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264194264194B004EAGP74AA8GZRG23ULG7S. Poynter "HealthMama"272851173916800Nutritional Super Food!This is 100% organic, unrefined coconut oil. Yes, it tastes like coconut, but it is supose to. A food should taste like what it is!

The nutritional value of this food is outstanding. It contains a lot of lauric acid which is also found in mothers milk and is both antifungal and antimicrobial. It is stable at room temperature and does not become rancid quickly like other popular cooking oils. It requires very high heat to release free radicals (I do prefer red palm oil for high heat cooking options because it does not release free radicals at all).

My Suggested Uses: smoothies, slow cooked baked goods, sauteed foods, mixed with maple syrup over popcorn, homemade cosmetics, and as an occasional conditioner for dry ends of long hair.
264195264195B004EAGP74A2AKOKIF0S0R4QVanessa Marie242551331251200COMPARISON REVIEW to Nature's WayWhen I learned about the many benefits and uses of coconut oil I had to try it, so I ordered 2 jars -one for my pantry for cooking/smoothies etc. and one for my bathroom to use as a body cream. Since I didn't know what brand to choose and didn't have any prior experience with coconut oil I decided to get one jar of the NUTIVA brand and one jar of the NATURE'S WAY brand.

Here's my initial opinion of both: With my Nutiva jar there's a sticker indicating the expiration date and package/creation date of the actual oil, whereas with my Nature's Way jar there's nothing like that. When I opened both of them up to try and to just generally check them out I tasted a tiny amount of both and it was very clear that the Nutiva jar's coconut oil tasted much better. I'm not sure exactly why, but to me the Nature's Way coconut oil didn't taste as good, it was kind of toasty in a bad way.

It was very easy for me to decide to use the Nutiva brand coconut oil for my cooking and in my smoothies and the Nature's Way coconut oil for my skin. I've since read that this difference in taste could be because the Nutiva brand coconut oil was fresher and the Nature's Way older. Or it could be quality, I'm really not sure. But I am sure that from now on I'm going to just be buying the Nutiva brand Coconut Oil (just ordered 2 more big jars of it). :)

To say that the Nature's Way coconut oil was toasty still isn't exactly the right word -toasty sounds like something good... when it's so not, but I really can't think of a better word to describe the difference.

I've found a lot of uses for coconut oil and have used it for many things with great results so far. It's hard to believe one little oil can do so much! Weird actually, but everything I've tried it with so far has had positive results.

So here's a list of weird, random, but completely amazing things I've found coconut oil to do:

-Works better than any make-up remover: seriously, just use a nickle size amount or less on your eyes to get all eye make-up off in a flash.

-Helps clear up acne: One night after using it to take off my eye make-up I decided to use it as an all over face make-up remover... then decided my face felt so good I didn't want to use anything else (hint: leave the coconut oil on your face for a minute and then get your water and washcloth really really hot to wipe it all away). I googled to see if this was okay to do and it turns out coconut oil can help get rid of acne! You can use it as a facewash. Strange but true. BUT I also found out that Castor Oil works even better for this (and like coconut oil still moisturizes your face and keeps it from drying out), so I've ordered a small bottle of that to use instead in the future... but still, coconut oil has worked really well for me and apparently others. When you have skin like mine (I'm 25) that occassionally breaks out but still is a little dry sometimes it's hard finding the right balance and exactly the right thing to use -I feel like now I've figured out some great secret to getting it right.

-You can use it as a deoderant: This one I read online and decided to try on a day where I wasn't really doing anything or working out. It felt weird -like I was putting some kind of lotion or body creme under my arms instead of my normal Secret deoderant. But guess what? It worked! I have since been trying it on days where I actually do work out and it STILL is working. Craziness! It keeps me dry and smelling good the same as my old deoderant did. AND there's no aluminum zirconium (have no idea how to spell that correctly) which I know is now supposedly bad for you (most deoderants still use it though) because it's connected/correlated with Alzheimers. So... an all natural, organic, one ingredient deoderant that feels like a body creme -doesn't get much better than that! Plus my underarms are looking softer/nicer. :)

-You can use it on your scalp and hair: Now I've tried this several times and although I DO like the way it moisturizes my hair, I don't like the way my hair looks after I wash it out... it's just kind of lanky/heavy. Not in an extreme way or anything, but I like my hair to have lots of body. So while I do recommend coconut oil to help heal frazzled hair and stimulate hair growth I don't recommend doing it right before any big event in your life... maybe like a few days before so you get the benefit of the moisturized, healthy hair, without any worries about styling it. This is another one where I've looked it up and found that Castor Oil when massaged in the scalp can stimulate hair growth/fast hair growth even better -so now that I've got that bottle on the way to me from amazon I'll probably be using that instead, at least on my scalp.

