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264883264883B0017SY0LEA3LYVXX8Q0BX5QSarah R. Vitberg2251237420800YUM!This is the best tasting snack I've ever had. at work they have them in the vending machine, and on a daily basis I get them. I decided I should order some for myself instead of using all my change in the machine! They are healthy for you, and taste as though you have scooped up fresh salsa onto a chip. The brown rice chips themselves are delicious, very light with an interesting taste. I highly recommend this!
264885264885B0017SY0LEA338ARDFVU255RG. Hagstoz "Hagz"0051255564800Great chipsThese are my favorite chips! Thank goodness I bought the small bags because I cannot stop eating them on my own. I highly recommend (and they are gluten free).
264886264886B0017SY0LEAMDYZVZPE9S23L. Flaherty0051244592000Very Tasty!Even my 2 yr old son loves these, just enough spice but not too hot. Everyone I know that tries these falls in love, they are whole grain brown rice and absolutly delicious. My fav flavors are Salsa and the Chili, they are the best. I love the fact that they are good for you too, it's a great snack.
264887264887B000NHZK96A1D68IZ2ZGM1LYG. Marsella141451291766400Get started making your own sushiSo you've been paying how much for sushi at those fancy Asian fusion bars? Stop it this minute...start making your own with this nori. It's incredibly cheap, good, and even includes the sushi mat. (Line the mat with plastic wrap...keeps the mat clean and each roll will be wrapped up for refrigerator storage as you roll it.) Use chicken or cooked seafood if you are wary of raw fish (or make vegetarian ones) and don't cut out the slices until ready to serve. There are a number of good internet sites on making sushi...just Google it. Oh, and you'll need Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice (5#) and Nishiki 100% Natural Sushi Vinegar, 10 Fluid Ounces (or their equivalents - lots of competing products), too.

Highly recommended.
264888264888B000NHZK96A30BWAZ0YH3WAIN. Angstadt11115127336320050 sheet pack of NoriAfter ordering this item, I was skeptical on what quality the nori was going to be at this price. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about. It came intact with no breaks, was sturdy enough to roll, yet delicate enough to chew when rolled. I give this product an A+.
264889264889B000NHZK96A1B43MVCIS83FPThrool101311290556800Cheap mat, nasty noriThe rolling mat is very cheaply put together, not impressed at all with it, wish I'd gone for a non-bundled mat, might have gotten a decent one. The nori is vile-tasting; I normally love nori with my sushi, but no one in my family, including me, could stand the stuff; we all ended up cutting the nori off (peeling left a residue on the rice) and eating the maki with a fork instead. A day in the fridge only strengthened the bad nori flavor. Awful stuff.
264890264890B000NHZK96A2L8MUJGRRZJ67Timachu1111335916800Meh...So-soNot to knock this but to be honest the nori was under quality.
The sushi mat was really cheaply made but what can i say for the price you get what you pay for *shrugs*
264891264891B000NHZK96A1OW05IFB843RNaudchild "Donna"1141310256000Tastes like the oceanThis is a good quality nori and the bamboo mat is a great bonus. I've made 4 full sized maki rolls with it so far, and it performs very well. Maybe a little too thick...but good tasting and well toasted.
264892264892B000NHZK96A3OSVVWZBAO0XMA M2351298764800works for meAs a novice do it yourself sushi chef I tried these seaweed sheets. They worked well for me. May buy them again in the future.
264893264893B000NHZK96A1HDXNV61FUSCIRandy0051350345600nice and easy to useThe wooden mat is durable and the seaweed us good quality. I haven't had trouble with it at all for the month that i've had it and it makes excellent sushi!
264894264894B000NHZK96A1TPIKLCKZE4MTHi from Charleston SC0051349222400My expirience was dual but usefulI bought this product because my wife and I decided to make sushi at home. This offer included sushi mat, and nori were not expensive if to compare to anothers. As first time customer, I can say: I got that I expected for money I was ready to spend. But my suggestion for first time users: go to nearest asia market, if you don't live in country definetely, and buy all of it twice cheaper with same quality and will not pay for delivery.

To company: I believe you can grab more customers if will add at least recipies of sushi in your packs and somehow exclude delivery expenses. Your product costs at same price like in Charleston's local stores.

