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283622283622B000FPKMK8AF1HVJ9AY0VIMStephen M. Belkin "smbeeee"1151233792000best i've ever had...................the very dark pretzels are the best i've ever eaten. wow. just ordered two more.
283623283623B000FPKMK8A2YYBZB5LIK8LJBlue Skies1151214265600Best deal for these tasty pretzels!This is the best deal you will find on the net for these tasty pretzels. If you haven't tried them before, I HIGHLY recommend you do!
283624283624B000FPKMK8ADSNDV5QYIU0MHillary0051346112000Utz Extra Dark PretzelsWhen we moved from NY to AZ, I realized I would never see my beloved Utz Special Dark Pretzels in the supermarket. They are not carried here! Whenever people visited from back east, all I wanted was a few bags of Utz Special Dark Pretzels. They always came through with a few bags of the delicious pretzels in hand. Well, no one came to visit for a while as it is too hot here. I found my favorite snack online and ordered them immediately. They came fast, fresh and in no time I was lounging eating my favorite crunchy snack. If you crave crunch, a little extra kick (from the "over" baking), these are the snacks for you! Low fat, slightly salty - basically guilt free...what could be better?
283625283625B003QNZ4KYA11HIUFTTYEGIAS. Giddens0041346284800Delicato EspressoThis is a good product. It is what the name implies, delicate. Smooth and satisfying but if you want a more robust espresso try the Intenso. It is my favorite.

Now if I can just keep the machine up and running. For the past three years it's been sent back to a company in the midwest three times where I bought it and who services the machine. The last time they returned the machine the clock was broken and they refused to do anything about it. Needless to say I buy all my coffee from Amazon and NOT this company. The machine works fine, sans the clock. If anyone knows who I can send the machine for service should I need it, please let me know. I wished Amazon did that too!
283626283626B0029JHK1MAJBJI2MIXICZYKathy F Lee7711328227200SwitcherooI first bought this product several months ago when searching for a "natural" gum without artificial ingredients. I just received a new shipment of the gum in February 2012, and they've changed the name of the product from Richochet to Xyla - but the name is not all that has changed. The ingredients are completely different, and it now contains titanium dioxide and artificial flavors. I am really disappointed that the company chose to change the formulation - why mess with a good thing!! The Amazon website doesn't reflect the new ingredient listing - it is still showing the old one.

I will be returning the new recipe!
283627283627B0029JHK1MA25NI1Z8J4AZDFC. R. Starheart "Crystal Spirit"6821300233600-Also made in ChinaBought this because I read a review about Spry gum being made in China. Wouldn't have bought this if I knew that this product was made in China also. Its' hard to trust imported products that are consumables, when there has been so much written about contamination and imported products from China, and the fact that our government gave China MFN status for importing products to the U.S. as well.(And people wonder where the US jobs went ? and why the government is heavily indebt and corporations are not paying taxes on importing many products? ...?)
283628283628B0029JHK1MA2HEQYYON3PP1AJ. Karboske1151328227200Made in the USAAccording to the ZAPP Website... the gum is made in the USA.

....Award winning Xylitol chewing gum.

