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282961282961B0015QDWRQA1YGI0X5MGTDFEExample: Mark Twain1111296259200Bad Dogs!I purchased two boxes of these and they were both stale, hard and inedible. I couldn't find an expiration date, so I can't say for sure how old they were, but they were about as gummy as a rock.
282962282962B0015QDWRQA28C5PHSVA8YC5Kathryn Maulding0051285372800Loved themI ordered these for my granddaughter's 5th birthday party which was a weiner roast - they were a great addition for the kids.
282963282963B0000TM9GOA3RQFQS48OZAZOS. Straw2251324425600I Throw Away Other Cheese StrawsFirst of all, I would like to comment regarding previous reviews. I do not think the first review in 2005 was done by an employee, and that's not really a fair statement but rather an assumption lacking any real fact or evidence. It seems like a very small company that just enjoys making cheese straws and wants to share them with others. I sincerely doubt that, at the great price they are, the company even makes a ton of profit - which is a shame.

Secondly, after tasting Aunt Lizzie's cheese straws for the first time this Fall, I will not eat anyone else's. I literally threw away a package of a VERY POPULAR cheese straw company that I received yesterday as a gift because when I tasted them, they just tasted bland and floury. I could not even bring myself to finish them. I crave Aunt Lizzie's cheese straws so much. (I recommend trying them with some Shiraz or other wine!)

Our company gave out Aunt Lizzie's cheese straws as a corporate customer gift this year, and I bet that Aunt Lizzie will have a slew of new customers after that. Thanks, Aunt Lizzie!! :)
282964282964B0000TM9GOAPQT15K4LVT3PBliss 1494651117756800These are really goodIf you've never had them, they're like a cross between a cookie and a cracker. Kind of the texture of shortbread...but savory not sweet.

The low carb version is fabulous too.
282965282965B0000TM9GOA1IRKTCTOIHJIMhappyann0041349654400Yummy, but...These cheese straws are very yummy. Unfortunately, I felt that they were making me gain weight as part of my low carb diet. I gained three pounds in the week that I bought them eating maybe a couple of handfuls a day. So, while very delicious, they may not work well for my diet.

