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283081283081B003SKR13SAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson0051327363200Yaya's Makes Good PopcornYaya's White Cheddar Jalapeno popcorn is very good. I have been eating it for some time and have never come across a stale bag. It is air opoed then misted with oil to hold the flavor powder. That light misting of oil means the popcorn is not totally crisp in the way a dry kernel might. It is good quality corn and makes a great snack. This White Cheddar Jalapeno is great. The chili flavor is light and there is no heat to speak of.
283082283082B0001DR2CKA2IAVASYY2X705G. Schick0151214611200I have not had a better bottled soda than this! Also nicely packed for shipping!I have not had a better bottled soda than this! I think it tastes better than the sugar versions of most products on the market. Also nicely packed for shipping!
283083283083B001LNSRT6AYMWIQH9GXTJBDAM0051328918400Dogs Love These!I feed these chews, as well as the beef, and my dogs absolutely love them. My miniature schnauzer actually begins shaking when I bring them out. They're a great diversion at my dinnertime, when I want to give my pets something tasty, other than what's on my plate.
283084283084B001LNSRT6A1HR52VI4R6WIYD. Arthur "Marial"0011280707200Jones Chicken Taffy Dog TreatMy dogs did not care much for these dog treats. I have found my dogs have always liked all the Jones brand dog items in the past. I will still get their other products but not the Chicken Taffy Dog Treats.
283085283085B000V1WXIAA18LSF5P7VX5Y0Donald I Cameron3351328486400Great Product!We have purchased this Duck Foie Gras with Truffles now several times and have been delighted with this product. I compares favorably with the best Duck Foie Gras we have had. It makes a perfect addition to cocktail fare and Holiday spreads!
283086283086B000V1WXIAAW7L7IIYDEJ0NE. Rota0021350000000Canned, pureed food for human consumptionIf you are looking for foie gras, stay away from this product. One could safely assume that its only purpose is to convince the world that foie should be banned: it's the subject of so much controversy and it tastes like that????
Of course, anyone who has tried the real thing knows that this canned, pureed food for human consumption resembles spiced, spreadable ham much more that it reminds you of foie gras. If that is your perversion: go for it. You might have spent your youth in an institution that served something similar: go for it!
If you want foie gras, stay as far away from this as you can!
283087283087B000V1WXIAA3U9KJOB0FI69MJessica0311349136000STOP SUPPORTING THE CRUEL FOIE GRAS INDUSTRYAMAZON ban this disgusting cruel rubbish now! These ducks suffered immense misery. They are force fed in crammed conditions for their livers to grow 10 times their natual size. I am apalled that you would supply this. I have always been a reliable customer and i will refuse to buy from you until you take this heartless pathetic idea of food off your website.
283088283088B003Y3F4KGA3F6S72LL243HTCharlestonGirl3351289779200Love this ChocolateWhat a great excuse to bolster your anti-oxidant intake! I was given a block of Brix last year with a bottle of Shiraz, wow what a pairing! Believe it or not, the wine somehow tastes better with this chocolate. The product itself isn't too sweet or creamy but at the same time it isn't bitter. We've tried the extra-dark version of Brix and it went well with the deeper red wines, like a big cab. Great price, thanks Amazon!
283089283089B003Y3F4KGA2YKFD7HYKD6N0Lady from Lincoln1151298937600Brix Chocolate BarsThe BRIX Chocolate bar was a hit at our Super bowl party. I put the bar on a cutting board (at first with a knife then changed to an ice pick which worked perfectly) and near the wines. Every single person there had to try at least one piece of it. It was such a unique party fun food. As soon as the first guest spotted it, no one left it alone until it was gone. My guests agreed that BRIX was so much fun especially with a good glass of wine.
283090283090B000EDM43EA1EGZRC5SDN3IVDollhouse Domain0051341964800Excellent Salad DressingWe've purchased this product by the case and plan to order more. I've also gotten a number of friends and family all buying the same dressing now. It's absolutely delicious - you certainly can't tell you're eating a "light" dressing.
283091283091B000E3C3QWA2UQTOPG7FU80MNeil Dewitte5551270857600Wonderful Chocolate for those with food allergies or sensitivitiesThe Rapunzel Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bars are my absolute favorite chocolate. While not as high in antioxidants as a 70%+ dark chocolate, 55% cocoa is still much richer than a milk chocolate. Rather than being creamy, the bars have a firm texture. Being 55% cocoa, they have a strong chocolate taste without being bitter.

Just looking at them, the bars seem to be about 1/4 to 1/3 almonds by volume and about 3/4 to 2/3 chocolate by volume. The almonds are a tad larger than the almond slivers (not the thin slices) that you would buy in the store. This is much better than having GIANT whole almonds sticking out of the chocolate like some brands. You are guaranteed to taste almonds in every bite.

The absolute best part about these bars is that they do not contain soy, dairy or wheat as ingredients. It is fairly easy to find chocolate without wheat, pretty hard to find chocolate without dairy, and almost impossible to find chocolate without Soy Lechithin in it. To find chocolate with none of those three is extraordinarily rare. And it tastes great!! So the Rapunzel Chocolate practically qualifies as a miracle.

