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283801283801B004EE0TYKA2VAV1IKNDTMAXHarold3351322006400Consistantly GoodI love mocha, especially in the morning. Cafe Escapes has just enough coffee to taste in the background of the rich chocolate flavor.

I gave up on Starbucks because of the inconsistancy of taste in their mocha. A friend turned me on to Cafe Mocha - same great taste everytime.
283802283802B004EE0TYKAYF694Y434DYLC. Wagner5621304467200Artificially sweetened, and minimal coffee tasteI didn't think to check the label when I bought these, as I do not like artificial sweeteners. But as I was drinking the first one I could tell right away that there was something artificial. Turns out these have Sucralose (a.k.a Splenda) in them in addition to real sugar. Why use both?

Also, I agree with another reviewer who said it really just tastes like hot chocolate. I could hardly taste any coffee flavor at all.

Very disappointing. :(
283803283803B004EE0TYKA34RET4JHJWP33Tara Buccieri2251329609600More Mocha, Please!I like to use less water and add milk. It makes the mocha sooo creamy. Only problem is that I drink it in 2 swallows. Too daggone yummy!!!
283804283804B004EE0TYKA1MQESL5LGOKZWRM "Book Lover"2251328832000YummyI just love my Keurig coffee maker. I find myself drinking coffee at home instead of buying expensive drinks at my neighborhood Starbucks. I always loved their cafe mocha, but it is just loaded with calories. I was thrilled when I found this product. It is low in calories and delicious. If you are a Weight Watchers person, you can have a cup of this with some fat free whipped topping for just two points. Incredible. I have it as a mid afternoon treat.
283805283805B004EE0TYKAHUP0CXC94L2ULiz2251328054400Great coffee, don't listen to all the complainers!People are complaining of the lack of coffee taste and too-chocletey taste, well what do you expect when you order MOCHA? It's delicious, and lives up to it's name of MOCHA with a hint of coffee. If you want coffee, order that. This is a pleasure drink, at only 60 calories though, it's a bargain!
283806283806B004EE0TYKAI79NW0IOPC2YJacqueline O. Hollabaugh "Jacquie"2251300838400Hot chocolate and coffee in one.This is a perfect blend! It is coffee, with more than a flavor of chocolate- it seems to have more of a chocolatey taste. Its a delicious blend of hot chocolate and coffee!
283807283807B004EE0TYKA2045ZUB7SC8BVK. Green1111333756800One sip and dumped the cup!Cafe mocha, I mean who doesn't enjoy a sweet cup of coffee with a delicious chocolate overtone. I sure do. I dream of them and looked forward to trying this. This was a nightmare :P <--- that was exactly what my face looked liked.

I wish companies would be at least label their products that have artificial sweetener... as in this case sucralose. Sucralose has a nasty after and beginning taste in my opinion. I don't ever buy products intentionally that have this in it. If you don't mind sucralose, then it probably wouldn't bother you.

However, if you dare to continue and try your own cup. Let me warn you. It doesn't have a coffee flavor. Or maybe a mild one.I couldn't get passed the sucralose taste. It is instant coffee as well. (no grinds in the filter left)

As suggested by others stick to the reg. coffee and add some Andes mints or your own favorite hot chocolate to it.
283808283808B004EE0TYKA3TJOS87V1OW97Patricia Irwin1151328400000wonderfulI really love this product. Wish it came in decaf so I could enjoy it in the evening along with the afternoon.
283809283809B004EE0TYKA2XNJFXO89PKMWHKL831141321056000Missing the coffee flavor, but I still love thisThis is in my top five favorite K-cups. While it does taste more like hot chocolate, I brew one of these and then immediately brew the Donut Shop bold in the same cup. Mix the two together and THAT tastes like a real mocha. I still buy these again and again.
283810283810B004EE0TYKA34RU4VYMLOG36tapman1151320537600tastes greatI am not a coffee drinker because I dont like the taste. Cafe Mocha tastes great. Now I can warm up and wake up.
283811283811B004EE0TYKA14J4V61SWEOGUMandy "Mandy @DailyCupOfGrace"1151313625600Perfect Afternoon TreatIf you like chocolate and coffee you will love this perfect blend of both brewed hot in your favorite mug. Add Cafe' Mocha creamer to it and it's the perfect warm treat! I love the flavor - not too strong, not too weak. And for me it's a good afternoon pick me up without too much caffeine.
283812283812B004EE0TYKA36CPRJE1EXNNCAdina Floyd1131313193600Not CoffeeThis is really good stuff if its cocoa you want. I didnt really taste coffee at all..I found that if I make a 6oz cup of regular coffee first then add a 6oz cup of this stuff it makes the perfect 12oz cup of mocha coffee. still good as cocoa in the evening too.....Its dual purpose!!!!
283813283813B004EE0TYKA38CFRG782N9TXlexie1111313020800chemical tasteI just brewed the coffee and thought it smelled and tasted awful. There is sucralose on top of sugar so it is extremely sweet and it leaves an aftertaste. To me, it was like a coffee mixed with a cheap chocolate syrup. Very disappointing...
283814283814B004EE0TYKA1NJ723NSZVFESJust me in Wisconsin "Justme in Wisconsin"1151302393600YummmmmThis is my all time favorite year around! The only problem I have is being be put on the waiting list because so often they run out!
283815283815B004EE0TYKA2F0MDQ15XONU7Molley1141299715200Very TastyI purchased the Cafe Mocha when Amazon was having a sale on the pack of 3, otherwise, the regular price is much to expensive and not worth it. The mocha was good, but a bit too sweet for my taste, so I mixed it with a small (espresso shot) k-cup of regular coffee, which made it taste like a mocha from Starbucks. You can also get the same taste if you use a k-cup of hot chocolate and combine it with a k-cup of regular or decaf coffee... and it will still be less costly than the Cafe Escapes at regular price.

