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264250264250B004EAGP74A2H4E54ZIDD863Kim R. Tufford0051233878400KimTuffordI first bought the coconut oil for making soap, which I still do but when my husband saw that I had it, he tried it for cooking and now we both use it!
264251264251B004EAGP74A32HOM5BOKGXWBErica Gott "foodie"0051233792000Virgin Coconut OilI buy this regularly at Whole Foods for about $30. The price of this was slightly less, and I didn't have to pay shipping. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a miracle food. I put a tablespoonful in my morning tea, cook with it, and even eat it off a spoon. It curbs my appetite, and helps my blood sugars (I'm diabetic). If you like the taste of coconut, you'll love this product. Nutiva is one of the best tasting VCOs around.
264252264252B004EAGP74A24UR3HL91YH28Thelma Taylor0051229040000Nutiva - Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin, 54 oz. solidI have used a different brand of this product previously. But had I not, it would be helpful to have information on what the product is beneficial for. I was pleased with the quality of this product and the price was reasonable. Shipping was quick and the cost was within the expected range.
264253264253B004EAGP74AXT2UKX90POTVGeri Lynn0051229040000Great stuff!I love this brand of coconut oil! I fry with it and because of it's wonderful health benefits, I add it into nearly everything I cook. I buy the 54 oz. jar because I go through it so fast (and that's just for one person!)
264254264254B004EAGP74A2J6L606U6U8EOMrs. Bigfoot0051227225600Wonderful StuffTastes and smells so good. I've used it in place of butter or shortening. Also a great skin care product.
264255264255B004EAGP74A36S4UP4D1U6TMJ. Beecher "Curious"0051207353600Great Stuff!I've only used this once for cooking--we don't fry many things, But I use it for a body cream, and love it. It seems very greasy at first, but it soaks in in about 5 minutes and makes skin soft and smooth--and you don't smell like a coconut. I recommend this highly!
264256264256B004EAGP74A39H4DTPV9AB5ZJames D. Satterfield0051207353600Virgin Coconut OilGreat to put on your skin, cook in and I even make sugar free chocolate with it by melting and putting cocoa and splenda in it, delicious!
264257264257B004EAGP74A1APEQX73PO1HKG. Metnitzer0051204416000like the coconutty tastegreat coconut oil! great value for the price. I use it for cooking all the time and put it on my dry winter skin . It has a sweet coconutty taste/smell, but it's not overpowering.
264258264258B004EAGP74A331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"0051201392000Healthy and tastyI use this more often than olive oil. I use olive oil for salad dressings and an occasional stir- fry and this for most all other frying. It has a light coconut flavor that took my 17 year old son some time to get used to, but he doesn't notice anymore. I see people buying this in capsules as a supplement!
264259264259B004EAGP74A2CDE4KP3M7J94Debbrin K. Lecki "DKL"0051200873600Awesome, Multi Use Product!I purchased this product. I use it for everything from cooking to skin cream. It is everything that the Coconut Oil Miracle Book says it is. So far, So good!
264260264260B004EAGP74AMNPX36WZYPONLori J. Reed "Project Addict"0051197849600Wonderful price, wonderful product!This is one of the best coconut oils. Nice aroma! The cost of this huge container is the BEST I've seen. I bought similar oils for about $13 for only a mere 16 oz container. I will be buying this brand always.
264261264261B004EAGP74A3QIFFJNN1DNMZDiane Harris0051196812800Finest Quality, Fabulous PriceNutiva Organic Coconut Oil is the finest quality coconut oil. The flavor is wonderful. I use it as cooking oil, as an ingredient in many dishes, on toast, and even to moisturize my skin. This is an essential product and the 54 ounce jar from is a great value.
264262264262B004EAGP74A1KA3J6I6BBGIEkannie "kanniemark"0051196380800This is great oilThis is wonderful oil with a hint of coconut flavor. I was nervous when I first received it as I thought I had ordered unflavored coconut oil, but decided to give it a go....awesome! It doesn't fight with or overpower the foods you are cooking in it, rather lends a very mild, subtle dimension to every dish. I haven't tried it on my hair or skin yet, but I understand it is great for that as well. Try it. You won't be sorry.
264263264263B004EAGP74A1BT3TD2FVRK0Khello kitty0051195948800yummy!i love this nutiva coconut oil, not only because it tastes great but because it's so inexpensive in this size. sometimes i just eat it by the spoonful. we use a lot of coconut oil so i buy it in bulk and this size and price are perfect. i only wish it came in glass instead of plastic.
264264264264B004EAGP74A3D3OADMHCC8A2E.K "dylannoahsmom"0051195948800EXCELLENT choice!!Extra Virgin Cocnut Oil does NOT all taste the same. After trying about 4 different brands, hands down, my family prefers this one. The price that Amazon offers on it is outstanding. Definitaley recommend this product, and purchasing it from Amazon!
