Amazon Fine Food Reviews

283171283171B000EPOC3WA3V45CWPNNIAO6J. A. Jones4451174262400So good you feel guilty.Found these in Florida a few months ago while on vacation. Love at first bite. I am a huge fan of crunchy snacks but I really have to watch the cholesterol intake. These are awesome. They taste so good you are convinced you are eating something decadent. You can fill a sandwich bag with these crispy little rounds and only be consuming about 120 calories for the serving size. They work well with dips but are just fine all by themselves.

283173283173B000EPOC3WA1OFRP9FLPG2ZNBonnie Cawley1151288828800Little crackers, big taste, low caloriesLove these mini crackers for hummus and other dips. Flavor is perfect - not overpowering.
283174283174B000EPOC3WA2LHCI4BPBCKW5Nicholas Starr1151286496000The Best Crackers AroundThey're small, but have winderful flavor. We serve them with a little piece of black forest ham on top and a dab of real Swiss Emmental cheese. A perfect accompaniment to our evening cocktail.
283175283175B000EPOC3WA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"1151271203200my favorite GF rice crackerthese crackers taste much richer and normal than other rice crackers - i think it is the addition of sesame seeds and sesame flour which are good fats! 37 crackers have only 130 calories with only 20 of those being from fat. Delicious to eat straight out of the box or topped with goat cheese or your other favorite cruditee!
283176283176B000EPOC3WAWV5W5409RMG3William S. Lee0051324080000Love themWe love the crackers. Great taste, and very fresh. It was much cheaper for us to purchase the crackers through Amazon.
283177283177B000EPOC3WA193KGCKHXSCN7Harvey S. Cohen "Harvey"0051291593600Love'em!These are great crackers! Crunchy , tasty and just enough salty taste to really satisfy. Try a little Laughing Cow cheese spread for a low calorie but wonderful treat!
283178283178B000EPOC3WA29A4BGEX97O26Gooodjuju0051285027200YUMMYThese crackers are the BEST! Eat them alone, with a spread, in soup or with cheese...full of protein and low calorie!
283179283179B000EPOC3WA1FMP22ZJLLJSLNancy Wigand0051275868800GREAT crackers with EVERYTHING!!!My husband and I first had these crackers in Florida. I couldn't find them at any store so, as is usual, I checked Amazon and wala--there they were. They are wonderful with most dips, cheeses and utterly outstanding with humus. Ordering is simple on line and well, they are now a staple in our house, thanks to Amazon!
283180283180B000EPOC3WASK5O4AHMZJSVD. Hancock0051266710400The best crackers and LOW CAL!I have all of my friends and family hooked on these fabulous crackers and my Publix quit carrying them! The are SO tasty, crunchy and flavorful and something like 37 crackers are only like 110 calories!!! Everyone who tries them wants to know where I got them.
283181283181B000EPOC3WA1PT9LB6PJCDS3Lydia M. Cottrell "lydster"0051247529600fresh and tasty and great on the pocket bookThe sesame rice crackers were fresh and tasty,
the savings compared to the grocery store is worth the wait of having them shipped
283182283182B0028PWGMKA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1151314748800Crispy. Tasty. ThinnyAll the buzz words are on the box - baked, naturals, simply, golden, no preservatives, savory, real,and more.
But do these anorexic pretzels with a new twist live up to the hype on the box? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins are almost akin to potato chips, the snack made from the wonderful potato. These snacks look like pretzel cut outs with the distinctive look of pretzels but with a different taste and dynamic. Not too salty, these pretzel snacks are a sensory delight.

A serving size of 11 crisps will fill you with 110 calories, none of those from fat. I don't count my individual pretzels as I snack, but I would guess I exceed the one serving specification by at least a factor of two.

Pretzel Thins are baked in the USA.
283183283183B0028PWGMKA16902GPYHF6EMAudrey Romer1151304035200Scrumptious!!I bought one box of these last week at WalMart. As the name describes, these are thin and crispy. They are not saltier than other pretzels, but the salt chunks are larger. You get all of the goodness of the pretzel outside without having to eat the flour inside. This week I went back and bought two more boxes at $2.98 each.
283184283184B0028PWGMKA3UVTXLZWR3S7JMelissa YoYo0051331856000yum yum yumThis is my new favorite snack! They're crunchy, salty and pretzeliscious. One ounce is only 2 Weight Watchers points -- it's impossible to find a good crunchy, salty snack for only 2 points! I love these.
283185283185B0035460HAA1C0OKFP2O9NUCC. R. Hatfield1151275955200Most authentic tea taste of any bottled teaI've been drinking tea all my life, since I was a child I drank southern sweet tea at home and since I've been an adult, I've stopped drinking tea so often due to my need for it to be super sweet and thats not very healthy, anyways the other day I bought this from my local Caseys convenience store for about a buck fifty per twenty ounce bottle and was majorly impressed, there is no odd artificial taste, just pure crisp tea taste that was like drinking fresh brewed ice tea. I was truely amazed. Just hoping Amazon starts selling it so I can buy it regularlly with my Prime membership and get free shipping :)
283186283186B0035460HAA1CLYIHRB5D8TA. F. You1241281398400Great TeaThis is great tea. It's cheaper at Sam's Club or Costco