All in all, I'm happy with the product and would continue to buy, if only the price was better.
283816283816B004EE0TYKA1A8J0I6NPPIFWamx512 "amx512"1141298419200Really pretty good stuff.I know people have knocked this in other reviews, but I actually think its pretty good stuff. Yes, if you can accept that it really is a powdered drink (There isn't real coffee in this, the cup is just filled with powder that dissolves in the hot water), you'll love it!. I have no idea if it really has caffeine, but I think its got a great taste. I keep a box around for people that don't like regular coffee, and everyone has loved it. I'll even have one from time to time if I want a sugar fix.
283817283817B004EE0TYKA2NXP3S22G2HSSRose1151297814400Yummy!Originally bought some of this in a store but was then unable to find it again. Was thrilled when I saw it on Amazon. It is delicious!!
283818283818B004EE0TYKA363OKKSCZMUPChick3421323993600Funny after tasteI couldn't wait to receive these Cafe Mocha flavored K-cups and try them. I was sadly disappointed in the first sip, there was a funny after taste. I tried it again, funny after taste was still present. Just to make sure it wasn't just me I had other co-workers try it too and they also thought it tasted funny. Don't waste your money.
283819283819B004EE0TYKA1H8DVST9IBZI4Robert Cox2311325548800Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha for KeurigWhen I purchased this product, I was under the impression that it was real coffee with mocha and not instant coffee with mocha. This is quite a rip-off and I am taking the remainder of what I purchased back to the store or sending back to the manufacturer. Finally, the taste is awful. It is easier to make a cup of instant and add a little Swiss Miss hot chocolate and it would taste better.
283820283820B004EE0TYKA3JY69VDSUUK81Ryan Segers2311323129600It's Instant and the Taste is Very PlainI would not buy this again nor would I recommend this to anyone. I was not impressed by the taste at all.
283821283821B004EE0TYKA2I5MSF9B7E98ISnoozysuzy0051350518400Mocha K-cupsLove the Mocha K-Cups and great service from Amazon. Wonderful treat for mornings when I want something really special. I have trouble finding these in my local stores, so I was happy to buy them this way.
283822283822B004EE0TYKA3BEKZ2PXMJ10Zjolly0011350000000tastes mediacore if not horribleI would not order again, hot chocolate would tastes much better than this plain test, I'm very dissatisfied. I think it was such a waste of money. I am going to give them away as office freebee.
283823283823B004EE0TYKA33ZENYKR7ZLFRD. Kingsley0011349654400Horrible taste!This product has bad reviews because it is quite horrible. Unlike most of the Keurig K-cups, this one tastes very artifical. It is extremely bitter and not sweet. It seems like it has excess cocoa and artificial sweetner, yet all watered down.
283824283824B004EE0TYKA3PHJCQUGHX5MCBrenda McNabb0051349222400Loving it in the MorningI really am enjoying my purchase of Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha. I look forward to my cup of mocha every morning along with a touch of peppermint mocha. If you enjoy mocha this is one sweet treat.
283825283825B004EE0TYKA1KHB2XVBYXIPUMarie N. Gonzalez0041348876800Tasty cafe mochaTasty cafe mocha...good value, I constantly reorder :) and find it enjoyable all year long. It's a good blend of hot cocoa and a good coffee blend. Especially good early mornings and afternoons. :)
283826283826B004EE0TYKA1JRJZ4PVJAT5XLucy Girl 080051348358400Cafe Mocha K CupsWonderful, my favorite of the K cups. Will order frequently. I can honestly recommend this to those chocolate lovers who also like a touch of coffee.
283827283827B004EE0TYKA29FZIQIP83092gene perri0051346716800coffee quick and easyThis has to be one of the great inventions single serve coffee brewed so fast and the flavor is great always perfect.
283828283828B004EE0TYKA2KSDSO4VJ5MJ7Ladysheller0051346716800Cafe' MochaI'm pleased to be able to purchase the coffee from you in larger quanty, and free delivery to my house. I've managed to get OLD and this makes it so much easier for me. Cafe' Mocha is my favorite. I was going to Bed Bath and Beyond, they quit selling Cafe'Mocha, my nephew said Amazon sells everything so he set me up with you.
Thank you for such fantastic service.

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283829283829B004EE0TYKAN7BB2I66PVKMMeghan "canadiyank"0031346284800Not my favouriteI think these must be instant coffee b/c the cups feel empty when they're done, unlike the coffee ones which feel a little heavier b/c of the grounds and filter inside. Anyway, they taste like instant coffee and hot chocolate - not the greatest combination. I would also like it to be a bit creamier. With some creamer added they are tolerable. I won't buy them again, too bad I bought 24.
283830283830B004EE0TYKAN444F00T3JOCTrudy J. Johns0051345939200Love the mocha flavor!!!I am really pleased with this K-cup flavor. It is a smooth flavor with a great taste of chocolate. I can drink this without any creamer and still savor the mocha flavor in a delightful cup of coffee. This definately satisfies my chocolate craving morning, noon, or night!!!

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