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264991264991B005CIMZASAKKXUEA8BZL33Kathryn Wilton "Worship joyfully. Love comple...0051280880000Definitely LIKE!!!I forget how I saw this product originally, but the heat we've been having in Virginia this summer made iced VIA coffee very tempting (hey, and the price is right, too!). I literally just got it and am sipping my first glass now - YUMMY!

Now, I'm the type that likes her coffee heavily diluted with cream and sugar (and chocolate, if I'm in the mood for a mocha), so I was a little concerned that this might not be sweet enough. I can say that, although not *terribly* sweet, this is lightly sweet and PERFECT!

One reviewer mentioned making it with milk - I think I'll try that tomorrow morning (not tonight; I do want to get some sleep eventually, LOL)

So, DEFINITELY recommended - and I'm going to buy several more packs once I hit this review's "submit" button *grinz*
264992264992B005CIMZASA13IW9J79YXCOAAmanda N. Cameron0051280188800addicted!!!I cant believe how good this is! I am so addicted. I love that I can just throw them in my purse and make them anywhere!! Great idea Starbucks, and its sooo much cheaper than buying one everyday!
264993264993B005CIMZASA339NPRTJPNJ7JMerrygoround1211343174400Gross and WAY too SweetMilk is almost a requirement. All I pretty much taste is the sweetner. It barely tastes like coffee. It tastes weird and like syrup. The packages are sort of annoying because they only tear like 1/3 the way through. So, unless you don't mind waiting a minute for the stuff to pour out of that small opening you either need to tear it with your teeth or use scissors.
264994264994B005CIMZASA12IRGQLFE4EBAChristine "If at first you don't succeed, try...1251311379200Perfect if you like pre-sweetened drinksI purchased the Starbucks VIA iced coffee on a whim at my local Starbucks due to it being on sale. I love it. I was nervous about the taste at first because it's pre-sweetened and while I do like sugar in both my hot and cold coffee, I don't like the excessive amounts that Starbucks packs into its bottled Frappuccinos at the grocery store. The sugar content in those are outrageous. The sugar in these instant iced coffees I can take and I would say it's half as sweet as the Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos, but still may be too sweet for some.

There's one oddity about the pre-measured amount. The directions say to add 16oz of water (and possibly ice), but most standard drinking glasses are just at (or slightly above) 16oz, so if you like milk or cream in your coffee you're going to have a hard time putting the amount you want without the glass overflowing. Perhaps I'm one of the few that drinks iced coffee with cream, maybe? I don't know, but it's annoying (lol). Not annoying enough to rate the product below 5 stars, though. Next time I may make a small pitcher of iced coffee by dumping several sticks in 48oz of water and then I don't have to worry about it. ;)
264995264995B005CIMZASA2EOPMWYV9PFAJJames A. Miller1211309996800NOT "Lighty Sweetened"To be fair I prefer my coffee without sugar, but was not terribly concerned with a "lightly sweetened" product. However, as previous reviews mention, this is 3/4 sugar and is sickly sweet. There needs to be a version w/o any sugar (or artificial sweetener) since it does seem to "mix" better with cold water than the other variations of VIA. (or Starbucks could package an iced version with separate packets of sweetener) For the time being if you prefer non sweetened iced coffee or prefer to sweeten it to you liking steer away from this.
264996264996B005CIMZASA3VJRET2XN8IRFSusan D. Rosko "mrs. spunkmeister"1241287187200Via instant coffeeAs a convenience, this is great coffee. I do find, however, that is HIGHLY caffeinated. I made it up in a pitcher that would accommodated 6 servings (recommended number was five) and it did not diminish the taste, but was still quite caffeinated for me. A good balance of sweetness and blends well with cream if that's your preference.
264997264997B005CIMZASA3H5WKVJRED0BRApple1251286409600I love the taste, not the priceI love the taste. It's very easy to have a cup of iced coffee when I am in a hurry, and it tastes good with or without any milk. It's not too sweet..........I only with its price is lower so that I can have several cups a day.

