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264310264310B004EAGP74A1F6HW78FFG0WWMichelleinFynance8851173744000Nutiva VCO - Great ProductAmazon delivered exactly what I ordered and on time. For me, Nutiva VCO is a great alternative to unhealthy cooking oils. If we compare short-chain fatty acids (such as the lauric chains in coconut oil) which are metabolized within the mitochondria of cells, versus longer chain-bearing oils which require conjugation and transport to the liver, I think VCO must be healthier for me overall. Nutiva also tastes good and frankly people, it's a great lotion. Yes, it takes a few minutes to sink in, but once it does, you have soft skin.
264311264311B004EAGP74A1ECI9B5A2T5HGJames C. Lawrence "sky shooter"111251201132800Nutiva is the bestWe have used Nutiva for more than 2 years. It's the highest in quality and taste. We don't use butter any more, just coconut oil, a little salt or sugar on toast, on veggies, for everything it's so much better for you than butter and other dairy. Great cooking oil too, doesn't break down like all other oils.

The 54 oz is the way to go...we buy 4 at a time and go through them in about 4-6 months.

Wonderful product, Amazon is the best too, you can't beat the free ship.

Local store retail for the same product costs almost 3 times as much.
264312264312B004EAGP74A1R19K6O4IAF5WTerry111251173571200Not a Bad Fat AnymoreExcellent product!! I have found that coconut oil can be used in any way you would use oil or butter. It has a very mild coconut flavor----nothing that would really alter the taste of what you're preparing. It can take high heat cooking without breaking down. (All the benefits of olive oil are destroyed with high heat). It doesn't need refrigeration----another plus. Tastes great on toast. Too bad the good things about coconut oil have been surpressed for so many years. It seems to be one of the healthy fats instead of all the synthetics (e.g. margarine) and hydrogenated products on the market.
Must be organic, unprocessed, & cold pressed to have all the good benefits.
264313264313B004EAGP74A4JP4T1F95D0ARG69101151202688000DealI bought this item because of the healthy reputation of the product. I like to make popcorn in oil and I do usually cook something in oil about once a week. I can tell you that this is honestly the best oil I have ever used. It smells terrific and makes the food taste great. My popcorn is light and fluffy like hot air popcorn, but has a nice rich taste like oil cooked popcorn. When you open the container you are greeted with a terrific coconut smell. For those of you who do not like coconut, it does not stay with the food once you heat it up. Amazon is the place to buy this, the price is outstanding and this size will last you a long time.
264314264314B004EAGP74A65CXRL2YZAESS. R. Galloway "Scott Galloway"71831207094400Tastes great is it really healthy?
264315264315B004EAGP74A19JORG0PA02OCWilliam E. Thomas1731317513600Tastes good! Is it good for you???This coconut oil tastes good so I'm taking it! But as to the health benefits, I don't know! Who knows, for sure?
264316264316B004EAGP74A16R0AE3CF03191acme2911322265600NOT the same Quality as the "smaller" packagesI used to buy 1 & 2 lbs - smaller packages which I was very satisfied with the Quality.
At this time ordered 1 Gallon and I am quite Disapointed as quality of Coconut oil is not NOT the same. It looks more transluent (less white) and even at room temperature oil is VERY soft (almost runny) also it has LESS coconut fragrance .... I will NOT buy this package again.
264317264317B004EAGP74A3D1LQCUWN12LDLiterally Literate "Jc"71911311811200Deceived!I ordered this brand ONLY because it stated that it was in a JAR. I got a white, opaque tub, disfigured, from what I suppose was due to multiple liquifying, then solidifying. I could have gotten it cheaper and faster but chose this for the supreme qualities of glass. The oil tastes okay, but I have doubts about what else might be in it. Even the photo appears to be glass. What a con!
264318264318B004EAGP74A215E6SPIR0UQUBoston Geek72031269216000Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil - IF NOT BLOOD TYPE OActually, I'm more disappointed with my research into unrefined coconut oil than this product. Through my internet research, I was assured that this product would take care of my cholesterol. After eating 3 tablespoons every day for a couple of weeks, I noticed that I was becoming very lethargic and I started to have chest constrictions. I was also giving a spoonful to my 4 year old daughter. When I saw my daughter start acting dumb, it confirmed that my lethargy wasn't accidental. I quickly stopped giving her and myself any coconut oil to eat. I don't exercise enough but my daughter runs around like a top all the time. She gets plenty of exercise and this seemed to slow her mental abilities regardless of exercise. My chest constrictions have gone after two weeks without coconut oil. We only use it to moisterize dry skin.

Right after I doubted the effects of this product on cholesterol, I did a more thorough internet search and discovered that blood types O did not do well with coconut oil and it is best to avoid it. Guess what. One third the population in America, including my family, has blood type O.

