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283531283531B0045Z4JAIA3LMJT32KS0Q05dl11570041344816000good valueI absolutely love Newman's Own Organics coffee. Bold flavor without the caffeine to keep me awake at night. You can't go wrong with a good cup of coffee after a long day at work.
283532283532B0045Z4JAIAQ1WOPVHDOUFKHolly R0051344384000Great Quality, great priceThis is the healthiest coffee I have found for my Keurig. The quality of the coffee keeps you satisfied with one cup.
283533283533B0045Z4JAIA2KSEREZAWFOF2MLV "buyingal"0051344211200Doesn't taste like DecafNewman's Special Decaf is one of my favorite decaf coffees for drinking in the evening. The flavor is rich and can fool many into thinking they're drinking caffeinated coffee. There is no aftertaste and never keeps me awake overnight.
283534283534B0045Z4JAIA2HEFKR3769OMMR. Atkinson0031344124800Makes smooth, but watery decaf coffeeI like that it's not too bitter, but like a bunch of other reviewers, I find that the coffee comes out a bit too watery. My cups are 12 ounce. I use creamer, but it's the powdered kind, not the liquid, so it shouldn't water down the coffee.

I will probably not buy these again. I think I'm going to try the eco filter cups, or whatever they're called, with regular decaf coffee grounds from the grocery store.
283535283535B0045Z4JAIA35M4OUIVXUG9Tcynthia k skidmore0051340064000Love this coffee!Love, love, love this coffee. I can't find it locally so I am happy to be able to order at amazon. It is the smoothest best tasting decaf. I can find in the K cup. Great service, and was delivered in no time. Will be reordering this!
283536283536B0045Z4JAIA3LNDFDCFFPA12Robert "Rinker"0041339286400Good decafI've ordered this decaf before and it's very good. Fast shipper and priced reasonably. My guests are also very happy with the flavor and have complimented me on it's taste.
283537283537B0045Z4JAIAU8K3FDKCLWPOFilmlover0051338681600One of my favorite coffeesits so tasty without being too strong or heavy , also I think its fair trade so thats a plus. Always have this on hand .
283538283538B0045Z4JAIA2WZIM8F1BF8QXcbottrun0051337558400Great decaf with no surprisesThis coffee is not only tasty and decaf, it's certified organic and is not processed with benzine, like most decaf. This decaf is processed with water and no chemicals. It is the only one that is Swiss processed! Love this decaf! Tastes great with no surprises!Newman's Own Organics SPECIAL BLEND DECAF 48 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
283559283559B000EPOC32A44ROIALFT8L1Jill A. Carpenter "School Teacher"2251156809600Yummy!For people that may be allergic to wheat/gluten or that may just like to try other kinds of crackers, these are a definite must try. These do not taste to "ricey." They are nice and crisp and not too salty. They go well with cheeses. You do have to be careful of some of the "flavored" varieties as they may have some corn or wheat in them, but the plain rice ones do not! Very Good!!! light coffee...pros: organically processed organic beans

cons: very light - tastes light a very watered down cup of java, even when brewed using 8oz setting. I'll have to try a smaller setting, but really, it feels like it'd just be a waste as I'd like more than just a 6 or 4oz cup. It's is quite lght however that I'm not optimistic that I would make much difference. *FYI : I drink my coffee black.

