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264641264641B000FAIR96A2UVI55G1BQ7CXR. Waller1151307491200Great Baking Cups!These are great baking cups for a great price. If you are easily confused, be aware that these are not Jumbo or Mini baking cups. These are just your normal cupcake sized baking cup.
264642264642B000FAIR96A3DAX9NL3QC2HOleesavo1141303862400Great for the environment but somtimes leaves a brown residueThis product says what it does. The only issue I have it that it leaves a brown residue on the side of the cupcakes when I use food coloring. It's perfectly fine when I bake chocolate cupcakes or vanilla cupcakes. I'm assuming it's the food coloring that's causing the problem but I'm not sure. Overall, it's a great economical value for my cupcakery business!
264643264643B000FAIR96A20PRH0N6OX7B8Lizz.B0051348099200Magic Baking Cups !I wasn't sure I wanted to place this order at first because I had to buy so many baking cups all at once. It seemed like a huge quantity for my personal use. But, I am so glad I did!
I can't eat gluten, so I do most of my baking with almond flour and/or coconut flour. If you have ever baked with those types of flours then you know that they can be quite sticky and difficult to remove from a pan. I figured out how to use parchment paper when baking in a loaf pan or a 9x9 pan, but I was still used to losing half of each muffin either to the muffin pan or to the muffin pan liners when I peeled them off. After reading the reviews for this product, I figured I might as well give them a shot.
These liners are perfect! My husband can't believe how they peel off without taking half of the baked goods with them! Sometimes, they even fall off the muffins as I am dumping them out of the muffin pan! How's that for clean!
I know I sound silly, but I can't say enough how much I love these muffin liners. They are worth it!
264644264644B000FAIR96AACDH3L2WRRYFlmn0051338681600Love theseNot only are these liners eco friendly, but the baked goods release from the liner in a way that I have never experienced before. My daughter asked me if they were reusable. I bought mine at my local supermarket, and they were cheaper than the popular brand. While I agree with the one reviewer that it would have been more helpful if they had labeled their sizes mini, regular and large (or jumbo), it does not negate the fact that these liners work better than any I have ever had. I cook gluten free, so liners are a must. I have used them on all types of muffins and cupcakes and nothing has stuck to them yet.
264645264645B000FAIR96A3HS91KEYNSGTBDeborah J. Davis "Health Nut"0051328572800Can be used for over-sized muffinsI've been using these large liners in my over-sized muffin pan and they work great. I make nut muffins due to a gluten allergy so the batter is really heavy and thick. I just spoon a little into the center of the cup without touching the sides of the pan, flatten the batter a little, then put another small spoonful on top and keep adding being careful not to touch sides of pan. When they bake, the batter stays put and the liners expand a little but still hold it all together. I don't know how they would do for cake batter but for a stiff batter, they do the trick.
264646264646B000FAIR96A1WDKW1M1TEWB8S. Hanson0051319241600Best Muffin Cups We've FoundWe eat muffins almost every day, and have found that these muffin cups don't stick to the muffins at all, and are better for the environment and for the user. We used to have to grease the pan, and then had to scrub to clean it afterwards, and these have made it so much easier to bake. We tried a lot of other cups that pulled off half of the muffin and had scarey colors. We are glad we found these.
264647264647B000FAIR96A2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours0051318118400Green and works!We do what we can and this is a great brand that we first tried from whole foods. This size works for the average muffin baking tin. We were tempted to try the jumbo size, but it would have been too big for our muffin tins. One cup is front enough to hold the mixture and the finished baked product. We love it and decided to go bulk form the savings even though we would not that many for a 6 months cycle! Love the pricing offered!
264648264648B000FAIR96AQ9GKWV0GXBJ8vcconder0051312934400cupcake papersThis is my first review ever! I love these liners. the natural silicone works great, releasing all of my cupcake. the fact that no chlorine is used and the packaging is recycled was my first reason to purchase. Also the price was very reasonable. nothing is negative about these.
264649264649B000FAIR96A119DC3N8W45AHJust Me "Jeannie"51111248220800These are supposed to be LARGE papers -- in whose world?Everything great thing that has been said about these liners is probably true--except for the LARGE part. I received my case of liners the day before I had to make 60 large cupcakes and was I ever surprised when I saw that they are only little more than an inch tall! So, here I am scrambling to find something else to use at the last minute and won't be able to do so without driving 75 miles each way. Then, what to do with 1,440 cupcake liners I don't want? Can't return them.
264650264650B000FAIR96A3OIXHEQ5DT2L9D. Harper "Fan of the Bard"3911303862400NOT Large! This is normal every day cupcake size.WARNING - UNRETURNABLE, STANDARD SIZE, NOT "LARGE"......In no way, shape, or form, are these LARGE baking cups. I read the 2.5 inch and dutifully measured the bottom circumference of my large muffin pans..., which were exactly 2.5 inches across the bottom. Imagine my surprise when these arrived and they were your standard size, been making them since I was a kid, cupcake liner. Then, what fun! I find out that I can't return them to get the right size. I now have a lifetime supply of cupcake liners that I will never use, and I have to make 1200 LARGE brownie muffins in less than two days.
264651264651B002WW7WUAA3R9YONI2K29N0Spicegirl0051340496000James upSo so good that my dad who is very hard to please, asked me if I could write the company and get the recipe. How cute is rmthat?
264652264652B003M58692AQQGNSKV5VU2SMichelle1111329264000Disgusting and HARD!I ordered these cookies for my son's 1st birthday thinking they would be as cute as the picture. Unfortunately the first two cookies on the tray looked decent but as I started to look at the rest of them, they were AWFUL. I think a 3 year old could have decorated these cookies better. Some of them had runs of black icing everywhere and one even had missing eyeballs. I'm not sure, but I think a machine must be used to decorate these because I cant imagine someone hand decorating these this bad and letting them go out for sale. Now I know why they dont even show the lamb or chicken.....they are so ugly! Not only did they look awful, they tasted awful. They were hard as a rock and the flavor was not good at all. Dont waste your money on these.
264653264653B004SCR3W4A12NYTBTAKGP3KT. Polozune0041334361600Just a bit too hard.These were fine treats. I love that they are made in the USA. Despite their small size, the only problem is they are too hard for my 8 pound and 12 pound dogs to chew. Maybe if they came in a small chip form, it would be better for smaller dogs. Will look to see what other products this company has since it is American and not from CHINA!
264654264654B000JSQK8EA5JZU8IUA22SDpratap2241317859200Wonderful coffeeYou should get this in any Indian grocery.. The shipping cost sucks in this buy.. Coffee itself has great taste.. just boil milk and mix the powder with suger.. tastes heavenly if made in the right proportions.. I used to have it regularly when I was in India and I continue the same in US too..
264655264655B000JSQK8EA22GIWUNKQW1HWMaddy the "Madiator"1151292112000If you love chicory....then this is for you!

