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264841264841B002NWIQWWA1CQ4RP45RMPJEMaximus "KDM"1251262131200Excellent DatesThese are very nice dates although somewhat pricey. I soak them in hot water and once the water is cool, simply keep them in the fridge and have a few a day. After a few days the water that the dates were soaked in becomes very sweet and tasty and it can be used in all sorts of recipes (e.g. muffins, smoothies, etc.).
264842264842B002NWIQWWA2C5ENTG2LAB9LT. Wiloughbi0331279324800Nice for cooking but a little tough just to eatYou have to soak these in water to just eat them plain or it is too difficult. After a few days the water that the dates were soaked in becomes very sweet and it can be used in all sorts of recipes but I like them in molasses breads best, at least when someone is willing to make it for me: >. These are very nice dates although somewhat expensive. I soak them in hot water and once the water is cool, keep them in the refridgerator and they are good to go.
264843264843B005V9YXTOAC79VY2MX5G5Fsleeper1141333411200Tasty -- even my kids and husband will eat!I got a coupon from a ...well known bulk store... and thought I'd try them out instead of Cape Cod chips. Very pleased! They are like a cross between pita chips and kettle-cooked chips. They have this dry powder flavoring (I assume its a powdered sea salt base) which enhances the taste but doesn't stick to your hands. When we first tried them, they tasted familiar. That Friday we got Chinese food and realized -- they kind of taste like the wontons on a crab rangoon! Dry flat crunchy chip, not greasy, a little thicker. My husband has been eating them with sour cream & onion chip dip and he thinks they would be great with a thicker party dip.
I don't know if its because they are a bit thicker, but I find I can't eat as many. Awesome! I used to get lazy and sit down for a movie with the chips in the bag instead of a bowl -- and realize later that I had eaten the whole thing! (I'm a big eater for a thin girl) I sat down with this bag and felt full after about 15 chips.
As for the nutritional value? It's 35% of Vitamin A, 4% each Iron & Vitamin C. It's nice to know you're getting that extra vitamin boost, but I will not swap a vegetable for these as a side dish. For us, these are just a nice bonus snack.
264844264844B005V9YXTOA2HOLM5I1ARX9JCarol C. "ccjello"1151329436800Happy to eat my vegetables this way . . . . yum!I was pleasantly surprised by these -- they're delicious and substantial -- more filling than potato chips, and even a little bit healthier.

Not to be drawn in too quickly by the clever "Eat Your Vegetables" name," I made sure to check out the nutritional content. Not sure these are quite as healthy as a big bowl of broccoli, but . . . . they're not all bad. Curiously, although the label touts sweet potatoes, carrots, and navy beans . . . in that order . . . the #1 ingredient in these chips is dried potato. Followed by navy beans, rice flour, sunflower oil, canola oil, and potato starch follow. Then comes carrots, sweet potato, maltodextrin, sea salt, onion powder, sugar, konjac flour (whatever that is), garlic poowder, citric acid and natural flavor. A 1 ounce servine of 13 chips has 130 calories / 60 from fat. Each serving contains 35% of a day's supply of Vitamin A, 4% of vitamin C, 4 % of iron, and 2% of calcium.

These are an excellent stand-alone snack. Probably not a good substitute for real vegetables -- but if you're choosing between a bag of Cheetos and Eat Your Vegetables chips, these are an excellent choice.
264845264845B005V9YXTOA1GQAKL9CGQLP1L. M. Keefer115132719040035% of Vitamin A--a healthy & tasty snack!If you're always on the look-out for a healthy, tasty and unusual chip, these may delight you. One serving--13 chips or 1 oz.--provides one daily serving of vegetables. Wow! They have a bit of a sweet potato/carrot-salty taste although they're fairly low in sodium (only 6% of daily allowance.) They have a bubbly light texture which is fun. Love the texture. They have no trans-fat and are all natural and cholesterol free and vegan. The fat content is 11% which is okay--it's from pressed sunflower and canola oils.

I love the taste of them--especially knowing they provide a serving of vegetables. Other ingredients include dried potatoes, navy beans, rice flour, potato starch, carrot, sweet potato, maltodextrin, onion powder, garlic powder, konjac flour, citric acid and natural flavor. They are a fun sorta crescent shape. The back of the bag shows them being dipped in guacamole but I find there's enough flavor, I'm happy with them plain.

