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264399264399B0019412BMA2WB24P43T2OA9Muriel Falvey "bookaholic"0051278979200healthy snacksAll of these fruit crisps are fabulous! I am a diabetic, on intensive insulin therapy, which means that I cannot eat most snacks without taking an extra insulin shot. Since I already take a minimum of five shots per day, I'd really rather not have to take a shot for a small snack. Well, I tried these because they do add fruit to my diet, and are fairly low carb. Much to my surprise, not only do these crisps NOT raise my blood sugar, but it actually lowers it! So, I have a delicious, satisfying snack and do not need to take that extra insulin shot! This snack is a real winner!
264400264400B0019412BMA12GK5JUYAV0HMM. Spencer "Kitty"0021242000000Utterly FlavorlessUnfortunately, these particular snacks are just flavorless. I ordered them and the shipping was quick and simple, but the snacks themselves ended up in a post office food drive because I just couldn't see them going to waste on my pantry shelf. Sorry to say, I had hopes they'd be subtle and tasty, alas they are practically powdery and bland.
264401264401B0019412BMA2VJ4CKCPMP12ZMizzShellz "-MizzShellz []"0021235692800DisappointedI am in LOVE with the fuji apples version. Peaches are my favorite fruits and I thought CRISPS might have done it again! But I was sadly disappointed because these peaches are not sweet at all.
264402264402B0019412BMA2WVESQ38ASGH9J. Hendry "Hunter'sMommy"0031233792000ok, but not as "peachy" as I would likeI like these but they are a lot like the apples. Some of the peaches taste more like peaches but not all. I will still eat them.
264403264403B0019412BMA1UASXJKH475MVJ. Withers1121302566400Not as good as the other flavors....I love all of the other flavors by the company. I also love the freeze dried peaches by other companies. These have a good texture but are sour and lack much flavor. Pass on this fruit... I really wanted to like them.
264404264404B005GIF81WAY4W0TYS3YZX8William Schenk1151344124800OutstandingThe mushroom's are large and of outstanding quality. We use them anywhere instead of button mushrooms. The real secreat here is to use the warm water that remains when you reconstitue them, in your dish. We use it when making reisots and it makes all the difference in the world! These are quality mushrooms, and cheaper than buying the same mix (fresh)at the grocery store.
264405264405B002LNZ7M0A1MH6TEF9BRO87Debby Lynn Mullins1131280016000Thinner than I expected...Not a bad product, just a bit on the thin side. Would be best for dogs under 25 lbs or light chewers.
264406264406B002LNZ7M0A2CLDRW7GVDOZ1D. Meyer "Fun Mom"1111277164800Fat? Um, I don't think so! These are very THIN!Looking at the photo, I thought these would be a little thicker than they are. I mean, they are called "FAT Spizzle Twists". They are NOT FAT. In fact, they are super, uber thin. They are not packaged in any sort of plastic or wrapping, either. These super thin twists were tossed in the box with my order from EntirelyPets, completely unwrapped. They are so thin that my Smooth Collie snapped them in pieces with little effort. Honestly, I don't think they are worth the dollar each I paid for them.
264407264407B002LNZ7M0A1L1SQ488YCCFJBostonsforme0011278547200Not that great.I thought by the retail price that these would be nice sticks. They are very thin, and my dog can wipe through them like any old treat. Wouldn't purchase these again, as the quality is just not there. They say "fat", but they are far from it! I paid $1.00 each - that's probably a fair deal.. But now they are $3.49 each, and that's a rip off.
264408264408B00719NAFUA38U5D4DTJQ5ODPatrick T. Kelley0051345161600Best chewing gums ever!This series of chewing gum (Trident Vitality) are so good...little bites of dessert without the calories in real desserts. They are becoming harder to find at retail stores, but Amazon has everything of course!
264409264409B003ZURMGCA3IMWY7M6AA4X3TeaLover2351305072000Comes in a tea bag...I was introduced to this tea a couple of years ago. Since then, I've dumped Twinnings, Lipton, and all other Ceylon Teas. It has that unique taste that comes all from a single bag...It is un-believably a perfect cup of tea....
264410264410B003ZURMGCA2MOZ9MSLSCUNCca native0051348444800Wonderful Russian TeaMy husband and I recently bought a six-box lot of Impra Tea's Special Tea.
It is delightful, full bodied and with a hint of citrus in it. We drink
it daily. It's won my hubby away from coffee.
264411264411B003ZURMGCA9PBD9UQZQOJMMebu Barday0051338595200Rich flavorful wake me up taste cylon tea.I have ordered third time this time. 100 tea bags a box and six boxes to an order. The taste is very rich very flavorful and no bitter taste like the PJ Tea. Nice like the Brookbond red label but a notch down in strength. However, it definitely says wake up. I have gifted this boxes to quite a few tea totlers and got them instantly hooked. For the price I might start a supply business. ;)