I cannot really compare with other brands but then I can tell you one thing - this coffee rocks. This may not work well as black coffee (in fact if you are looking for black coffee, this is not for you) but it tastes wonderful when made with milk. Just make sure to boil the milk twice with the coffee in it before you remove from the stove or the microwave. Its not just about the coffee, its about an experience.
264656264656B002OFZM8OA2Y4S4CNGKF21SH. Swanson0131335398400Good jerky, too much pepper!!The jerky itself is very good quality. The only problem is how much pepper they load onto these pieces. It's so much that it burns my mouth and I can't even taste the jerky, all I can taste is strong pepper. Then it gets into the back of my throat and burns sometimes, or might get stuck in my teeth, all making for a very unpleasant experience!
264657264657B002OFZM8OA2QHC521XDCVGXGary Shull "Kansas"0151287878400Fresh as jerky can beThis double pack was delivered promptly. I took advantage of the auto-ship subscription which discounts the order from $20.89 down to $17.76. I discovered after the fact that the same size package can be purchased at Wal-Mart at the same cost as this discounted price.
264658264658B002OFZM8OA1FRQ3XAZAK4G3Be Jones81411252108800Never againI read the reviews and took my chances and bought a bunch. I am so disappointed by the sweet, lacquered Chinese bbq pork like beef jerky with an overwhelmingly raw garlic/chili favor. Yes, the pieces are moist but in a preserved radish way with smallish, flattened pieces. It just doesn't have the premium beef jerky heft where you can separate the pieces along the grain. Don't expect premium beef taste and texture but rather a product processed more in the Chinese restaurant baking soda, tenderized fashion. I truly regret my purchase which I probably couldn't give away.
264659264659B002OFZM8OA3C0DP30BHACF2Wally3621299369600Edible..The price was very good, but I guess I know why. I gave it 1 star because it's low in carbs and another because it's edible. There is a distinct foul odor when you open the bag for the first time. After airing the bag out, the first piece I tasted was like chewing shoe leather, dry and chewy without much flavor. After the 2nd piece, the meat began to leave a bad chemical aftertaste. I understand everyone's taste buds will be different so do yourself a favor and buy a small bag of this at Walmart before getting the big bags here.
264660264660B002OFZM8OAG35NVZ2O5ZQ4rumifan "Dannyboy"61111270684800Left over jerky crumbs!Unfortunately this is a very poor representation of Jack Link's Beef Jerky. The bags are small and the jerky is in very small pieces and crumbs. It looks like scraps or left overs. No piece is larger than 1/2 inch.
264631264631B000FAIR96AW23J9DDCZBW4J. Brown3351327708800Perfect cups. I won't have to buy again for a long time.First, I should note that when I'm writing this review, the price is almost $50. I paid about $30 when I bought these a few months ago. You may want to shop around. At the price I paid, I'm happy. I might not be quite as willing to pay another 20 bucks.

With that out of the way, I've been very happy with these. I've given several boxes to my mom, who also bakes, and she's loved them, too. I still have lots left. I tend to make small batches of muffins, so if I use 6 at a time, this case is good for 240 batches.

