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283231283231B002ACSA7GA5GPH59NDWJRBJenna Glatzer101041242432000Good -- but no longer organicI first bought these at Babies 'R' Us, and the bag was marked USDA Organic. I was thrilled to find that my daughter and I both loved them, that they were healthy, and low-calorie/low-fat. A perfect combo! So I ordered them on Amazon in bulk.

Unfortunately, as of today, Amazon still has the wrong ingredients list. What arrived was the new formulation of this product, which is no longer organic. The company now uses the label "all natural" instead, and most of the ingredients are not organic.

Excellent customer service on Snikkidy's end; they were forthcoming about the issue and apologized that Amazon hasn't updated the information yet, even though I understand they have no control over that.

I will probably continue buying these snacks despite that they're no longer organic. They're very tasty and better for you than most of what's on the market, at least!
283232283232B002ACSA7GA3I9XZGYARBLS4B L6651267574400Cheese Please:These are great gluten free cheese puffs.

* Gluten free
* light
* As the label says they do taste like cheese
* taste good
* not very powdery so your hands stay relatively clean after a handful
283233283233B002ACSA7GA3O1GZZRWJYTSDL. White5551251763200Super yummy snacksWatch out because these snacks are addictive. Very light with a mild cheesy flavor. Bought them for my 2 yr old but can't keep dad out of them. Like the fact that they are not loaded with artificial ingredients and not high in sodium.
283234283234B002ACSA7GA2Y4S4CNGKF21SH. Swanson2231300147200Not what I expected, but okPicked these up on a whim because I love healthy snacks. I wish they were organic, though. The texture is not what I expected - I was expecting the dense, smooth texture of the more common corn puffs. These are crunchier, and the flavor is very mild. I imagine they would be great for kids, but I won't be picking them up again for the high price.
283235283235B002ACSA7GA3UWBZ8Q25AZUZD. A. Streich2231272931200It's ok but not great...I thought these would be a really great snack being preservative free and low in fat... They're ok but not really cheesy tasting. They are nice and light but a little more flavor would go a long way. I do like the Snikiddy fries though, they have a great flavor and nice crunch!
283236283236B002ACSA7GA2T4NGK4KHMB0OAdrienne Herbertson2251176422400The BESTThis are so light, fluffy and cheesy! The ingredients are good for you and the taste is spectacular! If you like pirates booty, you will love these more!!
283237283237B002ACSA7GA1GF1I5K2N6C0RLittle Mama Mama1151308700800My kids LOVE these!We originally discovered these tasty treats at an natural foods cafe' in our old neighborhood. When we moved we could no longer find them locally, but now we're able to purchase them through Subscribe and Save (which I love) and have them delivered on a regular basis right to our front door! The puffs as crispy, cheesy and a great snack when the kids want "chips" with their meals.
283238283238B002ACSA7GALYCWPJGP7KSWBoe0051328313600Addictive!I ordered these as a "cheeto" substitute for my kids. My family can eat a whole bag in just one sitting. They are addictive and you'll not be able to eat just one. They are very light, have a nice crunch to them and are pretty cheesey. Although the cheese flavor tastes more like real cheese then the processed fake cheese taste of cheetos, so they dont taste exactly like cheetos, but we dont mind we actually like these way better. The only negative comment that I have about this product is that once you open the bag they go stale fast.
283239283239B002ACSA7GA39S07M7E7AL97Bella's Grandma0051327622400It's a tongue twister.......they're pronounced like "persnickety" minus the "per". Now, that that's out of the way, these little puffy airy balls are just plain cheesy goodness!! A 4.5oz bag is 4 servings. Ya' know how you feel so guilty when you read labels and then proceed to have just a little more than a serving of something that may not be really all that good for you?? Well, not too worry with these little puff balls. The Nutrition Facts don't read like a death sentence. It's so nice when something good for you tastes like those foods we use to love, but just can't bring ourselves to put in our mouths anymore. Yesterday, I also sampled the Baked Fries, Classic Ketchup (I don't eat ketchup with my fries)and, darned if I didn't come home with a bag. Although my kids are grown, I think these would be a great snack for the little ones.....
283240283240B002ACSA7GA2LM9UNM0ROC44Shannon0051298851200My toddler LOVES themI picked these up at the grocery store and my daughter just loves them, and I admit that they are good as well. I try to avoid eating them since it's hard to just have one or two! It's a great organic snack! I was thrilled to find them on amazon since they are a much better price than at retail.

