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283051283051B001EO6604A35D718LKUZ9H5Deborah S. Juckes3351310428800The Perfect BlendHey, I'm no wimp, I ride a Harley but I do like my coffee smooth and mild. Our Blend offers a smooth, satisfying taste without knocking your taste buds loose like so many of the other flavors. It's the perfect blend first thing in the morning, after a stressful day at work and as a relaxing brew in the evening. Perfect.
283052283052B001EO6604A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""1121314403200VERY LIGHT! There is no Medium about this blend. Watery & Not Much Flavor.Pros:
Smooth blend/Taste (what there is of it)
Nice Brewing Aroma
Not Bitter
Not Acidic

Not Much Flavor

I brew my coffee in a 10oz cup. This blend is disappointing in that it is simply TOO LIGHT. For a coffee that advertises itself as a mild blend, they really mean that it is solidly on the Light end of the scale.
283053283053B001EO6604A2K4Q4I8MPUMQUMary-Ann "mag89"1151307750400mellow and deliciousIf you like a light/medium brew, this coffee is for you. Although light, it has a wonderful taste. I make it with 6 oz of water.
283054283054B001EO6604AY54NGS8X1KN3Camper0011318896000Not so goodIt is a very bitter coffee with an after taste. Would not order again. I have been pleased with other Green Mountain coffees but this one missed the mark.
283055283055B001EO6604A1F3WJ7R0391LQCB0031318896000Green Mountian Our BlendI usually drink Green Mountain Breakfast blend in the morning but when the 50 packs came on the market at a very reasonabe price Breakfast blend was not offered so I opted for Our Blend. My mistake. It doesn't even compare to the full flavor or Breakfast blend. It doesn't have much flavor. Very disappointed! Can hardly wait until it is gone so I can order the other.
283057283057B001EO6604A2IJBGX6CAE09PBrian M. Wilson0051318032000My Favorite K-CupThis is my first positive review of any product (I love it that much). I have tried many, many different K-Cups. Everyone has their own taste, but for me, this is the perfect blend. I have experiment with many others since discovering this, but always fall back on "Our Blend". I highly recommend you give it a try.
283058283058B001EO6604A579I8G4RXNPCarla0041315958400A little too mellowIf you don't like a rich roasted flavor, & prefer a lighter really mellow coffee, then this is for you!
283059283059B001EO6604AWXTAVK4Q2P4LMike Wynn2511307664000Distorted K cupsMy K cups came in all bloated, looking like over inflated marshmallows. They won't even begin to fit in the machine.
283060283060B001C1PK92A10AXAYFDMWGDLeartes R. Bryant0051310774400Bambi is delicious!Being overseas for the last 3 years for the military you miss little things like deer jerky. I was born in California and lived in Ohio where I was able to partake of things like deer jerky, sausage, steaks and what not. A lean and tender meat when cooked properly, this jerky was just great. I shared it with my buddies in my office and they just loved it also. Great combination of spices and meat this meat was just great. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a hankering for some Bambi.
283061283061B001C1PK92A2I10L2PQWEASBRobert Springer0041296000000Great, but could have a little more boldness addedThese are great Venison Jerky sticks - that is a fact. However, in my humble oppinion they could have just a little more boldness to them - they just do not have much of a punch and I am not one that likes harsh seasoning. Both of my kids agree - they are ok but could have some more to them. Well, I will buy them again - but I can always wish.
283062283062B001C1PK92A2NI95Y8UNE85DCoastal Jerky Lover0051291766400Healthy snackThey aren't kidding when they named these Buffalo Bills Ole Smokies Big Venison - these sticks are big in size and taste. The venison taste is good - moist and full of flavor. I like that they are 100% venison too, no nasty fillers in these sticks. They are also good for my efforts in trying to eat healthy snacks. Each stick is only 90 calories and big enough to satisfy. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a satisfying healthy snack that tastes good.
283063283063B001C1PK92AKJOL2Y2XJT00Nicholas Walker "Savage"0051290124800VERY good.I was excited and little timid to try this, It was actually really good. It appears that they use 100% buffalo and the smokey taste really enhances the flavor imo. It is totally worth the price.
283064283064B001C1PK92A1Q5ZH607KG7E1L. N. Bell "Just a user"0051288137600Outstanding tasteI received a sample of this and loved it. Hands down the best smoked meat stick I have ever tasted. Not at all greasy, great taste and not loaded with fat. A real winner and you will not be disappointed if you order this one
283065283065B001C1PK92A2ELSYW687741TBernabe Tapetillo Jr. "Old Europe"0131341619200Venison SmokiesWell one forgets how much grease are in these products, at first the taste was different, but not something you could not eat, for the next time I will try and get more information on the product Remember not all meats are the same our taste buds could get use to
283066283066B001C1PK92A1GCFTFXELCHRPBig Texas0111330905600Does not taste like VenisonThis stuff tastes nothing like Venison Jerky. The ingredients say Venison, but I don't think it is. On top of that, it does not taste good at all. Smells like the pupperoni sticks they sell for dogs. Yuck.
283067283067B001C1PK92A9JFZ36PBLKTIAnon y Mous0211342569600Coming from a hunter...I've hunted deer nearly all of my life, and I can say without a doubt, this is the worst jerky I've ever had. I've had both wild & farm-raised venison, and this doesn't even compare. I don't know how to describe the taste, but there is something very sweet about it. Tangy, sweet, sour....whatever it is, it's not just venison. It's almost like they barbecued the jerky. Again, whatever it is, I won't be ordering it again.
283068283068B001C1PK92A1O21DPLRN93HZkgh940221317600000VenisonNot a lot of flavor. I did not like the product. Pretty expensive product. it was my first experience with the venison.
283069283069B0071PNQ8KA7K7UYW6HQSCLkeeshound king1151333756800yummy hotHot and tastey. I eat hot stuff all the time and these are the hottest chips i've ever had and i love the hint of lime
283070283070B0071PNQ8KA3UPVNVDA88KHKJames0051339632000CoolEnjoyable taste. Sometimes i can eat between 6 to 8 bags in one setting. Seriously and the title doesn't do the chip any justice. So I suggest you try it if you like hot chips.
283071283071B00473SNC8A1295JW2NJGCVKG. N. Thayer "Dings Girl"0051333756800TastyI liked this gravy a lot - It's a good value and low sodium compared to the envelopes in the grocery store.
283072283072B003KYM8Q2A2SJ4TSKUUKF49K. J. Troyer0031351036800Just okMy little one (started her with these when she was around 7 months old) kinda liked these. If she was super hungry, she would snarf it down, no problem. If she had somethine to eat before? Not so easy to try and feed her these. Problems: 1) the consistency was just.... off. Runny but congealed, greasy- it seemed like there were a lot of celery-strands type material in it. The smell was strong, but not bad- very much like holiday stuffing/dressing. 2) the package was a chore to open. Super convenient to carry around (it is practically flat!) but ripping it open? It was nearly impossible to do it without flicking food everywhere.