So coconut oil may help - if you don't have blood type O.
264319264319B004EAGP74A2DAXL35U9MGTBL. Linton "Mom of 3 beautiful boys"21231231200000Coconut OilThis product is supposed to be very good for you. But you need to make sure that you like coconut flavor...because it will add a little coconut flavor to your food. It is a little annoying that you have to melt the oil everytime you want to use it. But if you want the health benefits it is worth it. I haven't used it long enough to recognize any changes or benefits in my health.
264320264320B004EAGP74ANHF5SC7QL87ELinda Timothy-wood11551170720000Thank you for the great price of the Coconut Oil, not so happy the way the book was sent.My husband and I were so happy and very please, for the fast delivery. The only thing I would teach my crew that mails out the Books know the difference and the reason for the different addresses. The book which was a $1.00 item ended up costing me $13.00 just to mail it. The book went to the Forwarding Address.

When it should have been shipped to the P O Box.

The reason I have two address is that I live in Alaska, some item cannot be delivered here, so we use a forwarding address for more expensive items. The P.O. Box is for small books and other small items.

I would like to know if you read this....

Thank you

Linda Wood

Eagle River, Alaska
264321264321B004EAGP74A3KUC5K5VSJNU9Grranimal "Fuerkraft"32031231027200I wouldn't cook with it, but it may have medicinal applicationsI do not understand the people who say that they cook with this product. It has a strong coconut flavor and aroma that would only be good for deserts, if you want that. I tried it in split pea soup that has a pretty strong aroma of its own, and found it quite unworkable. Also, coconut "oil" is one of the most saturated fats in nature, so I'd rather just use butter for most things since it is not nearly as saturated. Yes, it may not contain trans fat, but that's about all that you can say for it.

You cannot "eat it out of the jar" as someone avered because it is so saturated at outside air temperatures that it is rock-hard. It may possibly work for psoriasis or as a hand cream, but remember that your body will smell strongly like coconut if you use it as a salve. I'm pretty skeptical right now, but I have two jars so I am trying some non-culinary things to use it up.
264322264322B004EAGP74A1ORIGRG4QXV72nmoira73031170720000Coconut taste too pronouncedI prefer the Spectrum coconut oils. Because they are flavorless, they have more potential uses.
264323264323B004EAGP74AIZXE6EGHGJ2UKateri101151194134400Is there anything you can't use this oil for?I think not!

OF course it is great for all the things people have mentioned, but I have found it particularly wonderful as a facial CLEANSER. I massage a good bit of the oil over my face and neck, let it sit for a few minutes while I brush my teeth etc., then I take a warm wet cloth and wipe my face. The excess oil comes off with all the dirt and makeup that was on my face (even the water proof mascara) and it leaves a nice light film of oil that makes my face glow, and for ONCE in my life I'm free of blemishes, even during those particularly difficult times of month! I'm in love! Next time I'll be ordering a gallon size!
264324264324B004EAGP74A11BGURKINC1EKvivian7751316476800miracle facial cure!i had moderate acne(cysts mostly on my temples and cheeks) and dry skin that drank up lotion as though it were in famine. recently, i've been nightly steaming my face, rubbing in the oil, and then steaming it again and wiping off the excess oil. my face is clearing up exceptionally well, and instead of being both dry and oily, my skin is retaining an amazing glow. i have been doing the skin treatment along with eating a tbsp of it a day(i put it in my morning tea), and the result is nothing short of a miracle. i feel like a hippie saying it, but i am so glad i switched from putting weird chemical nonsense on my face to this routine. i also use it to fry eggs and chicken and i use it to deep condition my hair. i kinda want to preach about it to everyone, yet at the same time i want to keep it my little beauty secret.
264325264325B004EAGP74ARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton7751275696000Bargain price, QUALITY product! (edited)I've been purchasing the Nutiva via subscription, in the two-pack jars. Recently I found the 8 pound pail available, and decided it would be a good purchase since coconut oil has such a long shelf life.

Having seen another review that said there was a difference between the pail product and jar product, I was concerned. However, after having used both I can assure you that the product you buy in jars is the same product packed in the large pail.

Eight pounds of wonderful coconutty goodness, creamy and fragrant and delicious! Since it turns liquid in warmer temps, I poured the liquid into my olive oil dispenser and can now add oil to my skillets without having liquid coconut oil running all down the sides of the jar. When the weather cools down I'll have to make other arrangements, of course. But this coconut oil is fabulous and a bargain at this price!

I might have to order another one soon as my mother likes this also, and took some of my coconut oil.

