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283423283423B000LTM29MA3DU8G1VGUK2GUYanni Kalamata2251255651200YumReceived exactly what I expected. Love that there are two per pack (enough to share).
283424283424B000LTM29MA3OGU79CV3295Mklpcupid "klpcupid"2251244592000a valley of health!!they are very sweetly filling and there are two per package!!

i'll be ordering again.
283425283425B000LTM29MA3LH77PBDFEO3FG. E. Williams "Nunah"6841220140800AddictiveGranola bars used to be considered "Health Food", and didn't taste all that great. The new generation of granola bars falls into the newer category of "Better For You" snacks, may not be quite as good for you as the old ones, but they actually taste like human food, so that is a plus.

These "Nature Valley Oats 'N Honey" are particularly addictive, just the right amount of sweetness, and enough whole grain fiber to take some of the guilt out of the equation.
283426283426B000LTM29MAC6O7RG7C7JHLCaffeine Junkie1151351036800Good deal for great productI've always liked the oats n' honey bars and was in the habit of eating them at work - for 90 cents from the vending machine. Thankfully I realized that Amazon must sell them for cheaper, and I was right. (Bought it with my other account that has Prime and it came next day to NYC!)

One packet of these bars plus a The Good Morning Pill | Energy Vitamin Supplement to Increase Focus, Replace Energy Drinks, Shots & Coffee (60 Capsules) and some milk is my breakfast most days of the week. Healthy, easy, quick, cheap.
283427283427B000LTM29MA1GHV9OT39CT8VAmazoner1151322092800Great tasteTaste great and healthy. Nice packaging. Would buy again. Good breakfast replacement or for snack time. Hope they make it in more flavors in the future.
283428283428B000LTM29MA1750QMY7R1EJK. Lee1151317859200Crunchy and tastyMy son loves this granola bar. He wants me to taste it and I tried. It was very chruchy and tasty.
283429283429B000LTM29MA3EP6XQ56J1Y5FLara Adejumo0051350864000Crunchy but smallerThis tasted just the same to me but I definitely noticed that this item is slightly thinner than the same bar that I got from a local grocery store so you get somewhat less for your money. I confirmed this by placing them side by side. However, it's still a time saver to have 96bars in one box delivered to your home instead of making several trips to the store.
283430283430B000LTM29MATVQ2N0P2PZ5VSolomon Griffin "stn1994"0051349308800Always a great dealI so loves these and they are always a great price and they always show up on time or early in most cases. I'm about to reorder more now :)
283431283431B000LTM29MA1F5DJ5VSDJ8UYNidhi0051349136000Great!These are great on the go bars. They are a perfect way of curbing your hunger, yet being delicious. Just had one till now - going to order more!!
283432283432B000LTM29MA1ER7Z5J872XABDuxbury22 "D22"0051345507200Great!Great quality bars! The flavor is exceptionally tasty and you can't beat the price! Would certainly buy again! Note: does contain 96 bars as is advertised!
283433283433B000LTM29MA2DYXDVXEQEHCURobert Winston Hughes0051344297600Staple item for me.Can never have enough of these in the cupboard. I typically buy two boxes at once... for each location (ie. work, home). Great for a little snack in between meals or just a healthy snack to nibble on. Can't go wrong with the original granola bar.
283434283434B000LTM29MALST1JKLE3MHMatt T0051343692800Great Snack, Great priceI eat these every day for breakfast or mid-day snacks at work. It's tons cheaper to order them from Amazon than to buy smaller individual boxes or even same size boxes at the bulk stores.
283435283435B000LTM29MAYMIBM0Y42RD3Banfjett0051338336000Great dealIt's a great way to have an easy snack. Lasts forever. For me and a house of 4 it does the trick.
283436283436B000LTM29MA2LUP7T9YAE3JKTrippinAround0051331251200Good buyThey showed up on time. They were fresh. The box was not damaged. As advertised. I am very pleased. Yep, I'm in granola bars up to my neck for awhile. Good for me!!!
283437283437B000LTM29MA1FVSIU4BJI5Y9C. Spradling "Candy11"61221265760000I was Cheated!I placed the order, and recieved it within 3 days of the order, and it was the correct food! that is why there are two stars, however....I ONLY RECEIVED 60 BARS!!!! I placed my order from this exact provider, and was promised 96 bars... Very dissapointed...But they taste Great
283438283438B000LTM29MA1R6SSMKBN6RYPDavid Mah1731236470400Really very NatureToo dry, and very Nature and health that you don't even feel there is honey with it.
283439283439B000EJPDM2A30WB4WPFAO5XCNo.Ctry.King1151330128000Ginger tea packs some heat!Great tea! I drink 2-4 cups of ginger tea a day, sweetened with agave nectar. Steep for 10-15 minutes and the ginger flavor and heat is excellent.
