon I will be using it as nipple cream for breastfeeding and as baby bum cream. It's the one product I can't live without. The price for the size is a great bargain, because I can pay this much in the health food store for a much smaller size jar. Thank you Amazon.
264157264157B004EAGP74AYZ2ZWR4T88X3PeaceLover.0051327276800The Best!I use this product on my body and hair. IT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!! it moisturizes like no other. i use it on my hair as a light deep conditioner. i put it on my hair before i wash my a hot oil treatment. i just let it marinate in my scalp and stuff. and then i wash my hair. it leaves it soooo soft and it even detangles!!! and it leaves my hair feeling strong and it is growing. but be careful if u use too much on ur hair it will become very very greasy and heavy. u only need a tad. okay next, i use it on my skin! i wash my face and i put it on my face afterwards. it leaves my face feeling extremely soft, clean and moisturized. also, it doesnt clog my pores. and once or twice a week i will do a soothing bath with the coconut oil. a warm bath mixed with the oil, is sooooo heavenly. Lol. Also use it when i shower too. it leaves my skin feeling soo soft. like i have eczema and it doesnt irritate it at all. my skin loves this stuff. it melts fast and the smell will takes some getting used to. i havent tried cooking with it yet because i really just wanted to use it on my skin cause i have extremely sensitive skin and eczema and i needed something pure and organic. and honestly, i can see my skin clearing up. my eczema is less itchy and actually looks better and is under control. coconut oil is so vital to my everyday skin care regimen. best thing ever.
264158264158B004EAGP74A2RHJNAACZEU0BMost Humble T0051326844800Love this product...use it for many things.First it smells great, taste like butter with a hint of coconut. Its makes my skin soooo soft its great on your hair, in smoothies but I think i'm gonna use the coconut flour for my smoothies instead. I'm very happy with the product overall and my family as well. A little goes a long way.
264159264159B004EAGP74A3ID40LCZO3RVUOrlando0051325894400Great productLove this oil. Smells heavenly. Wish I could eat it just like that. Use it om my hair but will cook with it one day.
264160264160B004EAGP74A38NO3ZNNHNP4WNUNU0051325635200Great product and great priceI love this product. I used for my food, my skin and my lip, all worked very well. Great value!
264161264161B004EAGP74AM2REMVO7VI0RMatt Sawyers0051325548800Great Stuff!Stuff was great! Used it in lip balm that I created for x-mas presents. Will be ordering this stuff again!
264162264162B004EAGP74A3JQQ6AK9YUXPQLittlebit0051323561600littlebitI had trouble finding this product and was thrilled to finally find it at a reasonable price. Whole experience with Amazon was great. It arrived before expected and in great condition.
264163264163B004EAGP74A1INT9J82KXORZKRLY0051319155200LIKE THE OILI have only used one other brand of coconut oil and I thought I would stay with them because their quality was really good. But a good deal got me to try Nutiva. All I can say is YUM. It poofs of coconut smell when you open it. Part of what you taste with is what you smell, not just what you see. So I will stay with Nutiva because of that. The first brand I tried was a great brand. But I think Nutiva must be better if they can keep the original smell of the coconut in the finished product.
264164264164B004EAGP74ARZC3L1KMY8BFSherry G.0051318636800BEST ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL!!!!!!I have been using this brand since 2003!!!! Best Coconut Oil ever!!!!Organic...NO GMOs...No Hexane...JUST Pure Coconut Oil!!!! Thanks Nutiva...Thanks Amazon..Thanks Vitacost!!!!!
264165264165B004EAGP74A3LRVCAJJJ8N09Momof40051317686400Best Cocunut OilI have purchased several different brands of Organic Coconut oil. I use this for my Boys Exzema, making homemade deoderant and healing cuts. So since it is going directly on our skin and being absorbed instantly in the blood stream I am extremely picky about what I use for my family. Nutiva Coconut oil is by far the BEST coconut oil and I am very happy with the price as well. I have paid as much as $20 for a jar of coconut oil which was not even this high of quality. Overall you cannot go Wrong with this Coconut oil!
264166264166B004EAGP74A3B6D49ZN93U1QKaren "Pack leader"0051316649600Will Now Only Use Coconut Oil For The Rest of My Life!I had high expectations when ordering Nutiva Coconut Oil because I had recently discovered that America has been lied to about unsaturated fats and saturated fats for years, and that if I want to lose weight, then I should stick to what my taste buds naturally love- Saturated fat!
Nutiva Coconut Oil has gone above and beyond meeting my expectations. I am blown away!
It satisfied what I expected:
1. The smell is pleasant and sweet, bold and aromatic.
2. The taste is full-bodied and rich.
3. Snow White in color, smooth and creamy texture. I could definitely see myself using a pat of this on my toast instead of butter.
4. After cooking it, the aroma of coconut fills the room.
5. The high heat tolerance of coconut oil is wonderful. It cooked my steak and burger perfectly. No longer will I deal with the smoking olive oil on the pan which indicates trans fat having been created.
6. No cholesterol, almost ALL saturated fat though- How can nature be so beautiful?

Going BEYOND my expectations:
A. Out of curiosity last night, I dabbed some coconut oil on my chapped lips as soon as I opened the jar and laid eyes on the lovely white butter in front of me. This morning, as I'm writing this review, I lick my lips and feel that my lips are now smooth, soft, and not chapped at all! I am so amazed! That has never happened; it's like magic!
B. I just read that coconut oil may help to prevent and treat dementia and Alzheimer's. I am going to tell my parents immediately!