I have gone through the whole package(5 packs) in two days, so it will cost me almost $100.00 if I consume three packs a day.

I love the taste, but I have to stay with my Taster's Choice for now. It will be great if an 8 to 12 oz jar is available.
264998264998B005CIMZASA25TATUT0AGUJ7Deb Swan61021282780800"Lightly sweet"???What an aggravating product. The package label says "lightly sweet", which sounds perfect, and says that it makes 5 - 16 oz drinks. Checking the Nutrition Facts on the back of the package I see "11 gms of sugar"--sounds reasonable. But when I mix up a packet per directions (in 16 oz.) it was undrinkably sweet. Taking a closer look at the fine print, I discover that although the directions are for one 16 oz. drink per packet, the Nutrition Facts are for "SERVING SIZE 1/2 PACKET and 10 servings per package". My 16 oz. "lightly sweetened" drink contains 22 GRAMS of SUGAR. The packaging is misleading twice over. What could have been a good coffee drink is ruined by our culture's addiction to sugar and corporate labeling practices.
264999264999B005CIMZASA2R9M9ALI356JUJewel B.0141319932800Good taste. Too pricey and a little bitterGood tasting and a little addictive. I bought it when Starbucks was giving free shipping and now they're tacking on $3 for s/h. That pushes the price up too high, so I guess I'll get it at the grocery store where it is about $7 plus tax.

I like to divide these packets almost in half which amounts to about 2 teaspoons which I add to a tall glass of 1% milk leaving room to plunk in about four or five ice cubes. This seems to work for me and doesn't make it taste too bitter. I'm not a strong coffee gal, but this still gives it plenty of coffee flavor. I've followed the directions exactly before making a 16 oz. cup and divided it between me and my hubby. He thinks the strength is perfect, but I think it's too strong. He also likes his coffee black, but I like my cream and sugar.

Overall, I think these packets are handy but not the best in the world. Maxwell House makes a good ice coffee. Their french vanilla flavor is very good while the Hazlenut is only okay and too powdery tasting. It is very cheap at $1.80 a box at Walmart. Possibly a little sweeter than Starbucks and you lose all that burnt, bitter taste. No offense to you Starbucks fanatics. Hey, I do love their Mocha and even succumb to paying over $3 for it at the drive through!
265000265000B005CIMZASA15YXJTYJW6JNUTimothy Davidson "Sparky Enterprises"0141314057600Taste but sweetOnly issue is that it comes pre-sweetened too much, but if you like a coffee kick mixed with a sugar buzz...go for it.
265001265001B005CIMZASA1XPZ89PSXSZGLJ. James "Jinny Lee"0141312934400Great for a quick iced coffee.I originally purchased these in my local grocery store and loved them, then searched for the items on Amazon where I was able to purchase a larger quantity for a great price.

The Via iced coffee isn't quite as good as if went to Starbucks and purchased it directly from them, and it comes already sweetened, so you don't have the option to customize your drink with Splenda, etc. However, if you're looking for a quick iced coffee it's a great find. I have a Keurig and to make iced coffee, even with the iced coffee pods - I either have to drink my coffee ice cold and watered down or slightly warm. You don't have to worry about that with the Starbucks via, it's a powder, so you can have ice cold coffee without having it get too watery.
265002265002B005CIMZASA1XD0WBSEKTSF0E. Joseph0151301184000I absolutely love itI am so excited to see that Amazon sells the Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee! I never thought to look before now, and have been ordering it direct from Starbucks and paying their exorbitant shipping charges. I sucked it up because I have to have this coffee. I am not a fan of hot coffee, but I am an iced coffee junkie. I have been known to double fist the 32 oz iced coffees from McDonald's, I am that ridiculous.

When the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee came out late last year, I couldn't wait to try it. I first drank it just with cold water and ice. It is already sweetened, so we are good to go there. I missed my sweet, milky iced coffee from McDonald's, so I had to experiment a little bit. I tried adding a little skim milk. That helped, it tasted even better.

