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264481264481B002UQE206AR3D0L2GZKJP7H. Brewer "love my boxer"0151264809600Good taste, good priceThe coffee was much cheaper than in stores, and I was able to get free shipping. Plan ahead for delivery because it takes about a month. The coffee is strong but good.
264482264482B002UQE206A7CAMZCB8D9KYL. Ambrose1311264377600Packaging of K-cupsI received my order on time; however, there were coffee grounds all over the K-cups inside the (2)Tree Hugger boxes and I had to wipe the coffee grounds off of each cup. While doing that I found several foil tops off center on the cup. One was so much so that it had emptied half of the coffee out of the cup! I am hesitant to use the other damaged ones for fear that the gounds might empty into my coffee cup. I am very upset because these cups are not cheap even when they are discounted. I use the convenience of the K-cups because I have Lupus and it is easier for me when I am in a flare and my hands, arms, etc. are compromised.
264483264483B002UQE206A5QPNAM170GF4movie man "mrmonopoly"0221297641600Disappointing flavor. not what I expected at all.I love Coffee People's annual K-cup of their "Santa Buzz" which isn't a flavored coffee, just a nice bold flavor tasty blend and a matter of fact to me their best flavored coffee. The problem Is, it's only available from them around the holidays. So in desperate need to stock up on "Santa Buzz" after the holidays for a good price I contacted Coffee People directly to ask if I can still buy this fabulous flavored coffee from them. Sadly they advised to me that it was no longer available, which to me is a big mistake, this is my favorite K-Cup blend ever! So I asked them what would be the closest in flavor to the excellent "Santa Buzz" and was told that this "Tree Hugger" would be it. I thought by chance that maybe the rep was pretty much possibly telling me that it was, maybe "Santa Buzz" just with a year round friendly name. Well I ordered `Tree Hugger" from here cause it was a little bit cheaper and boy was I so disappointed by it's flavor. It is NOT at all bold and rather weak in flavor. This K-Cup is lacking in almost everyway in the flavor I was expecting. "Santa Buzz" is rich, nicely balanced bold without being overly bold and goes down smooth and well just yummy. "Tree Hugger" taste like the bottom of a pot of weak coffee in comparison. "Santa Buzz" needs to become a year round blend, it is their best blend.
264484264484B002GWHDLEA1TWBUXVUAWU3HDavid G. Oakes22213233024005 pounds of old coffeeStuck with it. Gonna have to order something else cus I can't take drinking it anymore.

There's a tag stuck on the bag with the numbers "30911". If it's meant to be a date of some significance then that's clearly a problem because March 9, 2011 was almost 9 months ago.

FWIW this is the second 5 lb. bag of Coffee Bean Direct that I have received from Amazon. The first one was one of the Sumatrans and it was fresh... tasted great
264485264485B002GWHDLEA7TBSTYYA6RSNROBERT1151320537600As good as coffee getsIn my opinion, this is the best coffee available. I drank some a couple decades ago and kept looking for it. Amazon has it. And the price is still less (by my reckoning) than a k cup system.
264486264486B002GWHDLEA13MQGM7LI1Z4ZS Jo1151314489600beautfiulwhole bean Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. organic. fair trade. this is a beautiful product. a morning coffee that is not this is a waste. my favorite.
264487264487B002GWHDLEA2P16E5QPT9DB0James A. Pilkey "chopperjimstoys"1151302048000Great CoffeeI bought the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe because I tasted it at the local coffee shop. at 2.30 a cup I thought it was a little steep. Buying this solved the problem. Tastes fresh, and just like my local coffee shop. I will buy again.
264488264488B002GWHDLEA1JO6ACGQPZSZCSisyphus0031345075200Not bad, but too tartI prefer a dark roast with robust flavor, which this has. But, it also has this odd tartness to it that I really do not enjoy. This can be offset by using a little extra half-and half, but of course that also dilutes the overall flavor as well. It is not flavorless by any means, which is, to me, the worst kind of coffee, but I could do without that sour aftertaste. I'm not throwing out the rest, but I will try another kind next time.
Also, I definitely noticed the lack of oiliness in the beans that other reviewers noted. Maybe ordering directly from CBD would insure fresher beans.
264489264489B002GWHDLEA1URMXEEWEQR6VJeremiah L. Olson0031328227200Disappointed againThis is the second five pound bag of whole bean coffee that I have purchased. The first was the Guatemalan. They both had the same problems. The beans seemed dry and the coffee lacked flavor. While the price was good, the coffee tastes worse than a cheap convenience store brand coffee. It is not so bad that I feel the need to throw it out but I expected more. If anyone has any suggestions of a good brand of organic, fair trade coffee in bulk please let me know.
264490264490B005RZKICSA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051332892800Cheetos for you cat!I normally hand-feed treats like this to the Persian king in this house, however, since these are a bit smaller, he just eats them from my hand. That said, they're NOT in my hand very long! He just thinks these things are the "bees knees" and cannot get enough of them! He about ate the entire package the first time too. They are very small, shapes like stars and moons, light too as the name suggests. Think just a bit more dense than Rice Krispies cereal and about the size of two of them put together. I paid about fifty cents for mine with a coupon, so keep that in mind when reviewing price. They're usually about two for three dollars here in Ohio at the local grocery, but we're also taxed on things like this as well.

