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264451264451B002UQE206AHMJ1E0YUWTUJLee J Watson0031288742400Passable for tree huggersI will preface my comments by saying that, while not a coffee snob, I am a coffee enthusiast (I enjoy reading about coffee, roasting it, grinding it, trying different methods of brewing it, etc.). Although I've had Keurig-brewed coffee before, I just bought my own machine and am in the process of sampling the many different varieties of k-cups out there. I typically prefer robust, "city" roast coffee with a lot of depth, but with higher notes to add some complexity. I drink my coffee black, and have been using the medium (I believe it's 7 oz) cup setting on the machine. I have only tried a few k-cup varieties so far; so, as far as k-cup coffee is concerned, I have little for comparison. My favorite so far is Newman's extra bold. That being said -- I found Tree Hugger to be a bit pale by comparison. Calling it is extra bold is somewhat of a stretch. I realize that in k-cup terminology, "extra bold" simply means more coffee per k-cup, but the coffee itself lacks depth for my taste. It does have brighter (berry) notes as noted in the description, but does not have substantial body, nor does it linger on the tongue. Rather, it imparts a slight "dry" mouthfeel that, while not offensive, leaves me less than satisfied.

As for me, I am not a tree hugger, so that aspect does not sway me; nor do I really care if it's organic, to be quite honest. (We all die sooner or later, and no matter how long the good Lord has decided to keep me here on this earth, I intend to enjoy my coffee -- organic or not). However, if these things are important to you, then perhaps you will find Tree Hugger to be an acceptable cup of coffee, especially if you prefer a more "dounut shop" style coffee. For me it was "okay," hence the 3 stars. Thanks for reading my 2-cents worth.
264452264452B002UQE206A1CTXZ92VMNY6HAmi0031287964800Tree Hugger CoffeeThis coffee is very mild in flavor. I had hoped for something bolder. I read some reviews saying that it wasn't very bold, but others disagreed. It is a matter of personal taste, but my taste would like a little more intensity.
264453264453B002UQE206A1L9IG5Q6BYBLPmr metropaulitan0041276992000Good afternoon cup of coffeeI have been buying coffee people products since I bought my first K cup machine. My favorite is still Donut Shop to start my day. I just received my first box of the Tree Hugger and found it to be a very smooth, clean finish. A lighter cup of coffee for after getting home from work. The only thing that I find rather, shall we say, humorous or odd is the fact that I get my Donut Shop and my French Roast Dark and Wake up call in the Frustration Free packaging which is claimed to be more environmentally friendly but this "Organic" coffee is not available in such packaging. Is it just me or is there something odd about that?
264454264454B002UQE206A2QY6MDH3J7VF0Eric Prescott "Go vegan"0051273104000Best coffee I've brewed at homeI've tried a variety of fair trade and organic K-Cup coffees now, and this is hands-down my favorite. The price is great through the Amazon subscription, too. Only complaint is that I can't recycle the plastic. If I could do that, compost the grounds, and recycle the foil top, I'd feel less wasteful.
264455264455B002UQE206A14WSOMPXKDMAPD. Merry0051272240000Excellent CoffeeThe coffee doesn't have any major bitter taste and doesn't taste like it has chemicals in it either. Very nice coffee with a little bit of cream. I will be purchasing this one again.
264456264456B002UQE206A3MYV55P5ZJY72QRSMOM0051270339200Kcups from Amazon are the way to go!I researched the internet for hours trying to find the most affordable way to get all of the Coffe People brand Kcups that I wanted in one shipment. I was so happy to discover that the price listed on Amazon is for 2 boxes! The price per cup is about 10 cents cheaper than I was going to pay on other sites!
264457264457B002UQE206A35DB77Y6VPCFPW. Davidson "The Dog Walker"0051270166400Coffee People Do It AgainCoffee People make some great coffee. My daughter-in-law alerted me about this coffee when it came out and I'm just finishing up my 4th box. The Coffee People are introducing Travel Mug size Keurig K-Cups in the Donut Shop brew and I'm hoping that they do the same for Tree Hugger. Try it, you'll like it.
