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283651283651B0012XEJYCAQT6OKK7QYF5KHung0051315699200MMMMMMMMMMMAfter I had my first lollipop from the bag, I could not resist eating more until it eventually ran out. That's how delicious it is. However, my taste buds adjusted to the spiciness of the lollipop after a bag or two. These lollipops are great for anyone and everyone.
283652283652B0012XEJYCAUDUGL1CODNTCCharm S "Charm"0051315353600Tasty organic lollipopThese Hot Chili lollipops have just the right amount of sweet and hot. They are very tasty and make a nice treat. I would not recommend these for children as the chili has enough heat to be unpleasant for a child.
283653283653B0012XEJYCA11H1FC5MD6ZQXBashomow0051309132800Amazingly good, very addictiveI have given these to probably a dozen people who all absolutely love them. I personally cannot stop eating them. I leave the lollipop sticks everywhere, it drives my girfriend crazy. I have literally eaten these while in the shower. They are just too good both Mango and Lime. I got the sour ones too but they weren't awesome like these ones are. BUY THEM.
283654283654B0012XEJYCA3HAZYIQ5X7EXMMrs. Potts "mrspotts"0051303344000hot chili popsi looked into yummy earth pops on the recommendation of a friend.
i don't do strawberry. and i don't do sour. that left the hot chili pops.
i am so glad i ordered them.
they're not blazing hot, but there is a little kick to them.
the spiciness is balanced out by the other flavors (mango = delish! and lime = also tasty!).
it'll take me a while to go through this order, but i'll definitely buy them again!
283655283655B0012XEJYCA2211DRGRKQOCULaurie0051299196800YUMMY!Love these pops! They have a nice spiciness to them without being overpowering. The chili complements the mango flavor perfectly! A nice little treat that warms you up a bit! :)
283656283656B0012XEJYCA2M0SEJG12750KAM -shopper0051295395200Better than YummyThese are the best gourmet lollipops. They contain a wonderful blend of flavors and there is just the right little snap of heat. My family is a fan of all YUMMY earth lollipops. However, the Chili pops are unique, and have a one-of-a-kind flavor combination that is worthy of savoring. Everyone we have shared these with have had the same reaction.
283657283657B0012XEJYCA2V0T3BINYC9PGDaz0051278892800Nice little TingleSo these lollipops are not that hot, but they've got a little kick to them. The nice little tingle paired with the sweet fruity flavors of mango and lime are definitely a good mix.
283658283658B000R7K75YA13P5MKFCWOTZ6Vianny0051349222400Delicious and CalmingI have been drinking this tea for a while now. I like its taste, it's strong without being bitter or disgusting. To me it tastes really well and it actually makes me feel more calm and relaxed. It also helps my stomach calms down when I am too stressed or nervous. I like taking it before sleep, however, if you want to take it in the morning I wouldn't suggest against it because it has never made me sleepy or drowsy, jus relaxed and calmed.
283659283659B002VIY6ZOA276KU9TIN5WZXYesydel0041317081600Nintendo Wii Candy dispenserI gave these out as party favors for my son's 5th birthday - Mario Brothers. They were a complete hit! :)Pretty much packed up, and the kids loooved the candy inside.
283660283660B001BZUHZ6AJE1DVJ5CR1VHa410s9951253404800Excellent quality at a great price!I go through about a pound of unsweetened cocoa powder per month just eating it by the tablespoon as a snack and I'm so glad I found this. Even though it's lightly Dutched with a ph of 6.8, this dark reddish brown cocoa is really chocolatey and noticeably acidic. The word "Superior" is actually part of the product name rather than simply a descriptive. Ghirardelli's natural cocoa is called "Merritas" ( ph 5.5 ) and "Sunrise" is more heavily Dutched ( ph 7.5 ). [...] I think this cocoa will work nicely in any capacity, from baking to hot cocoa. My order arrived in about one day via FedEx home, originating in Lewisberry, PA. And many thanks Pumpkin King for sharing your product images!
283661283661B001BZUHZ6A21FU0EJ80C7H0M. B. Stoker1151337126400High Grade Cocoa PowderIf you eat a lot of Cocoa, and find yourself buying those little Hershey Boxes, you might want to consider buying it in bulk as the price difference per lbs. is about the same, and you get a much higher quality product, which also is excellent for baking.
283662283662B002F1497MA1Y4CJ3ECVJ7P3Puppy Pits1131296777600Only for the youngest of puppy teethingI got this for my Pomeranian puppy when I first brought him home (8 weeks 1.7 lbs). This was adequate for him to chew on for maybe that first week. As soon as more teeth came in he was able to almost immediately break off a chunk and try to swallow it, which is not only dangerous but also gave him diarrhea.
283663283663B002F1497MA2RDIJ79UD652Cmike1151286841600great item Highly recommended.Ordered this from Amazon and received the package within 2 days, it was amazing how fast the item was shipped. My puppy is loving uit and I am now ordering some more.
283664283664B006N3HX6CA22OAR7AM9A703Doc Campbell1151329264000This is by far the best Earl Grey in K-Cups and at the right price!I brew this Bigelow Earl Grey tea using the 6oz setting on my Keurig® Platinum B70. It is by far the best Earl Grey for the Keurig systems and I have tried them all. I went through several of the "Tea
Packages"; random assortments of various teas packaged together available here on Amazon. Most seemed artificial, bland, or simply didn't compare to their bagged counterparts. This was not only my favorite Earl Grey but also one of my favorite teas in general available in K-cups.

For a little more perspective, I am an avid tea drinker. I consume 10-15 cups of tea a day. A majority of the tea I consume is Matcha or Hunmatsu-RyokuCha. I never mix sugar or milk into my tea. As such, I am particularly interested in teas that are robust and flavorful and not bitter. The bagged Bigelow is very good, not my favorite bagged Earl Grey but very good none the less. The K-cup variety is very close to the bagged version. For this I applaud them as few others can say this.