*Edit 6-14-11: when I purchased this and raved about what a bargain it was, the pail cost me just a little over $50.00 You may find that doing the math on any additional price increases changes whether this is a bargain for you or not.
264326264326B004EAGP74A3GRNG9UXCTQMPBusy mom7751260403200This is great!!!This product works really well. I use this basically for my hair and a little goes an extremely long way. Coconut oil has reduced the breakage and shedding in my hair and is wonderful.
264327264327B004EAGP74A37CIGQZD0N58DDW "DW"7751229817600Nutiva Coconut Oil "I Love it"I have tried other products; this is the best deal and the best tasting. I put it in oatmeal, other hot cereals, tea, hot chocolate, veggies, gravies, and also cook with it. I must warn you to start out slowly, maybe 1 teaspoon daily. It has detox properties and if you take too much at first, it will cause you to detox too quickly. I also use it daily on my skin, including my face. If you want more information, just put a "Coconut Oil benefits" search in Google. You can't beat the price of this oil through Amazon with their free S & H.
264328264328B004EAGP74AFCXP8KUF3CHXLiliana Morales7751173312000The best tasting I've ever had!I love this oil! I use it for everything from cooking with it to using it as a moisturizer and on my scalp for dandruff. I would totally recommend this to everyone!
264329264329B004EAGP74A311PYJ597J31LElaine Y. Pollard "lainey68"91051237420800A WonderA friend of mine recommended this product to me. She said she'd lost 20 lbs in a matter of months just from using it. I was skeptical, to say the least. I'd heard all of the bad stuff about coconut oil, but I was curious enough to research. In the meantime, another acquaintance told me about a mutual friend who'd lost 75 lbs from using Nutiva. After that, I was more than curious--I wanted to try it.

I'd tried a different brand of coconut oil before and was not impressed. It was very grainy and hard. Nutiva is very smooth. It's got a beautiful creamy texture and is very white. It also doesn't leave a smoky smell in my home--in fact, I love the way it smells when I'm sauteeing food.

What sold me on this product was that I read you could eat it on toast. I thought that was weird, but decided to give it a try. The first time I tried it like that, I had meetings all day. I am ALWAYS hungry, and always snacking. I really eat about every 2 hours. Well, that day, about 5 hours had gone by before I realized I was hungry! I thought it was a fluke since I was so busy that day. A few days later, I tried it again. And once again, several hours went by and I wasn't a bit hungry.

I am convinced there is something to weight loss with this product. I've already lost 15 lbs in the month that I've used it. I would (and have) recommend this product to everyone.
264330264330B004EAGP74A24M8WZVH0XQ0ED. S. Motor6651311033600The skin of a teenager!!!The other day my significant other looked at me and remarked..."You have the skin of a teenager". It is the dramatic improvement in my skin since I've been using this product. First my dry hair's texture was changed within a few days and I no longer have dandruff since using this product. Then my skin from the neck down has this kind of sheen that I have not had in 40 years...the last time I was a teenager. Also the acne on the back or my arms, backside and back of my thighs is gone. I used to slather on a tea tree oil lip balm several times a day. Now I rub in coconut oil on my lips in the morning and maybe one other time during the day, on the days I do not wear lipstick.

The thing that has struck me most is my face. I had been through microdermabrasion, chemical peels and all sorts of exfoliating products that are now all replaced by coconut oil. I'm not usually one for dramatic reviews, but this product has performed VERY FAR BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!!! Also by using this product I save a lot of money now that I no long have to use a ton of other products. I should note that I've been using this coconut oil for the last 4 or 5 months.
264301264301B004EAGP74AMO1CR5KN8T4PT. Arnall "Terry Arnall"0341230336000Good stuffNice product, but I didn't know is was in solid form, has to be milted - like lard.

Hayward, CA
264302264302B004EAGP74A13853O9CBLTEYJ Tria "gusser33"1531336262400haven't decided if it is wowrth itI received the product without incident. I just am not convinced that it is with any merit. I don't feel any different, my sugar levels remain the same. I guess time will tell. I don't think i would recommend purchasing this product.
264303264303B004EAGP74A1W1V6RD1I9R2DCecil "Bay Area Pilot"1551320710400Happy! Would recommend to anyone!Item arrived when promised and works as described. Using for popcorn seasoned with Flavocal - I am now eating popcorn that tastes EXACTLY like movie popcorn.

SPECIAL NOTE: I will likely stop offering to review products if Amazon continues with the silly 20 word minimum. If they want to establish minimums then I want a discount or rebate on future items I may order.
264304264304B004EAGP74AGTBEWGF0VHHAObservant I101041298592000Fresh, flavorful, and hexane-freeI've tried a few different brands of extra-virgin coconut oil, and for the most part I'm equally satisfied with them all. Despite the marketing hype, coconut oil brands within each category (virgin, refined, hydrogenated) are very similar. I should specify the qualities I look for in a coconut oil: I want a coconut oil with a rich coconut aroma and taste, maximum nutrition, and minimal processing. For these reasons, I always select an organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed oil.

