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283226283226B001M2BPLIA2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford1151244246400My new favorite coffee ...I'm kind of picky when it comes to coffee. I find a lot of coffees to have a bitter taste, almost as if the beans have been scorched or burned on their way to my cup. Some folks like that; I don't.

So I've managed to collect a fairly large variety of ground coffees, always searching for one that yields the "perfect cup."

I may have found it with this one. Newman's Own organic Special Blend has a robust flavor, but with no bitterness at all. It's smooth and rich tasting, and provides a strong background for whatever other flavorings I choose to use with it (vanilla, hazel nut) or totally alone.

I've used it for my early morning wake-up cup, and I've also brewed it up to use in iced coffee. It works great in both settings.

The price here on Amazon is also very good, given the quality. I'll be purchasing more for sure!
283227283227B001M2BPLIA1O9BH4K66TH3GK. White1151240876800Great Coffee!This is one of the best coffee's my family has had. It just has a smooth, rich taste. We love the fact that it is organic and the profits are going to charity. My husband loves Paul Newman so of course we had to try his coffee. I'm glad we did because now were hooked. Unfortunatly we hate that we have to order it because if we run out we are stuck buying a different brand from the store. Guess were spoiled and got used to this coffee, nothing else can compare. Thank you for yet another great product from Newman's Own!!
283228283228B001M2BPLIA1PP2DISNMZN53L.W.0011340496000BitterWe love Newman's Own Nell's Breakfast Blend. Gave this one a try and did not care for the bitterness. Product was delivered promptly and packaged well. This one is not for me.
283229283229B001M2BPLIA1RCIXRO36Q6IFsueb30051305590400Decaf is great too!Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share my experience using the decaf version of this great coffee. This is by far the BEST decaf coffee I have ever tried. A very full, rich flavor! Does not taste like something is missing. As you can tell by reading this, I highly recommend this delicious coffee! I'm going to try combining a bag of regular with decaf so I'm not quite as hyper!!!
Best wishes,
283230283230B001M2BPLIA2TRMIG8PDQSTMAngel of Music "Musica"1251295222400All I can say is Wow!I have been buying this coffee for a while and I absolutely love it. Even my husband, who loves tea, switched to Paul Newman's coffee. I buy everything organic and this is one of them. I buy different flavors and decaf as well. I can't even tell the difference. I used to get heart palpitations from drinking other brand strong coffee. Never had with this brand. I highly recommend to other people to try and see if they like it as much as I do.
283201283201B002RZ1QBIA3E2PCCXQYEN1NRick C. Goodin0041337040000Diamante Ice Wine ReviewI just did a taste test on this wine and it was great. It will be bottled this weekend. 30 bottles of 375ml. It is in a 3 gallon carboy. I will filter the wine, add a cheap bottle of brandy and then bottle it. I can tell it will be great, now and aged. This is a great buy. I just ordered the port. I'll comment on that later. I have made kits before from Wine Experts and RJ Spagnols, both were $149.95 each. This kit did not come with labels or heat shrink caps. No tax, free shipping and subscription ordering brings the price to $52.00 I think. You can't beat this.

UPDATE 5/27/12: I bottled this and had some Canadian friends (home of the ice wine) taste it and my pal said it was equall to a $100 bottle in Canada. Him and his wife both loved it. I added a cup of Vodka instead of brandy before bottling. Hope this helps. This will be another I add to my collection every 6 months.
283202283202B002RZ1QBIA350P60QFEB8QNGlen0011325721600DisappointedThe shipment came much later than expected and when it arrived, it was badly damaged and leaking. The product box itself was packed in a much larger shipping box and with absolutely no packing materials. I think what bothered me the most was that the product itself box looked old, appeared to have other leak marks that were dried and appeared to have new tape as if it was repackaged in some way. In any event, it was a big mess and everything needed to be thrown away and I was short a Christmas gift right before Christmas. I won't buy anything like this again on Amazon... too risky I guess.
283203283203B002RZ1QBIARH1FQVY1E6W3Mary K. Wilson0051312070400GREAT TASTEThis is my first Ice Wine, but not the last.
The taste is way out there.Gooooooooooooood, and will be a great sipping wine on a cold winters night sitting by the fire reading a good book.
It is also a strong wine when done, I put 750 ml bottle of grain alcohol in my batch then it was even better,like a good nightcap.
Yes it does get 30 375ml bottles from the batch but, I used blue bottles and a nice lable and gave them for the holiday season and they were a big hit.
For the price I do not think you can beat this kit
283204283204B002RZ1QBIA32JLJSZ7H3NHDRichard E. Varrieur0231339027200to earlyIt is to early to review this product as it takes months to produce the wine. Ask me again in September
283205283205B000EDK774A3V9GPA2E18A7PA. G. S. "artist"242451188864000Quality and ValueI've baked with other Bob's Red Mill products before and I finally got a case of the Active Dry Yeast. A great deal when you consider the price of those pouches or even the small jars in the grocery store. The yeast is consistently well behaved and the bags are a convenient size. Bulk without having to feel like you need to rush through before the yeast looses its efficacy.