I must confess that I did order two boxes of this- but it was the convenience that sold me!
283073283073B003KYM8Q2AXIUT398GN07IR. Koscielniak0031344297600another pureed baby foodI thought this was going to be finger foods since it said "training meals" it is a pure... which my baby will no longer eat
283074283074B003KYM8Q2A3SFS8R1T6JJM9PolyOWannaCracker0041339027200Daughter Loves It!My daughter loves the Harvest Vegetable with Turkey. She spit out most of the Sprout kinds. She is an earths best baby, but earths best 3rd food options are crap. I Like this product, but would love it if it weren't so expensive.
283075283075B003KYM8Q2A302LIXLDI1IKXRachel B. "Twins Mom :-)"0051329436800My twins love these little pouches!We love these little pouches. They're portable and this particular meal does well at room temp. Depending on the mood my girls are in, I mix it with another vegetable to make it not quite so dry. Sometimes they will eat it plain, but other times I mix it with some plain peas to make it more like a chunky soup.
283076283076B003KYM8Q2A1Y1HOUZT8W5W3SarsJones0011322179200Not very appetizing,My daughter really doesn't like processed baby food and I don't generally give it to her. I bought these because I am familiar with the company and like some of their other products. However, my daughter wouldn't eat it and when I tried it as I always do I understood her reluctance. They are bland and have an odd flavor that is unappetizing.
283077283077B003KYM8Q2AVXFFAQ7JAY3Snrg100051314921600my child eats it!its so convenient and healthy! my child likes the flavor so 5 stars for that! you can take it on the go or just have it as a last minute resort for lunch/ dinner.
283078283078B003KYM8Q2A2PLIFUMPUXGVUK. Liccketto0051313280000Good enough to eat!This texture, smell and taste are good enough to make an adult want to try it! It is much thicker than jarred step 3 foods and is great for transitioning to table foods.
283079283079B003KYM8Q2A1YD3EV4WSDA1VEdechke0051293753600Nice, with a hint of rosemaryLove this! So does my baby. The ingredients are excellent, and I like the fact that it is not totally bland like most baby foods - there is rosemary in it, which is nice and fragrant. Also the the food is thicker and sticks to the spoon better, no mess.
283080283080B003SKR13SASC81ROW70JWILars Nelson2311290902400Get it out of my mouth!The price was low, so it was an acceptable risk to try it out. I like Jalepeno, Cheese, and Popcorn. I like many kinds of flavored popcorn. I like Yaya's other cheese popcorn. This Jalapeno Cheddar popcorn arrived a few days past the expiration date. Bummer! Okay, so maybe it will be stale, but who cares I'll eat it. I put a small handful of this popcorn in my mouth and it tasted terrible! I kept chewing, I had to give it a chance. Swallowed a little. Put a little more in my mouth and couldn't stand it any longer. Get it out of my mouth! Spit everything out! It is the worst popcorn I ever tried. The after taste kept coming back hours later and grossing me out. My friend tried some too and said it was horrible. The whole case went into the trash. I was afraid to feed it to animals.

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