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283755283755B00474C7VUA2WHZTZ3VRLI8KM. Q. LULEY0151327795200Yummy, Yummy, yummy!!My sister bought me a huge botttle of vanilla from Mexico and it too was great, but not as great as this Golden Pure Natural Vanilla from Mexico. I don't know how they do it but sure wish some Americans could come up with something this great. It makes my cookies, cake and even tapioca much better than anyone elses.

Buy it, you will love it. It makes a great gift for friends and relatives too.

M. Luley
283756283756B0032JWE28A1XSXSD9OIGZIBBrent "Squeeker"0051284163200Great TeaI went to Africa in May of this year. Each evening the cook went out to their garden and brought in freshly cut lemon grass.
She made fresh tea from this and it was great. This product is the closest thing to the original fresh cut lemon grass that I have been able to find since returning back from my trip. The price and quality are also a great value.
283757283757B0007OVWX8AT2OS2WF7FBXQJane Nichols0051344556800Gummi mini hotdogsI ordered these for a Hotdog Bar for my friends. I scattered them on the table and everyone had a lot of fun tasting them, removing the dog from the bun, etc. The box arrived promptly and the individually wrapped mini dogs were very fresh and tasty. The general opinion was that the dog had a different flavor from the bun, and both were good.
283758283758B0007OVWX8A1HDO545SSXLBBD. Becker0051228089600Great Candy and DecorationThe candy actually taste great, not dried out as might be expected. I used these as decorations on top of cupcakes for a Hot Dog Party... everyone thought it was very cute and kids ate them like crazy.
283759283759B0099OQLYMAJYE04U15H6HWJoe A Gillespie0051350345600THE BEST RUB FOR PORK RIBS!!!Seriously the best rub you can buy for pork ribs. Back or spare ribs. Tried Rendezvous, Corky's, Memphis Championship BBQ "Magic Dust", Lucille's, and my own recipes that I got from the net (technically not my own recipes. Not saying the ones I tried aren't good. Just saying that this Competition Rub is the best in my opinion. Just try the smaller one but I guarantee you will be ordering more.
283760283760B003U32552A30YDY4XKVUBUYChristine Staeven1151339200000nummy :)I asked for a sweet treat (that was not candy) and he came home with these. Who put their "scotchie" in my shortbread? Susanna did. Then she rolled them in powdered sugar too.

This is a crispy shortbread with crunchy bits of butterscotch candy inside. It seems as if they were rolled in the powdered sugar while still warm as there is a softer outer layer (versus the crispy middle cookie middle bit) .

The cookie is pricey - more than I would spend on self (though would to serve to company). Yanno? I think he loves me. :)

283761283761B003U32552A3NMA3O12F7LKKN. Pilla0051294099200Pricey but FabulousI gave some of these to my husband who loves great junk food. Too bad, I am diabetic. I had a taste and this was just awesome. Pricey, but worth the cost for a treat.
283762283762B003U32552AUUFW7PTUHLTMamaSylvia1231338163200Okay but I didn't taste any butterscotchI love good shortbread and took advantage of the 50% off special last summer to try this brand - I thought butterscotch would be a lovely addition to shortbread. Sadly, the cookies themselves were a little on the dry side (which really makes me wonder whether they used real butter!) and I never found any butterscotch bits. They weren't awful, but I expected a lot better for the price.
283763283763B0047S8WFQA2EMFZ74YANT70msed0051322611200Great JerkyNo gristle, not too tough, just right. Nice smokey flavor. Busted this out on a camping trip and it vanished. Will definetely buy again.
283764283764B005C5RLJGA1EN0ZOCU2V634wackena0051340323200My Brother likes itThis product was purchased for my Brother to try out this Taster's Choice French Roast. He reported that this coffee was great and he really liked the taste and aroma.
283765283765B001NCD3XAAITCND1WAR7MALouise21011268352000Salmon TroutWhat is 'Salmon Trout' ? Salmon and trout are two different fish. Is this a mistake or a new species I'm unaware of.
283766283766B00527PCAOALHYVNAOIJNHQCarolyn S. Billups "History Nut"1121311379200Save your moneyI have been searching for the perfect mocha K-cup ever since I bought my machine. I thought I'd found it with Green Mountain Cafe Escapes, but was sorely disappointed. Not only does it fail me with flavor, but it contains instant coffee and chemical cow. I, foolishly, purchased the 96 count offering, so now I have about 91 cups of coffee that I will not enjoy to the the fullest. It was a very costly mistake.