I'm pleased that this Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil provides these qualities along with an easy-to-find "packed on" and "best before" date. The jars I ordered in late January 2011 were packed on September 13, 2010, and the "best before" date is September 13, 2012. Stored correctly (cool, dark location, no refrigeration needed), this nutrient-dense oil stays fresh for two years. It smells and tastes great--coconutty and slightly sweet.

According to Nutiva, no hexane is used in the processing of this oil. Hexane is a petroleum-derived solvent used in all kinds of industrial applications, from shoe manufacturing to roofing. Interestingly, because hexane's primary molecular structure is carbon, it can be passed off as "organic." Do a little research; "cold-pressed," "organic," AND "hexane-free" are key considerations when selecting your coconut oil for nutrition purposes.

I'm not as pleased with the plastic jars. In fact, I took off a star as a result of the plastic packaging. I feel that a quality organic oil should be stored in a glass jar, and ideally a dark one to reduce oxidation. I've actually selected coconut oils specifically because they come in glass jars, and might have bypassed this product if I hadn't found it on sale at a good price. I put this information in the review to aid those of you who are looking for a coconut oil in a glass jar. Great deals can be found on Amazon, by the way, especially if you purchase the packs of two jars.
264305264305B004EAGP74A14VMYVR2MRTS5Kelly Keefer "Romans 6:3-5"131451171584000wonderful!This is a wonderful product. We have tried several other brands. The health benefits are amazing. We use it for a substitute for shortening in baked goods(pie crust, cookies, etc.) We also prefer it now for frying eggs, potatoes, pancakes, everything, as it is much more stable at higher temps. --A word of caution, if you don't like coconut taste, it will take some getting used to. My oldest daughter(17) falls into this catagory. She is now accepting it more and more. The other 4 kids have had no trouble making the switch. It is interesting that we now eat more healthier fats and fats in total, yet have lost weight. My husband and I have each lost between 10 and 15 lbs. using this product, along with making other healthy changes in our diet. Enjoy!
264306264306B004EAGP74A3D2A1984BB5Jonlineshopper9951304985600Great for baby's bottom!I ordered this after hearing other moms talk about using coconut oil on their babies' bottoms instead of typical diaper rash cream. The antifungal/antibacterial properties really do prevent rashes. Our baby had already had 2 yeast rashes in his first 3 weeks after birth so I ordered this coconut oil and use it every other diaper change or when he looks red. He has been 100% rash free for the last 4 weeks. Also tried it out on my other son's dry chapped cheeks- worked great! I suffer from psoriasis and am considering adding some of this oil to my baths- you can't beat the fresh coconut smell either.
264307264307B004EAGP74A1F12903896P6DRod C9951217635200Best EverKeep one in your kitchen for cooking & smoothies, one in bathroom for a facial and one in the bedroom for fun with your partner!.....
264308264308B004EAGP74A3IGJQFW8SO5TNL. Parris9951176940800Wonderful substituteThis is a great change from the canola oil and shortening!! When I first got it, I pan fried some fish in it and it was really delicious. Doesn't add a lot of extra taste that you might think. Also, think it's not as stinky when frying as other oils.

Then I had to try it on my popcorn. Oh, that is really wonderful.

Only problem I had is in delivery. The oil wasn't sealed well enough and it got warm enough during delivery to become somewhat liquid. Some of the liquid leaked out in the box. Just a warning if you live in a warm climate area.
264309264309B004EAGP74A1VQBEW0G4IH1JL. Knights8851204243200Addictive!I am back to order another container of this stuff after previously getting one for myself and one for my boyfriend (let him get his next jar himself, now that he's hooked on it.) I've tried other coconut oils and this one is by far the best. It's great that you can get such a big jar of it online...even health food grocery stores don't seem to carry much of a selection of coconut oil (and I live in granola-crunchy California.)

This is great for cooking with, since it doesn't start smoking as soon as olive oil does. My boyfriend loves it for making biscuits as well as for spreading on top of biscuits or bread. We've used it in our "almost perfect Chicago deep dish style pizza" crust and people can never figure out what our "secret" ingredient is but they LOVE the pizza. It adds a great flavor in stirfrys and for sauteeing vegetable pot stickers.

It does have quite a coconut flavor, which is part of the reason why we love it so much, but if you don't like the taste of coconut or you are making something where that taste or aroma might not be appropriate you probably want to choose another type of oil.

Oh! It's perfect for seasoning cast iron, too!

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