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264520264520B003MUL9UKA72JJF64FJT10Celery0041332979200Tasty gum, long lasting flavorI used to never chew gum. However, now i chew it all the time because it helps control my acid reflux. I can't chew gum with various mints in them because it makes reflux worse.

Trident Watermelon Twist is the best tasting gum I've found given my limitations. It's sugar free and contains xylitol which supposedly helps prevent cavities. It does have aspartame (nutrasweet) though. Unfortunately, i haven't found a long lasting gum that does not contain aspartame.

Anyway, buying the 12 pack online has saved me a little money and is also convenient. I was paying around 1.79/pack at CVS so this is a deal.
264521264521B001HTJD5GA1YV4ERSWR7OAVIona Derman "Sr Fitness Advocate"0051337558400Soy Vay is Veri Veri Teriyaki GoodSoy Vay, Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce is the most unbelievably delicious marinade for chicken especially when you're grilling. The flavor is a tantalizing mixture of sweet and savory that wows the palate with every bite. The sauce, not too thick or too thin, has just the right consistency for basting as you grill. Also an excellent marinade for grilling swordfish and salmon. This is as close as you're going to get to a homemade marinade with an asian flair.
264522264522B001HTJD5GA27O8FRBVK4GFRScott Robinson0051256774400soy gooooodThis stuff is so good. I used this on some ground lamb patties with rice. Kids ate it all and asked for more. Very sweet.
264523264523B0000WKTDGAP4Y72Y2EB0E0Kati F. Corsaut "Grandee"0051239667200Great green tea with roasted riceIf you've always enjoyed the green tea in Japanese restaurants, the tea with little kernals of roasted rice, you'll love Genmai Cha. Mild, pleasant taste, smoky aroma, restful yet energizing.
264524264524B001QW06UAA1019Z17BOCBC0Johnny Smash5551306108800ExcellentI just recently switched from Iams ProActive Weight & Hairball Care and I could immediately tell a difference. It has been a week and my cat's coat is noticeably softer and shinier. I would recommend this product to a friend and I will most definitely continue to purchase it for my cat!
264525264525B001QW06UAAV9ZR8HC36LD3BGL5551298764800Innova Cat FoodThis is the only cat food my two nine year old cats will eat. They have eaten it all their lives and are very healthy.