with respect to all
264895264895B000NHZK96A1EFO8LGTYGQ5GThe Old One0051348617600Maki-zushi i mat and noriThis worked very well. I was amazed at how easy it was to make maki-zushi rolls. I use this all the time and strongly recommend it.
I got several of these and I get together with my daughters and grandchildren to make various maki-zushi style rolls. Great camaraderie, wonderful fun. The produced food is GREAT too. (however, some very strange combinations have come out of this kitchen; watch the grandkids carefully)
264896264896B000NHZK96A292J3F3FHVLR1Trenidor0051342569600Great Deal!Product works just wonderfully, I feel like this was well worth the price. 50 sheets of sea weed will last me for quite a long time, even though I have sushi almost once a week.
264897264897B000NHZK96A3TRA416R88IB0Judith Phillips0011336780800Sushi was too fishy tastingI was so surprised and happy. I was able to roll the sushi the first time I tried. I was then so disappointed. We couldn't eat it. The nori was so fishy tasting it overpowered everything else. Had to throw my perfectly rolled sushi away.
264898264898B000NHZK96A3OW4UH3TISKJCKware "mom-of-3"0051333497600GreatI really enjoyed the Seaweed Nori package I received. The price was great!!! And I learned to make sushi!!!!!!! The product shipped in time and was exactly as promised.
264899264899B000NHZK96A33UHF3GCJVXLXiM0031333065600Good sushi mat, gross noriThe sushi mat is fine, works great, the nori is disgusting, tastes super fishy. But I got it mostly for the mat so whatever.
264900264900B000NHZK96ANXWTYU66DLXEClipped Feather0051332720000Nori and Sushi matGreat product and super fast service. I was very pleased with this purchase. The Nori was great and the mat worked fabulously when I made my own sushi for the first time. Thanks so much :-)
264871264871B0046H1SCWA3IK6PJO77KV7Zfoodie300131335830400Great salmon, horrible packaging, arrived dentedGreat salmon, packed horribly not enough padding causing the cans to get all nicked and dented. This problem needs to be taken care of!
264872264872B0046H1SCWA334SM8A3SZLKMAlfred L. Moniot1331336435200I have had betterLots of byproducts in the several cans I have opened, so the quality control may be lacking.

I would not purchase this product again.
264873264873B000EKIFQ2A2Q3AARSZVM6P1Jefferson M. Kim3341149292800I like the taste!This is a great base to work with your Pad Thai dishes. I like it a lot and gives me that great "Americanized" pad Thai flavor I'm used to living in Seattle.

I'm now in Germany. . .so importing this thing is the best thing I have. . .
264874264874B000EKIFQ2A1VFH0E6ZULUFZAlex V. "Alex"2251272412800Great taste !!I got this sauce for a friend of mine who's an expert in Tai food.

She cooked a Pad Thai using this and it was delicious! Previous sauces she used had a big issue: too spicy. This one has a low spicy hint on the taste.
264875264875B000KOQFTQA2OS3TIVAKUAHGJ. York1151264118400sacrifice nothingI don't have any dietary restrictions but I do appreciate a product that tastes great and gets rid of unnecessary/unhealthy ingredients. The real reason I give this product a 5-star review is that it tastes great. It is the best grocery-store marinade I've ever used. The flavors burst off of the food. There is a freshness taste that is hard to describe that delights me every time I use this product. The fact that it also cuts out sodium is a mere bonus!
264877264877B0070XU33EA35F1GV43RX2JZLAswampgirl5551193097600Best honey you can buy!After living in Germany and being introduced to "wald honig" or honey from the black forest, I can no longer eat regular honey that we get here in the states. This honey is so flavorful and delicious. I haven't had a bad brand of wald honig but this one I buy often and it is great!!!
264878264878B0070XU33EA2O9F1FKMCCKNSbingsy3351234656000ask amazon or your grocery store to stock thisgives off a nutty fragrance and taste, great for flavoring tea, surprisingly palatable for all that's going on with this honey - as opposed to say the pungent nature of chestnut honey or Zambezi - but without being as plain and one note as regular wildflower honey.
264879264879B0070XU33EA3SL3JYFN1SNEGzahmmy2251280361600Best Honey EverWe buy this honey in the international section of our local HEB supermarket. It is worth every penney. Hands down the best honey I have ever eaten. Delicious on everything.
264880264880B0070XU33EA2RTF4R6EA94KHXuan Zhang0051346803200great honeyThis honey is great, definitely worth the money. It has a floral scent and a mild sweetness. I dissolve it together with tea tree pollen in warm water and drink it every night. I think it is improving my skin condition.
264881264881B0070XU33EALPWIFWELNQZ7Philip Ferrara "Food Lover and cook"0051289779200forrest honeyI first found this wonderful honey in a fresh market store while i was visiting my son in Franklin Tn. When i reteurned home i went on line and ordered some . The sale was smooth as always from Amazon I think Amazon has the best sites for purchasing anything. i buy from other sites but they ars the quickest and mopst user friendly.Philip
264882264882B007TG5EAEA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"0031348099200Broken every time...Despite Amazon sending me a replacement order for these, they still came broken (I can only guess that the manufacturer sends them already broken and it's not Amazon's fault).

Also, these are NOT spring rolls but rice crackers that you either bake, microwave or fry (they puff up and it's fun to watch them turn into puffy crackers from flat rice paper). One rice cracker round takes about 2 minutes on high in the microwave to puff into a big rice cracker. Children would definitely get a kick out of watching these magically morph into funky rice bonnets (they look like Amish hats to me once they transform).

Unfortunately, these were a little on the stale tasting side but still edible with some dips or fillings.

I'm curious to try the shrimp ones as my Korean friend told me that those actually have the best flavor.

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