I also recommend the Rapunzel 70% Dark Chocolate for a change of flavor.
283092283092B000E3C3QWA18SYB363S23I2J. M. Cooper4451283990400Perhaps the World's Best ChocolateAll Rapunzel Dark Chocolates are sweetened with their "Rapadura" Whole Unrefined Cane Sugar, unlike virtually all organic chocolate brands which use refined "Raw Sugar" This full flavored and carmel-like sugar is the reduced whole syrup of the cane juice with its full content of mineral-rich molasses. Whole sugar imparts a deeper flavor to the chocolate that may take a little getting used to, but when done its superiority becomes absolutely apparent. All refined sugars require the body to deplete its store of minerals to digest, thus making them essentially demineralizing to the bones and teeth. Refined sugars also far more readily feed pathogens such as candida. This chocolate is truly an outstanding and healthful food which maximinizes chocoloate's tonic and health builing properties, once you try it other brands will seem cheap and inadequate. Super Yum!
283093283093B000E3C3QWA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"2251245888000So smooth and deliciousI think Rapunzel's is one of the best chocolates I have ever had...the dark chocolate is so smooth and the sweetness so perfect. I have had 3 different varieties now and I order a box every time it comes on sale. There is a distinct luciousness about eating a piece of this chocolate compared to many of the other organic varieties I have bought.
283094283094B000E3C3QWA2QHO0J9SGTS58sammi0051349827200Best Chocolate EverI got this chocolate at Whole Foods. I absolutely LOVE it. I was sad bc there isn't a Whole Foods where I live, but they are on Amazon! Yayy!! I highly recommend this chocolate. I try and eat vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free so this is PERFECT! <3 <3 <3 I don't know how it is so good, but it is! :D
283095283095B001SAO1PGA3I3EP6VQH2JUVObserver "D.J."2251308182400Yummy!I absolutely love these Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. They really satisfy my cravings for peanut butter and are filling. I normally eat half of one at a sitting, not because I'm burned out but because they're rich. So I can eat half of one for mid-morning snack and the other half a couple of hours after lunch. If you like the chocolate & peanut butter combo and are trying to limit sugar/carbs, give these a try!
283096283096B001SAO1PGA2KJ6I078FNEGUStephen "Stephen"1141306281600Tasty, but I get burned out on them quicklyI signed up for the Atkins program on the actual site a few weeks ago. They sent me a box containing 3 Atkins food products; one of which was this chocolate peanut butter bar. I received the box about 4-5 days into phase one and was craving something sweet, so I tried this (the pack said it could be eaten in all phases, so I "went to town," so to speak). Anyway, I thought it was pretty freakin' tasty -- especially after having nothing of a sweet variety for a week or so. With that in mind, I went ahead and ordered 12 of them here on Amazon (along with a whole slew of other Atkins food products I was interested in trying for phase 2).

At this point, I still like them, but I get burned out on them really fast. About halfway through one bar, I'm done with it. It's got a certain flavor profile that just kind of exhausts my taste buds relatively fast. Having said that, I would certainly recommend people give these a try to see what they, personally, think about them. I plan to have one of these every week or so and figure that should keep me from getting COMPLETELY burned out on them.

They're good, but I can only enjoy them in small doses.

283097283097B001EQ5LR6A2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"3351247443200Tasty!I had not tasted baby pears and bought them for their novelty. They taste great as the texture is nice and firm. The stem is removed and there are only a few seeds in the center. The syrup is light, the only improvement would be to use natural pear juice instead. I will be trying out different dessert recipes to showcase these healthy delights.
283098283098B001ACMCNUA21817J1TA13CRErin "bayberryerin"7751274832000The REAL "Wonder Bread"This is by far the best bread product for celiacs if you can have cheese.
Any kind of cheese makes this mix tasty. As someone who doesn't like to cook, I am thrilled with the ten minute prep time and 25 minute baking time. My house smells fabulous, I get fresh bread, and hello sandwiches!!! Something I love and hadn't had in over two years as I have MANY other food allergies, including yeast and rice, so all other celiac bread options I found were not suitable for me.
As for the directions, I find it easier to add the baking soda to the mix and THEN mix all wet ingredients together BEFORE adding to the mix. Incorporate wet ingredients and then knead. Then add the cheese and continue to knead. I bake rolls at 375 for 25 minutes and they are moist and a bit chewy. I find 35 minutes is too long.
There is no sales tax on Amazon and this is a MUCH better price than in my local supermarkets or health food stores. I will only order Chebe from Amazon if the price stays this reasonable.
283099283099B001ACMCNUAXNKU4R2KJOTYSarah Tipton "Sarah Tipton"6651222819200Chebe is wonderfulAfter trying many different types of gluten free breads and mixes, I love Chebe! It's very easy to prepare, is versatile and tastes unique but great. If you're wanting something light and fluffy, Chebe is probably not it, but if you are missing the days of chewy great bread, Chebe fits the bill. The fact that it's nice and chewy, and not dry and crumbly is a great appeal.
283100283100B001ACMCNUAXRSYVTAAJY8PDavid R. Ernst5531317081600Add your own cheeseO, for a while, Amazon was selling Yoki pão de queijo mix. Those were the days. You had to buy them 24 at a time, but we went through them surprisingly quickly. Life was good. Then Amazon dropped the product. We were sad. Eventually, they picked up this one instead, and we decided to try it. I much prefer Yoki brand, I find both the flavor and the texture of the end product to be superior and more similar to what you'll find in a padaria in Brazil. But, opinions and preferences may differ on that.

