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264931264931B0000SX27KA3PMPI5ATKXN9EDVR user0041295222400Nice coffee gift packI bought this gift pack for my mom since she likes to change flavors periodically. The coffee tastes good but the flavors are rather strong so we mix half a pack with regular coffee. I like that the coffee is ground since she does not have a grinder nor want to go through the trouble of whole beans. I wish this set did not have so many Columbian Supremo and had more flavors. Last year I bought a similar pack on Amazon but it was caffeinated and had a better mix of flavors.It's a bit expensive with the shipping included, but it's a greatly appreciated treat. I haven't heard if she likes the taste of the decaf verses caffeinated.
264932264932B000JJO5IKA2YI093RCI57PIrosekelly1251250121600Great for Pad ThaiThis noodle is great for do it yourself Pad Thai or Stir Fry. Each pack contains two pouches of already cooked noodle at 7 ounces each. It is the same noodle in the Ka-Me PAD THAI package but with out the sauce and you get two pouches of noodle instead of one. I make my own Pad Thai and this noodle save me a step of cooking since it already cooked. I also add it to many other stir fry dishes for quick meals. It is a go to when I'm in a hurry.
264933264933B000YFC8ISA12RISXUQ76N0AC. George "Foodie Dude"1131243382400Decent packaging, kind of blahI used this first on a backpacking trip and was impressed by the packaging and the idea of having an organic meal with not as much sodium as the non-organic competition's versions. The product was easy to make and I was impressed by the consistency but the taste was pretty blah. I am happy that it doesn't have as much sodium as other similar products. If you add this to another main meal, it works great.
264934264934B005FU4XB2ABZ3E4B4KZ3BZScott4451328918400excellent size, quality, and packagingI can't say enough good things about this antler: after ordering the large size and having it arrive dried, cracked and ancient... well, it took me awhile to go out on a limb and order this from the same company. We have been pleased enough with the quality that I won't hesitate to order another after he chews his way through this. I have a larger Swiss Mountain Dog who chewed through a medium one of these in 3-4 days, but this monster size still has him going two weeks later. I must note that just about any normal dog would be busy for the better part of a year with an antler like this so when longevity is factored into the cost equation, $18 makes a whole lot more sense.

For anyone needing a natural, EXTREMELY durable treat for their beast to chew, antlers are the only way to go. We have tried yak treats, beef bones, nylabones, and everything else we could find online or in both mainstream and specialty pet stores. Antlers and silicone toys are the only thing I will buy him anymore because he destroys $35 "indestructible" toys in under an hour (lesser toys die a quicker, more violent death).
264935264935B005FU4XB2A1H1BDXVIA5TBKMedicPat0051349913600My dogs love these! They are huge...My dogs love these! They are huge compared to other "large" antlers and much cheaper if you calculate the price per Oz of the other antlers I purchased at PetCo.

I have an aggressive chewer "10 yr old yellow lab" and will go through a large rawhide bone in about an hour or an X-large "everlasting dog treat" in about 30 minutes. I also have a moderate chewer "2 yr old golden retrieve" who goes through the rawhide and "everlasting dog treat" in about twice the time as the lab.

Both of my dogs work on these antlers almost daily. We purchased two of Newts Chews Antler "Monster" size back in August and it's now October. One of the chews is half it's original length and the other is about three quarters of it's original length. The dogs seem to only chew on one end or the other and wear it down from the end. There have not been any pieces break off that can be swallowed and cause a bowel obstruction, unlike rawhide. They don't get all gooie (is that a word?) and smelly like other treats we have tried. Our dogs are mostly indoors so we need something that is safe, non-staining, non-smelly, durable, and cost effective. This surly fits the bill.

After trying all types of "indestructible", "long lasting", etc. dog treats. These antlers are our favorite.
264936264936B005CIMZASA1I5TOJ4Q47YMTBlumbriel272751278720000Perfect summer treat!I'm a huge fan of iced coffee, but I don't own a coffee pot. I recall trying Starbucks VIA in stores a few months ago, and the barista telling me that it could dissolve in cold water or milk (unlike normal instant coffees), and tucked it away in the back of my head to try it this summer. I was pleasantly surprised when Starbucks came out with the VIA Iced Coffee packages, mostly because it was designed for a 16 oz serving and lightly sweetened with sugar (100 calories in the entire packet, 50 calories for an 8 oz serving). I add it directly to 16 oz of skim milk, add a little extra sweetener, and shake it all up in a water bottle. It's delicious! It has the classic Starbucks coffee flavor, without being overly bitter, because the coffee hasn't been brewed. It dissolves almost instantly, sugar and coffee and all, in COLD liquid, with no residue or sediment at the bottom.