-You can use it as a body creme and even a BODY WASH. Yepp. A body WASH. Sounds crazy, but it makes my skin look SO good. Better than it's ever looked actually. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties (and of course is moisturizing) and will clean your skin while hydrating it. So no harsh chemicals or detergents touch your skin -and if you have sensitive skin like I do, well this stuff might just be your new best friend, must-have, can't live without it ever, stuff! I used to have a minor skin problem on my arms that I absolutely hated. Just general redness, sensitivity, and tiny little red dots on the tops of my arms (that I've had since childhood). Now I absolutely don't -and it's literally all because of coconut oil. Maybe it's because I'm not putting soaps/bodywash on my skin anymore or maybe it's because coconut oil is really that awesome, but it has basically cured my arms and has made the skin all over my body look amazing! I seriously can't believe how good it makes my skin look! The best thing to do is to literally use it like a body wash all over -rinse off and then either just towel dry and go or towel dry and then reapply again if your skin is dry or it's winter or you live in a dry climate. When you reapply you're going to have to have some kind of small towel to wipe off excess with before you put on clothes. Either way it makes your skin look great. :) You can also use it to shave with apparently but I haven't tried that. I'm using it to make my own homemade body scrubs and of course using it as a body creme and loving it!

-You can feed it to your dogs (one tablespoon a day) to make their coats shiny. (I've been giving it to both my dogs, although not every single day and they love it.

-It can help you lose weight. Apparently it has a lot of really GOOD for you fats that your body doesn't treat like other fats and it actually helps you lose weight (learned this from Dr. Oz). Plus it tastes good when you cook with it and put it in smoothies. Actually I LOVE it in smoothies, it just adds an extra tropical coconut flavor. :-)

-You can use it for Oil Pulling.

-You can use it as a lip balm.

Plus I know there's so much more but that's all I can think of right now! Basically it's really good stuff that I am now believing everyone should have in their home! :-)
264196264196B004EAGP74A2YKMLYKSVBIJAIamclay191951287014400BEST FLAVOR BEST PRICES
264197264197B004EAGP74A1VB07GBC3OLB5Moonbeam "seeker"171751168300800delicious coconut oilI have used coconut oil for some time now, and I found that I go through it so fast that the 1 lb. jars were not a good deal for me any longer. This is a great size for my family and the price was very good. I hope that amazon continues to carry this product.
264198264198B004EAGP74A2UXU21SUAV4B6Jan L. Nadeau171851236643200Superior product!I have just recently begun using VCO for nearly all of my cooking. After purchasing two books on the benefits of coconut oil, I have purchased several different brands of oil. The Nutiva Organic EVCO is by far a superior oil with a delightful flavor. The price from Amazon if you are a Prime member is the best I have found for this quality of oil.

I began eating the oil mixed in about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese because I read on a forum that cottage cheese has properties which help the body assimilate the oil. Since then I have expanded to many other uses. I use the oil to sautee garlic, onions, peppers, etc for all of my soups and stir frys. I spread it on toast and add it to my corn bread.

In just the first week of eating coconut oil regularly I noticed that my chronic aches in my joints and muscles subsided. My skin is smoother and blemishes began to disappear. I began using it as a topical ointment on my hands, feet and face along with knees and elbows. It is a much better skin conditioner than almost anything else I have used.

I found that it also works great as a conditioner for all of my wooden cooking utensils and I rub it into my cutting boards to condition them. It is far superior to mineral oil!

I have introduced the oil into my husband's diet also. He has been a Type II diabetic for about 15 years and just turned 77. He is beginning to notice positive benefits also. He particularly has noticed more mental acuity. He adds the oil to his morning cereal and spreads it on his toast and really enjoys the flavor.

I am so happy to have found this wonderful Nutiva oil and appreciate its many benefits. I find it kind of addictive. I now look forward to adding the oil to more and more foods and it seems to make nearly everything, including eggs, soups, stews, casseroles, muffins and breads more delicious. I highly recommend the Nutiva brand of Organic EVCO for a huge variety of uses. To those who think it has too much coconut flavor - well, I guess you can't please everyone. Try it and decide for yourself. The health benefits are worth it! This oil has given me a new energy and improved my health so positively that I would recommend it to everyone.