That being said, our machines are perfectly capable of providing hot water for bagged teas. So why the K-cups? Convenience. Regardless of how good this and other K-cup varieties may be, nothing compares to a slow steep. Be it a bag, steeper or infuser they will always win over the instant cup varieties. However, nothing I have found beats the convenience of the Keurig system when it comes to guests and a good cup of coffee/tea. The Keurig system is so easy to use it takes little to no effort on the hosts part to provide a guests favorite beverage as our guests can brew a cup themselves! It's for this reason alone that I have gone through so many varieties of both to ensure an adequate selection of what I consider a good cup of joe and a great cup of tea.
283665283665B006N3HX6CAILEWG5QUYUQNLATad0011348358400Good Tea, just not Earl GreyGood quality tea, but does not have the flavor profile of a classic Earl Grey tea. Celestial Season's Earl Grey tea has the flavor profile of a classic Earl Grey tea.
This is a good tea, but you will be disappointed if you are expecting a traditional Earl Grey.
283666283666B006N3HX6CASJC83OQ5H16daveG0051339804800good product - good priceI selected this item for the price per unit, and got the same quality bigelow tea i am accustomed to. a satisfied customer!
283667283667B006N3HX6CAWKA8J42G9YWXAnne Jahares "A.J."0031336608000Keurig's Bigelow Earl Grey TeaDoesn't seem to be as full bodied as the standard, ready for-the-teapot bag of Bigelow Earl Grey. Would not order it again.
283668283668B006N3HX6CAEBK6CTXMBCFYSherry A. Merriman Budge "SamB"0051317600000Bigelow Early Grey K-CupsWONDERFUL TEA! Much better than their tea bags. This is a MUST HAVE in our home as we both enjoy a cuppa to start and end most days. We were using the actual tea bags for years. We didn't think that we'd change as it was so inexpensive as we each reused a tea bag for our days cuppa. While using the K-cups is not as cost effective, IT CERTAINLY DOES MAKE EACH CUP A PERFECT EXPERIENCE!!!!
283669283669B006N3HX6CA3RWSBAUE0DS7CDoodle0051313539200Perfect start to my day.This Earl Grey tea is perfect. The K-cup is so easy. It really is the perfect way to start my day. The shipping is speedy too!
283670283670B006N3HX6CA19Z4A1XLJP52YS. Hunnicutt "Happy Mom"0051313020800My Favorite TeaI know most people love the more expensive brands of tea....but this is my favorite. It's also cheaper to order from Amazon that Kuerig.
283671283671B006N3HX6CA1PDR0RH5HQ1UBhoutex730051303084800My favorite tea K-CupThis is now my favorite tea K-Cup, and I've tried many in Earl Grey and other flavors. Highly recommended!
283672283672B006N3HX6CAJ0N0VRA57AD9Glenn Watkins0051297209600The best Earl Grey I have tasted (so far)When I first tasted Bigelow's Earl Grey Tea (K-Cups), I couldn't believe how good it was. I'm not a hot tea drinker and this tea has converted me. When I ran out, I decided to try another brand of Earl Grey Tea (Twinings). BIG, BIG difference! The Twinings has a funny smell, taste and aftertaste. I'm trying to figure out what to do with 2 boxes of it. I guess I should have tried a small sample box instead of buying 2 boxes (50 K-Cups). Not all Earl Grey's are created equal.
283673283673B006N3HX6CA7K3DTMCZ3E66Nita J. Inman0051296777600TeaLove, love, love my new coffee one-cup machine! This is excellent tea--my daughter, grandson, and I all enjoy a soothing cup of tea.
283674283674B006N3HX6CA2Y67JK3K27IPRAR0051293580800Love this Early Grey TeaI read a few reviews of people complaining about ending up with tea dust in their cups, but I can honestly say I never experience this once out of the 48 times I made tea using these k-cups.

Pros: great tasting tea
Cons: none
283675283675B006N3HX6CARPP4T1VU3V8PJulie H0051293062400Delightful!Love the Bigelow Earl Grey in the bags and thought I would try the K-cups. Wow! The smell is divine and the taste is even better than the bagged sibling tea.

I don't think you'll find a better Earl Grey.
283676283676B006N3HX6CA2NBWUBL7MJ8MJTerry Kennewick "online is easier"0051291161600Put on an automatic shipmentMy roommate, an avid coffee lover has taken to this and asked I put it on automatic shipments for him. Likes it enough that I'm going to order the decaf version to see if I can rekindle the Brit in me.
283677283677B006N3HX6CA3UEOUO1YYQOG8Rebecca A. Keyerleber "ladybug"0051289520000Excellant Tea and Superior service!I Love the tea and the company is fantastic! Had my tea in a day! Thanks for such excellant service! Becky
283678283678B006N3HX6CA2SE2I7JPCJCFLChris Towry0031284422400Good tea, bad packagingI must say I was dissapointed in the last batch of Bigelow Earl Grey tea. The tea itslef was fine, good flavor. But the tops would come un-sealed on several of the k-cups and make a mess while brewing. I still love my Keurig and will continue to enjoy other brands of k-cup teas.
283679283679B006N3HX6CA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041283126400Good Earl Grey Tea - RecommendedThese Bigelow "Earl Grey Tea" K-Cups are quite good when made in our Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System, on both the Small and Large cup settings. While I have had better Earl Grey tea, the speed and convenience more than compensates.


283680283680B006N3HX6CA25864T3A6RQICReading Raven "Book Adventurer"0051281052800Best Earl Grey tea ever.The taste and aroma of this tea out beats many others. delicious and very tasty.

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