Then I bought a gallon of 2% chocolate milk, and put a bit of that in instead of the regular milk. Oh my gosh! I have a better tasting iced coffee (in my opinion) than I can buy at any cafe. It is so delicious, and I look forward to it every morning. I think this VIA is made to be mixed with milk, it is strong so that the rich coffee flavor shines through even with milk mixed in. When I run out of chocolate milk, I use skim milk with a good squeeze of Nestle Quick syrup, a good alternative.

I have been trying to find a good iced coffee to make at home for several years, and this is it...I was brewing whole pots of hot coffee and trying to add ice and vanilla syrup, and coffee creamer...bleh, it was so much work and tasted half as good as this! Give the VIA a try, you won't be disappointed!
265003265003B005CIMZASA3LN27742T0L76Fran1711279411200Strong and bitterDoes not mix well at all, lots of nasty sediment at bottom of cup. Bitter and burnt tasting as with most starbucks coffees. Not buying ever again.
265004265004B000CQ5D1IA2TEEKVDECVQ3NAssel Ibraimkhanova121251282694400Perfect service!I live in Kazakhstan and, unfortunatelly, we don't have any type of vanilla beans in our supermarkets. Plus, most of the companies simply do not have delivery to our country. Friend of mine was visiting US and I've ordered the Vanilla Beans from Arizona Vanilla Company to his temporary address. But, unfortunatelly, my parcel hasn't been delivered by indicated time and I've contacted Arizona Vanilla Company for their assistance. They found out that the parcel has been lost and offered to ship new order. I've explained my situation that friend of mine has already left US and that I live in Kazakhstan. Despite the fact that they initially do not ship anything to this direction, they kindly offered to do an exception and ship it to my home address in Kazakhstan! I was soo impressed with such high level of customer care. I've got my parcel and finally can start baking :)
Thank you very much for your care and support! I wish you company great success!
265005265005B000CQ5D1IALMVEWPHV0320Suzanne Booker111151187913600Good beans, good priceMoist, fragrant vanilla beans at a very reasonable price - far superior to the pricey withered sticks available at most supermarkets. Highly recommended.
265006265006B000CQ5D1IA7278BEP0SP1KDavid A. Leon161851280880000I made some impressive vanilla ice cream with these beansI used one of these beans to make some fresh vanilla ice cream last Monday night. The recipe came from Season #1 of "Good Eats", Churn Baby Churn. 2 cups of half & half, 1 cup heavy cream, 1 cup sugar, a little pure fruit pectan, and one of these beans. Heat the cream to 170 degrees, mix in your other ingredients well, then kill the heat. You now have "ice cream batter". Pour the batter in a sealed container, and place the container in the Frig for 6 hours. After 6 hours, get out your ice cream maker and churn for about 30-35 minutes. I find longer is better.

Alton Brown put up a little notification prior to a commercial break stating that Madagascar beans are the most sought-after despite the fact that the Mexican beans are more flavorful. Regrettably, the only source of vanilla beans in my hood is Williams-Sonoma, and they only carry the Madagascar beans. Those do make for a delicious vanilla ice cream, but I didn't want to pass on the opportunity for more flavor. I decided to test Alton's claim by ordering some these beans.

The results are pretty sensational. I pretty much mopped up the floor with some house guests last. They loved the beef bourguignon and the Paella I made, but the vanilla ice cream afterward knocked 'em dead. Let's just say they were flabbergasted.

Make some vanilla ice cream. You will like the results.

Is Alton correct about Mexican v Madagascar beans? I don't know about that. I think the Mexican bean is the far more familiar flavor. If you are an American, you grew up on the flavor of the Mexican vanilla beans. This flavor has the home field advantage. The Madagascar bean is more exotic. It has a coffee-vanilla kind of flavor. I like them both. I think I will cut half a Madagascar and half a Mexican bean on my next batch, and see what the combined flavor is like.
265007265007B000CQ5D1IA164V52WGG1E7ESethB4451278547200Amazing Vanilla!Purchased these for vanilla ice cream, and they are amazing! Arrived quickly in a padded envelope (in a plastic bag), the beans are filled with seeds, moist, and incredibly aromatic and flavorful. Trying some of the other varieties but do not hesitate to get these for ice cream.
265008265008B000CQ5D1IA12MZZEEWPQWTVbakeman3351317427200Excellent productWonderful, fresh and fragrant beans.