Save your money on this item and go out and purchase a bottle of good chocolate milk (not the 1% stuff). Use it with your favorite blend, such as Nantucket, and enjoy.
283767283767B001E0VK2CA1AC193UJC5337J. Maurer2241348358400Great Coconut OilGreat coconut oil at a reasonable price. I found the product to be high quality, light and wonderful tasting, fine texture. I hold back the last star because of poor packaging, leaked and lost product.
283768283768B000NY6P9IA11STAIF0BFAXGEveline McKinney2251269129600Great ProductI will order more. Love the taste and quality of this product. Recommended for all ages. All Haribo products are great.
283769283769B000NY6P9IA4CTNLQ8969J8JLW II0051348531200Really Good!Got these in the mail today and as soon as i opened them i had to try one. I was surprised at how good they turned out to be. I will definitely be getting more. Great candy!
283770283770B000NY6P9IA10F0D8JQU9WBBjayleenas26 "Eileen"0051344384000Harbio candy.Growing up in Germany I used to eat them all the time they are very good !!
I need to order some for my kids because I only ordered a bag for my aunt.
I am glad they have all this German candy on Amazon it's hard to find in US stores.
For American ppl I would say these kinda taste a little like marshmallow kinda not raelly tho lol
I can't really explain but kids will love em'
283741283741B004WN7DNSA34IYW7VLUKTOMMatthew Franzel1151334966400A Lazy Person's Dream. Fresh Crackers to the Door!Not much to say about saltine crackers... I needed saltines, I cam onto Amazon, I found my usual Nabisco saltine crackers, and I purchased them. They came just fine... not all smashed and broken. But what stood out is that they are so fresh!
283742283742B004WN7DNSA20IKYQSABQDL1Jack Donachy1151328140800VersatileWe bring a three-pound box with us to the Alaskan bush each year and order a second when we run out. If they become stale, you can always toast them, or even put a piece of cheese on them and briefly panfry them in oil to crisp them up--tasty. Great for crushing and using to bread chicken and fish for frying, crumbled into soups and chowders, or as a base for hors d'oevres. Most versatile cracker we've found.
283743283743B004WN7DNSA25B9A3NZR8EVGJames Chaffin "Bachelor Cook"0051323648000Saltine crackersSaltine crackers just like my Mama used to buy. They have the flavor I favor. They used to come in a metal box years ago but are supplied in a heavy paper carton now. Arrived without a single cracker crumb in the first 'stack' that I opened. Obviously received careful handling. I'll buy them again from Amazon.
283744283744B004WN7DNSAFGYFJPCP27F3GringoViejo49 "GringoViejo49"0131346630400Same product as always, EXCEPT - NOT CRISP...This is the same product as always, EXCEPT - NOT CRISP, they are not stale, but lack that "Snap", that I remember.

I will go back to Canned "Export Crackers".
283745283745B004WN7DNSA2IVF2MVEVER0Icubgirl0131337731200Crackers not sameThis value box is not the same quality as the ones in store or the small box off crackers. Not sure why. They're good tasting but have no strength for dipping if you like doing that with your soups. Otherwise, they taste just the same.
283746283746B004WN7DNSA13I5KN8YA8YW2naderismyhero0111335225600Watch out - The new recipe Nabisco saltines are HoRRiBLE!!!I emailed Nabisco regarding their new Saltine crackers that the package says "original" which are horrible and have no taste and are hard as bricks. I received a reply from Nabisco verifying that they indeed did change the recipe in December 2011 and removed original salt and are now adding sea salt. The new package is deceptive as it says "original" but once you taste the new ones, you will know that they are as far from original as you can get. I have found that Keebler Zesta saltines are really good and I have switched to them after eating Nabisco saltines for 46 years. It is ashamed that American manufacturers just can't leave a classic product alone and have ruined it.
283747283747B004WN7DNSA27QP4IT958BMLMR. & MRS. "B" "D & M"0131327622400Preppers Take HeedThese crackers are pretty good BUT Preppers be aware that after 6 months in a controlled temp, sealed with oxygen absorbers, dark pantry storage, the shortening or oil that is used in the baking process goes rancid. We tried this several times, thinking it was just a bad lot of crackers. After 3 tries over a 18 month period, the results were the same. They are very good crackers for every day use, but don't seem to hold up in storage, resulting in some rather expensive chicken food.