The only downside I can mention is the plastic container. It would be better if it were packaged in glass, but hopefully all those anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of the oil will negate the use of a plastic container ;-)
264199264199B004EAGP74A8NUOJQ9GQ2VJSissy S161751232755200Lovely Product for Hair and Skin!I must admit I haven't tried cooking with this oil yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. Instead, my review will focus on using Nutiva Organic Coocnut oil as a beautifying product. I bought the 54-ounce jar for using on my hair and skin. So here's what I think of it as part of a beauty/skincare/haircare regime.

This is a fantastic product at a great price. Sure, you could get a jar of coconut oil at the grocery store but it's quality wouldn't compare to Nutiva coconut oil which is food quality, organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined. I was so excited when this product arrived that I tried it out immediately. The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell. The product smells good enough to eat straight out of the container and I admit I did taste a bit while applying it to my skin and hair. My other observation is that it melts so easily in the hands and applies so well to both hair and skin. My less expensive, refined Superdrug coconut oil cannot compare to Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. The cheaper coconut oils have hard, white bits in them and do not smell like actual coconut. Nutiva is smooth/silky and melts easily in the hands without leaving behind white balls/clumps that the cheaper refined coconut oils have. I love Nutiva so much that I emptied all my cheap Superdrug coconut oil into the rubbish bin and scooped some Nutiva Coconut oil into the little Superdrug canister and put it in my bathroom for easy access. I am using Nutiva a few times a week on my body and hair. Before bed, I scoop some Nutiva onto my hands and rub my hands together causing it to melt. It melts quickly and I rub it onto my skin and hair (can be applied to wet, damp, or dry hair easily). I saturate my hair with it and use a shower cap to do an overnight heavy oiling treatment. In the morning I shower as normal and shampoo or condition it out using a clarifying conditioner. This creates beautifully silky, shiny hair and skin! There are so many benefits to the body using this oil. I highly recommend it and hope that it will always be sold on Amazon.
264200264200B004EAGP74A2H5ROZZC74XN1Rock Bottom161751174780800FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, & HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDI have been studying the benefits of coconut oil for some time. I tried several different brands but when I opened a jar of the Nutiva I knew that I had found what I was looking for. Absolutely the freshest most wonderful organic virgin coconut oil on the planet.

I substituted the butter and/or vegetable oil in several recipes with the Nutiva coconut oil and achieved incredible results. I even fried eggs in it last night and they were GREAT! I will never fry with any other oil again. I also use it as a spread on toast, bagels, and muffins.

AAAAA+++++ Try it, you'll love it!
264201264201B004EAGP74A3RBIGYDV0BSQYEat well Live well121251230681600Very pleased so farAside from digestive issues, I have suffered from adult acne in recent years. I have noticed a correlation between stress and breakouts (and that familiar female response once a month) however I have not yet found a complete system which had worked to eliminate my acne.
After reading of coconut oil and Lauric acid, I have put it on trial... and have thus far experienced some impressive results..! It took about 8 days before I noticed the large cysts subsiding, and they have stayed away now for several weeks. Even my monthly cyst is keeping in check. Who would have thought rubbing your face with coconut oil twice and day and taking it internally would make the oily patches on your face actually improve? It seemed a little counter-intuitive, but so far I am experiencing some very clear skin... for the first time in years... Of course, I believe in coupling the outside assault with an internal one, so I have been taking the coconut oil daily (usually on bread or I just add it to cereal) as well as a wonderful greens mix (powder) and a pro-biotic. Of course, water is paramount, and I drink plenty every day, but I always did... Finding your balance is the most important thing - what is right for some is not always right for all - I will report back in a few months to let you know if the coconut oil has continued to impress me.
264202264202B004EAGP74A1II6MA03YHN5TL Filippi111151173398400Nutiva organic coconut oilLove this. Great substitute for shortening. Keeps baked goods moister, and is excellent for cooking eggs and vegetables.
264203264203B004EAGP74A3T4ZOCGFC4GCZTsugumi141551173398400Great Taste!Virgin coconut oil is great for your health and taste buds.

I tried several different brands. I like this one a lot.

I am not a big fan of coconut flavor, but this one smells different. It's preasant.

Just 54-ounce jar was too big. I didn't have a sense of US unit. I recommend smaller jars if you don't bake often.

You'll enjoy this oil as a substitution of butter and also you can use as your natural skin cream.
264204264204B004EAGP74A2M5J4IKYBPULMChicagoBoyRN0051292544000Best Coconut Oil there is!!!Best coconut oil ever!!!! I have used other brand of coconut oil like Vitamin shoppe but this one is different. Just the smell alone when you open the bottle. The aroma of pure coconut smells my entire living room...