These ones are a little longer in size (peanut sized), other flavors are just balls like cheese balls.
283241283241B002ACSA7GA3FY081DDRG7F3M. Soriano "Health Conscious"0051269561600Tasty fun crunchy you can't eat just oneThese are so tasty! I picked this up at whole foods because (1) it was gluten free, (2) on sale for $1.50, and (3) my children saw it and wanted to try it. tasty. After paying, we sat down for a snack and opened up the bag. Once you put a puff in your mouth, it's light and fluffy texture allows it to melt in your mouth. In fact, in one sitting, about 3/4 of the bag was consumed. It definitely passed the kids taste test. This means I will be making this product a regular staple in the pantry.
283242283242B002ACSA7GA1IJP6OAWNPD2CSarah Nikpour "Mom3"0051254268800Great healthy snack for my kids!I received samples of the snikiddy grilled cheese puffs and had my three children try them. All 3 very picky eaters loved the snacks. Even though they are cheese puffs, they are not too cheesy and do not leave messy orange fingers.
283243283243B002ACSA7GA3M75SB3CS1LT1Melissa R. Angel0051254182400Wow! something better than Pirates Booty!!!I did not know about this product until I began riding around with a magnet on my car for M.O.M. advertising Snikiddy. I was sent some trial packages to taste and to my surprise they were fantastic!! My children flipped over the Grilled Cheese puffs. My nephews wanted me to keep bringing them over to their house, until their mother had to go out and actually buy them herself, and now they are hooked on the snack. I If you have kids, well even if you don't this is one of best new products I have tried on the market. I am so excited that it is now in Shoprite, and the grilled cheese puffs are individually packaged in lunch size bags and sold in bulk so that I can pack them in my kids lunch box. I love how healthy they are for you, no trans fats and
hydronated oils. I always have to keep a spare bag in my car because my children keep on asking for them. Great job Snikiddy!!!!
283244283244B002ACSA7GA39MDIFUBTIRRMJenna0051253750400Finally a great healthy snack that my girls love!I recently tried the Grilled Cheese Puffs and thought they were great. The biggest test they had to pass was whether my 2 and 6 year girls would eat them. They LOVED them. They got a great cheesy taste (like Cheeto's), but their hands didn't get dirty and it was much healthier. The 4 ounce bags come PACKED to the top with puffs! I bought some for kid's friends and they also loved them. Definitely try them!
283245283245B002ACSA7GA3UDQ8OIPUPEL5Erinn Lesser "M.O.M"0051253577600Great snack food!The Snikiddy Snack grilled cheese puffs are wonderful. They are perfect for kids to bring to school as their morning snack. It is also good as a snack on the run. I highly recommend this product. The chocolate chip cookies are great too. Enjoy!!
283246283246B002ACSA7GAX9FZCVRELGSUJennifer Donnelly0051253145600Cheese Puffs that don't leave you with orange fingers!!I'm picky about what my kids eat. I also am a tad neurotic about cleanliness. So when I discovered these Grilled Cheese Puffs I was beyond excited. They taste good, are all-natural, gluten-free and have no trans fats. Oh and did I mention they don't leave that horrid orange residue on your fingertips? Seriously, why do other brands do that? And you will be shocked when you open the bag and realize how many puffs are in there. It's not all air and then 10 puffs. You really get your money's worth with this product. We love snikiddy in my house!
283247283247B002ACSA7GA2ECG7QHWHG263E. Stearn0051253059200Tasty and Nutritious!I just got these Snikiddy Snack grilled cheese puffs for my little boy and he can't get enough of them! In fact, my husband and I love them too. Finally, a healthy alternative to "junk food". They are gluten and wheat free. To learn more about Snikiddy and their snack offerings, visit their website: [...]
283248283248B002ACSA7GA3KZT9QS67FGFDC. A. Mcmanus "Ms.LaDeeDa"0051252972800YummyYummy and healthy don't necessarily always go together in the same sentence -- but these grilled cheese puffs are a hit in our house. And the good news is I don't feel guilty about having them around!

For the record I love cheesy stuff and my 2 kids do as well. These have great crunch, cheesy flavor and are suprisingly low in calories and fat.-- 120 cal. 5 gm fat per one ounce serving. Comparatively, an ounce of Cheetos contains 10 grams of fat per serving.

Can you say "yum?"

Best yet: For those with wheat/gluten intolerance these are fabulously gluten-free. My nephew has Celiac's Disease and can't eat many snacks. He can eat these and LOVES them.

Healthy and tasty can in fact gloriously co-exist...and these little puffs prove it!!
283249283249B002ACSA7GA1JOCI3IKWBSS5Ken0051252886400Four votes up from my house!My 4 year old adores these puffs and even the picky six year old gobbles them up. Both my husband and I like them too. For us, it is nice to be able to eat cheese puffs without that yucky feeling afterwards that you can get from some brands. I particularly like that they are organic since we try to avoid all artificial colors, flavors and other additives. Definitely give this snack a try, you'll really enjoy them!