We started making hardtack from a Civil War recipe that has a rather long shelf life.
283748283748B004WN7DNSAGOC4BLA1IEMPTyler31021322697600Nabisco Premium SalteinesI have been shopping for Nabisco Premium Saltines and have found them on the shelves but are not the original as the box claims every box that I find proclaims them to be original but stamped on the box it indicates that they are with sea salt (not original). I would like to know if they are still made with salt containing iodine which is a required ingredient for a healthy diet. Dietations have indicated that the American (United States of America) diet is iodine deficient, therefore, the crackers with sea salt is less healthy for us. Where can I find them with Iodized salt if they are still made. If they are no longer available shame on you for producing a less healthy food product.
283749283749B000MTKVZSA30N330YBO93BFPatience Alexander Taylor1151291593600This is my new fav decaf coffee. Here's why:It's simple for me: I hate coffees that taste the French roasted ones. Italian coffee doesn't have that burnt, ashy flavor. And Ferrara makes it in decaf, which is perfect for me. I hope offers this coffee in bigger quantity rather than just one can at a time.
283750283750B0001689VUA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"1221275523200Nothing special, but OKThese hazelnuts are nothing special. I don't want to compare them to fresh nuts off the tree, but they are no better than the bulk nuts I find at Whole Foods or at the local Trader Joe's here in the US. These are not worth a special order from this seller because shipping is expensive, but if you can't find hazelnuts at all where you are, these will be acceptable.
283751283751B00474C7VUA2SJXKG60PNUQWjuju20113311324339200Mostly Alcohol!This is a very poor grade of vanilla and quite a waste, given the price per bottle. Like other reviewers said, the amount of alcohol in the product is so overwhelming that the vanilla doesn't come through. The residual flavor is not that of the true Mexican vanilla you can get in Mexico. VERY dissatisfied with the purchase. If you've ever tried good Mexican vanilla, you'll be disappointed with this!
283752283752B00474C7VUA3U7G9MN3KXX4Lnicki2211317081600not vanilla!This product is not vanilla. It is tequila. There is an overwhelming alcohol smell when you open the cap. There is no vanilla taste.
283753283753B00474C7VUA17W6J2YJI3RQEPhenix 31111331164800FIRST AMAZON PURCHASE DISAPPOINTMENT!I order a wide variety of items from Amazon constantly. However until now I have never been disappointed. Having purchased real mexican vanilla for the past 19 years in trips to the Caribbean I've been amazed by the Xel-Ha brand that I always get. The vanilla smell is incredible and when used in ice cream and baked goods it provides the best vanilla taste I've ever experienced. This year I did not get back with enough vanilla that I had intended to give family and friends. When ordering a few more bottles I was concerned about getting bad or mediocre vanilla so I made sure to order from Amazon. This Golden Pure vanilla has almost no vanilla smell ... just a strong alcohol smell. When used in cookies it provided no discernible vanilla taste. Also there is no information about whether it does or does not contain cumarin (a natural substance that would be dangerous for someone on blood thinner). Now I understand that I am simply out $25+ as the vanilla apparentlycannot be returned. I'm surprised and disappointed.

Golden Pure Natural Mexican Vanilla, 8-Ounce (Pack of 4)
283754283754B00474C7VUA1XSMDEQ3KPJ3EWAYNE HILL1151301961600Vanilla IcecreamI am 70 years old and I have tried a lot of different Vanilla favors over the years and this
has the most intense favor.This turns Icecream into heaven.

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