Using these to make vanilla extract since I got hooked on Mexican Vanilla from some extract bought in Mexico (lots of crappy ones in gift shops, but found a really good one).

I think that Mexican vanilla beans have a stronger nicer flavor. I used 750ml (scant 1/4 cup removed, to make room for beans) of vodka, and 12 beans split, steep for a couple months and get lots of great quality vanilla extract.

I'll be ordering these again.
265009265009B000CQ5D1IA1GREI4RBPS0D9precious pup "P.p"3351286409600I wish could give ten stars for customer service!My orginal order got lost in the mail (yes it really did). I wrote to the seller and they immedialty sent me another order at no cost to me and sent it express mail. Excellent customer service that we don't see anymore.
As for the Mexican vanilla beans, they are of high quality and the taste is a great power punch of vanilla. I used these in Alton Browns "serious vanilla ice cream". The best I have ever had!
265011265011B000CQ5D1IA3K74114J852FQTim K2251330473600Fresh and fragrantThese beans were fresh and fragrant. Good size and moist. They are currently on the way to becoming some awesome vanilla extract!
265012265012B000CQ5D1IA2NWHOJZ5GMU0WMo-0-22251316995200Happy Cook.I am too cheap to buy a vanilla bean for 3 dollars apiece at the grocery, but many desired recipes called for them and vanilla extract just didn't substitute as well as I would have liked, so I bought these after reading the reviews. They are really wonderful and have allowed me to make some great custard-based ice creams in recent months. I am very happy with this purchase for the taste, quality and price!
265013265013B000CQ5D1IA2IF5DTMAGGMYPMsgtHug2241301356800Well pleasedThe beans arrived promptly and were well packaged in a sealed heavy plastic zip-lock bag. They were approropriately fresh and full. Several of them are currently "doing their thing" in a bottle of honey bourbon.
265014265014B000CQ5D1IA3UXMCZD5HHEE1Wendy Moffitt2251239494400Vanilla beansThese are very high quality and very fragrant. I am happy to have them in my kitchen to cook with when I want that extra punch or flavor.
265015265015B000CQ5D1IA3VEKT4955QPLlisapenn1151303689600vanilla beansThese beans have an excellent smell and flavor. They came in record time. I will be using this company again.
265016265016B000CQ5D1IA17UL6EGY9DP7ESheryl111151301356800Excellent Vanilla BeansI used a combination of beans that included the Mexican beans to make homemade vanilla extract, vanilla sugar and vanilla Splenda. Everything came out great. The beans were fresh and very fragrant. The package arrived quickly and without incident. Will definitely buy these again.
265017265017B000CQ5D1IA1KXS3RR209SFPK. J. Ryan1151291766400fabulous beans!!I used these bean to make vanilla extract and they are so amazing! They are shipped in a padded envelope and were very fresh and moist.
265018265018B000CQ5D1IA1Z9KX7AE32SXDCruisin' through cookbooks1151271894400Excellent beans!Soft, fragrant beans! They made the room smell like vanilla before I put them in the refrigerator. Excellent product!
265019265019B000CQ5D1IA2X8BHOA5P3DYBAnna Conwell0051281830400no complaintsthe beans looked great, arrived in record time, have served me well. I need to order some more!
265020265020B003G4ZYPSA1V9BRJWNMK5JMlalayna4451309392000awesome!ive been looking for a melon syrup to add to my homemade green tea frappucinos (like starbucks) and so glad i found this one! starbucks uses torani, which is now discontinued. this tastes exactly like it so its a great replacement! and a great price for a HUGE bottle

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