I noticed an on-line contest at their website to win a free bike. h[...]
283250283250B002ACSA7GA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims0051250294400Actually Gluten-free. Wooh!I always approach a gluten-free label with a certain amount of scepticism.

DeBoles Pasta, Bob's Red Mill, Rice Dream, Arrowhead Mills, General Mills Rice and Corn Chex, and Mi-Del Gluten Free cookies have all caused me to get a gluten reaction at one time or another. (On the other hand, the Whole Foods Bakery cheese biscuits and cupcakes, Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup from Britain, Ian's and Amy's gluten-free frozen entrees, Blue Diamond Pecan, Hazelnut and Almond crackers, Tinkyada pasta, newer Bob's Red Mill Flours (post-2007 when they got the new mill), and Pacific Foods broths and soups that are in my pantry, are gluten-free, and yummy.)

These cheese puffs are a welcome addition to the relatively short list of, "tastes good, won't make a celiac sick, kid-friendly items." They are not expensive, either.

Did I mention they're really gluten free?
283251283251B002ACSA7GA29RKKFHC7Z8PMelissa Rolaf "Rowanmamma"0051203379200Very YummyWe loved this snack. I was surprised by how large the bags were. I guess I was expecting single serve size, but the bags were large enough for my whole family. It was crunchy and cheesey.
283252283252B002ACSA7GA2HVRA75RNB9VZGirlsMom0051203033600The girls love them!!Thanks to the earlier recommendation. Our two girls love these puffs! Best thing is they are low fat and organic. I find myself munching out of their bag. Good cheese flavor and a great snack on the go.
283253283253B002ACSA7GAGOTQ7VEQ5IMLcdkscully "cdkscully"2411202860800I wish they tasted like Grilled CheeseI've been looking for a natural cheese puff that did not have all the additives and preservatives in it to make one's stomach upset.

I thought I found the right product with "Snikiddy Snacks Grilled Cheese Puff".

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

When you eat one, they do taste good. However after eating a few in a row, there is a bad after taste that can upset your stomach.

They are also not very cheesy and the product does not resemble the taste of a grilled cheese in any way, shape or form.

I'm still looking for the perfect cheese puff, but these will not be on my list.
283254283254B004B7C524AWX5A78WVW1LHKent F.2251330732800Solid classic blend of fine herbesThis was the first time we bought this brand. Our usual was the expensive brand that comes in the crock and bought this as a whim to not have more crocks and just refill it. We did not notice any major difference and the important herb lavender is part of the blend although less noticable as the crock brand when you smell it. For our typical 'confusion ad lib' cooking style it works well if not better. All the herbes work together as a blend and nothing standing out above the other. This blend will not take a dish to a heavy lavender note and you will have to supplement for that.

Obviously one can easily make your own blend at home. We just find this way more convenient and consistent. Plus with two cooks in the house we don't have to argue if the blend was made properly or not. We have been going through this faster since it is a more universally applicable blend for our cooking. Also mixing this with kosher salt makes a very versatile herb salt.
283255283255B004B7C524A2HSNV1DSQ9NFJdong1151341878400The real thing.Great product. I grew Accustomed after Many travels to France.Could not find in US stores. Thanks to amazon I am back in To enjoying my Food.
283256283256B004B7C524A3E7TTC3P4TEC6ok1151341360000yumso much less expensive than the ones in the crock. who needs a crock like that, I put it in an empty skippy jar and it was the perfect size, more functional than a crock too. The herbs are great, flavorful on any savory dish I just throw it in and feel like I'm "cooking"
283257283257B004B7C524A3ADBWSADIP49ILADYEV22351315612800French HerbsReceived product as advertise, I was very impress of the smell of the herbs from a dry point. I can not wait to use them on my French dishes
283258283258B004B7C524ADGH05LT4Y295Carmen0051349395200I like it.....I think it is a little expensive. But over all it is a really good spice. You couldn't find this in the store so I had to order....... It shipped really fast.
283259283259B004B7C524A13PRL6D3KE38TSpazzled0051328659200Lovely HerbsAromatic, good color... these herbs did not disappoint. I was very pleased with the quality and quantity for the money. I've been making fougasse (herb bread) like crazy with these herbs, and I can never get enough!
283260283260B004B7C524AZL40WIYB442NR. Grubb "R. Grubb"1251293580800herbsMy son liked this product for a christmas present. Excellent herbs to cook with. Good value for the money spent

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