Good news: I purchased these for my teens who sometimes like a cup of creamy coffee, and... this satisfies their coffee cravings. So three stars because it's not what I would usually purchase again, but the teeners like it.
283540283540B0045Z4JAIA3VWT7U78THWOAtomipi "TJ"0021330646400Very weak and dissapointing flavorThis decaf tastes like instant brew. Has no subtle flavors just a mediocre coffee flavor. Not up to the flavor you'd expect from an individual brewed cup of coffee.
283560283560B000EPOC32A2UXL7K87C9QD6gale0051350432000sesmark mini rice crackersSesmark Mini Rice Crackers have a very unique taste. I haven't been able to find anything that tastes quite as good as them. The retail prices is much better then purchasing them locally. I was able to purchase these on a revolving basis with Amazon. They automatically sent them every three months without me having to do anything.
283541283541B0045Z4JAIA2EG72NLGU0THHKepy0051330560000Very GoodThis is the first time to try the decaf and I am very pleased. Flavor is better then expected and I will buy again and reccomend to others.
283542283542B0045Z4JAIA2ZHJ8274FANA7Teri0051327622400Newman's OwnReceived this very quickly. It was securely packed. A great value for the purchase. Very pleased and will certainly be back.
283543283543B0045Z4JAIA3GWHQZRN9Q3ANLea M. Chbosky0041309824000Good Decaf K CupTimothy makes a good decaf. It is a medium flavored blend that works for both my husband and me. He uses the largest size on our Keurig and I use the medium size as I like a bolder coffee.
283544283544B0045Z4JAIA2PT04GOWS4KPOPeter J. Frein0051308528000An enjoyable cup of coffee!Newman's Special Blend Decaf is a very enjoyable cup of coffee anytime of gthe day. Good flavor and very smooth. Ordered from Amazon and delivery was sure and quick.
283545283545B0045Z4JAIA13853O9CBLTEYJ Tria "gusser33"0041303776000not badI like the Keurig but finding the right coffee can be difficult as there are so many out there. I got the variety pack and this was one of the better. I wish it were a little stronger. But, it is the best so far.
283546283546B0045Z4JAIA278LW7JOMC2IIMark Rinfret0041303689600Good coffee - could be a bit bolder.This coffee is delicious. However, I discovered that it doesn't really do well at the 10 oz. setting of my Keurig. The 8 oz. setting yields an excellent result.
283547283547B0045Z4JAIAIVUL4BHHPXDJV. DeWitt0051300406400Really good when brewing smallI was surprised at how good this decaf was when I brewed about an 8 oz or less cup. Yum! Much better than most decaf in coffee shops.
283548283548B0045Z4JAIA3I026QO4V5ADYnight book owl1221339632000TastelessI recently got a Keurig coffeemaker and tried out different brands of Decaf to come up with a favorite. Newman's Own is definitely not among them. Taste very much like a cheap restaurant coffee, watered down with hardly any coffee taste. I happen to like robust coffee taste, and this one doesn't even qualify as "medium".
If you like good coffee taste in your decaf coffees, I would highly recommend the Green Mountain Robust Magic and for a little lighter touch the Donut House Decaf or Tully's.
Also, of all the different brands I tried, the Newman's Own was the only decaf that gave me an acid stomach reaction.
NOT recommended!
283549283549B0045Z4JAIA23DLQK1GK42SWPatricia Ann Story1241302998400Organic coffeeAs a breast cancer survivor, I am very aware of organic foods/drinks and Paul Newman products are among my favorites.
283550283550B0045Z4JAIA3NYIFQRZN3DOPDonna F Raub0151348531200Great Despite My Own Screw-upOkay, so it wasn't one of my proudest moments. I didn't check my order or I would have realized I had ordered Newman's Own "DECAF", when I meant to order Newman's Own Extra Bold!!! My bad!! Needless to say when I got the order I was very upset. That being said, I kept the DECAF and found that now I can enjoy the awesome flavor of Newman's coffee late at night while I read or watch TV, and I can still go to sleep when I'm ready. It is a double edged sword though. I am disabled, and therefore I can't afford to order what I intended to, which was Newman's Own Extra Bold. It is absolutely THE BEST coffee ever. Add a little Bailey's Creamer and what a great way to start your day. Those 80 decaf K-Cups are going to last me well into the cold weather, which is great. Lord only knows when I can get my Newman's Extra Bold. I love ordering from Amazon though.Newman's Special Blend Extra Bold (24 K-cups) Keurig
283551283551B0047YSTKIA1H9322DMAQUWPNatashaCreates0051336608000Best fondant on the market!Whether you order through or directly from Fondarific, it is definitely the best fondant on the market. So wonderful to work with and tastes great!
283552283552B0047YSTKIA3DHAWHINWNOZOM. Capps0051303084800BEST fondant on the market!I love this fondant. I have stopped making my own for most cakes in lieu of this fondant. It really tastes very good. Colors are great too. I also really like the chocolate flavor and color
283553283553B0001BVFFCA26CCZ1AUQ8Q5PLISE BOHM1151138406400Best SodaWe just love this pop. We tried them all and just love it. Watch out Pepsi!
283554283554B0001BVFFCADCNNJ5770OSQH James Lucas1151097712000One of the finest cream sodas availableBoylan Bottleworks Creme is one of the finest sodas available anywhere in North America. It is quite sweet, but the cane sugar used gives it a very even flavor that compliments the heavy feeling of the pure vanilla extract. This is a cream soda with a robust character, completely unspoiled by any discordant notes. The only nationally available cream soda I can recommend over this one is the more complex Henry Weinhard Vanilla Cream, but truly each has their merits.

Boylan's attractive clear-glass bottles compliment the fabulous caramel colour and the beverage is Kosher, so these make a fine addition to any social gathering. Perhaps the only downside to this product is the 11.6 ounces in each bottle; with a soda of such phenomenal caliber, it's a shame to be missing even 0.4 of the usual 12.
283555283555B0001BVFFCAKHD93XOAN8RMJ. Barclay0051126224000Creme Soda HeavenIt's the only true Creme Soda I have ever tasted. Why isn't it carried in more stores in the Greater Boston Area? Most carry the Diet variety only. What's up with that? It was worth ordering through Amazon for this sweet treat.
283556283556B00061BW14A2X0TTL1TJDWZJ. Chan1151265760000YUM!These are fantastic! Other than blowpops, you can't really find any charms products in the store anymore. These are wonderful, and they're in all of the old, classic flavors (lime instead of green apple, for example). They have a sweet yet tart flavor.

Only problem with this can was that it only came with one lime-flavored sour ball. Which is okay because I ended up getting a ton of the cherry flavor.
283557283557B00061BW14A1MGK6QSM5YFVSNancy Berman1151260576000CandyCharms sour balls still taste great! I enjoyed them back in the 60's, so don't pass these by, you'll love them! Quick delivery too!
283558283558B00061BW14A1LJNOKSU3J8DETerry Gimbles0131331683200Sour?I'm not sure why these are called "sour" balls, but they don't taste sour in the least. They're still pretty good but the name is deceptive.

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