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283501283501B006HV79KAA2HG8VUTO2UIBJMuunia Darkling00313468896006 Dollars?WoW 6 dollars for a box is pretty steep imo. Too bad when I read the Product details: "Item Weight: 3 pounds" I thought I was getting a deal, its definatly 3 OZ, like it says on the box. Durp
283502283502B006HV79KAAMC708Y8VAWSOspagetti0141334966400alot of calories600 calories for the box deff not for someone who is on a diet ... these are good tho.... very tasty :)
283503283503B005ZH5GDEA1I3BX6UD36G23Organizer "cs"0051335139200fantastici love this butter. it's better than regular butter and makes eggs or anything else taste great. Plus it's organic with higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). A must in every home, i think
283504283504B000XHZ8AMA2TUXUOKJHAYCI862231305504000Showpiece bottle, ok tasteTastes like Franks redhot. Very watery. Apparently Dave made this for the general population and forget about the pepper-head hot sauce fanatics. People that don't eat hot sauce on a daily basis will probably find this enjoyable. Pepperheads will find this to be really weak, tangy and disappointing. It's a showpiece bottle that I wouldn't buy again.
283505283505B0045Z4JAIA1P3QE98VVV1WDBeverly Johnson9951295913600Newman's Own special blend-decafWe've tried many different kcups but find that Newman's Own-Decaf is our favorite. It is very smooth and great tasting.
283506283506B0045Z4JAIA1X35AWEO9FWWCarm ""brutally honest""7751313798400better than Timothy'sconsistently good, coffee is definite without being strong or hard on the stomach. As important the K-cup does not bust in the Kuerg like Timothy's does! I usually make 16oz out of one K-cup
283507283507B0045Z4JAIAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson6641324857600Tasty decafMy physician has suggested that I try to use more decaf and less regular coffee. Indeed, I have experimented with a number of decaf products over the past several months. Some are good, some aren't. Some have a nice coffee taste; others are pretty bland.

I have tried some of Newman's Own K-cup flavors and have generally found the whole line pretty satisfying. This decaf is no exception. It has a nice coffee taste (it is labeled "extra bold). It isa organic, to the extent that that has value for the person wishing to try a cup out. For me, though, the key thing is that it has a good coffee taste and I like starting the day off with a decent cup.

So, if you'd like to trey out a decaf, this isn't a bad starting point.
283509283509B0045Z4JAIADCY0I8EGWCGOD. T. Carroll4411306713600Very Weak, Little FlavorVery Disappointed, not comparable to the regular Newman's Own. You might make a smaller size cup and be satisfied, but I'll try another brand. I like the Folger's Lively Colombian Decaf.
283510283510B0045Z4JAIAZ3GK5ZX3SVKTgsue2221306195200Too weak, not enough umph!I was disappointed in this product. It tasted weak and I had hoped for a bolder coffee. Somehow the "Newman's Own" lured me into purchasing this and abandoning my tried and true decaf coffee. No more!!
283511283511B0045Z4JAIAGKK29V8CBSCOWild Bill2251302912000Great coffee (even for decaf!)I bought this decaf coffee for my wife and she was surpised at the flavor (it actually had great flavor). I tried it and it was very good. Clean and crisp, and enough coffee in there, that you can brew a large cup (press the small cup selection, let it brew, then press the small cup selection again) and it is still very good coffee. In fact, I'm going to go brew some now for myself :)

I bought this from Amazon and have always been very happy with their shipping, packing, etc. This order was no different! Thank you!!
283512283512B0045Z4JAIAG08SJC4G3PYMath Girl2251300320000fantastic for iced coffeei can't say how this coffee tastes hot and/or black, but it is fantastic iced with milk and sugar. the taste is like a better version of dunkin donuts' iced coffee. and i love that it is organic.
283513283513B0045Z4JAIA29LJRFCNKWBFOgenie on a carpet4531299628800love Paul Newman, no so much the coffeeHad tried the regular Newman's Own and found it left an aftertast- I do use cream and sweetener but that didn't seem to affect the problem- thought the decaf would be different- sad to say, it wasn't-
283514283514B0045Z4JAIAI4CDBHHOX3EDBob Kincaid1111330905600Mmmmmm! Hot, brown water!Well, sorta brown, at least. More like a light tan, maybe.

I purchased on the strength of reviews here and on the strength of the Newman's Own brand. Swing and a miss on both counts.

I made my cups on the standard 8 ounce setting, and even that couldn't produce any concentration of flavor. A tiny dab of milk reduced it even further.

The worst decafs have all the allure, flavor and aroma of melted brown crayon, and this K cup struggles even to meet that very low bar. Good decaf isn't that difficult to obtain, but it was apparently a cup too far for this brand.
283515283515B0045Z4JAIA1F9Z42CFF9IAYMediahound1151327708800Organic, fair trade, water process decaf - can't ask for much more!I really like that this is organic, fair trade, water process decaf coffee- can't ask for much more!