283440283440B000EJPDM2A12N6FQ84I2GZXStitcher1151295222400Love this tea!I drink several cups a day to help with digestion. I never get tired of the flavor - has a good ginger bite to it.
283411283411B000LTM29MA1JIXMSANXI4GCMax Loh "maxloh`com"6651337731200RINSE WITH WATERI know this sounds crazy. I discovered this method accidentally one day when the oats n honey bar slipped from my hand and dropped into the sink. Not wanting to waste the food, I thought "eh, I'll just rinse it with water and gobble it up." Much to my surprise this rinsed half-bar tasted MUCH BETTER than the original. It serves two purposes: To "tenderize" the bar, making it become a soft tasty crunchy instead of the hard, uninviting crunchy, and also washes away a lot of the sugar making it a lot tastier and healthier (the bars are originally too sweet in my opinion). People have said "eat it with water" etc. which helps with the dryness, but it simply is not the same as rinsing or dipping in water. Ever since I started using this technique the bars have gone from merely good-tasting to heavenly.
283412283412B000LTM29MA3NBC44DH155F2MC Williams "mcw"5551292976000Not only tasty...This 96 count box of pure deliciousness is incredible and at a great price. I started ordering these over the summer of 2010. I wanted to start speeding up my metabolism by eating 5 times a day, but was worried about eating 5 MEALS a day canceling out all of the exercising I was doing. I ate one for breakfast, brunch, and dunch (dinner-lunch). I ate regularly (full healthy meals) for lunch and dinner. I ended up losing 30 lbs. over about 4 months and was back to a weight I hadn't seen since High School. I've continued to buy this box ever since and probably will keep buying it. If anyone out there is looking for a light, healthy, filling snack BUY THIS NOW!!!
283413283413B000LTM29MA1TUQIWU5FU11QGreg Leroy4451316217600Fantastic ValueI bought a small box of these in a retail food store and found them really tasty. They also don't deteriorate into a melted blob of sugared crap when you leave them in a hot car. In fact it's one of the few granola bars that is mostly granola, and no extra high fructose corn syrup, sugars, etc. The 96 bar box lasts a long time and the per bar price about 1/4 the cost of buying them one at a time in a store.
283414283414B000LTM29MA2TIGUXKJXBX2VT. Nathe6751287619200Very goodBoxes contain 45 packs, hence the 90 bars so don't be surprised, comes out to about .47 a pack and at work they are .70 so it's a better deal for me.
283415283415B000LTM29MA1Y8DL3R6CN3NIS. A. Spaeth6751221004800This is the only granola bar I eat!Oats N Honey is the best flavor full of sweet and very crunchy. The only thing I would think to change are the crumbles that fall when I eat it. But even that I wouldn't change because I love the crunch and love the flavor. Yum!
283416283416B000LTM29MASOY6WR5LWCQBTed S.81041216425600Great snack productTried these many months ago and found myself buying on a regular basis - so I wanted to buy in bulk to save $$$. These are a great tasting snack that satisfies my between-meal hunger without excess calories, fat and sugar. I will continue to purchase, especially now that Costco carries them.
283417283417B000LTM29MA31RXRB9Y9F6J6Sid3311347235200Misleading advertismentThey mislead you by saying there are 96 bars in the box , but there just 48 bars in the box.
I think this is really bad advertisment.
283418283418B000LTM29MA3K98MMQU4KB8QBeth Wilson3351327881600DELICIOUS!I love these bars! Two to a pack are just the right amount and they fill you up. Plus, they are good for you! They do crumble pretty easliy, but I don't mind that at all. I just remedy that by using a papertowel or plate. Yum yum!!!!! I highly recommend these.
283419283419B000LTM29MAPA45TYYE9IB8C. Brackett3351320278400REAL BULK ITEMLOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! This has lasted us the longest and was the best price I could find for so many. Better than my local Costco! These granola bars are super yummy! My small children like them as much as I do.
283420283420B000LTM29MA1EQ5D5JRSW23KErol Esen3351316649600The Only Guilt-Free Breakfast OptionI'm writing this review just to keep a note to myself to buy more when I'm out of the current stock. This has now become my primary source of breakfast and complements the coffee every morning.
283421283421B000LTM29MA189FJ50CER3SOpapercuts3341313971200Oats and HoneyIt didn't expire anytime soon and it tastes pretty good although a bit sweet. Only problem was apparently, the family gobbled it up too fast and I figured where the 96 bars came from. There are two small bars per package and this is somewhat misleading. I mean you can put 4 tiny bars in a package and then say you have 192 bars. Would consider buy again though.
283422283422B000LTM29MA3K5PWG763DT1KP. Bilek2241296345600Great Product why this expensive????

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