264265264265B004EAGP74A1LVFY9WAMZILady Violet0051195862400Absolutely Wonderful!This is the best coconut I have ever tasted! Not to mention it is organic & comes with a great price! I will definately be purchasing again!
264266264266B004EAGP74A17RGMQJQ0FQ11Steven J. Bolton0051187740800Excellent productQuality coconut oil. Superior to many others. Great product. Great taste; great for your health. -Steve, KY
264267264267B004EAGP74A22SNLOECDZOKMLovisa Gustaffson467111207008000Putting pure coconut oil in a PLASTIC container???This is awesome coconut oil, but it is packaged in a PLASTIC container. Plastic can leech into the product. What is the point of putting a health food in contaminating packaging? Change it! Glass is far more acceptable, and will not will not contaminate the product with the estrogens from plastic. We people who use coconut oil will definitely recycle it, like we do everything else.;)
264268264268B004EAGP74AEU9LGZGT6C0STom White1231328140800Great multi-use productI have purchased this exact product elsewhere & have yet to find this great of a deal! Nutiva tastes & smells amazing!! I truly appreciate the option to "auto ship" too. I use this oil from cooking, to hair care, to skin it!
264269264269B004EAGP74AJ44O8WFUXMX0littlemom1251316390400Nutiva Coconut OilThis is great stuff, can be used in cooking as a healthy alternative to butter or other oil. I also use it as a base for skin creams. It's a great product, and the price was incredible, even with shipping it was cheaper than buying it from my local health food store.
264270264270B004EAGP74A3CAJB15QFLKZPDeb1251312675200AwesomeI have been studying all the benefits of coconut oil and wanted to get the best one. I use it in place of lotion, hair conditioning (leave on 20 minutes and wash your hair) and cooking. It is soooooo awesome I love the smell and my skin and hair look great. I had decided to get away from harmful chemicals and back to basics I put some in a little pump bottle and no more lotion in my bathroom , even my hubby is using it now. I am like the church of coconut oil now. This bottle will last a year so it saves money too.
264241264241B004EAGP74A2CDFOO1GZ0VTORita "Rita"0051238025600Fabulous for frying!This is the most favorful coconut oil on the market. I am really pleased with it's performance in the skillet. Try frying shrimp in it! You won't be disappointed! Even the house smells good afterwards.
Highly recommend!
264242264242B004EAGP74A8CBSQYEZ3R9SS. Scanlan "looveesmom"0051237593600Yum YUM Healthy Coconut Oil!Not only is Coconut Oil really healthy, it tastes great. Awesome for cooking, baking, and just plain spreading on bread! Make sure to get the unrefined for that coconut taste.(extra virgin)
I am sure there are a million other uses too..
264243264243B004EAGP74A36GMHDL8AYD3EAndrew M. Sullivan "AZSULLY"0051237507200Healthy and TastyI'm on my second jar and we love this stuff. Originally bought for popping popcorn (fantastic) we soon started using it as a butter substitute for just about everything, toast, veggies, frying eggs or fish. I've had people who hate coconut anything love the mild sweet taste for popcorn. Between the coconut oil and the agave nectar found here I don't know which I'm happier with.
264244264244B004EAGP74AKNNNV60KFSGHKaren Despines "clancy"0051236729600Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oilI am very happy with this product. This was my first time to use coconut oil and I am very happy that I bought this size. Delivery was quick. I will definitely order this again.
264245264245B004EAGP74A1J7YFLJX354NQR. Schiralli0051236384000Nutiva is the best!!Nutiva is the best, I love the flavor and the benefits. I find I have a lot more energy and can do way more in a day then I used to. I love this product and amazon has the best prices.
264246264246B004EAGP74A3QNPQXLN277NFChristina M. Sterling0051236038400The best!Wow...this stuff is great! I use it instead of butter on my bread and baked potatoes. You can also use it to make chocolate. And, a great skin moisturizer. I will definitely order more.
264247264247B004EAGP74A1K9QT4P7AOUFWPhroggy0051235433600Love This Stuff...I order 2 of these at a time and get the free shipping. Coconut Oil is really good for your health and well being...don't believe the negative hype. Do your own research and you'll see. This stuff is amazing. I even give it to my pets to keep them in great shape.
264248264248B004EAGP74A21VMC5JWHDP7MV. Gunthner0051234656000Delicious and a great value!My friend told me about this product, so I decided to order it. It is great for baking-I substitute a portion of the fat in a recipe. It is also good for stir frying and making curries. The price can't be beat either.
264249264249B004EAGP74AEJBRX0ZGP5WCDale Weatherwax0051233878400Good price top qualityWe use coconut oil instead of butter and shortening for baking and on the table.
This is one of the best for texture and taste.
The price is very good, and the delivery fast.

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