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264361264361B004EAGP74A3UNMU88CP4TPCEugene Su "Eugene"3351207008000Outstanding value, superior tasteWe've been buying our coconut oil from Whole Foods as well as other health food markets, but we decided to give Nutiva coconut oil a try mainly because of the price offered on Amazon. To our suprise this oil has exceeded our expectations! It smells wonderful and tastes good too. It is at least on par or superior to the products purchased at Whole Foods and health food stores but at a much lower price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to family and friends, only problem is that most people are still sceptical of the health benefits of coconut oil. When I mention the use of coconut oil, most people just shake their heads and respond that they're not into "crazy fad diets". Too bad, their loss.
264362264362B004EAGP74A2232I3I6BMFHKM. Lipscomb3351206316800A great big jar of yum!For those looking for a healthier alternative to butter and vegetable oils, coconut oil is great!!! I use it as my primary cooking oil, so this large jar is perfect for me. It doesn't need refrigeration like other coconut oils I've purchased, which is convenient.

A neat thing - some doctors actually recommend daily doses of coconut oil. Also, you can use on your skin (which is better for you than petroleum-based products).
264363264363B004EAGP74AWBGHDHH7E51FTrend "jewelry nut"3351202774400It's really good!This is extremely tasty coconut oil. I decided to try it because it is so inexpensive. It smells wonderful and like another reviewer stated "you can eat it right out the jar", and a huge jar it is....54oz is quite a lot. I won't fry with it, but I'll definitely make some popcorn and bakery goods using it. I was using another brand, but like this better. Excellent quality at a great price.
264364264364B004EAGP74A9UHPL01WTX74Linda Loman3351202515200this stuff is wonderful - buy it NOWAfter losing 75 lbs. on Atkins Induction, I hit a stall and wanted to add some variety to my WOE. Low carb forums mention coconut oil as a healthy alternative to plain old vegetable oil so I ordered a jar of Nutiva EVCO. If I didn't like the taste, I figured that I could use it as skin lotion.

This stuff is GREAT! So far, I have used it to season beef patties, chicken , steamed veggies and omelets. (Tried it in coffee - not so good). This is my new favorite food item.