Great item, sincerely adored in this house. Highly recommend!
264491264491B002VLSOGIA3AHDR4F2J7YXXYogaKat "YogaKat"101051295654400I love TruRoots products! Finally found an organic GABA rice!!!I have a zojirushi rice cooker that has a GABA (sprouted rice) setting. It was not easy to find sprouted rice, but recently found it at Whole Foods in Portland Oregon. I would recommend that you try a single pack before buying the 6-pack on Amazon, since it tastes alot different than regular brown rice. I love it and it is a lot easier to digest than regular rice. TruRoots has a very good, fresh product. I get their huge bag of quionoa at Costco and wish they would sell a big bag of their GABA rice as well. You can't go wrong with any of their products and absolutely love this one too!!!
264492264492B002VLSOGIA38IS2R2HND51LJ. S. Bowen5551296086400Totally yummy riceI make this in my Miracle stainless steel rice cooker and it is SUPERB. Really the best rice I have ever tasted.
264493264493B002VLSOGIA5UNFVPDKT6CHJ. Bennett4451315353600Best Brown Rice EverI wrote this review for the 15lb bag of this product but wanted to share this here for those who would prefer to purchase less or in the convenient packages.

I love brown rice and for years have purchased a variety of rice products from organic growers. I have also become a fan of tru-Roots and the healthful organic products and their green approach to sustainable agriculture and clean production of their array of products. This rice is the best! I cooked it according to the basic directions on the tru-Roots website. The result was a rice that is nutty and especially flavorful with a fresh, light taste. It was not sticky or gummy and was a bit crunchy with just 25 minutes of cooking and 10 minutes of finishing rest time in the closed pot. It can be cooked longer for a softer rice but I thought it was perfect as it was. I made it to put in a one-pot meal but after one taste, I served it separately for the max impact of the flavor and texture. My husband immediately said "Best rice ever!" I was concerned about buying so much at one time but the savings were worth it and I know now that we will be making this a staple of our rice-accompanied meals. A visit to the tru-Roots website provides meaningful info on their business, production orientation and the healthful benefits of their products. Enjoy!
264494264494B002VLSOGIA3JASNBAMAJPJRNaturalDoc2251304467200truRoots Organic Germinated Brown RiceI enjoy this rice so very much. It cooks up light and fluffy in my rice cooker. It's a wonderful product!
264495264495B002VLSOGIA30887J7NIL7Q1J.0051350950400Wonderful sprouted brown rice!I heard a lot of wonderful things about germinated rice. This is fantastic and convenient for when you don't have time to soak and sprout rice yourself.
264496264496B000FL22DMA2ZY60VMMLJS8RElle6651180137600High quality, flavorful tea.Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Earl Grey tea is simply delicious. Each box comes with one hundred mesh bags of whole tea, not the dust and debris you'll find in cheaper brands. The tea itself is flavorful and delicious, with none of the aftertaste of commercial brands. As a single person, I hesitated to purchase so many tea bags at once. However, it is definitely worth the investment, as the tea comes in sealed individual plastic bags and tastes superior to tea from Starbucks or Lipton. The tea has a delicate but full flavor, and NO sugar is necessary to make the tea delicious. In addition to making hot tea, you can also use the bags to make incredible iced tea. Simply make the tea at double strength and poor over ice. Again, no sugar is needed - making this tea a good beverage for those of us watching their sugar intake.
264497264497B000FL22DMA1EZOQ2CR2TNPGJ. Hynes "RiddlesKitty"4421325030400They changed the recipe!I bought a box of this tea a few months ago, and it was amazing, best Earl Grey I have ever had.

I decided to order a package of 6 boxes, and the tea I got was completely different. Different packaging, different baggies, shorter string, and most importantly of all TERRIBLE TEA. I cannot even drink it, it is so BAD. It doesn't even taste like earl grey, but cheap Lipton tea. There are no words to explain my utter disappointment. I would give it zero stars, if I could.

I called Two Leaves and a Bud to ask why this tea was so different, and they admitted that they have changed not only their tea source, but also their production/packaging facility. So the new tea is indeed a completely different product (these changes span all packaging types: single boxes, bags, 100 count, and 6-box count).

