Amazon Fine Food Reviews

264541264541B000LG4BWGA174FH6BT0Z1DIdupita0051335052800Great product!I bought this for my dad since he was getting into making his own sausages. He received it and was absolutely pleased with the product! He said that the instructions were great and said the seasonings were fabulous! He's already mentioned how he wants to buy another package and eventually start making and experimenting with his own seasonings. All in all, great buy!
264542264542B000LG4BWGA3QGGKEX1MHPBWRich0041335052800makin sausageComes with plenty seasoning. Casings are as promised. No instructions on how to us the casing inserts. Wasted 1 length of casing figuring out how to use.
264543264543B000LG4BWGA3V3PK77YZ9LBSAstrid Strait "WM8C"0041325980800Just made a batch and it's great!I hadn't tried this seasoning for summer sausage prior to today and I just finished smoking up 15 lbs. and it came out great. I used 75% venison and 25% beef in my mix just to get a little bit more fat in the mix and it came our really good. I found the flavor to not be "too much or too little" making the sausage exactly as directed on the package.
264544264544B000LG4BWGA3SK93M6USK464B. J. West3511335225600Contains corn syrup.I'm just getting into making my own sausage, and bought this kit to try breakfast links. However, it contains corn syrup solids. Corn syrup is one of the many terrible things I've removed from my diet and will never add back. Returning it immediately. I'll buy casings on their own and try a recipe from scratch.
264545264545B000LG4BWGA3VMULWU99AQB8Valia "aunt.bees.pickles"0131345334400I have a QuestionDoes anyone know if the spices contained in the kit have MSG (monosodium glutamate) or not? I want to purchase the kit
264546264546B005T04UNYA1FDIO61OQDATQD. wilson0051327363200Taste's Great...Don't Hesitate on getting. You will be satisfied.Got this for my Dad for Christmas. I just talked to him and he said he already ate them. They tasted great:). Thank you.
264547264547B005T04UNYA1MG5VEQ3KT0FHR. K. Johnson0051326412800Can't wait to order more!I can't find Sahale Snacks in my town, so I'm very happy to be able to order them online. This particular sampler is the only one with Maple Pecans in it - they are SO delicious!! I can't wait til that variety is available in the 12 pack!

I love all the Sahale Snacks!
264548264548B005T04UNYA298YENORQI64Ojodie2451323561600awesome flavorSahale snacks make awesome snacks. The flavor is one that melts in your mouth. With the maple pecan you can add them to cereal or your apple pie. Must try food.
264549264549B005T04UNYA11TZXDH7Q4GX1KevDread0151324166400Great gift basket @ KILLER PRICE!Awsome. I first started eating these snacks when I found the LAST bag of the Valdosta Pecan variety. I thought they were awsome, but I could never find them at Costco again. I have been trying out a few of Amazons subscriptions and it hit me that maybe I should search them up. Of course they were available and I got a subscription to the Valdosta Pecan. Then I found these gift packs on sale for LESS THAN MY SUBSCRIPTION! YES! And it's a variety pack, which makes it even MORE AWSOME! Each flavor is unique and is AWSOME in it's own way...@ 60% off, I plan to buy a ton and keep them in stock and give a few away as gifts. These are REALLY GREAT snacks! I am certainly hooked!
264550264550B005T04UNYA1UIUZUVSGIXE0Marc R. Breitsprecher0211325376000Not 2 pounds!There are not 2 pounds of snacks in this box, there are only 25 ounces...a complete lack of honesty! I have asked Amazon for a refund based on the correct weight received.
264551264551B005T04UNYA4XSXYWMCLATRM. Bayless "erniemj"2621324339200Does not contain 2lbs (32oz) contains only 25ozThe snacks themselves are awesome, and taste fabulous! However, included in the box are 5 bags of snacks at 4oz each and 1 bag of snacks at 5oz, for a total of 25oz. Unfortunately, 2lbs = 32oz, so this box is missing 7oz - which is more than a whole bag of snacks!
264552264552B005T04UNYA2HX18ZD7OXDYIginag271511328572800Not two poundsWhen you order a two-pound box you expect two pounds. This is only 25 ounces. You should provide more product or explain up front that in your world 2 pounds is only 25 ounces. Packaging doesn't count in my opinion.
264553264553B000FJJ2ICA1R8H27F62AQXXJane M0041229299200Cats went nuts for themAfter getting over their initial suspicion of the new food treat, my cats wanted more, more, more! I was even suspicious at first because the treats seemed awfully hard. But once in kitty's mouth, the nibblet moistens a little and the cats just crunch away.
264554264554B000FJJ2ICAR2S1RYXQ8ST3N. Yanez0011173398400A waste of money!My cat doesn't like them at all. I have even tried to re-wet them and she refuses to eat them. I have placed them within her wet food, and she eats around them. It was a waste of money. I had to wait almost a month for them to be delivered, they should have kept them!
264555264555B006CW90ROANZOEPLMVX6NMAbigal Frazer1151340323200Tasty and tartI bought the Acai-blue flavor and it had a lovely tart taste -- might be a bit tart for some people so they can always mix it with sparkling water. I have tried a couple of low-glycemic juices and this one is perfectly sweet, gluten free and it won't spike your blood glucose.
264556264556B006CW90ROA39K3QVO3T45O1Jannie Girl0051339632000I love this tasty drink!Wow! I tried this after a Zumba work out and it's refreshing, delicious and quenched my thirst. Gave some to my Mom who is diabetic and she loved it too and it didn't spike your blood sugar! Yummy.
264557264557B007ZVIU1SA5INLGEAYOGGJmarcus c.0051348617600I have a problem... It's called a sweet toothI love this flavor of mike and ike. The only problem with these is that they are sooooo good that I eat almost all of them right when they come to my door..
264558264558B007ZVIU1SA2DEVUOETUC9SICJM0041341619200Acceptable freshnessThis candy definitely provides a sugar fix if you have a sweet tooth. It was not as fresh as some Mike & Ike candy I have had, but not stale either. These are tiny boxes--great for portion control, Halloween or throwing into a purse or lunch or backpack.
264559264559B0009KIQ20A28ZUNQKMLFG3SS. Williams "Susan"0031348963200Okay, but a bit weak.This used to be one of my favorite teas. But,now, it seems very weak in flavor. I think it is a tad pricey to have to use two tea bags for a cup of tea.
264560264560B000RQ2C0IA24LZNFLWIOVEKDesignStuff232611277856000"Pure" is not an appropriate description for this blendWhen I read the word "pure" in an extract, I expect it to be at most some flavoring, and an agent such as alcohol or glycerine to distribute the flavor. This has a few extras including SUGAR, that were not in the description. The last thing I want in my PURE EXTRACT is added sugar.

