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283021283021B000F0BVYEA3JGEULKSMBVULSis0011282435200Critter RidderI bought this for my parents who live in Esmerelda Co, Nevada. The little ground squirrels out there were eating the green tomatoes off their plants. They sprinkled this on the ground all around their plants. Didn't even phase the little buggers. Don't waste your money.
283022283022B000F0BVYEA3L9FAK0OUUSU3JEF "dejasmom"3511214956800NO Criiter Ridder !!!I found this product to be totally INEFFECTIVE in regards to my woodchuck/groundhog problem. The woodchuck walked right through the barrier ( which I had spread thick and wide ) with no hesitation. I was very disappointed in this Havahart product.
283023283023B000F0BVYEA25CZ6KR1RD4OUWhitney Snyder1211309824000Completely ineffective!We have a raccoon and squirrel problem. This stuff hasn't phased the raccoons or squirrels. The raccoons walk through it every night and the squirrels were actually eating the stuff. What a waste of money!
283024283024B000F0BVYEA371M9G6Y5W352Cowboy1211305158400Don't waste your moneyA raccoon was doing and leaving his "business" on a specific spot in my back yard...I witnessed him! I thoroughly sprayed the specific area with Critter Ritter. Next day I found a new deposit on the previous deposit. Couldn't be any clearer than that.
283025283025B000F0BVYEA1VK2HF2BUP6Q6Bryan Remer1211302480000Doesn't bother dogsI applied the product liberally to my small yard in the afternoon, following the instructions. In the morning I found the local dog(s) had loaded the yard again ...liberally. No help at all, and too expensive to try it again. This product is no better than others I've tried -- at least on dogs. I need sonething a lot stronger!
283026283026B000F0BVYEA3FCYNWPF3CYMFT. Pan1211246233600Does NOT keep neighborhood cat awaySome neighborhood cat uses our backyard as her sandbox every night. We sprinkled Critter Ridder heavily around the cat's favorite spots. Not only did the cat come back, she pooped on one of the treated spots again.
283027283027B000F0BVYEA13SV7V95KQBXQÃ¥mâzŏniān "Being an Earthling, Livi...2421245283200May work for squirrels, but absolutely not chipmunks!Maybe Havahart wised up & stops listing chipmunks as one of the targeted rodents, but the 2-lb bottle I got from my local Home Depot still lists chipmunks (text & photo) as a targeted rodent and I was duped into getting this. I used it according to directions & there was no rain/wind for a good 2 days after application. I haven't seen a squirrel since but my chipmunks are ATTRACTED, not repelled by it. So this product (or its earlier ver. still sold by Home Depot) is useless towards chipmunks. It may work well for squirrels from what I observe. I returned my bottle to H.D. today albeit I used 95% of it already.
283028283028B000F0BVYEA2J4MZ5PQPJ21UFrustrated Gardener0111244937600Expensive and uselessI tried the spray bottle version which was supposed to work on squirrels and chipmunks. I was having problems in my garden and thought I'd give it a try. I followed the directions and it had absolutely no effect. Hell, I think they like the stuff! Save your money....a bad deal!
283029283029B000F0BVYEA19W09QI2V092UAlan Wedding "hawkv8"0311267920000Waste of Time and Money!Used it for skunks. Absolutely no effect even at double the dose. I don't know who dreams up this organic crap but I have learned over the years that most "green" products are a waste of time and usually cost more than good old tried and true methods!
283030283030B003YD2WPGA2LPTK6D65A8AWNimadan1111347840000Insane PriceI've been addicted to this stuff for years, and over the years I've bought it from a variety of sources,