But, here's what's really surprising about this product as compared with other pão de queijo mixes we've used: you have to add your own cheese to this one! This makes for more work, increases the overall cost, and as noted above, does not (imho) result in a better product. We wondered if it's really any different than making it from scratch then (out of manioc flour), but it is... substantially less work than making it from scratch. But, you might think of it as a middle ground between making-from-scratch and super-easy-mix.

So, in short, it's ok, but we'll be looking for Yoki brand wherever we think it might be hiding... and maybe refining our from-scratch techniques...
283101283101B001ACMCNUADDDFVHP3CSVASistertex6741231286400Very Good Gluten-Free ProductUsing this Chebe mix for Pizza crusts, bread sticks, and dinner rolls are all very good bets. There is a host of other things you can make with it and if you have a look at [...] you will find a link that takes you to where they have a lot of very good uses for their products.
283102283102B001ACMCNUA3FQNSLFLRUL67Lil Seal3351278115200Love it!I only used it to make classical Pão de queijo, and it worked great!
The only thing is that you have to mix it really well, which is hard to do with your hands. But the better you mix, the better the result.
283103283103B001ACMCNUA1UERGX5AM5ZV8Chi-Town-John1151272326400Best Gluted Free versatile bread product I have found!This is so far the best I have found! I use it for rolls, crackers and pizza crust. If you are "gluten free" try it and to save the most money, get it at Amazon using "Prime Shipping" and get it delivered on a schedule to save an extra 15%. You can't beat the price at any health food store or grocery store I use and you will love if you like pizza and bread the way I do!

Get creative and throw some Parmesan cheese and herbs in it and try some of the other flavored mixes. They are all very similar in texture and versatility with added zest and I think they are great too!

Glutinites Unite!
283104283104B001ACMCNUA99EYKS4OOQ4UK. Peterson "Never too old to learn"1151260662400Great product!I have, at this point, made these rolls several times and they have gone out to rave reviews from my friends every time, whether they are eating gluten free or not. I want to next try using this mix to make a sandwich pocket or pizza. The texture is great, chewy and crusty, which you seldom find in a non gluten bread.
283105283105B001ACMCNUA22BXXSKEDW1I4tintintoo1151247011200Yum!This is a wonderful cheese bread mixture. The previous reviewer who said the texture was slimy inside must not have cooked the dough long enough. The texture should be slightly chewy inside but nice and brown outside. I made bread sticks and loved them--very addictive!
283106283106B001ACMCNUAGJ8LOOP1IRB9The M's1151239235200Good StuffWe eat this once a week around our place. We have both Gluten free and non-gluten free eaters who enjoy it.
283107283107B001ACMCNUAS783H6UPEKXXKatie0051342310400Chebe cheese bread is SOFT and DELICIOUS!Oh my! I love this stuff! I am not a good cook and I don't like to experiment with making Gluten Free foods because I waste a lot of time/money on things I end up hating anyways. This is a GOOD buy. When my sister was diagnosed with Celiac, she tried this mix and had me try one of the cheesey bread balls. I was immediately hooked. It was soft, you can refigerate and reheat the leftovers and there are lots of different things you can use this for. Goes great with soups, a variety of suppers and as a treat. At the moment Amazon is fixing the listing or something so they are not selling them at a good price, but when they have them back up, I will definately be ordering more! The pizza crust mix is great too. I was a big fan of self-rising pizzas and that is what the mix is like! soft wonderful pizza crust. I can't reccomend these enough to people! Even ones who don't HAVE to eat GF like me.
283108283108B001ACMCNUA1LW9KF4MYV712V. Abel "Amazon Loyalist"0011341532800Never againMaybe I am doing something wrong, but these are so rubbery and have zero flavor. I wouldn't buy then again
283109283109B001ACMCNUA685MK7E1SWV5Richard C. Young0051339977600Chebe'This product is great whether or not you have a gluten issue. The cheese bread can be used for a variety of products from pizza crust to dinner rolls to cinnamon rolls and pie crust.
283110283110B001ACMCNUA3LLJTKU4USS6OFelting Mom0051338681600Delicious and addictingMy daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and I have also found that I feel better without gluten in my diet, so I was intrigued by this mix and went ahead and bought the case of 8. Boy, am I glad I did! This is an extremely easy thing to put together. You do have to provide your own eggs, cheese and oil, but rather than complain about this, I appreciate being able to put my own healthy ingredients in rather than wonder about the quality of ingredients in a box. The rolls are chewy and at first a little surprising, but once I had one it was hard to stop eating them!

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