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264751264751B002OFZM8OA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"0051248220800Still the bestI've tried a lot of different beef jerky products, including Mr. Z Beef Jerky from Amazon, as well as the store brand from Jewel, and a great many others, including buffalo jerky like Golden Valley Buffalo Jerky . Some of them are pretty good (especially Golden Valley products) but overall none are better than Jack Links. Reliably you get tender, tasty and fresh jerky. I like their original flavor the best. It's not too salty, too sweet, or too hard. It's 'just right' in my opinion.
264752264752B002OFZM8OA1RTUXC9W70SIFS. Guffey0051242950400The BestThis is the best beef jerky that I have found (aside from and elderly man that sells his homemade jerky once a year from a road-side stand). This is exactly what I want in a jerky. Sweet and Spicy. The texture is not too dry, which is a problem I find with a lot of jerkies. All around, a wonderful product!
264753264753B002OFZM8OA15KKJGD8XG3GBBao D. Nguyen "mean uncle"3531253664000Half what you ordered.This is supposed to be "Sweet & HOT" beef jerky. It's sweet, but it's not HOT. It's not even hot. If you put the entire package into your mouth all at once and chew, there is no way you are gonna taste hot. This beef jerky has about the same hotness as a small package of sweet and sour potato chips. If I had ordered sweet beef jerky, then this would get 5 stars. But I didn't want sweet beef jerky. I wanted sweet and HOT beef jerky. 3 stars because at least it is edible. But it will probably be a gift to my friend, with a BIG disclaimer about the HOT.
264754264754B002OFZM8OAA44GLW5PV1ZCJackeline E. Sisco "Jackie"1251339891200Biggest, best Beef Jerky ever!This is such a delicious bag of Peppered Beef Jerky. I love having a big bag of it to snack on whenever I feel like it. What a great product!!
264755264755B002OFZM8OAFKY5H8QLPW35James P. Dorsey "Electronic Maven"1231339545600Jacks JerkyThere is decent value in the product and the packaging is first rate. However, the jerky is almost rock hard making it difficult to chew.
264756264756B002OFZM8OAQN1LVYBPL0JEJohn F Foster III0131347321600Cheaper else whereI had ordered 3 packages of these back in June. No problems! ! !
Now all of a sudden, they went from less than $12 a package to almost $18 a package. A bit too steep of an increase for my blood. I stopped by Wally world earlier on the weekend and they still have them for about half price. So I grabbed a case for what they want for three envelopes.
Guess if your hardup and no way to get to town, go for it - however, if your looking to save a buck and heading out to wally world, wait for it!
264757264757B002OFZM8OAWN8Q7FYS4G09Cat lover0151344729600So good!My grandson is a beef jerky addict. We don't have much to choose from here so I ordered this. He absolutely loves it!!! He says it's not hard and has such a good taste. It's not too hot which would okay with him if it was. He'd like more but he eats it so fast that it's going to be a sometime treat for him. The first day he ate 3 bags.
264758264758B002OFZM8OA3QXJDENZ9DGFUDavid R. Mullins0151343088000I love this stuffThis stuff is so delicious, I love it. I've already ordered a second round of them. Just the right amount of spice.
264765264765B000E1FXTIA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"1141223596800simply the best!!i have used other coating mixes and truly can say this is the best! i have used this on chicken,chops,and even on steak!! its a hit any way i have used it.the chicken way is a favorite,the spices are excellent,just right.the meat has always came out juicy,flavorful,and tender,i have ordered this twice,i will be buying more soon.!
264759264759B002OFZM8OA2WRNV6AW3U4SQashlie0141342742400yummythis was perfect for our road trips! not wanting to stop for snacks alot just pick up some jerky! yum!
264760264760B002OFZM8OADO80R1HF25SCAureliaNantucket0151342137600Best mass marketed dried meat product ON EARTHI'm normally rather "meh" about beef jerky and similar products (e.g. slim jims and their ilk), but Jack Links are always good, and the sweet and hot variety, for whatever reason, is AMAZING. So many other varieties of beef jerky are like dry, stale wood chips that you can break your teeth on. These have an incredible texture, with many huge cuts of meat that are still tender and moist in the center. They still have the jaw workout that sort of defines beef jerky, but unlike so many other brands they're still recognizable as meat, and good meat at that. The flavor is much as advertised, which may be a bit too spicy for some, but I love it. It's heat that very slowly builds, so if you ate a couple of pieces you might not feel it, but after downing a full package you'll be reaching for a vanilla frappe. The unfortunate thing is that they're hard to find where I live (Cape Cod/Rhode Island), the only place that routinely stocks is Cumberland Farms, and sad to say they seem to have been disappearing even from there. It will be a real shame if they're discontinued, as in a mass produced snack world full of mediocre, predictable, unsatisfying fodder, Jack Links sweet and hot is the sort of thing you can make a satisfying meal of.
264761264761B001CRSR6YA3M2VGWFJGRUOHEco-Friendly Interior Designer2241231718400Very DecentAmy's Organic Southwester Chili is really very good--especially for a prepared product in a can. Good flavor and spices.
264762264762B001CRSR6YAV0WPG92CWT0Kmuon glow0011344643200Hidden Ingredients - disappointingAmy's always has delicious organic and vegetarian food options, which is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately on some of their products they choose to hide ingredients. Amy's Southwestern chili is one of these items - it apparently contains "spices," but Amy's does not respect consumers enough to reveal exactly what those spices are. If you tell Amy's customer service what you cannot have, they will tell you if that particular ingredient is in the mix, but the problem with this of course is that many people have multiple food sensitivities, with varying responses (for instance, the same person may go into anaphylaxis from nuts, get slight hives from citrus, and get the shakes from caffeine or chocolate), and they need to know exactly what is in the food they eat so that if and when they do have an allergic reaction they can figure out what specific ingredient was the culprit and avoid it in the future. If you invite a friend with allergies over to your house and they ask what you put in their food, who in their right mind would make that person play a guessing game to figure out whether they will be poisoned by the food or not?