Some folks complain about the coconut smell but I like it. And it has helped get me past the stall - I actually lost a couple of lbs this week.
264365264365B004EAGP74AWOT9AACOF3MYred3351186617600LOVE THISI love my VCO. You can use it internally or externally-for just about whatever-cooking, baking, lotion, face cream, shine up hair, etc, etc!
264366264366B004EAGP74A2NWNBSNS9J8WDavid B. Canale3351182902400Tastes like is shouldFantastic and natural and smells like coconut as it should. Not processed like some others. If you order coconut oil and it has no taste beware. This has a mild coconut flavor thats delicious but disperses nicely when you cook. The best oil out there.
264367264367B004EAGP74A1SNHAMCFKTTE7Laurel E. Mayer "NYLULU"3351178409600Coconut oilThis is wonderfully aromatic ...aside from being very healthy for you it tastes great to cook shrimp, veggetables, etc.
264368264368B004EAGP74AI1LL9G6L41KCD. ROGERS3351173312000It's as good as all the others!I've tried several brands and this is as good as the more expensive brands. I take it internally and use it in the shower as a moisturizer during the winter.
264369264369B004EAGP74A3G7MFVI41GHI1Doug Goshorn5641279843200Nutiva organic coconut oilThis is a really nice value, and a delicious product. Be sure to read up on the benefits of raw coconut oil, and remember, never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. I'm actually a raw vegan, so this is a big staple for me. I love massaging sea salt and coconut oil into raw kale salad. Add ginger, cayenne, a bit of tamari, and a squeeze of lemon. Healthy and delicious! If you aren't a raw vegan, but you just want to eat healthier, try replacing all your regular oils and butter with raw coconut oil. Coconut has a much higher tolerance for heat before it becomes harmful to the body. It's way more tasty than butter or any kind of butter substitute too. This coconut oil is raw. It smells amazing and is super healthy. I use it for everything, from salad dressing to raw vegan deserts, to stir fry, skin moisturizer, hair finisher, massage oil, etc. It's amazing on baked yams. If you eat toast, try mixing raw coconut oil with honey and using it as a spread.
264370264370B004EAGP74A1TQ1LPXYJQ9AJP. A. Rowley "SunnyDhntr"5651242864000Excellent for cooking!If you are looking for a healthier oil to cook with than corn or mixed vegetable oils, try this product. My husband read about the benefits of coconut oil in the book "Patient Heal Thyself" and in "The Bottom Line" publication a few years ago. Previously we have had to purchase this at health food stores, relying on their stock at the time. Now we can order it here and have it in a couple of days. The product itself is wonderful, and arrives in a plastic container, which is safer around the kitchen. As long as you keep it in a cool place it will keep a long time. The only thing I Don't fry with it is garlic. For some reason that combination is putrid, but onions, peppers, chicken, green beans, pork chops, are all delicious and the coconut adds a light, sweet flavor of its own.
264371264371B004EAGP74A2BJ30P3C6Z2P1Brenda Williams5641219622400greatProduct is great ....Very good and taste coconut oil . Shipping was speedee . Only rated 4 stars because the Packing was poore and oil had leaked in side of envelope that was in the box . I am sure this wouldnt have happen if I ordered when the weather was cool . I will buy from this vender again .
264372264372B004EAGP74A3TGB589TWZNFESong Mama "Happy to Be Home"5651179014400Excellent Quality at GREAT PriceI have tried quite a few different brands of Extra Virgin Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil and this has got to be one of the best. I use it for everything....frying,sauteing, baking, skin lotion, hair. It works really well on my kids' dry skin, and they love when I apply it to their lips because it tastes and smells yummy. The health benefits of this product are's really a "Super Food". I have researched prices online extensively and Amazon has the best deal on this oil.
264373264373B00473L0VYA1QZXEA5FDBQKNR. Flanagan0051329609600Love these!Great product...tasty and versitile. I use these in a variety of ways and like to keep on hand for quick salsas.
264374264374B001I0VSQ6A1MSVM7EHF49P6Jennifer Crum5551328400000Gets rid of scabsMy cat had scabs and bald spots all over her body. She scratched her whiskers off, had plaque on her belly she couldnt stop licking and had a rodent ulcer on her lips. My vet put her on pred and cortisone shots and i put this in her food twice a day. The meds made her so much better but i noticed when i didnt put the fish oil in her food her scabs came back. I bought the 33 ounce container last time and it was way too big, went bad and smelled awful so i buy the small container and it lasts a few months. Great for pets with skin allergies. Finicky pets wont taste or smell it in the food. Great fish oil. The only con is the bottle leaks everywhere, i have to put a paper towel underneath the bottle.
264375264375B0045VMVZ2A1HPDC0DRN1KYUR. Hubbard0011327881600Deceptive.The only good thing about this food is it improved my German Shepherd's gas. =/

It seems like a good price, until you realize that it requires 50% more food by dog's weight. So, with Iams and Purina, my 104-lb dog gets 4 cups of food a day. With this Pedigree, he needs 6. This is because the first ingredient is corn, and it has a lot more fillers in it.

My dog doesn't like it (although he doesn't like Iams either!) so it's taking a long time to go through our bag... but we will not be repurchasing. The Purina gave him horrible gas, so I guess we are going to stick with the super-expensive Iams that he doesn't like, because at least then he doesn't smell like a rotten egg all the time.

