Amazon Fine Food Reviews

283441283441B000EJPDM2AE5ZCJPS9T6FGDevyne0041305331200Does its job!You definitely taste the ginger in this one! I like that it is ginger with chamomile, it certainly soothes the digestive system and has a calming effect. You won't go wrong with it.
283442283442B00008DFAMA8XU5L1Z41NH6E. James Robinson1111323648000What a CROCK!!The BAG itself says "$10.49"!!! Regular list price for Amazon, almost $50??? But you can have it for the low low bargain of $20!! Yes, you can buy a $11 bag of cat food for $20!! Act now and get a free proctology exam at your local bus station!
283443283443B00008DFAMA2C7SO0JI1WM54Rita0051325980800Inexpensive great dry cat foodI was never a cat lover until our oldest one followed us home when we were in NY. She was over year old but only weighted less than 3 or 4 lbs when she first met us. She has very sensentive system and has food allery to a lot of things. We tried a couple of different cat dry foods and found this is the only one that she would eat it and doesn't have food allergy. Both of our black cats have shiny coat now. My vet said that they are very healthy .

We just hosted our neightbor's cat for almost a month when our neightbor was away. Her cat loves this cat food and her coat start shinny after eating this cat food for one month. I gave my neighbor some samples and she found that her cat really likes them.
283444283444B00008DFAMA243KU68DROO1YW. Finnerty1251202860800Purina Cat ChowPrompt delivery for a product I use every day, and I didn't have to go out and drag bags home from a store myself! Thank you.
283445283445B0049M7LA2A23USBGJQJKGOGJan Mays0051346803200Really good popcorn - just the right sizeMy daughter was very happy with this product since we can no longer find it at our local grocery store.
283446283446B0049M7LA2A2WFPMBWYVJSYEJohn Ryan0051336348800Yum!This popcorn tastes great! The popcorn popped so well it almost split the bag open in the microwave!

