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264781264781B000MM6R1MA3HNXZZDEICO57jeninmaine3451210723200NOM NOM NOMSo delicious! Perfection. I want to lick the picture on my monitor, that's how good this chocolate is.

264782264782B000MM6R1MA155RM4SZ03TS1Rebecca Lewis "Meshugeneh"2351258588800One of the best chocolates ever!om nom nom. . . I'm not sure there is a word in the English language to describe this chocolate bar. So basically, this is a butter biscuit (cookies) that is not too hard or soft, nor is it too sweet or lacking in flavour in it's own right; that is then covered in some of the best chocolate I've ever eaten (and I've eaten plenty ;} ). The chocolate is sweet, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth perfect. Sure, this bar is criticized for it's calorie content - but every now and then you've gotta live! If you feel like spending some caloric change, spend it here!!
264783264783B000MM6R1MA3BHN2FVV82V4DB. Lawrence0051345420800Delicious!So I usually absolutely despise milk chocolate, but I was in need of something sweet so I picked this up.
Heaven in a handful, oh my god. SO good.
The biscuit isn't stale tasting or flavorless like most chocolate covered biscuits are, and the chocolate is so smooth and delicious it's unbelievable.
Usually milk chocolate is much too sweet for me, but this was a gentle sweetness, not overpowering or cloying at all.
I only bought one but I'm planning on going back to the store where I got it and snagging a whole bunch.
264784264784B000MM6R1MA36YG6KZUSX3M0Deanna Johnson0051299110400One of my personal favorites!I am kind of picky about chocolate, but this is a really great candy bar. The cookie in the center is thick and crisp, the chocolate is smooth and neither overly sweet nor bitter.

A perfect treat! I usually break it in half, which is enough for two chocolate fixes!

I just wish they where cheaper! :)
264785264785B000MM6R1MA16459DAS8ND87oneintheweb "oneintheweb"1251277942400a decadent delightAs one commenter noted, the calories aren't low on this one; but I consider personal calorie management the responsibility of the consumer, so from a product standpoint.......this rocks!Delicious creamy milk chocolate, and the butter cookie takes away from it being too sweet or thick. I'd rather take this on a backpacking trip than any lowfat sawdust product out there. If you need to watch your calories, break it into pieces...the whole thing is way too much for one sitting anyway! If you love high quality, and can handle your own portion sizing, then this is the bar for you.
264786264786B000MM6R1MAIYQ1ES3W52LRFM "fmdalove"1251231804800The BestI love this, and is not easy to find. Stores run out of them so quickly,; it's sooooooooooooo good, it gives such a pleasure when you eat it; touch down is the Best one, loooooooooooooooove it
264787264787B000MM6R1MAOG5RTX4IP16BB. Kim22321247961600AMAZINGLY DeceptiveHonestly, this is probably one of the best chocolate bars out there. As I'm sure most people agree they can eat this in one sitting much like any other candy bar out there and maybe most can it eat more than once a day. What's deceptive is the nutrition for it! What should be one serving is considered THREE servings. Each serving is 200 calories and 15g of fat. That means the whole package is 600 calories and 45g of fat! An average build person should only eat 60g of fat a day! So the amazingly great taste comes at a massive price and it's not worth it.
264788264788B000QV0GOIA27DYAY3FUWIZ8J. Kendall29322124217280016 grams of digestible carbs per barIf you're looking to control digestible carbs -- not just sugar -- then it'd be nice to know that these bars have a ton of slow-release carbs, and may not suit you.

Which is why, Amazon, it is REALLY frustrating when you don't include nutritional information for food. That's like trying to buy a book without knowing the author, or a computer without knowing how much RAM, hard disk space, or video memory it has.

Yes, sometimes that nutritional information is wrong. WE GET IT. So put on your warning, and move on. Pulling the information because some twits out there are, apparently, outfitting their Himalayan mountain expeditions based solely on the nutritional data you list, and then, I suppose, eating some of their porters when your calorie counts are off, isn't fair to the everyday Joes who just want something to munch on.

For the rest of us, we'd just like to have some small inkling of what food is in the food we're about to buy. Pretty please. Because shopping from Amazon shouldn't mean I have to spend half my time Googling each product to find out what the heck it actually is.
264789264789B000QV0GOIA35V32HZEGZH04W. Easley "Opa"9951285632000Nutritious and DeliciousSince becoming a diabetic, I have studied foods in an attempt to better control my blood sugar. Some foods (like ones with lots of sugar) spike my blood sugar. If a meal is not carefully balanced my blood sugar and my energy drops too much. So, I am always looking for healthy foods, especially snack foods. What I usually find are great tasting snacks that are too high in sugar, low in protein, and low in fiber. They are good for normal people, camping or taking long hikes, but not for my daily health snacks.

