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264811264811B0051UTHUIA3TH60SVVU9KZ4Daniel Muckey "Dan"0031349913600Not really to my tasteFirst, let me say I am somewhat particular about my fudge.
I like it creamy and not too sweet.
This fudge was a bit hard and over sweet for my taste.
264812264812B008EA5NNCA2YZ9S2LS33PB2JudyP0051348531200Easy and deliciousAs good as my old time consuming recipe, but so much quicker and easier! Absolutely delicious and with great texture and appearance. The amount of mix in the box looks small but it makes a full-size beautiful loaf. Love that it's whole wheat, but I can also highly recommend the traditional mix.
264813264813B008EA5NNCAU81GANSP2OU5Isabel Archer0051343606400This mix is your friendVoila Hallah whole wheat mix produced scrumptious bread despite the fact that I did not read the instructions carefully enough. When my friend mentioned that it makes great French toast I could only sigh. Not one nutty, toasty crumb remained.
264814264814B002NWIQWWAW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas282851275523200So Good!These dates are wonderful! They are moist on the inside and deliciously sweet/complex/creamy/caramelly in flavor. I've bought dates in the past that have a "papery" outer layer that is unpleasant; these do not have that issue. These are NOT the dates you find in the baking section of your grocery store - nothing wrong with those for baking, but these are much better & good for snacking or eating as they are.

I like these for dessert. I have a 1/2 Cup of plain Greek yogurt (Fage 2% is my favorite) & 1 or 2 of these dates. My sweet tooth is completely satisfied by the dates and the yogurt is like eating pudding; delicious and healthy. Also great as an appetizer: just make a slit in the date, take the pit out & put in goat cheese, blue cheese, mascarpone or any creamy cheese. Warm them under the broiler for about 3 minutes or skip the broiler & eat at room temp. Or go all out & wrap bacon or prosciutto around the stuffed date & broil for about 4-5 minutes, turning them after about 3 minutes. The combination of salty and sweet is delicious.

The package has the "Packed Date" and the "Best By Date" on the back. I received my dates on 5/22/10....they were packed on 3/15/10 and will be best by 9/15/10.

I have not found it necessary to store the dates in the refrigerator and I prefer to eat them at room temperature. I just store them in an airtight container in the cupboard after opening the package; of course they aren't lasting long in my house!

The plastic container is recyclable: 1 PETE

UPDATE 10/2010: I've now ordered these dates 3 times. This last time, I noticed the dates are not as nice as the first 2 times...not bad, just not fabulous. They are a bit more papery skinned & there are dry "lines"/patches on some. Also, the packer has stopped putting "Packed On" dates on the packaging. Now there is just a "Best By" date. I prefer the old way because then I know how old they are when I get them. The inside of the date is still very good, creamy, delicious. Perhaps these dates are older? Or maybe weather conditions have been poor for the grower? These are an agriculture product grown organically so weather can be an issue. I'll order another batch when I finish these & let you know how they are.

UPDATE 1/2011: I ordered again & this batch was similar to the previous (10/2010) batch - several (maybe 25%) dates in each package with papery skins & dry line/patches. However, I still enjoy these eating dates.

UPDATE 2/2011: I decided to order the non organic version of these dates to see how they compare & maybe save a couple bucks. I concluded that the organic version is superior but the non organic is good too. FYI/ I reviewed them on their page:
United With Earth Medjool Dates, 16-Ounce Containers (Pack of 4)
264815264815B002NWIQWWAYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"111251259884800Fantastic!!!Wow!!! These dates are fantastic!!! Medjool dates are my favorites and theseUnited With Earth Organic Medjool Dates, 16-Ounce Containers (Pack of 4) are the very best...even better than those I buy fresh at my local health food store! And less expensive by far.

These dates are not only organic, they are soft, moist and juicey and will melt in your mouth.