I would highly recommend it over other light popcorns I have tried.
283447283447B0049M7LA2A2Z7QO00KEUUYZdkr4010051328659200great popped cornThis product lives up to my need to munch. Just two minutes and thirty seconds, and yum, yum, yum. this is great.
283448283448B0049M7LA2A3JN0FHDFURCDLpipperjo0151337212800Orville Redenbacher Light butter popcorn.Who doesn't like Orville Redenbacher popcorn? It is great. All kernels pop. I will also spray some butter spray on it sometimes for more butter taste. That way not adding more calories. Tasty snack.
283449283449B0028GWJHGA609KAFDXK0BIMLC "Sunny Day Puppies"2251320278400The BEST!This is definitely my favorite for puppies! -and very tiny kibbles for very tiny teeth. My pups are teacup size. I am VERY picky about my dog food! I have tried MANY different foods and I am sticking with this one no matter how hard it is to find - no local pet store carry it so I buy it here. It is ALWAYS delivered promptly!
283450283450B0028GWJHGAV2JG5U7ZB9A3Jacqueline1151338768000Great food!We love it!My puppy took to it right away. I didn't mix it in with her existing food as I had planned to do. I just quickly switched her over and 4 days later her poop is still nice and firm. The food seems very gentle on her digestive system and she happily gobbles all her food up, and I'm happy to know that she's getting all the nutrition that she needs!
283451283451B0028GWJHGAIAZTMZJFWYPLKatie Klingaman1151336780800I Love Earthborn.This dog food is great for my food sensitive Golden. He LOVES it and I really like the ingredients. Only thing I don't like is the price, but I realize am paying for quality not quantity.
283452283452B0028GWJHGA2PHB0VGGJ4OTUTony "tonezster"1151310515200My puppies love it!!!My two puppies started off on Solid Gold, but one day while I was picking them up from their doggy daycare the receptionist asked me if I would like to try a sample of Earthborn Holisitic. I figured it couldn't hurt, and seeing as it was rated higher than Solid Gold, I took home the $7 sample. My dogs, LOVED IT. The kibble is a lot smaller than the Solid Gold was and seeing as my Bichon Frise is about 10 lbs and my Maltese-Shih Tzu mix is about 7lbs, the kibble is a lot easier for their tiny mouths to work on! I have been feeding them Earthborn Holistic for about three months now and they still finish their bowls clean every day before I get home from work! Their poop is nice and solid, and they are as happy and healthy as ever.
283453283453B0028GWJHGA168OCIC8P19QVJamesN808 "Deal Seeker"0051340668800Puppy loved this foodMy 8 week old golden retriever came from the breeders with Eukanuba Puppy Chiot but after checking the ingredients decided to switch to a higher quality food. Found Puppy Vantage to have the best combination of quality ingredients and price in addition to free Amazon shipping. I know you are supposed to gradually introduce a new food to you dog but I mixed it for only a couple of days without any perceivable problem. My puppy definitely appeared to like this food over her prior Eukanuba. The kibbels are much smaller and appear easier to eat. Previously the puppy would eat, stop, then eat again. With Earthborn Vantage, he eats non-stop! The bag also has an easy zip closure. Overall very satisfied with the puppy food.
283454283454B001EO634IANDGNBEOS3O5QE. Simpson1151268179200best afternoon tea, everThis tea is delicious, very good quality and the rosepetal flavor is perfect, it tastes very natural and is very good quality. I had tried this in a cafe and was very happy to find it on Amazon. expensive, but really worth the price if you appreciate good quality tea.
283455283455B001EO634IA3L5INK8YS7OZ9M. J. Beck1151241308800My favorite teaI really love this tea. I was first introduced to it in a tearoom in Ohio, and was happy to find it on Amazon. The price is right, and the tea is great quality--a touch of the classic Earl Grey bergamot flavor, with a delicate floral undertone makes for a wonderful afternoon tea.
283456283456B001EO634IA1PM7I2QUFDD1HAndre1321291766400Not worth the moneyI thought I was getting tea bags but it is loose tea. And, at that price, I thought the tea bags would be silk. I can get the same kind of rose petal, earl gray loose tea at Whole Foods for about $4.00. And, the Whole Foods tea is fresh. The tea from SerendipiTea has a lot fewer rose petals.
283457283457B002KB7CX0A34KU5JD9W4N0TRjsteenson0051324857600costly, but extremely goodThese dark chocolate covered pistachios are extremely good and excellent in flavor. However, they are also very expensive. A great item if you can afford them.
283458283458B000H9NLLYA3DI2KMA9KUOHKL. Wilson "Sheiob"2251181088000AmazingThis liquorice is absolutely amazing. It tastes very unlike the regular, hard stuff that Twizzlers and other brands make. The texture is completely different, with very chewy, large pieces. It has a nice sweet strawberry taste that just about anyone will like. Unfortunately it's very hard to find: you may see other Austrailian brands out there like Black Opal, which is closer to this brand than American products, but Kookaburra is definately the King of Liquorice.
283459283459B000H9NLLYA4C7W3UWP723CS. Miller "keri"1151312416000Love the Kookaburra!I love this liquorice, it tastes so much better than anything else you can get at the grocery. It does cost a bit more but it's to be savored. I like the dense small pieces and the reclosable bag.
283460283460B000H9NLLYA579QNOXOFOR9Mimsy1211218067200not what i expectedThis product arrived in a plain bag, no company logo. Not what I expected especially for the high price. The Kookaburra gourment liquorice I usually buy comes in a special bag with the company name and logo. The quality was not what I normally purchase. It tasted like it had set around in a warehouse for a couple months. In the future I will only buy this product in a store, in person... so I know what I am getting. Normally this is exceptionally good candy ! with a soft and less chewy texture than your average liquorice.
283461283461B004743O08AAX6FRNBEU9PKSusan Clinton "gammer"3351298073600Wonderful! Great flavor and smell!Great flavor and smell! so very easy to use too. It is hard to find a good price,so this was a treat!
283462283462B004743O08A1JLE30SBP6J3AZefran2251308182400Nice flavor, no bitter aftertasteNice to see it on sale. Love the coffee and it will be a staple in my coffee lineup. Just right on the flavor scale, not to weak or strong. Green Mountain coffees are always consistant. Every K-cup of the same blend tastes the same. I've had other brands that had weaker or stronger or even bitter cups come from the same blend. I think it might be due to poor processing/packaging or maybe they're not buying from the same growers? After a ton of 'sampler' packs I'm finally narrowing my brands down no thanks to other brands inconsistancies. Thank you Green Mountain!
283463283463B004743O08ABX9VSNYYY666JLC "JL"2251306281600Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket BlendSo far my favorite, great flavor, no bitterness, love the aroma... I don't use sugar,... creamer only... avid coffer drinker, coffee is my beverage of choice.
283464283464B004743O08A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""1151319155200More Mild than Medium. Smooth. No Aftertaste.Green Mountain Nantucket Blend is a palate pleasing mild-medium blend. I would put it more towards the mild side than the medium side. It is very smooth and has no aftertaste.