First of all, this is a huge bottle---- 54 oz!!! Even our local Vitamin Shoppe does not carry this size in their store.

I used this mainly because of my flaky, dry skin....right after taking a shower when your pores are still open is the best time to apply this all over...even your face. I live in Chicago and during the cold season- nothing really works for my skin but this product.

I am familiar with coconut oil since i was born and grew up in the Philippines where this product may have originated. We used it for everything including cooking.

I also use this in my hair after i take a shower. makes my hair feels silky. I also used this for back massage and to relieve muscle pain....

It's really great to have coconut oil in your house because of its plenty of uses!!! The price here at Amazon is unbelievable!!! and with free shipping as well....Highly Recommended!!!


Well i finally trash my body lotions and use this instead as body lotion. Winter here in Chicago can be so brutal that my whole body itches for days. Best when use right after taking a shower. I still use my Vanicreme as hand lotion.
264205264205B004EAGP74A3BHA6SY2FPHEGjac0051291075200Search no further.Researching and testing other brands brought me here. No hype, no dogma, no excuses. Fantastic for ALL food prep, doesn't burn and easy cleaning. Works such wonders on the body nothing else even compares. Nutiva is a conscious, accessible company that delivers great customer service. One fantastic find!
264206264206B004EAGP74A3THPWFH5JQGURDan0051288051200Happy customerBefore this, I used Spectrum Naturals organic Coconut oil. I bought this because it is a good value. This oil has a stronger coconut smell and flavor than Spectrum Naturals. Both oils were satisfactory for me. This product arrived quickly and cleanly. Note that it's in a plastic container.
264207264207B004EAGP74A2I9SDHDLH0DRDEiaS0051287619200Excellent productWe absolutely LOVE this coconut oil....and the price cannot be beat!! My husband is weird,in that he'll cook eggs in it(YUCK!) but I love to have it on waffles or toast,or even yams. I also love to use it on my skin,because it's sooooo good for it! The consistency of the coconut oil at room temperature makes it easy to spread....if it gets too warm in the house,though,the oil does turn liquidy,which can be disconcerting. All in all,coconut oil just can't be beat!
264208264208B004EAGP74A2GOXYG4XIE0PVMargaret Anne0051287360000excellent multi-purpose productI use this on my hair and skin once a week, and put a spoonful in my coffee each morning. It's a great, all natural way to pamper yourself, and it's done wonders for my hair and scalp.
264209264209B004EAGP74A2RZLAT9P85SS8SK "Online Shopaholic"0051286841600DeliciousI was very happy with this purchase. I read all the positive reviews and I have to agree with most of them. The coconut oil tastes delicious, I kind of want to eat out of the jar- I'm not sure I can say this about any other oil haha. I spread the solid form a litte bit on some crackers to try it and it was delicious, I used it on some banana bread in place of regular butter- delicious. I haven't really noticed the flavor in any of the foods I cook. I made sauteed spinach and chicken nuggets. I actually fried the chicken nuggets and I think they came out quite well actually. I could go on, but overall I am very happy with this product and it is definitly money well spent.