They'd be great to serve at a party as they offer a unique taste, texture and are healthy.
264846264846B005V9YXTOA1I8T435PA9453Katie0051346803200The Best Chips Ever!Just picked up the sea salt chips when we were on holidays in BC. Love, love, love them. Can't wait to try the other varieties.
264847264847B005V9YXTOA2KKERLXXYWECBBree W.0051337990400Absolutely DeliciousI know that vegetables are more nutritious than these chips (it even says so on the packaging), but this is a healthier alternative to your traditional snack foods. I will definitely buy this again!
264848264848B005V9YXTOA1PIMS73NJDA77Kels0051327708800Wow!Wow! I picked up a big bag at a well-known bulk store because I'm looking for a healthy, gluten-free alternative to my toddler's snack cracker "addiction."

We both LOVE these chips! I feel better about letting him have seconds (or thirds...) and he's happy.

The texture is great, very light and crispy! The flavor reminds me of something, but I can't put my taste buds on it...whatever it is, is good!

If you want a change or if your snacking is just empty calories, try these! ONE serving of vegetables in one serving of chips? Awesome!

Great addition to our new, (hopefully gluten-free), healthier lifestyle...will be purchasing more of these for sure!
264849264849B005V9YXTOA2I7Z8LAIHICUIEdward L. Przybylowicz0151329177600Delicious!!These chips are delicious. And you can recognize all of the ingredients on the ingredient list! My kids inhale them.
264850264850B001CZHAPUA2XE38YMFD4GD7J.P. Taylor91211244678400great itembad people
264851264851B001CZHAPUA3OTFT5C9FC63UEntheous2251298332800Korean Ginseng Tea is the Best!I was sharing with a colleague at work that I decided to quit caffeine. No medical problems, wanted to get rid of the coffee, energy drinks, MD, etc. He offered a bag of Korean Ginseng Tea to try. Wow! The flavor was not good or bad; however, an acquired taste. Notice its calming effect. No jitters! No Nervousness! Just smooth. I sweetened my tea with 1 tbsp of Grade "B" Maple Syrup - awesome. I received my order as promised.
264852264852B001CZHAPUA2XTPO6WBYQEVFKundi1151319328000Great Ginseng FlavorI bought Prince of Peace Ginseng Tea, Royal King and one other manaufactured by Dongwon Korean Ginseng Co (which I have not tried yet) from Amazon. I opened the Amazon box and the packaging for all three looked pretty much the same. I actually thought they were all the same because of the packaging. I started drinking Royal King and it wasn't that strong in taste. I later opened the Prince of Peace, because I wanted to give away one of the ten little boxes. I tried it on a whim and I was surprised at the very strong and pleasing ginseng flavor that Prince of Peace has. When it comes to ginseng flavor, two of the Royal King packages does not equal one package of Prince of Peace. As of 10/23/2012, this tea will not disappoint in flavor. It tastes so very good. Incidentally, I also drink this tea sweetened with maple syrup.
264853264853B001CZHAPUA1LAN9I0QH293Bicanoewenonah "Not to commercialize, but just...1131310169600Instant Ginseng Tea - easyI got this for my husband who loves ginseng tea as a pick me up.

I thought this was the same one he bought in an Asian store in Naples, FL but while similiar (even the package) it was not the same. He liked the original one much better & needs to put a bit of sweetener in this brand.

Still easy for him and works well for a quick "tea" at work.
264854264854B001CZHAPUACHCEQOIXN27ADarrel Tyree1151297987200Recommend Prince of Peace Korean Ginseng instant TeaThis is my second order of Korean Ginseng Tea. I normally combine instant Ginseng with other teas, such as Celestial Seasonings Emperor's Choice Herb Tea, which Celestial Seasonings had the poor judgement to discontinue, but it does considerably well added to other teas. I believe it's an enjoyable way for Ginsing to be consumed to gain the health benefits that Ginsing provides.
264855264855B001CZHAPUA3FQH0NC5L14REM. Howard "Read Alot"2351323648000Energy & PurposeA few months ago, I was offered a cup of this amazing tea, Prince Of Peace Instant Korean Panax Ginseng Tea - 100 Count I was immediately impressed with the fresh taste and the sealed packaging. Upon emptying the contents of a packet, a temporary creaminess arises while the Ginseng bursts into a pleasant aroma. I love a teaspoon of honey in my tea. I've always known how Ginseng gives me an almost instant energy boost. For a number of years, upon arising each morning, I have experienced such positive affects from similar Ginseng products. But the Prince of Peace brand of Ginseng is extremely pleasant and powerful; and almost addictive. So I find myself repeating the delicious infusion several times per day. The only exception is not to have any before bedtime! Prince Of Peace Instant Korean Panax Ginseng Tea - 100 Count
264856264856B001CZHAPUA78FND0X9EZG2Colin King0041350086400Ginseng TeaI have ordered this product before (several times) and found that the quality and taste are consistant
264857264857B001CZHAPUA1FU8LGQM9RDPVWoods0051346976000Pure EnergyGreat quality, not as good as the more potent red ginseng but almost and at half the price.