I am frankly a bit leary of some of the other types of decaf because they use chemicals in the decaffeination process.

This coffee tastes fine to me for a medium roast.
283516283516B0045Z4JAIA1SLS8QNSHG2DNshoppinmom1131327017600too weakThis coffee was too weak for me. I found some Green Mountain French Roast decaf at a local Bed and Bath store and really like it - it's bolder, stronger.
283517283517B0045Z4JAIA3IBGWP53XMJY5C. DiAntonio1151324684800Best decaf i have tried in a KCupI have tried Donut Shop decaf (only b/c my mom said it was good.....DO NOT AGREE with her) and Dunkin Donuts decaf (not a bad backup decaf to this one but not the best)

I am picky about my decaf and this coffee is smooth, mild with no after taste.

I am sure you will enjoy too!
283518283518B0045Z4JAIA4NSQAUDHMEP6tigersmama1141323216000Newman's Own coffee decafA very tasty of coffee, either for your first cup of the day or your last cup at bedtime. We have enjoyed the rich coffee flavor and the delicious aroma.
283519283519B0045Z4JAIA1UBSC80601DN1Honest1151318032000Newman's Coffee K-CupI'm a fan of Newman's Products for the company's contributions to charity. The taste of this blend is perfect for me and I recommend it to someone who enjoys a nice-bodied decaf.
283520283520B0045Z4JAIA1B2U9EK3V1NVON. Vanmatre "nickv"1151317859200Typical Great Newman's Product--K cup CoffeeAs usual with Newman's Own Products, I found his Special Blend Decaf K-cup coffee to be great. Strong enough for me, without being very acidic. I continue to be a K cup lover, despite my feelings of overpaying for "home-brewed" coffee. The K cups are just so darn convenient and easy to make. I keep my K cup cooker right on my bedroom lavatory shelf. Turn it on when I get up and the coffee is ready to brew before I have finished with my morning tasks. And the Special Blend is oh so good.
283521283521B0045Z4JAIA3BM2A1XWWSNT3Jmonroe1151315699200Green Mountain Newman's Special Blend Decaf CoffeeLove the coffee. Received it very fast. It is delicious. I have ordered it over and over again. Ordered it from Amazon.
283522283522B0045Z4JAIA1J79CHIUWTEB4S. Britt Sr. "HumanBean"1151314489600Favorite decafHaven't found a decaf I like better. Took forever to get it though. very very slow shipping. Still, I'd buy it again. The coffee is worth it.
283523283523B0045Z4JAIA1JJRPU6X233G1CIE1151314057600Delish...For a decaf coffee, this coffee tastes like the real thing...I can actually function as if I am drinking a coffee with caffeine. More importantly, the taste is just right and this coffee can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day.
283524283524B0045Z4JAIA3ADMVV5J963C4Jack981101121313712000Too weak for usThis is a "Medium Body" coffee so, if you're looking for a "Full Body" coffee with lots of flavor, look elsewhere.
283525283525B0045Z4JAIA1DQ8QH5HUR0W1Brian Mulcahy "blues man"1151311552000Newman's makes great ice coffeeI really like these Newman's Own Organic Decaf K-cups. Tastes great, with good strengh even when using the largest cup size. I like to get a large tumbler and fill it with ice and just brew over it. Makes a great ice coffee. No need for cream and sugar, tastes good black!
283526283526B0045Z4JAIA1MDBRM7OC06REBilly A. Wilson "BillW"1151309824000Best DeCaf out there...Great Coffee, close to the "leaded' version and better than most. Glad I can at least get it through Amazon!
283527283527B0045Z4JAIA3AE4G41HPLMPginger walsh0051351209600Newman's own Organics Decaf Cupsnewman's Own Organics Special Decaf hasGreat flavor,not bitter at all.Excellent! Would definitely order again.Wish price was a little less pricey.
283528283528B0045Z4JAIA1ONO5WYXQ3502Kwack0051350518400always a faveWhenever I try other types of coffee, I keep going back to Newmans Own (ref or decaf) as one of my favorites.
283529283529B0045Z4JAIA2B1RFP7BRMW2Vaklytta0051349913600GREAT PRICE! NICE PRODUCTConvenient size - good flavor - easy to make. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a Keurig. Will definitely buy again.
283530283530B0045Z4JAIA3HUK2D3SNXHMRShorian "gadget guru"0041347062400Newman's Own Special Blend DecafI have found Newman's own products to be good and this one is no exception. It has a good taste for a decaf coffee blend. I have an assortment of regular coffee blends I like but this is the only decaf brand I will buy now.

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