Skip this food if you have a large breed dog unless you absolutely HAVE to get SOME food. I would only buy it again if the store was totally sold out of other food. Purina and Iams are both better choices that wind up being the same or cheaper per feeding.
264376264376B000K2GM82A2DYW9Y2D8E43LKris Cayocca "Cayotejr"4441190937600Salty salt saltI recently found that I have hypertension thus need to reduce salt. Unfortunately I also have an addiction to sunflower seeds. Luckily I found these reduced salt seeds! The only thing I could wish for is that they have even less salt. As they are you can't tell the difference between these and fully salted seeds, which is a good thing.
264377264377B000K2GM82A1F8YM4KHTZ7MPIdiosyncrat2251321833600Much better tasting than regular!I'm normally not a fan of low-sodium products, but these low-sodium sunflower seeds taste a lot better than the regular ones, and are now the only ones I will eat. The regular ones are, in hindsight, way too salty.
264378264378B000K2GM82A36YQZO4XQ6KODAnanth1151310774400Great snack. Low Sodium makes it even healthier!Same great taste with a lot less salt intake. Amazing product, too sad to see that Amazon no longer carries this item. Please bring it back. I cannot find this item anywhere else :(
264379264379B000K2GM82A2UX15WRLU50Y3J. Duncan1141238025600great sunflower eaterThese are great, I have to watch my salt intake and these are perfect for me since I am an avid sunflower seed eater. David is the only manufactioner who makes a low salt seed and i love them.
264380264380B000K2GM82A2LJ3Z8RK2R4E3Bradley A. Barkett2331313971200Would it kill you guys to actually sell some unsalted seeds?These are better than the regular ones, but why do none of the major nut providers (David, Planters, etc) ever seem to want to sell some healthy UNSALTED sunflower seeds? Is it a shelf life issue? Why can I only ever find unsalted seeds at farmers markets?
264381264381B000K2GM82A2MNU2WLAH3G0LJojo0051329004800SatisfiedDavids low salt sunflower Seeds got here quickly and price was very fair, I'm very satisfied and will order more
264382264382B000K2GM82A2LLI7KFPXSPKS. Traci0051283644800These taste great and are better for you...Loved them, they taste great. The lower sodium is at least better than the regular stuff.
264383264383B000K2GM82A153I10WNEZPNRCO lady0111338249600Still way too salty."1/3 less salt" is more of a gimmick than a health benefit. How about 1/3 of the salt?! I miss the unsalted seeds my mom bought @ any grocery store in the 1980's. We have turned into such a salt/sugar/fat craving country. Uggh!
264384264384B000K2GM82A27HLTDITCL1O8L. Wick251128226240075 mg per serving is NOT LOW SODIUM...which really says it all. You can dry your own seeds with no salt at all.
264385264385B00112U95CA3HERBT8W31BRJSon0051191369600ExcellentWow, I received the taffy in 24 hours. Very surprised. Delivered way before the estimated date. I would definately do business with them again.
264386264386B0019412BMA24KKEGVZRR10MBrittany Kirkpatrick "first time mom"4441244073600Awesome snack for toddlers!These are wonderful snacks...I like them, but I buy them for my 1 year old son.

These are a little expensive and hard to find (reason for 4 stars), but compare the price to Gerber or even store brand freeze dried fruits made for definitely get more for your money here. Plus the kind packaged for babies are such tiny pieces, my son's outgrown them, and the bottom is filled with fruit dust...and you don't get much more than what's in one of these single serve packs anyway.

These do crisp (for those of us with a mouth full of teeth), but they melt away just like the baby ones do, so they are awesome for new self feeders (with just a few teeth or none at all). And I love that there's no added sugar. I used to break them up into bite size pieces for my son, but now he's figured out how to use those front teeth--they're really airy so easy for him to bite.

The packets work great for me! I can throw 1 or 2 in the diaper bag and go. If you have left overs, they tend to get a little soggy (reabsorb some humidity from the air) so it's much better to keep the servings packaged separately.

Love these, wish they were easier to find.
264387264387B0019412BMA22JSUHQXNFOXTKAREN D. PETERSON3311283126400Big disappointmentThe peaches were a big disappointment. We love the apples, pears and strawberry/bananas so we thought the peaches would be great. They have a funny smell and don't really taste like peaches.
264388264388B0019412BMA1I34N9LFOSCX7Smeggy3331227398400crispy greens peaches are better...These peaches taste like they weren't ripe or full of flavor when they dried them. I have had the crispy greens brand freeze dried peaches and they are really good but the package is a little smaller and they cost a little more. I was hoping these would be the same but they aren't nearly as good. unfortunately i bought a LOT of them....oh well.....
264389264389B0019412BMA1MTJ5XJI29HPUKerin Seward2211273622400Strange smell when you open the packageIf you can get past the weird chemically smell when you open the package, these are okay -- the apples are definitely much much better. One of my girls won't eat these at all, the other one will if I take them out of the package and put them in a snack cup. I've purchased a lot of different types of dried fruits, and I'm not sure why this one has the weird smell. It's not anything that will make you sick, but still just strange and not pleasant.
264390264390B0019412BMA1AUBRXG0D07RZSandra Henderson "Just moved to WA"2211272672000May be healthy but they taste awful.I love peaches and I am willing to pay higher prices for healthy snacks. These had the higher price but they did not taste like peaches at all. Since I could not return them I gave them to someone but I don't know if they ate them or not. Will know better next time.

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