It's a matter of respect, and on this count Amy's has fallen flat on its face. I urge you to avoid all of Amy's products that list vague ingredients, like "spices" or "natural flavors." Hopefully they will eventually get the hint.
264763264763B001CRSR6YA1OA2ZW406NQXMMary Santos0051319155200My Favorite ChiliI discovered this chili about a year ago and I've become addicted to it. I have it at least once every two weeks. I usually split it into two servings and serve with sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips and eat it almost like a dip. I'm on the subscription plan for this!

If you like beans, you'll love this chili. Plus, it has very little heat to the taste (even though it says "Medium"), but will open up your sinuses if you have allergies or a cold that has you stuffed up.
264764264764B001CRSR6YA21IL9JIF9RUYIGregory Hayes "Traveler"0211307404800Hard to recover a meal from this canned productI'm usually a fan of Amy's Organics - they provide a reliable gluten-free product that I can easily adapt to my needs. In my kitchen, canned foods are never an end product, but a stepping stone toward a lovingly crafted meal. However, in this case, the can might be beyond my skills of adaptation.

CUMIN. Did we have a cumin spill in Amyland? My dear sweet unnamable gods in heaven! One bite of this chili has the most cumin I've ever had in one bite, probably in one meal, maybe one lifetime. This is the cuminiest of cuminy chilis; all other flavors cower in dread of the sheer cumininess of Amy's Organic Southwestern Black Bean Chili.


It might have beans: I don't know; they could be giant lumps of cumin, for all I can tell. It's probably free of pesticides: However, my kitchen's organic-produce-borne fruitflies are afraid to near my bowl of this; if it hasn't got pesticides, it's certainly an effective pest repellant, and I'm considering rubbing it all over my chili starved body before I go out to the mosquito clouded Weber to grill up some real food. It's touted as vegan, which isn't really a selling point for me: After the first taste of this chili has passed my tongue, the remainder of the can will never brave the touch of flesh again.