Update: I see that the product Amazon took me to write this review was not exactly the product I ordered. I ordered the low carb tin.
282966282966B0000TM9GOA1CBG20CYAHJYYLinda Pennot12412808800001st Review Written By EmployeeIf you read the first review and then read the company literature it will become obvious that the 1st review was either written by an employee or was copied from the literature. I will say the cheese straws are the best I have ever tasted. From the flavor to the crunchy feel in my mouth, I am addicted to Aunt Lizzies cheese straws. The negative? Customer service is non existent. An order that was placed on the internet was subsequently lost, even though I received a confirmation via email. I was offered no discount or upgraded shipping, no additional product with my order, no discount on my next order, not even an apology for the 7 day delay. Just an excuse that the email order was lost and that her IT guy would be on the problem tomorrow. Personally, I can count the number of times an email has been lost over the last 10 years on one hand. This is not the first problem I have had with an order. They do not give a tracking number with each order and when asked for one after the order is placed the odds of getting one are 50-50. I have had so many problems with my orders I will go without my Aunt Lizzies cheese straws. I will miss them greatly however I need the hassle associated with ordering them less than I need the cheese straws. ANN, I wish you the best in the future and suggest you participate in customer service training classes to refrain from losing additional customers in the future. FOLLOW UP: I just received an email notifying me that my order shipped on the Aug 9th. I have not placed an order! What more can they do?
282967282967B0000TM9GOA1C5BEPVPUBGVYzippity "zippity"0151294358400Winner -just like mama use to makeThese are perfect, just like mama use to make - maybe a touch better. I am a regular customer and have not had the problem mentioned by the other customer. Just a perfectly lovely homemade cheese snack that are perfect with apples slices when playing cards, snacking, etc.
282968282968B000RHXL6GA30HHGQ1P5OXTZStephanie Adams0041255737600Visually stunning, fairly freshI've been spoiled from getting our spices from Penzey's. These weren't quite as fresh as Penzey's seeds, but guess what? They were cheaper. Besides, these are still quite a bit better quality than the sesame seeds you're likely to find in a store. The addition of black sesame adds a lovely color contrast.
282969282969B0001VWGKKA50BYTTPJI3BTNevada Gal "Consumate Homemaker"4551289260800A hard to find product!I needed these Juniper berries fora Sauerbraten recipe. Couldn't find them in any store, so was pleased to find them here. Very pleased with transaction. Will be back!
282970282970B0001VWGKKA1RYVO6VGL1JU4marty0031342310400Good supplier and productThe supplier emailed me to check whether I wanted green or black berries which I thought was an impressive followup. The berries arrived in a plastic bag when I was expecting a glass container as per the advertising pitcure. However, all in all I was happy with the service and the product.
282971282971B0001VWGKKAHQKTT3JST1VJCynthia Mathiesen0051319846400Whole Juniper BerriesThese juniper berries were exactly what I needed to cook a few German and Danish dishes. I was happy to find these online since the local grocery store doesn't carry them.
282972282972B0001VWGKKA1KHLFFVR81PHJJohn T. Parker0041310774400Good BuyGood price on these and they seem to be of good quality. I can only give it 4 stars since there is some debris in each bag that has to be filtered out before use.
282973282973B005BUNVBYA27Y6AETJ4YTXQThehungergamesisboss0041338508800Ok... I guessSo the beans arrived three days after I ordered them. It was the first out of three products ordered. The beans are small, smaller than I had hoped. It says one pound, right? To be blunt, to me it's kinda like half a pound. The reason I gave it four stars was because of the price, and because the shipping was pretty fast. It's a 16 oz package of tiny beans, nothing more, nothing less.
282974282974B004MTQJUUA3VB927YV6S1Q0Jo Medrano0051334534400makes the best pfeuferrneuses!The anise oil was nowhere to be found in Modesto. I could not believe the inexpensive cost...even w/ s&h. The cookies were the best! They tasted better than the expensive ones we wait for and buy at Christmas...and I made them in April! The product arrived in perfect condition and much sooner than I'd anticipated.
282975282975B004MTQJUUA1CCXFHV79SVQJBallroom Lover1321301702400Outrageous shippingTwo stars is misleading. The anise oil was fine but the shipping cost was ridiculous. The shipping was more than the product, took over a week to arrive, and arrived in a bubble envelope with my regular mail - something I could have sent USPS for about a $1.50. When I saw the shipping cost I tried to cancel the order immediately but that option was not given to me. I will not be ordering from this merchant again.
282976282976B003TRL848AGTK3Z1T6BCV0keesjk0021306281600Not as shownStirrers do not come in container shown. Got these for a parts and they are presented in a cardboard box. Detail is horrible, unless you are the one that ordered them you would not know that they are strawberries. If it was for anything more than 3 year olds they would be going back.
282977282977B0043BH1EKA2F2F84J80EIE6S.A.0011348617600NOT what is pictured!Beware that this product is NOT what is pictured! What is shown is the Pill Pockets for Capsules in a 7.9 oz bag. What is delivered is the much smaller Pill Pockets for Tablets in a 3.2 oz bag.
282979282979B004132VJAA1SW5FAS6Z97MYJerry B1151322524800fresh, pretty & functionalThis was a great gift idea for all the nursing stations at the hospital were I work. It was easy to carry them & the fruits were realy tasty & fresh.
282980282980B00755TH5CA2SL0ZY9L70NRKCarolyn D. Cook "carolyn_cook"0051347148800Fun to useThese rice papers worked really slick when I followed the directions and tips. We had some really delicious summer rolls using them as wrappers. They are so easy, yet they make the meal look complicated and artistic.
282981282981B0026SDUZ6ATB9X5K58UR2ICathy A. Vogel "Pancake lover"0051276041600Krusteaz Blueberry Pancake Mix is the best ever!!!I love this pancake mix and so does my family - it is delicious and really puts the smiles on their faces. The first time I used this mix my family was so surprised to be served blueberry pancakes and we quickly went through the entire box. This is a favorite for kids ages 2-102
282982282982B000EZUBVEA2YH3TFEYDRDXCMichael Drinks "mikedrinks"101151185408000YUM-EEEMan these cookies rock! Great dense, crumbly texture with a sliver of dark chocolate on top. A perfect light midnight snack without making you feel like a total pig! AND they settlte your stomach for a better night's sleep. Probably great with tea or coffee if you eat sweets early in the day.
282983282983B000EZUBVEA3P222CN9HAPTFSteve Benner "Stonegnome"4451250726400Exemplar chocolate biscuitPlain chocolate digestives are the exemplar of the British chocolate biscuit; McVitie were the inventors (in 1839 if you care about such historical facts) of this lovely Scottish (not English, please note!) confection, so these offered here can be regarded as definitive of their class. Whilst available in a milk chocolate variety, the plain (dark) chocolate version is by far to be preferred. It is a solid, satisfying mix of wholewheat cookie and bitter chocolate coating of the finest quality. Purists will, naturally, wish to stick to the plain wholemeal digestive, both those biscuit- or chocolate-lovers wishing to spoil themselves (and their waistline) will opt for these every time.