Their customer service however, is SUPERB. They offered to replace the 6 boxes with any of their other products. I chose loose-leaf Decaf Earl Grey (which is almost as delicious as the pre-change Earl Grey). I didn't even need to ship the 6 boxes back - they told me to keep it, give it away, whatever. What an outstanding company!
264498264498B000FL22DMA188IZ8UTC5UURNancy Basham2211317513600Not the same teaI had purchased the small boxes of this tea at my local market and thought it is the best Earl Grey tea ever. So, I ordered the 100 count from Amazon. While the packaging on the individual bags looks very similar, this is not the same tea; it the worst tea I have ever had, with a strong unpleasant taste and does not taste like Earl Grey. I am very disappointed and feel very ripped off.
264499264499B000FL22DMA192DH4STJOIYHTereza Keohane2211316476800not the same tea - definitely change in qualityThis tea was the best earl grey I had.
Large baggies for large cups, strong earl gay taste, wonderful tea.
Liking it so much I setup recurring order.
The product I received is not the same - it does not taste the same, sometimes I doubt it is even Earl Grey.
Definitely different tea - very dissapointing.
264500264500B000FL22DMAYB8XLKTYMTTXBeldini2251197331200Best Earl Grey we've ever tasted!The above says it all--after much searching we finally found an Earl Grey that lives up to its name. Prior to Two Leaves and a Bud we were beginning to think you could only find an EG this good in loose form, but the mesh bags combine superior taste with convenience. And, by buying in bulk, this little bit of luxury is highly affordable, too!
264501264501B000FL22DMA31B7ATRIK5H3NY. Haber2251191974400One of the Most Delicious Teas I've tasted!This is a great tea. It brews up so fragrantly and the taste is so clean. The sachets use broken leaves so that the leaves bloom to fill the bag, without having the bitterness that comes from tea bags that use dust and fannings.
264502264502B000FL22DMA349BPZWTVP1YJJ. Glynn1151227571200FabulousI am a huge Earl Grey drinker and have ordered numerous teas from around the US and abroad...but Two Leaves and a Bud is hands down the most flavorful and aromatic Earl Grey I've ever had.

It may be a little more pricey than the off-the-shelf teas like Twinings, but it is worth the money.
264503264503B000FL22DMA2LLMZCOVAS5KFirka50051337644800Wonderfully Tasty TeaI'm a bit of a fanatic about tea - as I rarely drink coffee, and Earl Grey is my all time favorite.
This tea is by far the best Earl Grey tea around. It's fragrant, smooth, full of body and stands up to both milk and lemon (although not at the same time).
It brews up quickly and strongly, and I usually get two cups out of one teabag.
Two Leaves and a Bud is fantastic! I highly recommend this to all tea lovers!
264504264504B000FL22DMAGNW1T6FLPSOC2bkalm..0021325203200they changed first I tasted it was looking for somekind of explanation why it didn't knock my socks off like it usually does .. the black tea taste is a bit stronger and the herbal taste is a bit weaker... I noticed it's ''made in China" I can't say if it was made in China before but it really doesn't taste the same ... still O K but for the higher price,it's not worth it for OK tea..
264505264505B000FL22DMA3NR0AUIU60K0EJ.0051319587200I love this teaTwo Leaves and a Bud Earl Grey is my absolute favorite morning tea. Rich flavor, and perfect with a dab of raw honey.
264506264506B000FL22DMA3W303TNRB5TEWYankee Tea Drinker0041310169600Earl Grey's New LookThe recent 100 count box of Earl Grey arrived in different packaging. The lighter, less sturdy cardboard roused curiosity about the contents. A longer string on the bags rates as an improvement. However, the brew tasted weaker on citrus flavor than I remember from previous batches. Overall, I still enjoyed the full bodied flavor with a smooth finish.
264507264507B000FL22DMA11NPJUEFQ96ZFOmar Ibrahim0051291420800Best Earl Grey Ever!The Two Leaves & a Bud brand tea is simply awesome. I tried some other varieties at a local coffee shop but this is the first time I tried the earl grey and it didn't disappoint. The flavor is just right and is not overpowering. As others have noted, you may want to steep it longer than the suggested time.
264508264508B000FL22DMAWZHDTOODFECQCalvin0051229731200Great quality tea!My wife doesn't drink coffee. She loves tea and we've tried all different brands. Two Leaves and a Bud is consistently great and buying in this larger quantity is just a great value.
264509264509B000FL22DMAERO8V00JJGUBandita0051202860800Simply the bestI'm a much happier person since Two Leaves came on the scene. At last, good, affordable tea that isn't what's left over after making tea. The flavor is true and full without an overdose of perfume. The bags are a wonder to behold. And I do: It's especially nice watching Two Leaves jasmine steep, flowers unfolding. I haven't had jasmine this good since the tea garden in Golden Gate Park. I think that was 1969.... Treat yourself.
264510264510B000FL22DMA2YNRICWVAY4FMStellaJane0051201651200The Best Earl Grey!I have been searching for an Earl Grey that isn't too heavy with bergamot, but yet with a lot of flavor. This is it! And the quality of the tea is superb. The large bags contain full leaves, not dust and fannings. This is a high quality, delicious Earl Grey. I am hooked.

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