The only thing that bothers me is the labeling. I think Bob's Red Mill ought to consider fixing the front label where it says "Must Be Refrigerated". There's no need to refrigerate until AFTER a bag has been opened. A couple extra words explanation would keep from scaring off some would-be buyers not experienced with yeast.
283206283206B000EDK774ASRUYRC3R5J6QBetsy Heimbuch141411288656000BEWARE OF BOB'S RED MILL YEASTI purchased this Yeast because the description stated that the only ingredient was YEAST. However, when I received it I found that SORBITAN MONOSTEARATE has been added to the yeast. I am allergic to sorbital and sorbitan is a derivative of sorbital. If you google Sorbitan Monostearate you will find many discussions about the allergic properties of sorbital/sorbitan.

I called Bob's Red Mill who did not care and put all the blame on

So for those of you with allergies or want plain yeast buy Red Star active yeast in the red, white, & blue packages and you will find only yeast. Do not buy the Red Star in jars, or the one for bread making as they also contain sorbitan. I emailed the Red Star company for this information.

It certainly is becoming a challenge to find products that don't have additives.
283207283207B000EDK774A3V6O5J55QTYSCM. Davis "Marika"121251173312000The best so farI bake 3-4 times per week, and honestly can say that this product is great.

I tried it for the first time to make bread - I almost cried: my bread was the best I ever made.

I will buy it again for sure.
283208283208B000EDK774ADEBQH35ZIDD1F. C. Brotzman111151211846400great yeast!!I was a little nervous about buying so much yeast without ever trying this brand. It is the best yeast I have ever used!!! My favorite part is the seperate packages, I just empty one into a jar and use it that way. The rest is in my bulk supplies staying fresh and ready to be used. I will surely be buying more when mine is gone.
283209283209B000EDK774A1M5D0DG09UGVMBonne Maman5541185580800It worksThis 8-pack has lasted me more than a year and I will probably restock it when I run out. It took a while before I learned that the water must be nearly but not exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit to get the yeast to bloom. Now that I own a stand mixer, I have finally made bread successfully at home. It is very convenient to have had this 8 pack.

Last year, this 8 pack cost a dollar less than this year i.e. $21.
283210283210B000EDK774A20DALJLZZ4YI0Marianne Taylor "mt"4451215820800Bob's Red Mill Active Dry YeastJust love it. Absolutely love it. I definitely will order more. Yeast packages came in a box of 8-8oz. packages. I have two very good bread recipes. I use yeast on a regular basis.
283211283211B000EDK774A3AGRXY3JYCIJ3Odd Bird "Eccentric Woman"4451234483200Super productI keep all of the bags in the fridge and have had no problems with this yeast at all. It takes a very negligable space in the fridge. I store the open bag in an old yeast jar from the grocery store. I use this yeast the same as the really expensive bread machine yeast for making white, wheat, and other breads in my bread machine. I was a little worried it might not work since one of my cookbooks suggested using more yeast if its not made for bread, but I have not found this necessary. I will buy this again. I make almost everything from scratch and have had only good results with this yeast.
283212283212B000EDK774AFT3D6ZZKUT8GCharles "Charles"4421229299200Loses effectiveness fastReally good when I first opened the pack; however, it seems to lose its effectiveness rather fast, refrigerated or frozen. I will not buy this brand again.
283213283213B000EDK774A1ZQKPS3OEK1W2Rosalina Wong "FirstTimeBaker"3351217635200Great Product!Works really well. And only have to refrigerate after opened. The packaging could be improved given the fact that the yeast are so sensitive to outside temperature. The seal of one of my eight packages is broken when i open the box - I was trying to be extra careful when opening, so I use that one first.
283214283214B000EDK774A3DBQFLJHWXDQXR. Fusco "punbrain"3351169683200Good YeastI had been searching for yeast in bulk and came across this brand. I decided to try and was not disappointed. I use it for bread and pizza dough.
283215283215B000EDK774A4TV5ATBWI4RGL. Evatt3351266105600Time to order moreMy last order was in Dec. 2006. I make all of my own bread and I dissolve the yeast according to the manufacturer's temperature recomendation. I open one packet at a time then put it in the freezer in an airtight container along with the other unopened packets. If I had to buy individual packets of yeast at the grocery store, the yeast would cost more than the flour, thereby doubling the cost of each loaf of bread. This yeast makes bread affordable and it does what yeast is supposed to do, make the bread rise.