This is not an easy cat food to find locally at a reasonable price. The order through Amazon through to [...] was shipped quickly and competitively priced.
264526264526B001HTI0YQAIQX2510USU1WAcito0051334102400Our family loves it!We love this chocolate syrup! After reading the ingredients in other brands I was so happy
to find this syrup. Organic and no HFCS. My whole family loves the taste. We use it for
chocolate milk, hot chocolate and over ice cream. Delicious!
264527264527B001HTI0YQA22T0KG06514AEGardener "Gardener"0021325980800Way too sweetI had high hopes for getting an organic, non-dairy syrup for the times we just want chocolate syrup, but this product is far too sweet for my taste. It tastes a little like and has the consistency similar to molasses. I've eaten it twice but can't tolerate the sweet. Someone who really has a sweet tooth might like it.
264511264511B000FL22DMA3U1RBLOVJ49ZFTracy L. Arcondizzi "Tdizzi"0051199404800Best Ever Earl Grey!My parents took me to a local favorite and HIGHLY regarded bistro/eatery for dinner on my birthday where I was introduced to the "Two Leaves and a Bud" brand teas. The Earl Grey complemented the flavors of my Roasted Breast of Duck entree nicely. I have drank many a Earl Grey in my day and this label by far is the best hands down! If you are a tea aficionado or just like a nice cup of tea once in a while... look no further, this one is worth every penny!
264512264512B001EQ5IJCAZ1OR0BSU1BPLDaniel C. Vandyk "The Window Experts Of Palm ...1151323734400Good Product, Great MerchantPriced right, shipped quickly, high quality product. I cook gluten free. Xanthan Gum is a critical ingredient. Beware of the super cheep xanthan gum out there. Some xanthan gum are made from fermented wheat. This is a problem for Celiac patients. For more information read: [..]
Visit me at: [..]
264528264528B002EDH7UMA127X8E4W2UMBGDani2351257984000Great Candy!!I don't know how long these have been around, but I wish I had found them sooner. A great candy.
264513264513B003J9SLVYA35BZKQ8J4JVV0D. Klipper "Lab Lover"2251312070400if you love licoriceCould make myself sick on these. IF you love licorice these are like being a kid in a candy store. Just fun, sweet, licorice goodness. Don't pull out a filling though. I keep mine mixed in the jar with the Good n Plenty kept in the fridge.
I like 'em cold and they seem to be chewier this way.
264529264529B002EDH7UMA104RT3TOUT6XDjazzdrums0051311120000Great changeThe negative reviewer must just be addicted to the old versions. These are definitely worth a try - personally, I like them much better than the older version.
264514264514B003J9SLVYA183KKLH53PNMIJ. L. Jamison "FemmeFutee"1151334534400Perfect for the licorice junkieMy friend loves anything licorice so this is a great way for her to get her fix without having to dig through other flavors.
264530264530B002EDH7UMA332NVJK82ZCBUP. Meyer1811283558400Absolutely horrible. Tastes like cleaning solution.I'm a big fan of regular Twizzlers. If you think that these Sweet & Sour Filled Twists are anything like regular Twizzlers then you will be sorely disappointed. These taste absolutely horrible. They taste like sucking on a bottle of cleaning supplies, or maybe like cheap side-of-the-road reststop hand soap. Further, the texture is like soft plastic filled with elmer's glue. Nevermind the bad taste, the texture is so gross you won't want to eat these. These are also very, very unhealthy with a whopping 70 calories PER TWIST. Avoid this candy at all cost--it is repulsive.
264515264515B003J9SLVYA2L4HN4QYRAJIPRick1151330992000jelly beanstaste great but doesn't last long lol Had good service and was timily too! would like to say these are the best beans around by far!
264531264531B003GQ0KIMA15RS48PY4IX0HBoyer0051349308800Nice productThis is a great french syrup. You just need few drops to prepare a great a refreshing drink for kids. You can also use it for cocktails.
264532264532B000GQT3F6A9ENQPYI1XV9HDennis Craft0051252713600Elderly Care FeedingThis item, The Feeding Assistant, although a bit pricey does an excellent job for feeding an elderly resident of ours that has trouble opening her mouth and eating. Naturally, the food is pureed. This is an asset for our care home that has more than paid for itself in time for caregivers to feed a resident. I recommend the Feeding Assistant for care homes with residents having eating issues. Dennis Craft, Manager, Trinity Homes of Scottsdale
264533264533B000OIXE56A34ZJXMBAGWZ5UR. Smith1151266192000Goodniks Sesame Oat Bran SticksThese are delicious! They are saltier than potato chips but more filling. They came nicely packaged and were very fresh. Anyone who enjoys sesame stick treats will like these!
264534264534B000LG4BWGA1Q10J05HS2B5CDavid Schultz4451298246400Great KitJust started into making homemade sausage at home, and wanted to use a commercial kit for the first few batches to get the hang of the hobby. The flavors of the sausages made from this kit are first rate.
264516264516B003J9SLVYAJ9HGX6174IFIS. Ulmet1151325980800Good stuffThe jelly beans were exactly as expected and came in a resealable bag, which made me particularly happy since that means I don't have to hunt down a container for them. My last order (different vendor) used a kind of plastic wrapping around the beans that split easily once opened; THIS bag is not just resealable but pretty sturdy stuff. Shipping was pretty quick.
264535264535B000LG4BWGAATREUKJ620OXGerald R. Sutter4441296604800Great experienceOverall, the kit was great and easy to use. Would have rated it 5 stars except for the casings. They were very small and almost not useable. Fortunately, I had other casings and some collagen casings that I was able to use. The sweet and spicy were good but I like even "more heat" in snack sticks. The hickory were very good but if I used this kit again, would add more pepper and garlic powder. Like about a tsp of each. Depending on the type of meat you use, you need to add some binder like about 2/3 cup of soy protein powder for a 7.5 lb batch (available at Trader Joes). Definitely would recommend this kit.
264536264536B000LG4BWGASQG4IIJFEZE3troopertommy1052251316995200A must have for hunters !This kit is worth the money I got 65 links ,But that will vary depending on how big you want to make the links,The seasoning is a good mix ,I would suggest to use less than the directions say,a good way to use some of your deer meat,its nice to be able to make your own links with cheese or garlic ect.I like to use a 50/50 mix pork with deer,with a few stips of bacon added to the meat grinder I will keep getting this kit .
264537264537B000LG4BWGAHO04X20DKLKQGlenn M1121339891200Not Good at allI ordered this and it came in a timely manner but when I opened it all the spices were hard as a rock like it was real old and the hog casing did not do well as they burdt very easily and also had many holes in them. I bought a High Mountain sausage making kit from a local sporting goods store and it was 100% better and tasted much better as well. Was not a happy camper with the results of this sausage making kit and will never purchase this brand again
264517264517B003J9SLVYA2F26XZ573IAZWJim Fishbein "Jim in Rye Brook"0051349481600licorice jelly beansDelicious! true licorice flavor, better than almost any other brand. But the sugar levels hold us to a handful at a time.
264538264538B000LG4BWGA3GFHVSB8UWHZWAmazon Fan1131299024000All is goodAll mixes were good but the Italian sweet mix was the best, and I wish I can buy this without the kit, we loved as Patty no casing and without the other Spices
264518264518B003MUL9UKA2ZQ7L3PMA9RV3Alyssa1151325808000Favorite of my sonAs you all know, teenagers love their gum and I am constantly looking for gum both for my son and daughter - each having different tastes of course. Found both my sons and daughters favorites - now I have them delivered every 2 months - boy, the
simple things you can do to save time! Love subscribe and save. Thank you.
264519264519B003MUL9UKA2I1PIOUACSLSWES0051338249600Just as expectedCheaper than at the local store, properly packaged, and fresh. Flavor does not last as long as other sugary brands, but this is consistent with all Trident varieties.
264539264539B000LG4BWGA23SWO0UYW0ZUWWildernessBob0031350864000Could be better but worth buyingThere was much to read as to labels and ingredients of this sausage kit. We were disappointed to find MSG in the Italian sausage mix or else this would have received five stars. Before buying this product I read all I could find on what was in these packages without success. The casings and the instructions for the casings were easy to understand. They were easy to install on the sausage tube of the grinder. But the Italian sausage mix has MSG.
264540264540B000LG4BWGA1O1ONCYBO1B5AAndrew0041338163200Well MadeI like these casing a lot. I used to use larger ones that held 3 lbs of meat, but prefer these smaller ones because they fit slightly less than a pound each and you can experiment with smaller amounts of sausage at a time. Made 20 sausages at this point, with only one casing ever breaking on me (though I admit I may have stuffed it too tightly). I'll definitely buy again.

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