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283831283831B004EE0TYKA2FVYQ2T031R3Nan Riede0051345507200Great dealI bought this Keurig coffee pack because I was having a hard time finding the Cafe Mocha flavor. This met my needs and more! A multi pack allowed me to have my favorite coffee all the time.
283832283832B004EE0TYKA13NFVK9MNY7GS. J. Singh0011345334400Buyer BewareBeware, this has sucralose in it and leaves a chemical after taste. Mostly tastes like hot cocoa and has no taste of coffee in it, does not seem to have enough caffeine to be of any use.
283833283833B004EE0TYKA173EXLC1IROYGDeborah0051343606400Cafe MochaThis is my favorite of all the mocha cafe's. It is rich, smooth and has an incredible taste. Believe me, I have tried them all and I always come back to this one. So, if you like mocha and have not tried this one, please give it a shot!

Café Escapes Café Mocha, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
by Café Escapes this is located in the Kitchen and Grocery section.
283834283834B004EE0TYKAAW9ZM7G78WAKSherry "Tell us about yourself!0051341360000Get Coffee Shop flavor at homeThis mocha coffee is as good as any I have had at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts at a fraction of the cost.
Treat yourself to a special flavored coffee experience at home anytime. I like to add just a little skim milk to my mug and it is even smoother. Try it you will like it.
283835283835B004EE0TYKA3DBXS2APREN5CTink0041339891200Yum!I love Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha but it seems to sell-out at the stores quicker then they can stock it. I'm used to buying the 18-Count Packs which is what they sell in the stores and when I ordered these I didn't realize they were 12-Count Packs. The 18-Count Packs run about $11-$12 per Pack in stores so you're not saving any money here by buying 3 12-Count Packs but on the other hand, they always seem to be out of stock in my local stores so the convenience of being able to order it through Amazon was a plus and delivery was very quick!
283836283836B004EE0TYKA19DMH4S3K2KJ7Sheila0051338595200Favorite Flavor For Keurig Brewer!The day cannot begin until I have a cup of this with a bit of whipped cream for a Mocha better than anything I can buy at Starbucks. Cheaper and more convenient, too.
283837283837B004EE0TYKA1Z8PJHMP4W9JJrnjimerson0051338336000Cafe Escapes Mocha K cupI have enjoyed this product enjoy the smooth chocolate taste. Came within time frame stated and as described. I will purchase this again.
283838283838B004EE0TYKA2TPQU4O9EMVUGE. Mesker "cybertoad"0051337731200My favorite!I am not a coffee drinker but when I do drink coffee, I like it sweetened. This Cafe Mocha K-cup is a *perfect* blend. It's chocolatey-sweet coffee! And best thing is I don't need to add any sweetener or creamer. It's perfect as it is.

Don't buy this if you expect it to be a more bitter coffee taste. This is more like the mocha blends you get at a coffee shop.
283839283839B004EE0TYKA1JK3WC9HM8M6OT. bosilovic0031337299200A bit wateryThis item is a bit watery and needs more chocolate. It works when I mix it with another K-cup. For 60 calories and the price I would expect a bit more flavor.
283840283840B004EE0TYKA36E4W3K26Z82VH. Bruner0051337212800YUMlove making iced coffee with this in my keurig.. to be honest i haven't had it hot.. but it's FABULOUS and saves me a ton of money from getting an iced mocha at starbucks. definitely keeping these in stock at home!!
283841283841B004EE0TYKA3CUUDHATA88BAC. Wolfe0051333670400Mom's FavoriteMy mom loves this coffee/chocolate blend. It has just the right amount of chocolate and is very smooth. Mom adds a little cream to lighten and sits back to enjoy! I usually can find a great price here on Amazon for a 12-pack of three and with Prime, free shipping - a perfect deal.
283842283842B004EE0TYKA1VNULUAUR6Y6DC. Walker0051332720000love itThis product tastes better than at a coffee shop. rich and creamy. use 8oz setting on coffee machine for best results
283843283843B004EE0TYKAXT1UZCRWDOFBTheresa0041330646400More like Hot Chocolate with a tiny coffee flavorI actually love this product, just not by itself. I make a large coffee, by adding 6oz of a bold coffee Emeril's Big Easy Bold coffee then 8oz of Cafe Mocha. It is now my favorite Mocha. I have tried it with Hot chocolate, and it just doesn't do the trick. For a little extra flavor I add in some Andes chocolate mint pieces to make a Mint Mocha. It is worth getting up in the morning for.
283844283844B004EE0TYKA14Y76M66GLVZFdrock0021330214400Just weak hot chocolateDespite the name, this is just hot chocolate, not a mix of coffee and chocolate. Also, unless you use the smallest cup sizes, it is very weak. Chocolate infused hot water, basically.
283845283845B004EE0TYKAHRASE2UFPFKKTom T0011330214400Mocha K-CupA little too sweet for us. However we had no problem swapping it to a friend for some coffee we enjoyed much more. She actually loves the Mocha blend and drinks it frequently.
We were glad to have the ability to swap it.
Delivery was exceptional as always. Cannot think of a single fault of "Prime Membership".. Thanks Amazon.!!
283846283846B004EE0TYKA26S2WR6M732U4Simca0041329436800A Nice TreatWould prefer a bit more coffee flavor, and I add some half-n-half for a richer brew. Great mid-day treat and a low-calorie way to indulge a chocolate craving.
283847283847B004EE0TYKA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0021328745600More synthetic than Joan River's face!I had the opportunity to try out Cafe Escapes' Cafe Mocha k cups when my boyfriend's sister gave us a couple of hers to try. I was a little wary to begin with because I'd tried the Swiss miss Hot Cocoa K-Cup, Milk Chocolate, 12-Count and remained unconvinced that chocolate flavored powders do well in the Keurig brewing system. But since this was a chance to try a mixture of both chocolate and coffee, I couldn't turn it down.