Each tea bag comes neatly packed in its own packet which is another feature I like over Brookbond. It is smoother in taste than Tettley and Lipton now really taste with no class at all. I found it actually by accident in an European grocery store while looking for Bigalow Cylon tea. The price per box there was $8.00 which I thought was overly high. So long as this is a great price on Amazon and on super saver free shipping I will continue to buy it here at Amazon.

Update: Aug 1, 2012: Just placed my second order. Come Holidays I will place extra orders if the deal remains the same to give out as gifts. I have assortments of tea in a Tea server actually 9 different brands and types, but nothing compares to Impra.
264412264412B003ZURMGCA34OCTR6UEXAUUAnya0151316044800For a real tea lovers!Me and my husband just love This brand! Impractical is the best! We totally agree with the previous reviver - no more Lipton or any other "tea dust". Aroma and taste are unbelievable!!!
264413264413B000BNY5UWA1FDIJG6L6ZVC4Corynda151521291766400Size Does MatterWell, I read the prior reviews and ordered based on those, that was my first mistake. My second was not verifying ounces described. I received my box today and for the price I paid this is definitely not what I had imagined. For $34.00 I could have gone to my local grocery to the old world section and bought a nicer selection to make my own gift box and it would have cost me alot less. I bought this for a gift and hope that it tastes better than it looks. At this point this is the only reason I have not returned it, more hassle to return and the hope that quality is better than the quantity. I don't recommend the item for the cost as there is more filler paper than product in the box.
264414264414B000BNY5UWA3PI8JJ2E4VT5ETiberius151551177545600Excellent qualityI buy this every year it seems as gifts to send to people. The product is a hit every time. It is wonderful quality and tastes just yummy. The people I send these gift boxes to just love it and request it as the next year's gift suggestion.
264415264415B000BNY5UWA2A6AMJRB2M2PJHa Ha!4441285113600A good giftOverall a very good gift. I sent it back to my family just as a mid season gift and they enjoyed it immensely. Recomended.
264416264416B000BNY5UWAEU9LGZGT6C0STom White1131328659200Not the size it showsI ordered this knowing it would not be what the picture shows, so I blame myself, but do not order this if you think it will be like the picture shows it is not. The cheese is shorter and the sausage the same. Not the size it shows. Not at all.
264417264417B000BNY5UWA1L4FDB71OYY7QHoward A. Palmer1141325203200With comments of the giftee.I ordered the deluxe package in the last week before Christmas. The recipient received it in 3 business days and the package was in very good shape. He was pleased with the variety and very happy with the gift.

My opinion is the cost was fair and reasonable for the gift that included the desired items. This was my first experience dealing with your company and based on the results I would expect to order similiar items next year.

Thank you, Howard, Akron, Ohio
264418264418B0046HLVX8A155WMKLHBXTJ8A. Waugh "catsndawgs"0051347926400Great Coconut MilkI love having this coconut milk on hand for curry and other creamy recipes. But mostly what I use it for is its creamy top layer. I put a can in the fridge so that when opened I can scoop off the thick, hardened coconut cream. This I put in a bowl and whip it up using the whisk attachment on my immersion blender. I often add back just a little of the coconut water left in the can. The beautiful whipped cream results are useful for topping anything that you might want whipped cream on. I also use it in my tea. The left over water can be drunk, poured over pet food, added to any recipe that needs liquid. Nothing is wasted.

