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264721264721B002OFZM8OA16GA3736JUGI8Mary0051310860800Very Pleased!My daughter loves the A1 Steak Sauce flavor of this particular Jack Link's beef jerky. With Amazon's Subscribe & Save feature, I can make sure that she receives a care package of her favorite beef jerky at school every month. I get a reminder that it will ship, the shipping is free and I get a discount to boot! I can't beat it, especially since this flavor can be difficult to find in stores.
264722264722B002OFZM8OA3BAACSJ66CDM8Joaquin Ezcurra0041308528000MEGA PACK!Not much more to say, Jack Links... MEGA PACK Beef Jerky!! I now have enough to go for a little while, I could get stuck in the mountains for lets say 3 weeks and still be ok having my beef jerky. Pure protein, this is what a champion eats!
264723264723B002OFZM8OA3U5QWCGCF1CZ9James A. Dobson0051307318400Good solid jerky for frequent eatersI order this jerky every two weeks on subscription because it is tasty and fits the wallet, too. I like various tastes in other brands from time to time. However, this jerky is the main taste that satisfies the jerky need.
264724264724B002OFZM8OA2X7S5DK6AD15TAmazon Chuck0051307059200If you like Jerky this is the best deal I could findI know its not the healthiest snack, but there's nothing as satisfying as a nice quality piece of jerky. It keeps the hunger away longer than all the various candy, chips and other carb snacks.

I have order this double package in both Original and Teriyaki, and is the best price I have found when you figure it down to a per oz price. It's even cheaper if you add it as a "subscription" to be shipped every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months...which you can cancel at any time.

One other use I have for this is an extra special treat for my dog.