*100% Sugar Free
*100% Aspartame Free
*100% Xylitol sweetened
*Made in the USA

283629283629B0029JHK1MA3DVHBOBNR14P8BOB0111333065600Problem with gum.Xyla Gum with Xylitol, Peppermint, 12-Count Blister Packs (Pack of 12) looses it's gum properties after chewing it for around twenty minuets.It turns to a granular condition and makes a mess in your mouth. Please cancel my order.
283630283630B007NWJ6OEA1IY5385JG8V8OTeri L. Perez "Avid reader"0051344297600Great service on my Vue cup orderIts been an issue here trying to buy cups for my new Vue. Not one store in our town has them! Again, Amazon to the rescue with their awesome two day service. One of these days I will never have to leave the house to go shopping.
283631283631B004VDLJQQA3U7HTT0PO0IAOFrugal Ant1141347494400Descent taste, price is manageableI am always looking for wild Alaskan or Sockeye canned salmon. I eat a lot of fresh and frozen wild salmon, but sometimes I just don't have time to prepare a meal from scratch, so I depend on healthy canned products to get me through.
I have switched brands a few times recently, due to brands changing their "recipe", and due to relocating. I decided to try this, and was excited that the taste is actually pretty okay for the type of fish. The Sockeye of this brand has a stronger flavor, and this wild Alaskan is a little more bland.
Overall, I'm happy with this product, and will continue to purchase it until they make it worse, or raise the price to the point that I can't afford it anymore.
I gave it four stars because it's not immediately obvious if the can is BPA free, and I gave up contacting producers a long time ago as the answer was always yes. I'm over looking the BPA aspect of it, since it's so hard to find boneless, skinless, Wild Alaskan Salmon that tastes descent.
283632283632B004VDLJQQA1DQVQT69ARVS0Karen1151343692800favorite lunchThis salmon has good flavor and is easy to keep on hand and use. It does not have a metal taste like a lot of fish that are packed in cans do.
283633283633B004VDLJQQA2ENQE2X5KJDUNMillie Louise "Kindle II lover"0051349568000Love Wild planet Wild alaskan pink salmonThis again is a fantastic product. Used to have to order from California at twice the price, with horrible shipping because of the weight. This is fantastic salmon, and so healthy, because they are caught young in the cleanest waters of Alaska, so minimal mercury. We all know how healthy Omega's 3 are. Just try it, you won't be disappointed. No skin, no bones, purse solid meat.
283634283634B004VDLJQQA29NQCZSFI26HFSave the baby humans!0131349654400Gave me a lot of energy, felt like they are feeding salmon somethingThis Wild Planet salmon gives me a lot of energy. It feels like the salmon is beefed up with something they feed it. I tried store bought wild salmon and ate as much as 6 ounces, but I did not get the severe energy spike this Wild Planet salmon gave me. For example, at 10pm I ate a whole can and had so much energy I could not fall asleep. EVen when I did fall asleep, I slept litely.
283635283635B004VDLJQQA2V89KE32FRZN9British Mystery Buff "JD"71351323216000Good product, ships satisfactorilyThis is the only type of canned food I've ordered from Amazon that arrived without the cans being bent. This is probably due to the pack only containing six cans and they are small (6-oz.), so are shipped in a smaller box enclosed in bubble wrap. I keep them on Subscribe & Save order.
283636283636B004VDLJQQA18Z7ICRLVHBBPCatherine S.2731344124800I'm not sure what I was expecting...But when I opened the can, it smelled like tuna, but it didn't taste like tuna. I'm not sure if I had unrealistic expectations, but this wasn't what I was expecting. I bought this in order to help meet my weekly intake of Omega 3s. I'm not a huge fan of cooked salmon, so I have instead opted to buy a high quality cut of salmon sashimi each week from a Japanese market. If you like baked salmon, I think you would like this product, but it wasn't right for me.
283637283637B001SB3YZIA1VC4AO4P4XT82MPATL0051303948800MPATLThis is a spice I've only been able to find in Texas, but thanks to Amazon I can have as much as I like whenever I like! People...this is the one and only spice you'll ever need in the world for BBQ chicken. Throw everything else you have out. I don't even use BBQ sause when I cook with Fiesta Seasonings. They also have a great steak seasoning and you won't want to use anything but that on your BBQ steaks either. Trust me. If you like to BBQ stock up on this stuff.
283638283638B001SB3YZIAPXIGHGW5E732Loves To Cook0051298246400Simply DeliciousWhen I ran out of Fiesta Chicken Fajita seasoning, I shopped for another container at our local grocery store. They discontinued it. During the past year, each time we traveled, I would look for this seasoning in the local grocery stores and, still couldn't find it. I thought the company had discontinued making this product. With one last effort, I checked Amazon and was thrilled to find the Fiesta Chicken Fajita seasoning. I had to purchase six containers, however, this was not a problem. All my neighbors bought one or two containers and were equally as excitied to know the product had not been discontinued. Hopefully Amazon will not discontinue this product!