I've never had anything stick to these. Also, they're easy to separate into single cups when you're putting them in the pan (I've had trouble with other brands sticking together).

I uploaded a couple quick snapshots to help provide some additional info about these. They say they're unbleached in the title. That means they're brown! These aren't for you if you need bright white cups. Also, I uploaded a photo of the side of the box showing some of the attibutes they want you to know about.
264632264632B000FAIR96AOR52NN9OR1QKC. Schultz3351226361600Awsome baking cupsThese are so much better than regular paper baking cups. I originally bought them because I wanted something that was unbleached & more natural. After I started using them I discovered that they are also much better quality than regular paper cups. Cupcakes & muffins do not stick to the papers, so you can actually eat the whole thing & don't have to waste the part sticking to the paper.
264633264633B000FAIR96A112L70RTD50OXcolumbiauni3351193443200great price if you bake a lot!I got tired of planning to make cupcakes or muffins and not having enough (or any!) baking cups, so I decided I should try and buy in bulk. In looking for baking cups, I found out that the ones I usually used were bleached and bad for the environment. I considered buying reusable sillicon cups, but I don't trust kids to remember to bring them back! So I found these. They are unbleached and sells them in a set of 24, so you get 60 x 24 = 1,440 for the price! I'm so relieved because I can bake without worrying that I'll run out of baking cups! Also note that they are as thin or possibly thinner than the cups you get at the store. This means that if you have a very fatty cake or muffin, grease will show up on the sides. I personally don't think this is much of a problem because it would have happened with any paper baking cup.
264634264634B000FAIR96A3F7TIDGNYVO68toughcrowd2251309564800The best baking cup I've metAll other baking cups I've ever used would consistently take part of the muffin when I peeled them off, no matter how carefully I peeled. In frustration I tried silicone muffin trays, which took care of the sticking problem, but left the bottom part of the muffin with a slick, unbrowned surface. These "If you Care" baking cups fairly drop off the muffin, and the muffin is left with a nicely browned surface that matches the degree of browning on the top. Two reviewers have complained that these cups are not large. They ARE large, as opposed to small cups. What they are thinking of should probably be termed a jumbo-sized cup. It's just semantics, although the manufacturer could make it easier on folks by providing dimensions in the specifications. For the record, these cups fit muffin trays with a mean diameter of 2.5" and height of approximately 1.3".
264635264635B000FAIR96A1HL5VFSZAYHSIC. A. Bunde2251276300800Great for baking - environmentally friendly AND they workThese muffin papers are great enough to trigger me to write a review! I originally tried them at our local co-op. When they no longer stocked them, I was happy to find them on Amazon. A decent price and they release muffins SO much better than the basic muffin papers at the grocery store. I like that the packaging can be easily recycled and store nicer than a bunch of plastic-wrapped ones. Give 'em a try, that is, if you bake lots of muffins!
264636264636B000FAIR96A2J9059Q1TLA3YDave T.1141328227200Nice CupsI make my own muffins and have one every day. I like these cups, however I bought them one year ago for $30 and they are now nearly $50.
264637264637B000FAIR96A26IOVNBUITWYEM. Tiffany1151325116800Worth the extra money!These baking cups fit the standard muffin pan cups. They do exactly what the other reviewers say they do: they release cupcakes and muffins with little effort -- even when still hot. I think that they are well worth the up-front expense, since it gives me great results, even in my Sunbeam cupcake maker.
264638264638B000FAIR96APN8FKCNLQQLCBeowulf1151322006400Fabulous!As others have said, these are the regular size baking cups (not mini or jumbo) and they are awesome. I've never had a baking cup release without pulling part of the muffin or cupcake with it. I've used plenty of different brands with those results. These do not stick together, so they are easy to place in the muffin tins. They are not flimsy, but not too stiff as other grease-proof cups are. The neutral color is great and goes with any decor being used. These do not absorb the grease as other store-bought baking cups do; no need to double up in that situation. Can't beat the price either.
264639264639B000FAIR96A2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee11151312070400GREAT LARGE BAKING CUPS!If You Care Unbleached Large Baking Cups, I have been Baking with the Large Baking Cups and I think they are Great, is just like Baking with Parchment Paper which also I use all the time. I make many Muffins and they don't stick to the Cups and the Cups are easy to peel off the Muffins. I really like the fact that the Baking Cups look pretty much the same before and after they are Baked, which is always good.

It is one of the better ones to Bake with, no problems with Inks and dyes like in some of the Colored Baking Cups, due to the strong dyes the ink can bleed into the Muffins, it has happened to me. Now I stick to the Parchment Paper as I call them "If you Care" products or just plain white Baking Cups. Besides they are gluten free and allergen free and as I understand there's no Chlorine used in the production, Good for the Environment. Thank You
264640264640B000FAIR96A3P82XH8YK8QFmnstuebs1151308009600Best muffin cups ever!!!!!These are so nice, I've used 1.5 packages of them and they come off the muffins super easily. I would definitely buy again.

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