Anyway, this is always high quality jerky. Only negative is these large backs end up with a bunch of small crumbled shavings in the bottom--guess what then gets poured onto a plate for my dog!!!
264725264725B002OFZM8OA2ADGSBQNHSVVYSteven0041306713600Over priced but good flavorI would like to see this a few bucks less then it seems like it would be more inline with the value. At least I can save some money and buy it on the internet instead of at the store. This is also the best flavor based on the other ones I have tried. in their line-up. I have tried several of them, and this is the best. As long as I can keep getting this flavor, I will keep sticking choices. This is the best beef Jerky I have ever had. I have been eatting it for years now, and another positive is that it is made in Wisconsin. My only wish is that you could buy this stuff in better quanitity discounts. The small bags are nice for day trips, but it would nice to be able to buy in larger bags for additional discounts.
264726264726B002OFZM8OA2HOCKOV7WTQ4HSteve D0051305158400Great snack!These make a great 100 calorie snack to eat anytime. Small packaging so you can put anywhere. Overall, very good and would buy again.
264727264727B002OFZM8OA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"0041304985600Pretty goodPepper adds a nice kick to beef jerky, and Jack Link makes a nice line of beef jerky. Some of the slices are a bit thin and tough, so personally I like the peppered jerky that is sold at Aldi's grocery stores, but if you don't have an Aldi's in your area, Jack Link's makes a good product, with a nice jerky/peppery taste. Yum.
264728264728B002OFZM8OA2F0PWY9DM74V4Anonymous reviewer0051303516800Delicious!!Jack Links are always a huge hit wherever we go. Excellent to take on the airplane and on vacation for a quick snack!
264729264729B002OFZM8OA2Y8WQ1925QY0UGeorge0041301875200Excellent productThis product is very good and doesn't last long at the house ... only complaint is few large pieces mostly tiny scraps that r very small
264730264730B002OFZM8OAAU57C64MEFRQBob0051298332800The Best JerkyIf you like tender jerky with a nice kick to it then I recommend Jack Links Carne Seca. It's fresh, tasty and a good value.
264731264731B002OFZM8OA1NFC1JDHP9B16Jennifer Anderson0051293408000tasty jerky!good tasting jerky for the price. My father in law had never had it before and really enjoyed the flavor. Definitely recommend.
264732264732B002OFZM8OA1L9O8FL2REQTEMark K. Wickersham "Wick"0051292803200Wish They Were in ChinaI live in China, and I am unable to find anything made by Jack Link's here. I am able to buy different beef jerky products here, but they just don't taste the same. Fortunately my mother-in-law and wife gift me with Jack Link's beef jerky on a regular basis. Jack Link's uses premium cuts of meat that are seasoned and smoked in a way that you will find to be delicious. Once you open the bag, be sure to put it in the fridge unless you want your beef jerky to grow some white fuzz. An opened bag of beef jerky that is refrigerated can last for months. I also recommend Jack Link's teriyaki, peppered, sweet & hot, hickory smoked, and steakhouse recipes.
264733264733B002OFZM8OA2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez0051288310400Great taste, tender meatThis is great jerky. The meat is tender and not overly-dried. Flavors complement the meat well and it has just a touch of heat without masking the great meat flavor.
264734264734B002OFZM8OA3LVWAIK5YN22GJames Bennett "Second star to the right, and ...0051286582400Jack Link's KC Masterpiece Beef JerkyThis is the best beef Jerky I have ever had. I have been eatting it for years now, and another positive is that it is made in Wisconsin. My only wish is that you could buy this stuff in bigger bags. The small bags are nice for snacking, but it would nice to be able to buy it in 2 - 3 lb bags for taking camping or on deployments. At least I can save some money and buy it here on amazon instead of at the store. This is also the best flavor in my opinion in their line-up. I have tried almost all of them, and this is the best. As long as amazon keeps selling this flavor, I will keep buying it.
264735264735B002OFZM8OA3UX38658E7PKQBill0051285372800Jalapeno Carne SecaThe wonderful flavor of Jalapeno's in this zip locked bag fills the air once it is opened. I originally purchased this package of Jack Link for snacking but found myself munching until the entire bag is empty. I first across them on store shelfs in Toledo, Ohio and have not been able to find them in any stores in the Fort Worth,Texas area (until my only other source I love the flavor of the Jalapeno and it is spiced just right. Jack Link is great but Carne Seca is one of the best.
264736264736B002OFZM8OA1QN48FQZ7OIS7Jone Sigvart Eik Mon0051278201600Good snack easy to carryIt's always good to have a Jack Link's in my pocket in case I get a bit hungry. And, it's better to eat this than a hamburger
264737264737B002OFZM8OA7MXWFCWVXJZEH. Smith "Beautacentric"0051277251200FreshThis was very good, fresh perfect flavor good size, packed well and received quickly. Not too moist, not too dry and perfect chew. A+
264738264738B002OFZM8OA3BIB7NFM1NRUJB. Gemelli "The Boston Crab"0051273795200Not Jerked around by pricesGreat Product. I am a huge Jack Links jerky fan but its a bit pricy no matter where you buy it. Since joining the subscription it costs about 8.87 for a giant bag. Its the size of 2.5 bags that cost 6.50 at a grocery store. If you love jerky, I get the peppered, then join this club.
264739264739B002OFZM8OA3CJAUG16JXQ66adobrien0051273622400Great taste, fast shipping!Has a great taste, and just the right amount without devouring a huge bag! Received them very quickly. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a portion-controlled lean protein snack.
264740264740B002OFZM8OA1NUP1L9M2HGYVEileen Thompson0051268524800Jack Link'sYears ago this jerky was King B Jerky and was the best Jerky in the world. Even with the name change, the company, Jack Link's is still the best flavored jerky. The original flavor is my favorite!
264741264741B002OFZM8OA2BFJ7H547DBNJN. Ngoc0041267574400Jack Link's peppered beef jerkyI like the sweetness taste of the Jack Link's peppered beef jerky over their over-salted Hickory beef jerky but it had WAY TOO MUCH black pepper. I hope that Jack Link can cut the black pepper down to more than half or that Jack Link can come up with another version with less black pepper.
264742264742B002OFZM8OAJ5D7GKCR4TTXAshley0051266624000Delicious!I usually purchase this in store for around $10 per package and with the Subscribe and Save, you really do save money. It has an excellent taste and is the perfect pick me up for afternoon snack during school seminars.
264743264743B002OFZM8OA2VVXM0WRVGQOLB. Greeff0051266278400Best jerky size/brand/flavor you can getI have personally been on a mission to find my favorite jerky for a few years now. This is by far my favorite jerky - just a little spicy, great texture, perfect size for a snack, and pretty healthy besides sodium.
264744264744B002OFZM8OA4I6N67YHICR8GPKissimmee0041263686400Good Stuff!Great jerky. Not too tough... nor too salty. Just right. And the 100-cal packs provide the perfect amount for a snack without the rest of the bag going bad.
264745264745B002OFZM8OAJ6ELXB8H9BVVJeff Meiller "superlative"0051262822400the greatest jerkyjack links sweet and hot jerky is THE GERATEST jerky ever! I'v had a lot of different brands and flavors but nothing compares to the taste and qualty of this jerky. I wish Walmart still carried the larger bags of it
264746264746B002OFZM8OAV097JFM4SF2TSonya Martin "SAM"0051261872000Excellent!Hard to find this product in the stores, and with the instant shipping option we have them on hand for snacking all the time. Perfect!
264747264747B002OFZM8OA3SMVB6EXX8OVHRomeo Faison0051260576000Hello.This is very tasty beef jerky, but a little too expensive. If the price was lower i would order this on a regular basis.
264748264748B002OFZM8OA3DPEA5E19SVYPatrick Marshall0051259712000Soldiers love itWe support a number of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and several of them request peppered jerky above everything else.
264749264749B002OFZM8OA3STD0RZ766IMVKwang Hyung Kim "sospicy"0041259539200Fantastic tasteIt was more tasty than I thought. Every time when I feel boring, it was such a nice snack~!!
264750264750B002OFZM8OAEI122F1SK8I4BabsinPA0051251504000THE best Jerky around!!This Sweet Spicy Thai Jerky is the best!! Can't find it in local stores, so I got 2 packs. Not too spicy, but lets you know there is a little heat to it. I would like it even spicier!

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