ExtendBar Mixed Berry Delight meets my requirements. This snack has 12 g of protein, 0 sugar (4 g of "sugar alcohol"), and 0 cholesterol. "ExtendBar's" 20 g of carbohydrates is uncooked cornstarch, which is designed to be slowly processed in digestion.

Reviews written in 2007 and 2008 mentioned that the taste was unpleasant and the color of the bar was pink. They must have improved the product because, to me, the taste is pleasant, one of the best snack bars I have ever eaten, and the color is now an off white. It is not sweet, nor tart. It reminds me of a mix of strawberries and blueberries. The bar's taste is almost as good as the actual strawberries and blueberries I eat regularly. As with all snacks, I always consume it with a fluid which helps avoid any dryness.

The Extendbar Mixed Berry Delight is valuable. This is one of the best items for overall health that I have seen on the market. It is low in sodium and sugar (no high fructose corn syrup), and gluten free. On the other hand, high in protein (12g), good fiber (6 g), and sustained energy level. All this good nutrition and only 150 calories. .

The advertised sustained energy level is real. I have tried this for awhile without blood sugar spikes and without low blood sugar (amazing how they do it, but they do). I highly recommend this product.
264790264790B000QV0GOIA3EDU8NW2S6CO5aem6621222300800Not as good as the othersI love the peanut butter chocolate, and the plain peanut butter is also good. This tastes artificial and has a disconcerting Pepto Bismol pink color. I would suggest other kinds.
264791264791B000QV0GOIA39SLUPNNWUIP4Lacy Smith2241206489600Loved it!I am just beginning to lift weights on a regular basis & also watching my calorie intake.When I need a filling "pick me up" this bar is the best yet for me. I do not get hungry after eating one. The mixed berry is my favorite but chocolate is good too. I have no health issues regarding sugar, just food intake. This curbs the appetite.
264792264792B000QV0GOIAEUSITS8KN9OUMamaMia "MamaBear"1151330473600DiabetesThese bars are great for night time snacks for my husband's
diabetes. He eats them before bed and his night time
crashes have almost been eliminated. He likes the berry
and apple cinimon the best. We are trying another flavor
to see if we can add an additional flavor to his night
time snacks. I love the chocolate peanut, just for
a snack. Give these bars a try especially if you are wanting
long acting carbs.
264793264793B000QV0GOIA1X07I3W8JS7DSAlex2331193443200Diabetics Review of Extend BarI am type 2 diabetic. I use extend bars. Please do not use as a medicine. They work OK when I exercise. Taste could be better.
264794264794B000QV0GOIA1SQSL0053VPC0fullhouseelgen0051340496000Very GoodWe received this order in just a few days as promised. We, my husband and I, like these bars because they keep our blood sugar even as advertised. We are very satisfied with this product.
264795264795B000QV0GOIA3VAVNPZ515HPXJames0051332374400Great for curbing hungerThese are fantastic for curbing hunger throughout the day. I eat one for breakfast every day, and I even use them as substitute for lunch sometimes as well. I've tried the peanut chocolate, chocolate, apple, and these. This is my favorite flavor of the four varieties I've tried. My girlfriend eats them pretty frequently as well. We have both lost a few pounds since we started incorporating them into our diet. I am very pleased with these bars.
264796264796B000QV0GOIA3IQE7OBMEJ2CYR.T0051330041600very good tasteThose are for my husband and he LOVES it.
Good amount of protein and he does not feel hungry fr longer than other brand bars.
264797264797B000QV0GOIAGW38872JPV1WCactus "Suzann"0051327881600Love these extend bardI thought I would give these extend bars a try since I'm a diabetic, and I was pleasantly surprised in how great they tasted! Since then I've been ordering two boxes about every two weeks.
264798264798B000QV0GOIAHMNAEHOSI7PJTerry Lynn Pezent0051323820800My emergency backup!!I am addicted to Extend Bars!!! Great in between meal bar and greater when you can't make time for a meal and need something to tie you over!! Takes away the hungry feeling before lunch!! I hardly ever crave sweets anymore!! Great product!! Cheaper with the continuos order option!!!
264799264799B000QV0GOIA13ZX6WURV7P69Shirley Hensch0051314748800Great barsI really enjoy these bars. I eat one or two every day, in place of snacks and also in place of "lunch." They are great to have on hand when my blood sugar levels seem to be dropping and my energy levels go down.
264800264800B000QV0GOIA2XLMYUYU59K3CPolka Dot "Polka Dot"0051268956800Great for Nighttime HypoglycemiaI do not have diabetes, but I do have nighttime hypoglycemia (awakened at the same time each night with sweating, anxiety, and hunger). Since these bars are designed to last 9 hours, I tried it. I eat one before going to bed. I was skeptical, but it worked! I sleep through the night now. Great solution for me.
264801264801B000QV0GOIA3PHO07DYWOVHNJACK BUTLER "Jack Butler"0051210636800I like them enough to mail order them.With 11 grams of protein and five grams of fiber, I find these bars to be a good deal. The taste is robust, they have enough chewiness to them to make them last and, maybe most importantly, they make me feel satisfied with just one bar. Nutritionally, I think they compare or exceed every other bar on the market.