As a comparison, the blend is about the same strength as Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Breakfast in Bed (Medium Roast), 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewer and is slightly stronger than Green Mountain Coffee Our Blend, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers.
283465283465B004743O08A3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151308960000Delicious medium-roast blend with complex tones Length:: 1:30 Mins

The name belies an intoxicating medium-roast blend that fuses flavors from Central America, Indonesia and East Africa. The Nantucket Blend is deliciously complex - a mélange of four coffees from three continents - opening with the aroma of berries, spice and wine and soft floral undertones and finishing smoky and sweet with a touch of French Roast.

According to the Green Mountain Coffee website, the blend's origin dates back more than 20 years ago, "created at the request of a loyal customer who lived on Nantucket Island. The blend proved a winner, and the name stuck."

I drink Nantucket Blend black, using Keurig's small mug (7.25 oz) setting. My wife, who will often add creamer to darker roasts, also enjoys this blend black.

In summary, this medium-roast blend is a new favorite in our house. We first purchased Nantucket Blend during an Amazon sale for about 55 cents per Keurig cup. Regular price is about 66 cents, 15 cents higher per cup than other brands. Is it worth the additional price? Yes, but keep an eye out for sales.

Added bonuses:
Nantucket Blend is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.
Green Mountain Coffee is Fair Trade Certified.
Green Mountain Coffee is organic.

Rating: Five stars.

BTW: Here are other K-cup coffees I've recently reviewed for Amazon:

5 stars: Coffee People Donut Shop Medium Roast
5 stars: Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
4 stars: Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry
4 stars: Tully's Coffee Kona Blend
4 stars: Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic
3 stars: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend
3 stars: Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Gingerbread
283466283466B004743O08A2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327104000A saving grace for Green Mountain Coffee...When we received our Keurig Elite for Christmas, we were so excited to break open the sample pack of pods to try out different blends and flavors. Of the 12 pods we had in the box, four were Green Mountain Coffee brand. I'd never tried anything from this company before, but from what I had researched online, they have the largest range of Keurig pods and have even bought out competitors to produce coffee under their brand names as well.

Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed by the quality of the coffee. We tried their Dark Magic, Decaf and Breakfast Blend and all were underwhelming, to say the least. I was almost completely set on writing off Green Mountain altogther.

We had one GM pod left and being of the mindset of waste-not-want-not, I figured I'd give it one last go around before forgetting about them completely. And I'm glad I did.

The Nantucket Blend is a perfectly pleasing cup of coffee. It is nice and flavorful without being thick and pungent (unlike some of the other GM blends we tried). I added some flavored creamer to it and it almost measures up to our go-to Caribou Blend pods. Almost. All in all, this is a very standard cup of coffee which, while it isn't anything new or exciting, is very pleasing and definitely one of the better Keurig options we've been able to test out. When we run out of all the pods we've accumulated, I'll probably pick up a box of these as well.

Now that I know Green Mountain isn't completely disappointing I'll definitely be open to trying a few more of their coffees (with our promotion for getting the bewer we ordered Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count to try as well) and see how it goes from there.