Fiesta Chicken Fajita seasoning is a wonderful product for meats, soups and vegetables and even better when used on the grill with everything.
283639283639B0012XEJYCA6ZBHGUVN5Z1CAerienne5551278374400Deliciously HotI love cayenne or other hot chilis in sweets like chocolate, and thought these sounded delicious! They are! The mango really does taste like a ripe juicy mango, and the heat adds a nice contrast. The lime is also perfectly balanced with the hot. These lollipops are hot enough to be enjoyably spicy, but without making your lips swell like some hot sauces can. They have become my favorite lollipops!
283640283640B0012XEJYCA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife3351276473600Best of the Yummy Earth CandiesI adore hot in my foods and was pleasantly surprised to find these as part of a Yummy Earth assortment. They were my absolute favorite flavor and I saved them for myself. Eating two at a time really broke out a sweat..they can be hot. Really great flavors although I prefer the lime..yum! Highly recommend for those who like a little spice in their life...
283641283641B0012XEJYCA3RU869QE14BBRG. Edwards "DaLi_PoO"2251283472000DeliciousI thought this would be interesting to taste since I love spicy foods. I have tried a couple other flavors of lollipops and drops from Yummy Earth but could never find these in the store. Just the right amount of spice and great for if you have a stuffy nose or cold this can help you feel better.
283642283642B0012XEJYCA21JBZROMR27CETea Drinking Robot1151324252800Delicious and unique - just the right balanceThese lollipops are amazing - I will probably have to order another 6-pack soon because everyone I share them with falls in love too. They are definitely very spicy, but not in a burn-your-tongue-off novelty way. I prefer the Chili Lime to the Chili Mango but they are both good.

The lollipops are small - three to a serving but with the intense flavor punch I've never had more than one in a sitting. If you think these sound tasty, I'd recommend going with the 6-pack as it's a lot more cost-effective than buying individual bags, and as I said you'll end up sharing them far and wide.
283643283643B0012XEJYCA3SZAG11FJ2BYXJ. Hamilton1151246924800We love them...I began ordering these because I don't like red #40 ect. When people hear the word organic they get this look, but everyone that I've given them to loves them. My grandkids and I like to mix the hot flavors with the fruity flavors.
283644283644B0012XEJYCA1Y39T2CT36YL0Resips2351284940800Too yummy for words - mango or lime with chili - addictiveThese YummyEarth lollipops are terrific. Warm but not too hot. They have either a mango or lime flavor spiked with a healthy dose of chili flavor. The lollies are two flavored - one side the fruit flavor and the other side the chili flavor. You can concentrate on one side or both, your choice. The fruit flavor is very true - mango or lime, and the chili flavor is warm but not too hot. Your tongue will not burn for days after. And these lollies are positively addictive - be forewarned.
283645283645B0012XEJYCA1CLLHWZKEKBH8Dusty140051345593600totally addictiveI've never tasted a better hard candy. I love the combination of sweet and hot flavors. The bag contains two flavors, chile-lime and chile-mango, and I prefer the lime ones, but both are very good. Besides, they are all-natural and organic.
283646283646B0012XEJYCA15VNFDR6MBH5XJ. Karr0051334793600Can't go wrong with these!These are awesome! Both the Lime and Mango are REALLY good. They are not overly sweet and have a nice tart quality to them. These are a good alternative to hot cinnamon products. I love strong cinnamon flavors, but really strong ones almost numb your tongue which I hate because for the next half hour things taste weird. These are hot like a strong cinnamon flavor, but without the side effect. I'll be definitely ordering more of these as my co-workers like them too and i have a feeling the six pack case will be gone before I know it!
283647283647B0012XEJYCA2PY5ED630H0QJreluctant techie0051334620800best pop everi am a heat lover and this has just enough for a tingle that grows as the sucking progresses. cant get enough of them, everyone who tries them is amazed!
10 stars - hooo ray!
283648283648B0012XEJYCA3UU6HEJSX2J72Cassandra Strong0051333670400Hot, tasty, and not overly sweetThese are hot and tasty, and sweet, but not overly sweet; I'm really glad I took the chance and ordered these.
283649283649B0012XEJYCA2SD2OQLSXZUQPepinurse0031332892800Wanted to love them...I was so excited to try these pops based on the rave reviews. And I love the combo of spicy and sweet. And they're organic and natural? Awesome. But sadly I am pretty underwhelmed with these little guys. They taste (to me) just like any ol' sugary lollipop. I was really looking for that burst of fresh fruity taste layered with the spice and I didn't get it. I am pretty sensitive to spicy things and this stuff didn't even tickle my tongue. I wouldn't know they were "chili" unless you told me. If you really want something full of flavor, sweet, salty and spicy try Vero Mango pops. Now THOSE are amazing.
283650283650B0012XEJYCA3Q0FFRDB5RJ1ZSammy0051327363200YumJust the right amount of heat and sweet for a low calorie treat. I'll be back for more once my supply runs out.
283621283621B000FPKMK8A1J025CZV4NIW3Clarissa A. Heaath1151265155200The Boss loves them!These are great for those who like that "overcooked" taste! Made a great gift for our Boss - he loves them and they are not found in our area!

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