so I think I have the experience to say that $11.93 for one can is an absolutely INSANE price. Until and
unless this supplier comes to his senses, get it somewhere else.
283031283031B001AHKYTYA2JHQJEAONWIBRI Am Connected "MA Long Island"2251311120000Just the right amount of sweetnessI have this product on automatic delivery every month. I find that many of the commercial granola products are just to sweet and loaded with sugar. The Ambrosial Muesli has the right mix of light sweetness with a great whole grain taste. I mix it every Am with dried dried organic cherries and raisins. A great cereal for us grownups.
283032283032B001AHKYTYA1972S1RPX618RSweetc202251301184000TastyI love this tuff it taste so good and I put it in practically everything, but my favorite way to eat them is with vanilla yogurt and with my whole grain total ceral. I will buy some more as soon as I run out of this.
283033283033B001AHKYTYA34DRCZQHT1VGBcbone17633451289952000delicious, and no high fructose corn syrup..:Pthis stuff is scrumptious chocked full of berries nuts and all that jazz...ohhh yeah and the best part is its all natural...SO ATLEAST THIS ONE THING WONT GIVE ME CANCER...i'll leave that to every other toxic food readily available!
283034283034B008GHGUGMA2HQ6PONH9R7P0Cynda1151348963200Citric acid as descaler for coffee makerThis product worked great to descale a coffee maker. The Senseo web site now recommends using a citric acid solution to descale the machine every 3 months instead of using white vinegar. I was unable to find citric acid in any store in my area. So I was happy to find it on Amazon. Good price and fast shipping.
love my Senseo Senseo 7810 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine, Black also bought on Amazon. Also love my Keurig. Will inquire about using citric acid instead of vinegar to descale it too.
283035283035B001KUULXAA2QMIXOPXF0OMWS. Hibbs2211278720000Price gouging to a ridiculous degreeThese 12 oz bags are $5.00 list price at Bare Naked's website. This seller is marking up 100 PERCENT.....then charging shipping. Shameful!!!
283036283036B001KUULXAA10GB1QMKTTSH1Thomas M. Karl "Westerville Shopper"1151248220800How do I crunch thee?Great, crunchy, chocolate taste without being sickening sweet. 1/4 to 1/2 cup is a nice dessert that takes some time to eat. Try it after a meal or as a snack instead of candy. Product is great but price here is too high though. Keep shopping.
283037283037B001KUULXAA19KNKUO87G19KA. scamacca0331232668800great chocolate taste but....a bit candyish of a crunch for my taste i like them chewy but it is still a good product.probably would go great with milk!
283038283038B000VL009YA1VMGTCTZUKHV6Bulldog0051294790400These are so good!My kids really love these. Got them for Christmas stocking stuffers and they were ecstatic. Ordering was easy, delivery was fast and the condition was perfect. If you want something simple and good, this is what you would want to give your kids. Well worth the cost.
283039283039B000LQN69KA2IS3MIWZX4W7RJ. Mcgurk "jammin621"1151341792000A cut above!I use the paste in an asparagus recipe. Tried another (cheaper) brand from a different store and I could really tell the difference. Giovanni's has olive oil and sugar along with anchovys and it truly makes a difference - I'm hooked! Nice to see I can buy from Amazon (for about $1 cheaper, as well!)
283040283040B000LQN69KA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0051347840000A gift from the heavens!Oh man, this stuff is so good! One of the lesser known secrets of life is that
anchovies make everything taste better, its true. Caesar Salads haven't been the
same since finicky eaters demanded removal of anchovies from the dressing, but
its easy to make your own with this wonderful paste.