Note: I don't use coconut milk because I have to avoid dairy; no, not at all. I also use many dairy products. I just think this is a good way to experience a very tasty and healthy alternative.
264419264419B0046HLVX8A1HM9ZCU43N6XDR. Newton "health nut"0051347235200A must have for the pantry!This item is a must have for the pantry. There are so many things you can make using this simple ingredient, and with the ease of having it shipped it right to my door - I can't beat it!
264420264420B004CP6BDOA2CNS37ROC2N0OJudy wants1151323907200Baking supplies from AmazonOur order was received in great condition and on time. This is a great way to order baking supplies in bulk.
264391264391B0019412BMA32KHOAU900IH0G. Leclair1111268784000don't waste your moneyI am not a fan of these. I bought these and the fuji apple crisps. I have had the fuji apple, asian pear and strawberry/banana snacks before and they were all edible. The peach ones taste like sulfer or onions, I can't figure it out exactly, I would return them if I could. I am not pleased that I cannot. My 17 month old son makes a funny face when he eats them, like why are you giving me these. I may have to throw the rest out, they are pretty gross. Will NOT order these again. The fuji apple crisps are much better.
264392264392B0019412BMA3HF4AJAHNI2LXShannon B. Fischio1151233187200These are my favorite of the crisps!These fruit crisps are my favorite. Slightly tart, they remind me of fruit leather my family made while growing up. My 1 year old daughter also loves them.
264393264393B0019412BMA2VTNMSQLKUPFAinnocent_sweetiepie0011349740800Disappointed in this ad!!!FALSE PICTURE ADVERTISEMENT....DO NOT BUY!!! I wish they had a lesser star rating....Even a half a star or less. The ad advertises the WHITE AND YELLOW PEACHES...which is why I bought them, however when I got the product it was just the plan yellow peaches....which I could buy at the store. I wanted to try the white and yellow peaches that the picture advertised. If I wanted just the plain yellow peaches I would have bought them at the store. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!
264394264394B0019412BMA16QZPM9Q6JLPLCJKras "cjkras"0031346198400not my favorite, but adds varietywe like the mix box with the asian pear, apple and stawberry/banana the best, tried this to add variety, i'm not sure if the taste is as peachy as i was hoping, maybe was a little bitter..
264395264395B0019412BMA2LPJXTHM87Y1BAndrew J. Badertscher0031322611200Just okThese taste fine, but they are sliced oddly (not into wedge like slices like I expected them to be). Since the slices are so thin, they crush easily and every package I've opened has been at least 1/2 crushed up little bits of fruit. This is great if you're adding them to something, such as oatmeal, but not so good for eating out of hand. I will not order these again, as I had purchased them for my baby and they are too small for his little fingers. Overall, I'm disappointed in this product and will not reorder.
264396264396B0019412BMA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0041321660800Crispy dried peaches- good snacksInstead of the usual leathery dried fruit, these peaches are freeze dried, and end up crispy, like a chip. The peach flavor isn't really strong, but they're still good. It's a perfect diabetic/special diet snack. They are low-calorie, and no artificial ingredients. The other flavors are also REALLY good.
264397264397B0019412BMA3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk0021302998400BlandThey kind of taste like peaches. They kind of look like peaches. But they just don't seem like peaches.

The big problem with freeze-dried peaches, there's no juice running down your chin. Peaches are juicy, that's part of the fun of eating peaches, getting juice all over. A dry peach chip tastes pretty good, but it just doesn't seem like a peach.

The other Brother-ALL-Natural fruits are amazing. They make for the best darn portable snack, apples, pears, and strawberries. They are great flavors and nice way to eat that fruit. Sadly, the peaches just come in a bad last on the fun side of eating.

The peaches aren't bad; they just aren't anything special either. These are natural peach slices that are freeze dried. In other words, all the water is removed from the fruit, leaving the vitamins and fiber intact. Freeze drying is a non-chemical process (it isn't exactly natural, although if the peaches were left in the Antarctic, they would eventually freeze dry - all the water would sublimate out of the fruit like freezer burn). This is a product of China.

The variety pack is a much better choice:

Brothers-ALL-Natural Variety Pack Crisps (Fuji Apple, Asian Pear, Strawberry/Banana), 2 - 12-Count Bags
264398264398B0019412BMA26GCFEXKZ91KEsjpryor0051283644800Love Them!I find them very tasty, low sugar, and only 32 calories. And 1 gram of fiber.

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