264458264458B002UQE206A28UUH24L12151Professor McGonigle "Prof. McGonigle"0041268956800Not bad at all.This isn't a bad cup of coffee from the Keurig maker. I have to admit that I love the convenience and speed of the Keurig, but don't think it makes the best cup of coffee and detest the use of plastic. However, it was a gift and I felt it was something I couldn't exchange. I've tried various makes and types of coffee. This is one of the better ones I believe and I was able to purchase it at a reasonable price through Amazon.
264459264459B002UQE206A3R7EKXHTCL0SGDutch Shaner "Dutch"0031268870400Good coffee - not so good K-Cup qualityThis coffee tastes really good so I bought a large box. I have had at least 3 K-cups that leaked coffee grounds into the cup which had never happened with any other K-cups. I don't know if this is a 'bad' batch or this brand has issues with the K-cup quality.
264460264460B002UQE206A1F94VHJTIWDI3Palmer20100021268092800Disappointed with condition of cupsA couple of the K-Cups were open and had to be thrown out. Coffee was spilled over the remaining cups, which I had to wash and dry.
264461264461B002UQE206A1W56I0056CW5ZCoffee Queen "Hazelnut"0051266537600Coffee People Tree Hugger k-cupsThis coffee is very good. I would order it again and again. It has a very distintive taste a hint of chocolate and berries. It is just the perfect cup of coffee. Fair Trade coffee is always very good.
264462264462B002UQE206A2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"0041266451200A mild hugThis is the one that you want to keep your Keurig on the small size setting for. Too much water to coffee ratio will result in a bland cup, and you'll miss some of the subtle sparkle of the top notes. Low acid means easy on the stomach, but it takes some care to coax the brightness out. I like it as a 'mixer'...most flavored K-cups are TOO flavored so I add a short cup of Tree Hugger, and it's just like the baby bear says...'this one is juuuuuuust right!'
264463264463B002UQE206ALYWDZZVBHAWYTwilla Brock0031266105600STRONG PRODUCT NAME/WEAK COFFEEI was attracted by the clever name of Tree Hugger and the fact that it is a Coffee People product. It isn't a bad coffee but way too mild for me. But you should try it and see for yourself. 'Could be just what you are looking for!
264464264464B002UQE206A3N7FI2410H0LQmadteach "boyntonchic"0051265846400Great coffe at a great price!I have tried many of the K cups and find this one one of the best. I do not like very dark coffee espicially in the mornings so this is a great one for me. All of my friend whop have tried it love it. I grew up on NY coffee from bagel stores and this is the best .
264465264465B002UQE206A17SN2B7ZBYL3ZJ. Russo0051265760000HummmmmI can't wait to wake up in the morning to drink this's so hardy
264466264466B002UQE206A1TMR8H0UQW658Scott Wood0051265760000Tree HuggerTree Hugger Blend is a nice well balanced Organic Blend that hits the palette perfectly. A must for the Coffee Collection.
264467264467B002UQE206A1A68G77RS17NBDani Bugg0051265414400Nice, strong cup of coffeeThis would have to be my favorite K-Cup that I've tried so far. It's got that bold flavor that is lacking in so many other K-Cups. And it's such a bonus that it's Organic and at a great price right now!
264468264468B002UQE206A3RDBIN7SSRPYOAmy B.0031265328000Feels good to buy it, not as good in the cupI wanted to love this coffee because it's fair trade AND organic, but it's just too mild for me..not as bold as their organic blend. Great for folks who don't want their coffee to hold up a spoon on its own!
264469264469B002UQE206A1519F3O02G6AADavid E. Pierri "Dpierri"0051265068800What a cup of joeUnbelievable bold but not overpowering, great freshly roasted aroma. Do you remember your first cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee at the counter in one of those thick ceramic mugs? This is very close to that but better - this time you can have it anytime. I have tried many bold and weak K-cups, and this one is one of my favorites. A little half-&-half and it is off to coffee loving nirvana! Get it, you won't be disappointed unless you don't like deep flavored coffee.