If I could give ten stars, I would!
264167264167B004EAGP74APZDV1J66DQWCNannyLaura0051316563200Nutiva Coconut OilLove this brand of coconut oil. Delicious taste and smell.
It came in a plastic container which doesn't bother me but I had assumed jar meant glass.
264168264168B004EAGP74A34RGHJI7CGF0UToppers0051315180800Favorite coconut oilI really like Nutiva's brand of coconut oil, it seems to be the cleanest by far. I use this with oatmeal, and to pan fry just about anything. It makes for amazing ham and eggs. The only thing I don't care for is the plastic jar (yeah yeah, everyone has to watch costs) so on a hot day I will transfer mine to Ball glass jars.
264169264169B004EAGP74A3DVNL30XTTPHSBrenda Smoak "artlover"0051314576000Nutiva is THE BEST EVER Coconut OilI read the reviews and took a chance ordering this. I must say it is absolutely the best coconut oil I have ever tasted! It stays in liquid form so it is easy to use - I actually take 2 teaspoons a day straight --very yummy! You will be happy!
264170264170B004EAGP74A3MNTY2I7BYRC8Nkp0051313712000FantasticVery delicious and fresh coconut oil. I use it for baking and for blending in shakes, and as spreading on bread with sugar free jam.
264171264171B004EAGP74AZMEM5JHVMRYMQue480051312934400It works for dry skin!!I purchased the 15 oz size container of the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because I was looking for something that would help me deal with my dry skin symptoms based on other reviews and product info. I thought why not give it a try nothing else seems to be working. I was very surprised as how well it does work to keep my skin from drying out. Usually put it on after taking a shower and/or shaving. I will keep using this product until I can't use it anymore or I have to find something better. This small container goes along way. I purchased mine almost a year ago and still have plenty left for another year or more at least. Highly recommend if you are trying cope with dry skin on a daily basis.
264172264172B004EAGP74A1CN8UN4CU5B2JSandiC0051312848000Coconut Oil - Many Uses!I have used coconut oil in cooking veggies and in baking! There are lots of books about the health benefits of Coconut oil, so I've used it on my skin and as a hair conditioner, too! It's amazing! The price at Amazon was excellent compared to other sites I visited. I highly recommend this product!
264173264173B004EAGP74AH2283OE6O65Qejsteinn0051312588800I love coconut oil!Nutiva coconut oil has such a nice coconut scent and flavor - unlike other oils I've used. Some people might prefer "unscented" but if you're going to do that, then use some other kind of oil! I made rice last night and stir fried it in this oil - my husband LOVED it! Excellent product:)
264174264174B004EAGP74A2QROC8KCX31B4Mari Ann Lisenbe "creator of The MARI Method"0051312416000Best Coconut Oil I've Ever TastedThis is, by far, the best coconut oil I've ever tasted. Some of the other brands I've tried include Tropical Traditions and Spectrum (also Extra Virgin and USDA Organic)

Many brands tend to have an almost "soapy" flavor. But, this one is just a very pure, distinct coconut flavor.
I will definitely be recommending this to my <...> members.
264175264175B004EAGP74A3Q8QSB400K3VELinder0051311552000Nutiva Organic Coconut OilDon't know why we didn't use this product before but we love it. Tastes amazing, use it in everything from baking to smoothies. Delivery is always fast and the product arrives in great condition. No worries ever.
264176264176B004EAGP74A1SK49NV8DDKEIJohn Taylor "John Taylor"0051311465600Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut OilI ordered the 54 oz jar of Nutive Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and first of all, it shipped very quickly!
I am very impressed with this product! Not only do I use it for cooking, I also use it as a body butter, especially after I have been tanning! I also use it in my hair.
It is wonderful and would highly recommend this product to anyone!
264177264177B004EAGP74A2DZ54I049I4XUE. Wilson "music lovher"0051311292800Great productAside from the restaurant-sized bucket, this is the best per volume price I've found on this product. I love this product. It's great for skin care as well as a food staple. MCT (medium chain triglycerides) are touted in several books to improve overall health, cure obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. If that's the case then I'd rather use it than pharma. As far as shipping, it was very fast and the product arrived in mint condition.
264178264178B004EAGP74A1VBPM0TO2NWCMMay0051311120000Best Coconut Oil EverThis coconut oil is great since it's deodorized, unrefined and unbleached it also smells really good. You can use coconut oil for a number of things, as a moisturizer on your face, for lip balm, or to cook with, and it's one of the best oils to cook with. Also you can even put it in your hair for healthy, shiny locks.
264179264179B004EAGP74A31F2DXD57UXXTDean Book0051310601600Coconut Oil makes everyything taste fabulousWhether using it to pop pop corn or to cook eggs, this product is the secret ingredient to a delicious delight. I discovered it at a trade show and have never stopped using it. Besides the amazing taste, it is good for you. My kitchen is never without coconut oil and this brand is one I trust for quality and taste.
264180264180B004EAGP74A25QQYONN6EDSXPriya0051306368000Good product reached on timeTastes good. I try using it as a substitute to butter. Also, I eat 2 Tbs daily, works as a good nutritional supplement.

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