American buyers may wish to remember that Digestive biscuits are officially classed in biscuit grading circles as the second most boring biscuit in the world (after Rich Tea and ahead of Hobnobs) so may take a little bit of getting used to, if you're not familiar with British biscuits. But I guarantee that after your second, you'll be addicted. And then you'll wonder where the rest of the pack went.
282984282984B000EZUBVEACK5ZV5DKXMDHA Maryland Reader3451250553600Best Cookie Ever MadeMy family discovered this amazing cookie while in England 40 years ago. It is hands down the BEST COOKIE EVER MADE. Harder to find in the US but whenever I have shared these cookies with a neophyte, just one bite and their eyes light up and they rave about it. The texture is sublime and that layer of chocolate is perfectly proportioned with the with the quantity of biscuit (the English word for cookie). The milk chocolate variety is sweeter but my favorite has always been the plain chocolate variety. Also, this is not a junk food cookie. In a pinch a few McVities make a decent meal replacement. But when eating as a snack, be careful because they are filling. And they go down well with a satisfying quantity of very cold milk.

No joke - this isn't just a cookie, it is the BEST COOKIE EVER MADE!
282985282985B000EZUBVEA2J2UWLGLAPLTNRonverbet0011349654400Check expected delivery on foodI ordered the chocolate biscuits for my mother's birthday in Florida as she usually has me to bring some when I visit from England. I did not observe the expected delivery date as my usual orders through Amazon have been good. It was to be one between 4-6 weeks by the order and it took about 4 weeks. The chocolate was melted and biscuits stuck together. Yes, I should have seen the expected delivery but why does a company expect to take that long for a perishable item or not protect it?
282986282986B000EZUBVEA2LHQPHYPIWFKLJoan S imoneaux0051349395200McVites DigestivesI like the product. The ones I got straight from the UT were badly melted and stuck together so bad that I couldnt' get them separeted. The ones that came in a box from McVites here in the States were just fine. They work well, although they give me a bit of gas. However, I do like the effect and it does help digestgion.
282987282987B000EZUBVEA289RF34F80ISandra E. Bush1251232150400McVitie's Original DigestivesIf more Americans realized how delicious these biscuits are, they'd need a factory in the US. So good they are my English husband's cookie of choice.
282988282988B0093NIO9YA32B02YNIHLYTMGB0051344211200Yummy snackJelly Belly's are hard to find in bulk any more in my area. I like the cinnamon jelly beans best. I ordered a pound of them. They arrived quickly and were nice and fresh. I am doling them out to myself sparingly and savoring each one!
282989282989B0093NIO9YA3AVJCB1ZD6ZY5R. Kyle0021233878400Whatever happened to HOT cinnamon candy?Valentines Day is one of those rare holidays where I join the Philistines whose favorite candy is not chocolate. Forget the heart shaped box, the chocolate chip roses, the cakes. Give me cinnamon that's hotter than a scorned woman's temper.

Except, where did it go? Somewhere in the past few years, cinnamon candy got namby pamby. Someone told me that people complained.

These are not the red hot Jelly Bellys I used to get. You know, the ones that made your nose run? And in a cold February, there's nothing better. (Well, nothing I'm going to talk about here, anyway) They're sanitized, expurgated, dare I say it? MILD, kiddie candy.

Still looking for my sinfully hot cinnamon for the year. Any suggestions?

Rebecca Kyle, February 2009
282990282990B0093NIO9YA82WJ2HGF0I10Teacher Mommy0051214524800Yummy Cinnamon Jelly Belly!I order this 10 pound box of jelly bellys and they came very quickly. The box is heavy and the jelly bellys were perfect. If you are a cinnamon jelly belly fan this box is for you!

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