Still not you like Chinese food, Thai, Vietnamese? Well Fish Sauce
is entirely made of anchovies, and its present in many of their cornerstone dishes,
and is a main ingredient in dishes you woulndt even expect like Green Papaya Salad.

OK, why am I so obsessed with anchovies? Because they have what foodies call "Unami,"
an almost indescribable fifth taste that takes your eating experience beyond salty,
sweet, sour and bitter. Umami can best be characterized as a "savory" taste, but a
savory so satisfying that it lingers on your taste buds like the final chords of your
favorite song. This magic umami also can be found naturally in foods such as Parmesan
cheese, truffles, meats, mushrooms and certain fish.

I'm guessing anchovies get such a bad rap because of the low quality extra salty versions
used by pizza joints and because of those oily tins you buy in the store with a 20 year
shelf life. LOL

You have products on your shelf with anchovies, mainly Lea & Perrin Worcestershire. Also
my favorite BBQ sauce, John Boy & Billy's, was my favorite for years before I looked at
the ingredients...yep, anchovies. haha

Many great uses for this paste, and my absolute favorite is in BBQ Shrimp with lobster
stock, garlic, and lots of butter. Cant be beaten. Give this stuff a try, it really is
true that they make everything taste better, even homemade pizza.
283041283041B00122CNIWA1S3QD1WB4IP5Ktravel addict1151262908800Absolutely the Best!I have been a tea drinker for over twenty years. I usually shy away from flavored teas, preferring the English Breakfast and other more traditional black teas, but had no choice to try this Black Tea with Orange while staying at a hotel. I have been hooked ever since, it is my favorite. Sometimes I go back to the traditional black tea just so I can appreciate this tea all over again. I love it.
283042283042B00122CNIWA1KELL7I04TM9TD. FAZAKAS1151240099200Pickwick Sweet Orange Tea is great!Ever since I tried Pickwick Tea at the Hampton Inn a few years ago it has been by far my favorite tea. The flavor is so rich and if you like Orange like I do, then you'll love this tea. It also comes in many other flavors that are probably very good also. This tea is not found in any grocery store near me (ex: Giant, King's/Weiss, Wegman's, Pathmark).
This is the cheapest I've been able to get it. I previously ordered it from and from at a higher cost (about 17 cents and 19 cents a bag respectively).
I'm glad I can get it on even cheaper (14 cents a bag with no shipping if over $25).
283043283043B0007V82C0A38EOAPI0HTNX5Brenda Haynie2251284854400Madagascar Bourbon VanillaI use this product in all my baking and many recipes for special occasions. It has it's own distinct flavor. I will never use regular vanilla again since I discovered this product.
283044283044B0007V82C0A1LVP0T6J232ZNHooked on books1151320192000Very nice people to deal withI had ordered this product because a friend told me how excellent it is and then my financial situation changed and I had to cancel my order.

These folks were most understanding and professional. There was no hassle dealing with them, they cancelled my order promptly and when my financial situation improves, I will buy from these folks.

Not all sellers are honest.............these folks appear to be.

And my girlfriend gave me an ounce of their Vanilla Extract and it is excellent!
283045283045B0007V82C0A1T27XOX79X1DND. Kwong3551188259200Great value for the size....Considering the skyrocketing costs of vanilla extract nowadays. It definitely pays to go bulk if you're in inveterate cookie baker like myself.
283046283046B002CYT57GA2ALVGJPRP3UT6TheHollyLlama "Holly"0051306713600cat loves thisMy cat will lick the bowl clean in one sitting. She only does that with this and the chicken & lamb flavor (I think that's what its called). I recommend however going to your local pet supply store & picking up several different flavors. You can get it by the can for around .60 cents, that way you can figure out what they like. Your cat will get a finky palete tho, so I recommend mixing half a can in with cheaper cat food, if that is what you plan on feeding your cat. After a while of the good stuff they refuse to go back to "grocery store" brands.
283047283047B002CYT57GA15NS9ERV7LT7AJoel L. Gandelman0051297555200My (Picky) Cat Devours ThisA quick review because I have not tasted this myself. But I CAN tell you that my cat who is now 16 1/2 and very picky DEVOURS this flavor. When she eats it she has great energy, her coat is nicer. I server her and her 9 month old boy cat companion (who eats almost anything) a variety of dry and wet food. But she will finish this down to the very last piece and wipe the bowl clean. I don't give it to her every night but give it to her often. When her 14 1/2 year old companion boy cat died last year she lost a lot of weight due to grief. I kept putting this out and a few other nutro brands and she gained her weight back. This has been the single most reliable flavor (and brand) of catfood on the fussy eater. And I have half jokingly said she has lived as long as she had due to Seafood & Tomato Bisque.
283048283048B004724G5MA31FX4OYHC48E6db05081151318896000Really good gluten free pastaI've tried many different brands of gluten free pasta. For a long time Tinkayada was my favorite. I think this one is even better.
283049283049B001EO6604A3FVAR22X94L2LD. Ruppe "Smilindeb"9951267315200My favorite kcup so farI loved this kcup from the first try. It's mild and not bitter. Just a nice cup to wake up in the morning. Hope it goes on Ship and Save soon.
283050283050B001EO6604AGGR7ARZQYPSJJudith9951217808000Really Good BlendI purchased a variety pack of coffee and this blend was in it. It instantly became my favorite blend. This is as close to a perfect cup of coffee and you can get. Try it, you'll like it. :)

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