At $1.00 a packet, it's not cheap - but it is cheaper than getting an iced coffee at Starbucks, and just as delicious - plus, you don't need to leave your house. I used to make cold brewed coffee to drink iced, but that has to be done the night before to extract the full flavor, and then you need to strain it, and to make larger quantities was just cumbersome without the right equipment. I love that I can just pour a packet into a water bottle, add water or milk and sweeteners, and instantly have delicious iced coffee!
264937264937B005CIMZASA17CZLR2CM1XIQFabian "dfabs"455031282780800Too Much Sugar, 83% By Weight!Initially I was a fan of Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee. It's convenient, it's tasty, and it's an affordable alternative to an in-store iced coffee. However after taking the product home, I was shocked to discover just how much sugar it contains. The first thing you notice when emptying the packet into a cup is the huge amount of white granules staring back at you.

Each VIA packet contains 22g of sugar, and just 4.6g of coffee! This is the equivalent of SIX packets of sugar! Starbucks says each VIA is two servings, meaning 11g of sugar each, but you're likely to have the whole thing (14-16oz with water) in one sitting. That's 100 empty Calories (more if you're adding cream).

PROS: Quick, tasty.
CONS: Too much sugar, slightly bitter/burnt taste.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: Starbucks needs to either cut the sugar content in half, or make a "light" version using Splenda or Stevia as a sweetener.
264938264938B005CIMZASAROEIUFDHTF6YLisa101051279152000No Need for Milk NowI tried a sample of this in Starbucks a few days ago. I was surprised when they said exactly what it was. I bought a package of it and drink it occasionally. I love that I don't have to add milk or creamer. I can drink it black and it's just the right sweetness. It dissolves instantly in cold water with no grinds left behind. I think any coffee drinker should try it at least once. It's very good!
264939264939B005CIMZASA2TKPYRNNJPNA2Rhiannon Kovacs3351279065600Pretty Fantastic!I tried the iced instant VIA this week, and I was shocked at how good it tasted. It dissolves instantly in cold water, and it has the great Starbucks taste that I have grown to love. It has just the right amount of sweetness, and the 16oz serving size is perfect. I, too, found it to be quite strong. I was able to stretch it to about a 20oz serving. I added half & half, and I couldn't have been happier. At about $1/serving, you really can't complain. It is much cheaper than a trip to the drive-thru!
264940264940B005CIMZASA6WK6RL62UADUseashells885651278460800Love it!!I'm not an "instant coffee" lover, but this tastes great. I add it to a 16.9 oz. water bottle - shake it up and pour it over ice - add some milk. Perfect amount of sweetness. I also like that it's not artifically sweetened. It's a little pricey, but perfect for the workplace.
264941264941B005CIMZASA3597Y07HLNLUHJ. Doyle2231311897600Looking forward to a low-cal version...I love Starbucks iced coffee. Although an iced coffee is actually one of Starbucks more affordable options, I've spent the summer spending about $50 a month... just in iced coffee! In an effort to get my spending under control, I thought I would try Starbucks VIA caramel iced coffee. Although I like the convenience and the lower cost, the drink is VERY sweet. And certainly, 12g of sugar in a 8 oz serving is more than I would typically add to coffee on my own (a typical sugar packet is 2-4 g). As someone who prefers to eat her calories as opposed to drinking them, I hope Starbucks will come out with a lightly sweetened option soon, as I do enjoy the caramel flavor.
264942264942B005CIMZASA16LSC42YI31CVtoasty2251294185600Unbelievably good and addictingExactly what the product says... dissolves beautifully in cold liquids, and tastes much better than other instant coffees. I've gotten into the habit of adding it directly to some soymilk to make my own iced soy latte. It's on the sweet side (I prefer my coffee to have some bitter notes, this one is all sweet) but since the sugar actually dissolves in cold liquids I'm not complaining too hard. The caffeine level is pretty strong though; I normally have a cup or two of coffee a day and I'm fine, but one packet of this and I was bouncing off the walls. So be warned that while they claim that 1 full packet is a serving, it might not be the case for you.
264943264943B005CIMZASARCRFBVTM1FE1anonymous2251278979200good, but strongGreat taste, but surprisingly strong coffee. I mix it with 16 oz and pour it into a travel mug full of ice. I can usually get 2.5 cups out of one packet.
264944264944B005CIMZASA3FKSKL5YTLTFPsanbornwm4 "sanbornwm4"2251278892800Surprisingly DeliciousAt $5.99 for 6 packets, its a tad expensive, however well-worth the cost. Iced coffee that's much cheaper than stopping at the drive-thru on the way to work is fine by me. I usually don't drink iced coffee black, but this is just sweet enough that I don't even notice there's no milk! Hopefully instant coffee catches on in America so that prices can come down, but for even for now, it's worth the price!
264945264945B005CIMZASA2HZGBKGZIIGK3Randy Griffin2251278633600Saves money and taste better!I normally get an iced grande caramel macchiato at Starbucks for almost $5, this taste just as good to me and it's just over $1. I don't add any water and just use milk when I mix it up and it is really good!
264946264946B005CIMZASA2DDJPV9X6MXLFV. Crawford1141335657600Delicious!I am always in the search for a yummy iced coffee to make at home and am so excited I finally tried this. The price was a little more than I wanted to spend, but compared to the real thing, it's a deal. This is how I make my wonderful glass of iced coffee: First of all, I am one of those people who enjoy a little coffee with their cream and sugar, so I only use a half packet at a time in a tall glass of cold water. I only fill the glass a little over half way full with water and mix in the half packet of coffee. Then, I pour in my milk, almost to the top of the glass, and add 2 HEAPING spoon fulls of condensed sweetened milk that I keep in a container in the fridge where it'll last for a long time. That stuff is a bit sticky, (as is anything wonderfully sweet) so stir stir stir! With a few ice cubes thrown in to keep it cold, it's perfection! No need to add any more sugar since I cut the coffee down and add sweetened condensed milk, either. The only complaint I have is what everyone else has noticed as well, that there is a slightly bitter coffee taste.
264947264947B005CIMZASAQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.1151331683200even better than Frappucino -- WOW!!!I was very skeptical when first trying the Iced VIA, particularly since, as others have noted, the addition of sugar (and NOT Splenda, alas) to the mix is clearly stated on the package. Howver, this product turns out to be a huge win for me. First of all, unlike the regular or decaf VIA which I also love (see my review of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee, Decaf Italian Roast, 3-Count Packets (Pack of 6)), a single serving packet makes 16 oz., not 8 oz -- in other words, you get twice as much. Second, if you just add a little milk or half and half (I use 4 Mini-Moos for one 16 oz. serving) plus a squirt of your favorite chocolate syrup, it's better than a Mocha Frappucino, and at a fraction of the price for a larger serving than even the large size bottles. Even throughout the winter, this is my favorite way to start the day. I'm saving a lot of money by no longer buying Frappucinos, not to mention the effort of lugging a case home from Sam's Club every week. And the sugar content is LOWER than that of a Frappucino -- even if you add your own chocolate -- which pleases me. In fact, a Mocha Frappucino out of the glass bottle now tastes too sweet to me.