Now, if there was a way they could create a K-cup that did not use plastic...
264470264470B002UQE206A2B2ENQHZ9TL8AJerie L. Putnam "Mrs. Buckley"0051264896000Fresh, flavorful, not dark at allI cannot stand dark coffee, and this one is great for me. Its medium roasted and smells great, lotsa flavor.
264471264471B002UQE206A1605B6OPF5DVGFran0051264896000My new favoriteSince getting my Keurig, I have tried a variety of K-cups. This is a fairly easy process for one who regularly "shops" at Amazon. Amazon features a good selection from various suppliers and seems to be getting additional varieties frequently. The Amazon prices are the most reasonable I've found. Usually, you can get 50 K-cups for $20 or less. There's FREE SHIPPING if you spend a total of $25 which isn't at all difficult for someone like me.

My personal coffee preference is medium. I dislike the French Roasted varieties which taste somewhat burnt to me. I like a full-bodied coffee that's not too acidic. I find Tree Hugger to be more satisfying than the Donut Shop variety that was my previous favorite. Try it. I'd be interested in seeing what the other Keurig coffee drinkers have to say.
264472264472B002UQE206A2MCTTDOYVSINFM. Murk "Crazy Kat Lady"0051264464000great taste, great pricebought this coffee for my work and we all love it, which is so unusual for us all to like the same thing. great body and flavor at a great price.
264473264473B002UQE206A26HEBPTATANNTNene0031264377600Not crazy about itFor me, this coffee has an unpleasant rancid sort of taste. Donut Shop coffee is my favorite, smooth and mellow, and I think I'm through trying other blends for now.
264474264474B002UQE206A1XAY6PXJMTAN5D. J. Holmgren "good book lover"0051264377600Great K-cupThis is one of my favorites.. smooth and not too strong. I like the fact that it is "fair trade and organic" too. We have a Kurig in our office, and it is a HUGE hit!
264475264475B002UQE206A1GDFWGKJARI4MJaykid0070051264204800Very Good coffeeI really like this coffee. I bought it due to the reviews and also the fact that it is medium roast, organic, and fair trade. Out of all the coffees I have had, this one is the best so far. I also like the Diedrich's Morning Edition which is my second best. This coffee is smooth and creamy, with no bitter aftertaste. Give it a try!
264476264476B002UQE206A23R9LKIVAPGJ1Megan0051264118400Strong and NOT bitterI was surprised to find that this Tree Hugger coffee was pretty good. I like stronger coffee, so I loved that it had a bold taste but didn't have the bitter after taste that sometimes comes with strong coffee. The next stronger one up from here is the Jet Fuel flavor also from Coffee People! :)
264477264477B002UQE206A37BBQ49YSIH8KMarianne0111349049600So DisappointedI was afraid that exactly what happend, would, and it did! I am a huge fan of the "Organic" Fair Trade from Coffee People, but of course saw that it was out of stock, which led to my order of the Tree Hugger blend with some hesitation. I was right!!! It tastes like, perhaps, one would expect Tree bark would taste. It is no "fair trade" at all for the Organic. Will never order again, nor do I have the heart to even give it away. It's going back to the earth in which it came, via: Garbage pick-up.
264478264478B002UQE206AM12OT2XBVKYGEd in Bulverde0111299196800Medium not X-BoldHow can this medium roast be called x-bold? It can't. Their labeling and package shows both. I bought it based on x-bold and am disappointed.
264479264479B002UQE206AXMAYQUFNSJYJJMS "Travel Monkey"0141289174400Good coffee, but not that strongGood price, decent coffee, and I gotta have the fair-trade. I'm keeping my subscription to this coffee, although there are plenty of other K-Cups that would put the "boldness" of this one to shame (try green mountain columbian or Newman's).
264480264480B002UQE206A2JRX4OSF7X0B1Judith L. Perillo0151265932800Great packaging. Quick shipping. Best service ever.I'm not computer savvy but has the quickest shipping and really cared about my satisfaction. They were insistent that I was treated right. From coffee to eye make-up I was completely satisfied. It's really the first place to go. Thanks

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