Incredible value here at Amazon... I am going to stock up!
264816264816B002NWIQWWA4D0Y681GMOYAR. Ezzo "BeachGirl"91011297555200You may want to buy from another supplier.I bought these dates based on the ratings. Initially, I was very pleased with the product, however, since I use them in my VitaMix, I decided to remove the pits ahead of time. Well, it's a good thing that I did because the second package of four that I opened had 4-5 dates that were literally black inside and had the odor of mold. Just be careful if you decide to order them. I threw mine out because I didn't want to take a chance.
264817264817B002NWIQWWA1VEXXIRHLIKVZTimothy Smith4451266019200Really goodThese dates are really really good. They are really soft and taste very fresh. These are cheaper than the other organic Medjool dates sold on Amazon, I hope they sell these forever!
264818264818B002NWIQWWAKGBZQQZRXIJDLiving Lite "Living Health"3351262131200Really moist and fresh datesSome of the best medjool dates I have ever ordered. They are moist and fresh. And the price is good when you order the packs.
264819264819B002NWIQWWA2XK8A7BT54WLEMr. Nurettin O. Unlu2251305417600Best dates I've had.These are the best dates I have ever had. According to the expiration date, they should last as much as six months so I advise Muslims to stock these up before Ramadan as it is very hard to find dates during Ramadan.
264820264820B002NWIQWWA2I0XUSOKOP48TN. Sitz2251279065600Better than candy!I just received my second shipment of these dates today. The first shipment was delicious. I did notice on this shipment that there was not a packaged date and expiration date on the back of each package. I was a little bummed about this. I'm anticipating that this second shipment is as great as the first.
264821264821B002NWIQWWA3D5MTE11W1TXWPhillipa Lord2251278720000These are wonderful!Moist, fresh, tender and sweet. I LOVE these! They work perfectly in green smoothies or eaten alone.
264822264822B002NWIQWWA230F8HH53OQ2E. Jelks2251278460800wonderful productThese are plump and juicy. I use them just about everyday in my smoothies. Adds just the right amount of sweetness to it.
264823264823B002NWIQWWAS93EEI0C5EYNKen Gilbert2251278201600Best tasting dates I've ever had!These dates are moist and soft.
Not too sweet but just right.
The "date" taste is fantastic.
Try them ... You'll love them.
264824264824B002NWIQWWA1YZSUEFEHJCHJR. smith2251275177600Great qualityThese dates are as close as you can get without picking them off the tree yourself. They are also much cheaper than the nearly $8/lb. at local stores that aren't even organic. Great deal for a great product.
264825264825B002NWIQWWA1XTE3IHX65GTZOlena_p "Olena"1151306713600Tastes GREAT!!I have tried so many different types of dates, and so far - this is the best - REALLY good - you can eat it like candy. Usually, if you buy it in a regular grocery store, dates are all dried up and gross. This product is a fantastic dessert moist and fresh. Also, you can make all kind of stuff with it - I like to put some goat cheese inside - tastes really good!
264826264826B002NWIQWWA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"1151301788800Great product great priceI purchase these at our local store but saw this is a better price. Very happy with my purchase!
264827264827B002NWIQWWA1JVFV1VAA08Xgregc41151301356800Delicious DatesGreat price and great dates. I love them on saltines with a little cream cheese (thanks to Rener Gracie for the recipe lol)
264828264828B002NWIQWWAB2JZ5P001X0Ximipolex1141299110400Not 5-star, but very goodNot quite the extremely-soft (almost gooey) fresh Medjools I remember enjoying in California, but pretty close. Overall, really good dates at a good price.
264829264829B002NWIQWWA2YC8WVVIW5VS4Eileen1131298505600Amazon's medjool datesIf hard to find in your area, it is a convenient way to buy dates, but the dates I received had "scars" on them - about 1/2 of the dates per package. No big deal for use in a blender or recipe, but as a snack... not so good.
264830264830B002NWIQWWA1UFQI1RDQ8TAJHalal1151284249600DeliciousJust in time for Ramadan, organic and healthy. Grown in the USA. Gave some to a few friends who loved them. What a wonderful way to break the fast. For a special treat: serve warm with a few dabs of butter or olive oil.
264831264831B002NWIQWWA2OWR2PL3DLWS4Love to Cook1151280188800DeliciousI was so happy there were many reviews for these dates, as it made me much more comfortable ordering them. They certainly lived up to the wonderful reviews. I can't believe how delicious they are, and how fast they have disappeared. We are going to have to place another order soon.