Amazon is apparently getting ready to offer a 50-pack case of Iced VIA, which is fabulous news -- I can't wait! :)

P.S. To make it easier to prepare, I keep several recycled 16-oz. plastic water bottles in the fridge. Each time I want a new 16 oz. cup of Iced VIA, I empty one bottle into a Arc International Luminarc Working Glass, 21-Ounce, Set of 12 with one packet of iced VIA mix and add half-and-half and chocolate syrup, then refill the bottle with tap water and return it to the fridge. No need to use a measuring cup or fuss with ice -- the chilled water is always waiting for me and makes a perfect iced coffee each time! Another reviewer does the same with skim milk, a great idea which would eliminate the half-and-half for a better nutritional profile. Either way, delish!!!
264948264948B005CIMZASA1C96WFS5J3EGDMaggieMoo1151320710400Too Good!It's true, you do get hooked. I bought this being curious, and found that it's freaking delicious! It's perfect for those mornings on the run, or those days you just feel lazy and don't want to mess with the coffee maker or walk to the local coffee shop. I love that it's the perfect amount for a venti cold cup with ice and a little bit of soy milk. I hope Starbucks keeps this product for a long time!
264949264949B005CIMZASA2DIGW6438MB48Darla1151317168000Be Careful!Buy this product with the upfront understanding that you may become hooked.
Who knew I would love this product so much. I've tried the hot Via but was not hooked till this product. I do not like strong coffee so I mix half the tube with 12 oz water(directions say 8oz) fill my 24oz cup with ice so coffee is about an inch from the top, then top off with soy or almond milk. Yum I could have one every day. I may have to try it according to pkg directions but at any rate, I am a happy customer.
264950264950B005CIMZASA2YQYBMV9KTBPLazweezie1141315094400Iced coffee convenience!!I love the original, so was happy to try the caramel, but found it really needed some additional sweetness. The original is good all by itself, so thought that was odd. I have not tried to add milk or cream, as I use this at work for an afternoon pickup.