I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this purchase.
264858264858B001CZHAPUA2MA5O4ZFVNP2Coco Shops0051345420800Husband loves this stuffMy husband loves this stuff, mixes it with Ginger Crystals tea. And it is a really great price on Amazon. What more can I say.
264859264859B001CZHAPUA1S8HPS1UTJ3TVDawn S.0051343260800MMMMM!!!!Easily made ginseng tea. Not to sweet but not bitter. Convenient little boxes in a big box. Dissolves instantly in hot water.
264860264860B001CZHAPUANTALTO0B973Pallen0051339977600Tea with benefitsWasnt a very big ginseng fan, friend gave me a pack one day, to put in my water. This week I gotta grab more...this time, it'll be two boxes.
264861264861B001CZHAPUA3NPGU7XJHK2Mhappy shopper0051335916800wow~this is my second box and i am very satisfied. it easily dissolves in warm and cold water and tastes great both ways. it also makes me feel great. i have been feeling very weak and tired and i'm only in my 20's but this really helps with my energy level and health especially when i feel like i'm getting sick. but make sure you look up directions for drinking this. it says do not exceed 3 weeks becuase it may lead to high blood pressure. rest a week and then drink it again. great product especially for the price!
264862264862B001CZHAPUA3V1CM5FDVWP3JJ.G.P. "JeRa"0051332547200Great energy boosterGreat product for a good price! I have been using it for about a year. I normally drink one or two per day. After I drink it, I can really feel that energy boost, which is better than drinking a cup of coffee.I am also aware of the positive health effects of drinking ginseng, which for me is an additional bonus. I will not hesitate to recommend this product to my friends.
264863264863B000EA3M4WAD63V1AC9DO43Suzanne L. Searle "puma"3351229385600sweet!sweet for me: best sugar around. sweet for the farmer: i buy fairtrade whenever i can. sweet for the rest of us: most fairtrade farmers would otherwise be in danger of being pushed into growing cocaine. sweet for the earth: another piece of vital tropical land preserved. oh, and did i mention that the sugar is wicked good?
264864264864B000EA3M4WALF1JH3R60VYBC. Herfurth "chucknphyllis"2251194566400YUMMYRaw Cane Sugar is the ideal sweetener for me - trying to get away from refined processed foods and get back to as natural as possible - price seemed to be FAIR just as they state FAIR TRADE - we will buy again!
264865264865B000EA3M4WA26L9G0HEH0FEWDesertsiren1151191888000Just Sweetness! and good for you, too.I wanted the best-tasting Organic raw sugar--and this fills the bill nicely--just a spoonful gives a rich and full-flavored sweet taste to tea, etc.
264866264866B000EA3M4WA1I33D43RQTL01J. N. Johnston "really then"0041307404800Raw Cane SugarI really like this sugar. It's less processed than the sugars you generally find in stores. It's definitely more expense so it's best to buy on a sale day. It has worked great for me used in baking or just in morning coffee.
264867264867B000EA3M4WA3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"0051258675200Beneficial SweetnessWholesome Sweetener's Raw Cane Sugar from Malawi is excellent. It's versatile... from coffee to yes,pasta recipes that call for sugar.I've been going through mine rather quickly. The package even has a recipe from Marcus Samuelsson The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa Unfortunately, it's a recipe for ginger cookies rather than something exotic from Malawi. Wholesome Sweeteners benefits its growers, so it's not only good in cooking, but it also helps those who cultivate it! It's fair... and sweet.
264868264868B000EA3M4WA2CGB4EHNRZC3NTammy Bisgaard0051211500800MMM Good!I love this Raw Cane Sugar so much that we order it by the case now. It taste really good. I like that it is also a Fair Trade item which means that the people harvesting, shipping etc. is getting a fair wage. Thank you for making such a good product.
264869264869B0046H1SCWA2C4RRZH7COEPKJohn S. Carusone2241344902400very good qualityCanned salmon is a very healthy food and an inexpensive way to get your omega 3s. Wild salmon is way better than farm raised for your health. At the Trident website (makers of Rubinsteins Red Salmon) they claim there is no bisphenol A (BFA)in the lining of their cans. [...]. It does contain the skin and bones of the salmon because the product is cooked and canned simultaneously. You can buy skinless and boneless canned salmon from Trident under Trader Joe's house label or Cosco's under the Bear & Wolf or Kirkland labels
264870264870B0046H1SCWA3FC173BX758UWCJ "CJ"0051333065600BPA FREE?I love Rubinstein salmon..only kind I buy because its wild caught but I wonder if the cans are BPA free..maybe the company can comment on this. I feel this is something that should be put on the can to let the customer know..

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