This yeast has stood the test of time and deserves five stars.
283216283216B000EDK774A3PL67IRKI2NW9Shi-doh!3331252195200So-so for bread machines (and advice from the manufacturer)Based on another review, I purchased this yeast for use in my bread machine. I don't proof the yeast in advance -- I just put it in as if it were bread machine yeast. This does work, but with some adjustments. For instance, a 1.5 lb loaf of bread needs a bit over 1 Tablespoon of this yeast. It also requires a bit over double amount of the recommended gluten in the recipe. But once I got this all figured out, it works pretty well!

Some things to keep in mind that the manufacturer says on their website:

- They store this yeast in refrigeration, even when unopened, and advise us to do the same

- 1 Tablespoon of this yeast is equivalent to the little packets that you buy in the grocery store.
283217283217B000EDK774A2Y3BSR2QF9DXRH. Rice3351222214400Works every timeI've made 6-10 batches of bread with this yeast so far. It's been easy to work with and has resulted in big, beautiful loaves each time. It's a lot of yeast, so if you're not a high-volume baker you may want to split the order with another family.
283218283218B000EDK774A1S97PGDNHHL38MedIT5641224806400a lot of yeastI was looking for bulk yeast and this was the first thing that came up. I knew I was going to get a lot of yeast but I didn't really stop to think how much yeast 64oz really is.

Long story short: a lot!

After giving about half of it away I've still got months worth of yeast lurking around my fridge taking up space.

On the plus side 8oz bags are a nice workable amount. Having it packaged up in smaller bits made it easy to give away to friends and makes it easier to store.
283219283219B000EDK774AXO4PQU0XG3TGDwight5651165276800a pleasure to spoon outI have no regrets buying this product in bulk. I will buy in bulk again when i run out. This yeast must be at 115 degrees F to bloom so a thermometer is a necessity.
283220283220B000EDK774A1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan2241278028800Works wellI love baking bread. I'm an experimenter. I don't use recipes and have tried a lot of kinds of flour, many of them from Bob's Red Mill.
I don't experiment much with yeast. This is reliable. I keep it in a zipper bag after opening in my fridge and it will last a few months that way for me. It's consistency and reliability is why this is my favorite yeast to use for baking bread.
I also use it to make cream soda and in small amounts my sodas aren't too yeasty. I've considered trying a brewer's yeast, but everyone in my family likes my sodas made with this so I'll keep using it.
So far, I've been able to use this successfully with just flour/water/oil (it does work a bit slower), with molasses, honey, raw sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar and white sugar in my bread recipes.
283221283221B000EDK774A1QFF5CBQB4R47Greg Land2251255564800Great yeast, great price!This is the 4th time I've purchase this. It works great in our bread machine and is 1/3 the price of the jars of yeast in stores. It keeps for well over a year if kept in fridge or freezer.
283222283222B000EDK774A3B3UOHLQ0RTS0Berni1151243036800BerniThis yeast is working just like that which I bought at the store, but at a way lower price. 2 tsp. per loaf of bread works great just as I always used with other brands.
283223283223B000EDK774A2EMUM49CE0JV4Mark S. Mocarski "VideoFan"0051292371200Bob's Red Mill..yeastWell...the CASE Price is like a 3-year supply..I would suggest you dissolve your YEAST--and add it immeadiatly..waiting like no longer than 4-minutes..I prefer Bob's Red any other.
JUST Checking BACK(March 28-2012)/I'm still useing this same shipment with excellent results/I have started to use 1-tablespoon per recipe/I once used a single teaspoon/I use a tiny mayonaisse jar to hold the Dry Yeast in my refridgerator../while the rest of the shipment is double wrapped--in the VEG. BIN. I wondered about this large shipment lasting to the is a 3-year supply. But it seems just fine so far.
283224283224B000EDK774AK3I5SH6IY641Anatoliy Ryaboshapko "Dragonfly"0021244246400Not effective after 3 monthI have only used 25% of it and this yeast merely working already. Too bad.
283225283225B005ZVB5PSAILHREBIGWLLEmichelle0041334016000Don't Mix, Just Sip :)I'm a big fan of the higher end blancos, served chilled with lime, no salt. However, this blanco was so amazing there was no need for lime, and it would be a shame to use this to make a mixed drink. I recently compared this to DeLeon's Diamante ($100 for the same amount of tequila) and I'd say that even the DeLeon still could benefit from a little lime, and could possibly improve a mixed drink, but I would sip Corzo Silver by itself any day. It has just enough flavor and is very smooth. Highly recommended.

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