Less than $10 for 15 / 16oz bottles
283187283187B000WM8WQUA3FBLBRP2FCXCLBaburaj Panicker "Babu"7751272240000Stealing ... Costco giving for $15.xx - 20lbVery good rice. But this seller is stealing ... Costco giving for $15.xx - 20lb
283188283188B000WM8WQUA2DFRY4YMFL3D4Mac Mintaka4411315526400Way too expensive!They are charging double what they should and with nearly $15 shipping on top of it. I love this brand of rice and came here hoping that I could find it cheaper than local but man this is expensive stuff.
283189283189B0041GI4B6A2CFW9KNZRPRPCScottie3160041335744000MuffinsI have eaten Jiffy Muffins every Sunday morning for decades. They are quick and easy to bake. And, tasty too.
283190283190B005SHDKK2A2N0WHSV4LTEOGMeg0051325635200Chocolate Candy Cane Goodness.My aunt gave these to me and my boyfriend for Christmas, I wasn't sure what to expect, but they are delicious. Little bits of candy cane suspended in milk chocolate truffle = heaven. I took these to work to keep from eating the whole bag, and everyone kept asking where I got them from. They are AWESOME.
283191283191B005SHDKK2AIL2GAME2OVJ2Twostep050051325203200AmazingI received a bag of these for Christmas and I almost ate the entire bag in one sitting. Hands down one of the best gifted chocolates I have ever received.
283192283192B005SHDKK2A3RD7YMV5M31HRM. P. Gill0121331856000not greatI read the reviews before ordering this. Tastes vary, but I'm sorry I ordered it. The chocolate is not as flavorful as Hershey's, in my opinion, and the peppermint candy fragments are microscopic. They give a slight crunch and a very mild flavor. To me, it isn't worth the 50 calories per piece.
283193283193B006CGZJ34A3CXEXTOAT7KG0truworshiper616651332288000Italia Roscato Rosso Dolce 2010This is the wine that is served at Olive Garden for $25. a bottle.
It can be purchased at state liquor store (if you are in PA) and other outlets
for 8.99. It has a really great taste, sweet, distictive taste that is different
from most. Its most adictive as once you taste it you will want more!
It also has a bubbly consistancy. Very good with a meal, desert or any celebration.
My only wish is that it came in a bigger bottle than the 750 ml.
If anyone finds it in a larger quantity please let me know!
I give it a 10+ AAA rating! Enjoy!
283194283194B006CGZJ34A3OI3VVFMSW75ZK8tyB4451334793600FINALLY! ROSCATO ROSSO DOLCE 2010 off Contract with Olive Garden & on Store Shelves!I had this wine for the first time almost two years ago at Olive Garden and immediately fell in love with it! But then I found out that they had it under contract and that it couldnt be purchased outside of the Restaurant. And even if I purchased it at the restaurant, it had to be opened by them and a bit consumed before I could take it out. I am so happy now that I can get it at the store! Im Canadian, and its not sold here, so I cant wait for my next trip to the States to load up. Nice gently sweet blush wine with just a touch of effervesscence (sp?) No wonder they cant keep it on the shelves.
283195283195B006CGZJ34A2KMK1YCP9C7YEBrandi4451332547200Amazing!!I'm not normally a fan of red wine, but this is great! We got it at Olive Garden, and it has since become my favorite wine. It's just sweet enough without being too much. Love it!
283196283196B003YZ4L3UA3KGL1IQRQJPPOKeith0051331683200Its my favorite!This is my favorite flavor of gum, I am disappointed all the local stores stopped carrying it(as I could get it at wal-mart for 2/3 the price that amazon charges(in 3 packs for $2)), I could easily chew on it for an hour+ and still have flavor!
283197283197B003YZ4L3UA209DD198R0W1XManasseh "Manasseh"0151310428800Great Tasting and much longer lasting than that new 5 gumWhat's not too like? Love the flavor, gum lasts a long time and holds up MUCH better than that almost nasty "5" gum they have been advertising. BTW, product warning? That React 5 gum? Holds up TERRIBLE when left in the car with summer heat even inside the package and out of the sun. Also, the taste is very short lived. Save your money and avoid the React 5 gum.

I only wish Walmart could carry this flavor but like everything else I seem to like my local Walmart either doesn't carry it or is always sold out.
283198283198B002RZ1QBIA3W1IA4S68FYW9D. Welty6651271289600Nice Ice Wine!!First off, this kit produces 30-375ml bottles of wine, not the advertised 30-750ml bottles of wine.. Also, this is not a 13.5lb box, it's a 13.5kg box which equals 30lb. It does not require the addition of any water. The main juice bag is 9L, and the F-Pack (sweetening pack) is 3L.. That being said, you will need a 3 gal carboy in order to make this wine, along with all the other necessary equipment. The finished product is very good! Like any ice wine, this is very sweet, and meant to be sipped along with a dessert. It fermented from 1.114 to 0.990 in just over 3 weeks, and after adding the sweetening pack, it was 1.060, so it's like drinking candy! I've tasted a few different ice wines from the finger lakes, and this is right on par with them. This is the first Ice Wine I have made, so I can't compare it to any of the other kits available from other manufacturers.. The color of this wine looks like a whiskey. With free shipping this is a bargin price for an Ice Wine.. Normally in the store, these go for roughly $15.00-$25.00/375ml bottle, and these cost $2.00/375ml bottle!!

I will be ordering this again!
283199283199B002RZ1QBIAZ4UCKKKB1THIB. Swygart1141309219200Ice WineI was impressed with the Diamanti White Ice Wine kit, but disappointed that it made only 3 gallons or 15 of the 750 ml. bottles, not the 30 bottles stated. I didn't have a 3 gallon carboy, so I had to purchase one to make the wine. It's not done yet, but it smells like it will be fabulous when ready!
283200283200B002RZ1QBIA2JWIAM5TAE6NRL. Crosswell0051344729600Like Niagara Region Ice WineMy wife and I have taken trips to the Niagara region of Canada and tasted their ice wines. This one compares favorably to those wines. If you look at the low ratings/reviews for this product you will see that none of them actually talk about the wine itself. If you like ice wine or are looking for a good dessert wine then you should buy this product. You will not be disappointed!

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