Back to the kitchen, Amy. Check the smudged details of your recipe real close. Try a milliliter (mL) instead of a barrel (BBL), and I'll try this one again.
264766264766B000E1FXTIALRLZKLVI93OYEtta A. Gordon "E. A.G."0141227484800shake& bakei tried this shake & bake once its quite tasty, I ordered after reading other reviews
264767264767B001JBH0Q6A366QGFVJG75CIMV "SFDiscoRQ"0041272240000Great valueGreat value for bully sticks, which are usually pretty expensive. Arrived on time with no issues and our pup loves them.
264768264768B0005YMUZYA1KUESI7EYB4B1Elizabeth L Wintrode0051333670400Great productThis product makes wonderful roasted potatoes. It also makes outstanding roasted carrots. Just follow the directions for potatoes but substitute carrots. You may need to adjust the time depending on the size of the carrots (I use regular size not the big thick ones).
Although everyone enjoys the potatoes, the family can't leave the roasted carrots alone when I use this seasoning.
264769264769B006HKAQ88A23PYCN8O9IUNHgben1151347494400Smells and looks good enough to eatThis dog food is very packed with meat and vegetables. It's just like opening a can of beef stew that we eat, which my little Frenchie gets on his birthday and other holidays. It smells great, and after reading the ingredients, I know it's definitely something he'll eat the rest of his life. It was recommended to me by my vet and I'd certainly recommend it to you. Hope this helps.
264770264770B000MM6R1WA2LSBXARAF7OOXW. Bookhultz4451223424000The Best!A fantastic candy bar made in Germany. Far superior to American chocolate. Target stores have about 5 varities in their candy aisle.
264771264771B003VKWF9UA2EBZ25O5EMNQENina2251330732800To Good to be True!Hoffy Extra Lean are the best hot dog period... I am on Weight Watchers and let me tell you when you want a hot dog it's nice to know there is one available without any guilt or excessive points. They are lean, yet full of flavor. I actually feel as if there to good to be true and I'm over indulging. With Weight Watchers there is nothing you can't eat, but it's nice to know that because Hoffy Extra Lean is so delicious, I wouldn't buy another brand if available. They are hard to find though. I highly recommend them and my whole family prefers them as well.
264772264772B000NMI5DEA32O847JNWPVNERoberto C. Ghedini3351281916800Take 5 Ice CreamAdd chopped up take five candy bars to peanut butter ice cream base and expect one of the best ice creams ever. Worth buying a cuisinart ice cream maker right now. Your friends will have an even higher opinion of you.
264773264773B000NMI5DEA1SBIIRVFDQ3IHRyMaSki1151326499200So Good!Great candy bar. Shipped as expected. Factory sealed. I'd advise getting to the mailbox soon after they are delivered in case they melt though.
264774264774B000NMI5DEA3GDF8UABUJL8Fjohn w hoagland1151323388800one of best candies everThis is an amazing candy bar. perfect blend of salty and sweet. Recommend that you try them if you have not. I can't always find them in stores so this package is a good way to go.
264775264775B000NMI5DEA2ZOJP8T2JKZHLChristopher L. Saine3451265587200Love this candy bar!I can not get purchase TAKE 5 candy bar in our area, so I am thankful I can get this with you.
264776264776B000NMI5DEA1WQB12CAEWMJSJ. L. Linden0041291852800SweetsMy daughter raves about this candy bar and they are only available in our area around Halloween so I purchased a box to save for Christmas stockings. Product arrived timely and in good shape. Enjoy...
264777264777B004NRG6T0A2UK25KI4T6GCIE. M. Griffith "auntleesie"2221327104000Not What You Might Expect in Terms of "Quick Cooking"At its weight, the huge bag of Nishiki Quick Cooking Brown Rice (10 pounds) isn't worth the hassle of returning. No way does this have a retail value of more than $60, by the way, but I bought it for just over $20, because I thought I could make brown and white seasoned rice blends whereby the rice would cook in the same amount of time. Brown rice takes much longer to steam or cook up than long grain white rice, and my family isn't fond of the flavor of brown rice by itself. I can get regular brown rice for much less cost at the grocery store than this package from Amazon, and when it arrived (very quickly - 5 stars for delivery) I read the package to discover the rice must be soaked for 20 minutes in water before cooking for an additional 25 minutes! Yikes! Nothing quick about a 45 minute process for rice. While I hadn't expected Minute Rice, I did expect a label stating "Quick Cooking" meant it actually cooks up quickly.

For those who might not have cooked plain, brown rice, it steams or cooks up in the same 45 minutes or less that this "Quick Cooking" rice requires. I didn't even open the bag and will pass it on to someone who cooks brown rice on a regular basis. IF YOU LIKE BROWN RICE and you don't have many local grocery stores, it might be worth buying from Amazon, but don't expect this brand/type to save time in the kitchen.
264778264778B004NRG6T0A1FE1MQQRAS8Y8A. Walters1151318118400Great RiceI love this medium grain rice, fantastic flavor and very good for you!
I couldn't find locally, thank goodness for!
264779264779B000MM6R1MA1LF5IEF6SYA8ZC. R.7851227225600UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!This is quite possibly one of the best chocolate you can buy. As a Ritter Sport fan I have to say the butter biscuit ("Butterkeks")edition is simply unbelievably good.
TIP: put this in the fridge (in the butter section of your fridge, not too cold please!).
You will absolutely DIE with pleasure eating this.

Remember, the way you open any Ritter Sport is to break it in the middle. If you do it right the package will open properly in the middle of the back of the package. Enjoy!

PS: I'm a guy. I usually don't get that excited about anything. So this should tell ya something...
264780264780B000MM6R1MA1BDOZ3KDA7CM8Wildfire "LDV"1151214006400BlissSeriously one of the most delicious chocolates around!! Soooooo goooood!! I just asked my husband if he would go to the store to get one for me...he said no...looks like I will have to put a hat over my messy hair and make a quick run...because once Ritter Sport is a thought in your mind you HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!...okay so I am little obsessed...but it really is worth every penny!

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