Wilton is a good name for baking products but this is not a good product and is certainly misnamed.
264561264561B0006GXAK0A1ITAB6ISDRXTRPublius "Jefferson"1151169424000TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT!I loved this sauce!! I bought a jar of Garlic Marinara from a local retailer along with their pasta and am hooked! The pasta was not what hooked me.It was good and had a distinct flavor to it. The sauce on the other hand was FANTASTIC. It was smooth and had a wonderfully light and garlic flavor to it. I highly reccommend it. I am now going to purchase the Olive Oil and other flavors of sauce. Give their pasta a try as well. TRY them both YOU WILL LIKE THEM.
264562264562B003NCEF0SA1RW48VM5K7UUFilo Kvetch "Filo"1151305417600Makes popcorn taste great! Bought at,I use only two tablespoons of the oil, & two teaspoons of their "movie" seasoning per one half cup of popcorn. The result is very tasty popcorn!
264563264563B001ELL7C4A3N9EXZNSEYUIVed2251267056000The BestIt is very difficult to find salt free seasonings in the store. I was delighted to find this product on about 2 years ago. I use it on just about everything
264564264564B005N6XPJYAVFKLRFBVEYFKBrooke Troxell "Brooke"2251331683200The best we have found!We had this in the Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavors. Both were excellent, thick, very sweet classic snow cone flavors. By far the best we found (we tried a few brands). I found them at a local big box store, but they sold out very fast. I've been watching for them to stock up for the coming summer and ordered enough (I hope) to last the whole summer.
264565264565B005N6XPJYA20M6V7VA8O2K6paul viol1151335052800good stuffThis flavoring was tasty...good quantity and yummy...i recomed getting for all to flavor shaved ice...i even used some in my tea.
264566264566B005N6XPJYABLQVPCG78KHDfatty fatty two by four0051340841600sweeetAll these syrups are excellent, I have tried three different ones. This one is the top seller supposedly. THought they were kind of pricey for the amount of syrup you get. Probably could do better at your local supermarket
264567264567B001HXJMXAA27WWDAQVU3ZMFJohn Sliney "Johnboy Booklover"5551292630400As good as it getsI have always loved Vermont Maple Syrup. I always believed that you couldn't get good sugar free syrup. Well this isn't just good. It's fantastic. It's so good I won't go back to regular syrup. I'm not diabetic either I just think that refined sugar is s bad for you.
264568264568B001HXJMXAATJRS76PBBX70Splendid3331306108800Nutritional Info Differs on PackageJust a heads up: the bottle's nutritional label differs from what is stated above. It states it's actually 15 calories per 60ml, not 10 calories (as stated here above)and also states the % recommended daily values as:

25% Vitamin B6
25% Thiamin
25% Pantothenic Acid
25% Zinc
25% Niacin
264569264569B001HXJMXAA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee7941249344000Good Enough!A person with sugar restrictions does not have a wide range of options when it comes to sweet options. Now, imagine a person in this category with a very demanding "sweet tooth" and obviously there is going to be a need to compensate the desire with what is reasonably allowed under this type of strict diet. Enter Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Syrup and of course, some kind of mix that will make tasty waffles or pancakes and is low on the carbs. Those that suffer from this kind of problem can certainly enjoy a couple of pancakes, okey, maybe three small ones with syrup and sugar free whipped cream let's say each Saturday morning and do not have to feel like the whole world is coming undone based on this wish. I have found very little faults with this brand. Hey, no one is competing with all the varieties available to mankind so once that is understood and the expectations in general are safely toned down this product is Good Enough for that moment of indulgence. I am surprised no one had reviewed this product and that is why I have. 4 Stars is a solid rating and I believe it deserves it but please recognize that I am way past the "demanding" stage, expecting more than what I am probably allowed to have and in that context this is good syrup to use. I have been using several mixes to make the pancakes or waffles, mostly expensive and not too pleasing, of which I am not loyal to any in particular and of course, some are better than others. Atkins is about to release a new mix (mid August) that supposedly will be very tasty (would they say otherwise before release?) and if it works then that aspect of my existence would be taken care of. A real low carb mix, a sugar free syrup and good luck to all in amazon who have to contend with these kind of limitations. I have learned that no one is better than another just because they can have something the other can't. Those that are better are the caring, creative and always filled with pleasant humor that make the arduous journey of life a thing of beauty. Wow! Once again I probably overdid it but my heart, I think, in in the right place. 4 Stars for Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free, 12-Ounces (Pack of 6) and start making them at home and put IHOP as a last alternative!
264570264570B001HXJMXAA2QXVO0KY73PV6istah2251292976000Sugar Free SyrupThis product is so good that you won't realize that it's sugar free. Vermont really does know how to make it.

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