edit- we just ordered another 4 packs. I can't believe how fast these disappeared. My teens loved these.
264832264832B002NWIQWWA1N5HWZRJ3GD04I am A Womble2331285459200Medjool datesIt's such a pity that for the price they didn't taste better. Costco medjool dates (though not labelled organic) are far far superior in taste and better in price--- I'd give those 5 stars. Even my husband wasn't impressed with the taste and said the Costco dates were much better. The taste of the United with Earth dates is not consistent. One might be quite nice and then another might have an odd bitter after taste. I bought these from Amazon because Costco is about 70 miles from where I live otherwise I wouldn't have bought them at all. I gave two boxes away and I have one and a half boxes left. I'm thinking of making a cake with the remaining dates because I don't feel like eating them straight out of the tub. I am disappointed.
264833264833B002NWIQWWA1C1WY0Q49591DTarek Badreldin0051292284800Delicious, fresh, well packed and organicSo far, we had 2 orders of this organic medjool dates, and we are planning on frequent ordering. The quality and price are much better than nearby stores.
264834264834B002NWIQWWA1W5M7SJ2PVCETRMG0051289692800Fabulous Dates!These are the best dates I've been able to locate. They are plump, sweet, and clean (free from debris and bugs). I use them as a natural and nutritious sweetener in green smoothies. They can also be eaten alone as a snack or used in recipes. Absolutely delicious! Well worth the money.
264835264835B002NWIQWWA2X4DS5KRSZFHRJiggy Bear0051287619200Simply Superb!What they said in the rest of the 5 star reviews is true! I'm pushing 60, and I've had lots of dates in my time :D but these are the best! Excellent prices, fast delivery, nicely presented, and the freshest I've found. One or two totally satisfy my sweet tooth. These are very special, and good for you, too!
264836264836B002NWIQWWA1U8VI6I2MFEU8Mona Lisa "M.W."0051286755200Terrific Dates! Can't find any better anywhere.I used to buy my dates at Whole Foods when they sold them in bulk and I could pick and choose. They were pretty soft and plump, depending on the batch/age I guess. Well they stopped selling them like that, and began to only carry packaged dates. I stopped buying them because they were too hard and shriveled for my taste, and seemed old. Basically I stopped buying dates all together, as I had been spoiled from the good dates Whole Foods used to carry, and couldn't find dates anywhere that could compare.
I'm happy to report that United With Earth Organic Medjool dates are by far the best dates I've found to date! (no pun intended) I am truly a "date snob", so I am very picky.
We use these dates in our smoothies which we make with plain Kefir and frozen berries. (4 dates per serving) They add just enough sweetener to our sour berries and sour kefir to make a delicious smoothy. Dates are excellent to add to oatmeal, cereal/granola, breads/muffins, or to just eat on their own to satisfy a sweet tooth after a meal.
I am thrilled that Amazon carries these dates. I'll be a loyal customer! You won't be disappointed!
264837264837B002NWIQWWAPZUC0SZKOI7GMarsha El Amin "Tea lovers"0051283472000Great Juicy DatesMedjool Dates are always very expensive, but since I didn't order from my regular vendor this year, I decided to try these dates because of the price and I am very happy and well pleased with the taste.
264838264838B002NWIQWWA2NAMA6YGQGPSMAlber N.0041280448000Earth Organic DatesVery good dates. I have tried very moist, rich medjool organic dates, if anyone know a brand like that please comment.
264839264839B002NWIQWWA2CFV6MP606NHTCreate Joy0051273536000great product, good priceCliff Bars stopped making my FAVORITE foodbar - Organic Nectar Cocoa & Walnut. Dates was one of the main ingredients. I have multiple food allergies and this was one of the only foodbars I liked and was ok for me. I wrote to Cliff expressing my sadness about discontinued item and was even more disappointed to not receive any response. So, thanks to the internet and bloggers, I was able to come up with a receipe to make my own Cliff Bar knock offs :) Thank you!! I have bought these dates several times and have always been pleased. Hope continues to carry!
264840264840B002NWIQWWA1ZMS3LQ95Y7U4cs3511286841600packages not sealedWhile these packages had an attempted seal on them, it was loose and the dates could be accessed within the package. They cannot be eaten because of the bad seals. I am really disappointed and won't purchase this brand again.

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