Unfortunately the final result was much like the Swiss Miss... way too fake! Almost a plastic-like flavor. Just awful. The coffee side of the mizture was either too weak or watery because the mocha just tasted like watered down hot chocolate with a (very) little bit of bite to it. Nothing to write home about.

I'm glad I was able to try a sample of these pods rather than spending money on a box only to be disappointed. I think a great alternative would be to brew a cup of your favorite blend of coffee and then add in a spoonful of your favorite hot chocolate. A bit more effort, but the payoff will be leaps and bounds better than this one.

This k cup is a pass for me.
283848283848B004EE0TYKA22GZD480JVOD4mcd0011327449600Very Bad!If you're expecting rich smooth flavor similar to what you get from a coffee shop you'll be greatly disappointed. This stuff is basically powdered hot chocolate and instant coffee. You're better off brewing a pot of Maxwell House and adding some chocolate milk. I'm extremely disappointed in this stuff. Maybe I had my hopes set too high. Yuck!
283849283849B004EE0TYKAD6WKZ6D15QFKTeresa G Bentley0021327363200Artificial sweetner.At first sip this K-cup flavor was not that bad however after that and all I can taste is the sucralose in it and well I really dislike artificial sweeteners. If you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners I would avoid this product.
283850283850B004EE0TYKA35FDTW38RGUMTTheSavvyLady0041327276800It does taste like hot chocolateThis is a good mocha but you have to get used to this weird taste that it has. I can't figure out what it is but it almost has a weird texture. However, the more I drink it (I ordered a ton.. yikes) the more I like it.. it is definitely sweet and you don't need to add any sugar but I find it that I like it better with a vanilla-caramel creamer :) I wouldn't buy more than one box.. then if you love it, order more.
283851283851B004EE0TYKA1SK9O1C7KOLMHThomas A. Juarez "Tom"0051327017600needed moreI had bought some of this locally and liked it so much that i had to lookk for a better price. I have found the better price here on amazon.
283852283852B004EE0TYKA257RYQUA7GLAEmarie curie "product maven"0051327017600tastes great my favorite of all flavorsthis is my favorite flavors of all the keurig type of coffees. It goes very fast in my home I'll definitely be ordering more.
283853283853B004EE0TYKA3OFB5UNX996RYHarpplayer0041326499200Great Flavor and ValueI hadn't had coffee in over 20 months and only needed a small excuse to start again. The new Keurig Coffee Maker and the Cafe Mocha provided the motive. The Mocha is rich and tasty. Very nice on cold winter mornings. My wife loves them as well. Great combination...
283854283854B004EE0TYKA1RAQA8JI6E0LELou E. Hightower ""rivergirl""0051326240000YummmThis is a mixture of half coffee and half hot chocolate and it is delicious. I often have one in the afternoon for a treat!
283855283855B004EE0TYKA3L38JSL513CJ2T. Hickman "anomaly25"0031325894400Not really as good as you'd expectI bought this because what I expect out of a Mocha coffee drink is, well coffee with a chocolate flavor. This is a hot chocolate drink with a little bit of coffee flavor (which I cant really pick up on but some non coffee drinkers were able to). Ingredients list basically the milk hot chocolate mix cafe escapes uses and toward the end just says "instant coffee". We all have different taste its true, and while drinkable this really wasn't close to the coffee shop quality mocha drink I was hoping for, but at less than 50 cents a k-cup I'll drink it and save money.
283856283856B004EE0TYKA1WAZYLBCBLCMLDPG0021325462400Where is the coffee?My wife got this for me as I like mocha coffee. Problem is, it tastes like hot chocolate with no coffee!
283857283857B004EE0TYKA5HTQR1XO1KK2KATHLEEN D MURPHY0051322179200Cafe MochaThis is now my favorite way to drink coffee! I love it over ice and often mix it with a 'regular' coffee and sit out on the patio and enjoy the morning.
283858283858B004EE0TYKA2MUYWCON742OCBosslady "Diane"0021312156800Not much "coffee" taste!This is fine if you brew it to use for ICED mochas but for Hot ones it taste more like hot chocolate. I wont buy it again.
283859283859B004EE0TYKACRIUHXH5F6V8Vicki of CA0041307836800Excellent home brewed Mocha drinkPRO: Brew on 6 oz. option on the Keurig machine, excellent texture and taste. Perfect blend of chocolate and coffee. CON: The calorie content for 6 oz. is rather high, but the taste is great! Not Starbucks, but a great alternative!
283860283860B004EE0TYKA2NHKFOE73SBV6Nancy59400051307404800Better than Starbuck!I love this mocha! With only 30 calories, one can't ask for a better drink, either hot or iced. I brought the box into work to share and they all love it. You can't go wrong with buying this.

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