If you're looking for a go-to choice, this is your cup!
283467283467B004743O08A3VGTAKNGH9QPYBP0041318291200Great CoffeeI love my kcups coffee. This is an excellent product.The company I purchased from made the transaction fast and easy. I definitely recommend this product for purchase.
283468283468B001HTKQ0CA1TIVD0Y3KJSCNlawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"3351279065600Fantastic Yellow Corn Grits, recipe included belowAs a native Southerner, I've eaten grits all my life but I'd never had yellow, coarsely ground corn grits before I tried Bob's. From the moment my family tried these grits about two or three years ago, we've eaten no other grits. We cook these grits every weekend, usually Saturday and Sunday mornings. Oh, we've tried a few good regional products, but they're just not as good as Bob's (for instance, Lakeside yellow grits are good, but because they're more finely ground, Lakeside is a bit too creamy, tasting almost like a corn porridge). I prefer the more coarse grind of Bob's yellow grits, and the flavor is exceptional. The corn flavor in Bob's comes through, but not in an overpowering way - not to sound like a geek foodie, but Bob's yellow grits have a fantastic taste and mouthfeel. It's hard to explain, but I recommend you try them. If you're not sure you want to bite off a bulk multi-bag purchase via Amazon, then check your local grocery store (Publix in the Southeast carries Bob's, as do many organic/gourmet grocers). Regarding price: Bob's Red Mill products aren't cheap, but the company fills a very unique niche (Gluten-free products, unusual flours, etc.) and I'm willing to pay the price to keep the company from disappearing. Plus, every product from Bob's Red Mill that I've ever tried has been superior, including these grits.

Oh, and NEVER follow the cooking directions on a bag or box of grits - that's the primary reason non-Southerners think grits are nasty, because they make grits without the necessary amounts of butter, salt and milk or cream. Also, these are not quick cook grits, so it will take about 15-20 minutes from the time the water boils to achieve smooth, cooked grits. To feed four people (assuming you also have pancakes and a meat for breakfast), use three cups water brought to a boil, then gently shake about 2/3 cup of grits into the water. Once the water/grits combo comes to a boil, immediately lower the heat to simmer and stir frequently. [A note about lumps: if you don't stir often enough, you get lumps; if you dump the grits in, rather than shaking them in slowly, you get lumps.] Add two or three tablespoons of salted butter, then an unholy amount of salt. I'm afraid to measure how much salt we actually use (we salt to taste as we cook), but I would guess we use two or more teaspoons of salt. To avoid oversalting, start with one teaspoon of salt, taste when you're almost done, then add additional milk and salt to taste. Depending on how thick you like your grits, add additional water (we prefer to use 1% milk) to thin them out a bit. You can also add chopped bacon or country ham to your final product for flavor.

A word about polenta: Any Southerner can tell you that grits left in a pot to cool become polenta... so go ahead, and impress your Yankee and West Coast friends by "grilling up" leftover slices of your breakfast for dinner. Remember, the Americas introduced corn to Europe (including Italy), so grits came first.
283469283469B001HTKQ0CAOGA7F2ZJ306HE. Victoria Bauer "E.V. Bauer"1151293494400Delicious Polenta!I LOVE Polenta and started using this brand when the grocery store near me carried it. Everyone, EVERYONE commented on how delicious it cooked up! Then, for some reason, the grocery store discontinued I went looking on line and found this person and HIGHLY reccommend them and their product.

The Polenta came promptly, was wrapped carefully.....I am very satisfied and happy to have found a good new source for this wonderful, nutritious polenta.

Do give "Bob's Red Mill Grits Corn Polenta" a try if you like Polenta and have never tried thier brand....I think you will be very pleased as I am.
283470283470B001IZK7TAA1M2ZUUDE40BW5dd909711283904000Organic doesn't always mean quality.There are 4 primary sources for cinnamon used in cooking. Ceylon cinnamon is "true" cinnamon and is not toxic, the Saigon, Cassia and Burmannii contain high amounts of coumarin (1200x the amount of ceylon) a toxic compound that affects the nervous system. Simply organic uses the latter of the four because it is cheap do to having an extremely low oil content. Basically it is junk. If your cinnamon is bitter and not sweet (and this is) it is toxic. So just because it is "organic" does not mean it is good for you. I bought some hoping that it was right because none label their sources and am severely disappointed. On a side note the same is true of imitation vanilla having dangerously high amounts of coumarin from using the Tonka do to the fact it contains a lot of vannillan.

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