264802264802B007CECDB6A19DKJE5IFXV8CAmy "Amy"2211346803200Be careful - this is one pouchThis product is a total rip off - it is just one pouch of food. I ordered this with a bunch of other baby food products all of which were around the same price but contained multiple units. I guess I didn't read this one carefully enough. I can't even believe amazon would sell one pouch much less at this price. Of course, now I am worried about ordering again because food cannot be returned. Most expensive baby food i ever purchased!
264803264803B007XL07M0A2CZE17B14IG4IRebekah V0041338854400Yummy! But Can Be Found CheaperI got one of these kits at Walmart for under $5. That being said, the pretzels are so delicious! The first time I made them, I got as far as kneading the dough and letting it rise before I had to leave for an event. I refrigerated the dough for a couple hours while I was away. When I came back and resumed making the pretzels, they were really difficult to roll and form. They tasted good when finished, but it took quite a lot longer. The second time I made them, I rolled and baked them right after the dough had risen, and it was so much easier. Both times, everyone loved them! The first time, I got about 9 pretzels per box. The second time, I got 12.
264804264804B0015V7BM8A3A89CHL9F2YY2R. Hubbard0051308009600Absolutely the best!This is by far the best licorice candy that I've ever eaten. It must be the gum arabic that makes the difference.
264805264805B000E1DRSCA2YNTPNET4RDA5blueurchin3351203811200convenient and tasty!I was throwing a baby shower, bridal shower AND a going-away party within a very short period of time, so I bought a box of Baker's dipping chocolate and also another brand called SF foundue chocolate from amazon. I did use both brands so I get to compare them to each other. I have to say I love love love Baker's! It's really very easy to melt and the milk chocolate isn't as sweet as the other brand (which I like). The consistenncy is also not as runny as SF's. Now, I would have to caveat this: I didn't use any for a chocolate fountain and instead I used both as fondue chocolate, so it isn't fair to judge SF's runny consistency in this instance, since it is for chocolate fountains which need runny consistency. I just find chocolate fountains somewhat tacky while chocolate fondue somewhat sexy! I will definitely buy Baker's again and again and again.
264806264806B000E1DRSCA13VO6L7DLSQ7LAimathena2251189209600Works Great in FudgeI use 3 ounces of this in my Peanut Butter Fudge.
The Fudge comes out so smooth and creamy and has the flavor of Reese's peanut butter cups.
264807264807B000E1DRSCARRCVPLJV1FY9D. Merrick2251162684800Very good stuff!This microwavable dipping chocolate has just the right consistency and flavor and couldn't be easier to enjoy. It's the best product of its kind that we've tried for both taste and texture - Also, fun and easy for the kids to use as a special treat, with the added benefit of all the fresh fruit they consume in the process. No mess to clean up afterward either. I have had a hard time finding this in the grocery stores though, which is why we recently ordered a case of it online. We keep ours hidden in my husband's workroom!
264808264808B000E1DRSCA2QLDKO335I183Elizabeth1141295913600Delicious, yet messyI used this product tonight to make chocolate covered pretzels with my children. It super quick and easy to use and tasted great and gave the pretzels a lovely look. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because even with 2 hours of set up time,the chocolate began to melt instantly within a couple of seconds between my fingertips making them messy to eat.
264809264809B000E1DRSCA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"1141241740800Quick, Easy & Delicious!I picked up several of these on clearance at a local store. They've been sitting in my pantry for a couple months now, but last night my daughter asked if she could use one to make chocolate covered strawberries. I told her that was fine as long as I got to have a sample. In less than 5 minutes she brought me a beautiful chocolate covered strawberry that tasted better than expected - this was REAL chocolate, not the "flavored coating" we are sometimes tricked with.

The instructions say to heat it up in the microwave in small increments, stirring in between and once melted completely, start dipping! Although we only did strawberries I know it would be wonderful on many things.

We look forward to trying out the other versions: Baker's Dipping Chocolate, Premium White, 7-Ounce Cups (Pack of 8) would be great with pretzels and Baker's Dipping Chocolate, Semi-sweet, 7-Ounce Microwavable Tubs (Pack of 8) which I think might pair well with bananas?
264810264810B0051UTHUIA22RZ8WH4VIPQgratheeus1151329868800So rich and chocolaty!This is excellent fudge. Or should I say, this WAS excellent fudge. I can't believe that I ate the entire box in one day. Stop judging me! You probably will, too. It is so rich and creamy and, well, fudgy and it has a great texture. It tasted and smelled very fresh. I loved it and will be back for more.

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