The only down side is I just got it on Saturday and less than a week later I already used half a jar- so my law student budget might be streched a little thin. It would be nice also to see if the claims that it helps you loose weight are true. I'll post an update if it helps since I have been trying to drop from a size 4 to a size 2 for forever and a day.
264210264210B004EAGP74A3PRKAG9SPAT3DMeguido0051285200000Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilA subtle, tasty, healthful cooking oil that is economical to use: don't miss out on this product that is widely recommended by gourmets and health practitioners!
264181264181B004EAGP74A2NULDMJNXH3ZKJ. Hanson0051303862400muti-purposeIt's HUGE!! It's HIGH QUALITY!! It's a bit much for our family of four, but we've had our vat for about two years now and still no hint of going rancid. I've tried it for frying eggs, but I'm a sissy about the faint coconut taste on my eggs, so we just use it as the fat in banana bread and for the frying fat for pancakes or french toast. As a beauty aid - just a touch rubbed first into my hands and then into my dry hair really sinks into the hair shaft and keeps things moisturized and shiny. Nothing seems to beat it in performance, and it's so darn cheap. Also a good additive-free skin moisturizer. You might want to divvy it up into multiple clean containers when it arrives.
264182264182B004EAGP74AOKBG6T7P8NIDNickie0051303171200The Ultimate Coconut DreamI love this multi-purpose product. It conditions hair, softens your entire body, seasons vegetables and rice ( yes,you can eat it too) and it smells great. For all these uses and more you will need a large jar.
264183264183B004EAGP74A2ZFMAYD8NK0TOFaith Harvey0051301356800Simply the BestYou can't get any better than Nutiva coconut oil, and the 54 oz. jar will last you a loooong time. I use it purely for cosmetic purposes (face moisturizer, hair conditioner, etc), and not for cooking, so I have no idea about the oil in that aspect, but sometimes I'll taste some it just because--the wonderful aroma and light flavor can't be beat. Go with Nutiva, you can't go wrong!
264184264184B004EAGP74A1UU851JNNOEGJJ. Martello "wild witch"0051300838400Co-co-co-nuttyI was looking for a good, affordable source of virgin coconut oil. I was happy with the quick delivery, the very fresh oil, and lucious smell. I use this product for cooking and to make facial moisturizer. I am very pleased with this purchase.
264185264185B004EAGP74A3RRACWJCIGR1YKim0051299801600I Love this stuffI am loving this brand, and using it for everything from cooking, to eating to skin, its so worth second order is now in, now I will simply have it simply shipped to me, and relax my way into better health '
264186264186B004EAGP74A2Q9WYI55U6BCBeevelinee "27"0051298160000Amazing Cream for body!I have bought this not even reading the amazon reviews which I found later, so my review is entirely based on my own opinion, but now reading through others people reviews I am amazed caused I have experience same outcome with the oil. But it didn't start out that way. I got two jars of it and based on the consistency and smell I was planning to return it, but gave a try and massaged it all over my body before bedtime - I could not belive how soft my skin felt in the morning - one of the reviewer said it feel like baby skin and I couldn't agree more. I am going to use this oil from now on and give it to my children. And I don't like coconut smell but the smell in this oil is not overpowering and actually quite nice. I think the more I use it the more I am going to love it. Definitely buy it.
264187264187B004EAGP74A9PEMF6TTX6SEMamasan0051297296000HappyI divided this container in half and use some in the kitchen and the rest on my skin and hair. Its slightly sweet scent is not that "Hawaiian Tropic" tourist scent; this is very nice and subtle. The oil is absorbed rather quickly into my skin so that it's never slippery. Quick shipping. Thanks!
264188264188B004EAGP74A1VNOV3K0GS14LNikki Guerlain0051296518400The best deal out there on raw virgin coconut oilI use about 3-4 cups of coconut oil a week (at least) so I was happy to find such a large container of high quality oil. It smells and feels wonderful. And you don't have to refrigerate it. It just sits on my counter where I dip into it everyday. Soooo nice. I could live off coconut oil and vanilla. NOM!
264189264189B004EAGP74AP0DQ79AVGWAElucy6110051296086400Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil--Great Value!This is the second 54-ounce jar I have purchased. The first time I went through a different website. It must have melted during shipping, so when I got it, it had leaked out of the top a bit. This time it came in perfect condition! Great value for the money!
264190264190B004EAGP74A3RK8YV9BZTJ2HMatt0051295222400Good Stuff!This is a great coconut oil. I've used it in cooking, shakes, as a substitute for butter. It's fabulous.
264191264191B004EAGP74A15RAQX95R4CQQCc "Cc"0051294963200Nutiva Coconut OilAfter learnging the benefits of coconut oil, I decided to give it a try. While I was shopping at GNC store, I was very excited to see the coconut oil on their shelves. I purchased a jar, but when I tried it... that's a diffrent story. The taste was making me want to throw up. Instead of giving up on it, each time I would take a spoonfull, I would pull my tongue in and hold my breath, so that I couldn't smell or taste it. Well, after one week I decided to check amazon and I found out that Nutivia had the best reviews and I went ahead and ordered it (ordered it from Nutivia website as it was a little cheaper). What a difference ! ! ! This coconut oil is amazing... It looks, smells, and tastes so fresh. I just started to do oil pulling [...] and I found the best benefits with coconut oil. I would recommend this product to everyone !!!
264192264192B004EAGP74A2WUIFVPKUQRJDKevin0051293494400Koo Koo for Coco NutsAmazing product - pure and fresh, love the smell, use it to cook, and on skin, and even to oil my cutting board. I have never tasted coconut oil that is so fresh with no heavey after affects, or taste from eating. I even put a big dollup on a Christmas cookie the other day, how marvelous! MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH AND IN YOUR HANDS! LOL ;-)
264193264193B004EAGP74A815F8DH5P4J1bombadil0051292630400Great stuff!I have ordered this product many times - my only complaint this time is that I was only allowed to order two at a time from this vendor - I usually order four.

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