I do love the way it dissolves in the bottle of cold water! I will buy the original again, but probably not the caramel. It could just be I not a huge fan of flavored coffees.
264951264951B005CIMZASA2OOW59P568I1CI Love Target!1151312070400Love This!!!I have been a huge Starbucks fan for many many years... even before most people knew what Starbucks was. I have tried just about every retail product they have offered over the years and this is by far my favorite. I mix a pack in a large frap. style cup w/about 2/3 milk, a shot of choc. syrup & the rest water and ice. Even my husband who is a huge coffee snob tried it and loved it. Great treat, great price for a Sbucks product, & super convenient!!! If you like the sweeter Sbucks products like fraps., you'll probably love this.
264952264952B005CIMZASA2S567QBEXTLSKaren H "tallysgal"1151311033600Wow!I love this stuff! I add 1/2 packet to 12 oz of skim milk, stir and add ice. good as my iced drink I order at the Starbucks store at less than 1/4 the price!
264953264953B005CIMZASA3IWSCI3KCL041Kat1151296950400Love this stuff!I am a big iced coffee fan, but I don't get to have it that much because I don't like to ice my own coffee and I don't like to pay $5 for a cup of coffee.
I was a little leery at first with this coffee. I have never been a huge fan of Starbucks coffee because I have always found it a bit burnt tasting, but the iced via quickly blew that notion right out of the water. The coffee comes just a little sweetened. I opted to add 2 french vanilla liquid coffee mates to my coffee and it was perfect. The powder dissolves completely and easily. The price looks a little high at almost $6 for 5 pouches, but that makes each pouch $1.25, which is less than what you would pay for the same thing at starbucks. Also, if you want to save more, you can drink it without the creamer, I have found that it is sweet enough without the creamer to be enjoyable too!I swear by this stuff and recommend it to everyone. Even my co-workers agree, this stuff is awesome!
264954264954B005CIMZASA2AC18TEDK3XOCShawn1151291680000Great taste!Many instant coffees cannot be dissolved in cold water but that's not a problem with it. The best part is that it tastes just like freshly made Starbucks, at a fraction of the price.
264955264955B005CIMZASAXKMFW25JDBHVJohn Schutz1141290211200Very convenient, good taste, a tiny bit too sweetI don't like warm coffee, and my iced coffee needs a little sweetener. This has a LITTLE too much, but the pure convenience along with the cost makes this worth buying for me.

From talking with an ex-Starbucks barista, ordering a large iced coffee at Starbucks gets you 16 oz of coffee, the rest filled with ice. That's what you're getting here, assuming you got a little sweetener when you ordered it in the store. Works for me.
264956264956B005CIMZASA1LIM4V7Q6LJJJN. Cao1151286064000ridiculously strong, ridiculously goodSo strong, so good; I love it. The Starbucks Via Iced Coffee is delicious and packs a kick. Before I learned of this product, I would drink Redbull, Rockstar, and brewed Starbucks coffee twice a day, making it a very expensive habit. Now, I only rely on one pack of this stuff a day (half the pack in the morning and the other half in the afternoon). It is very unnecessary to drink an entire pack in one sitting. I drank a Redbull the other day and was so disappointed when it wouldn't wake me up. I drank half a pack of Starbucks Via Iced Coffee immediately afterward, and felt extremely energized.

I would like to mention that if you are an avid black coffee drinker, this "lightly sweetened" instant coffee may be too sweet for your taste (you people are crazy; sugar makes the world happy!).
264957264957B005CIMZASA1YZQAX3TQEZKXM. Lien1151285545600COMPLETELY ADDICTED... and happy about it.I only drink iced coffee, and I've always been on the search for instant iced coffee. People don't seem to understand that iced coffee is NOT the same as hot coffee with lots of ice in it. In all my years of searching, there was only one other product that I came across at a high-end boutique grocery store which could compare. However, it was an imported product, way too light, and cost waaay too much. I bought Starbucks VIA as soon as it came onto the market. I've already been addicted to Starbucks for years, but this is taking it to a whole new level for me. To be able to have iced coffee instantly in the comfort of my home is a miracle!!

One packet is good for a VERY large cup, and it is deep in flavor, with just the right amount of sugar. I add 1/2 cold water and 1/2 milk. Sometimes I'll make a small (almost like a shot) cup, with a lot of powder, and it is practically like espresso.

264958264958B005CIMZASAO0ZYEYDEVNFFK9Jedi1151285372800GREAT Coffee FixThis coffee is great while on the go or just wanting a cool refreshing Cup of Joe and a warm day.
264959264959B005CIMZASAB4RTT9LG9V36L. Carbonaro1151285200000Love this Iced Coffee!This works out to be much cheaper than buying iced coffee at the counter. Since I cant get out for lunch, I bought it to be able to bring to work, so that I could have an afternoon iced coffee. It's strong enough and not too sweet for me.
264960264960B005CIMZASA2PRDUXN982ZHMchael R. Pepin1141283040000For people who know what APO shipping meansFor people who know what APO shipping means...

The VIA iced coffee is well worth it. I got it in less than a week (for me a record via APO), and works perfectly with the ubiquitous 1-litter water bottle. Everything is in one simple package (includes sugar) just pull the easy rip tab pour into a 1-litter of cold water bottle, shake and perfect coffee every time!

My only complaint is you can only buy is boxes of 5 packets, if it came 50 pack i would buy that instead...

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