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284101284101B0051COPH6A1WP940JZL83T7A. Looby "SvleMommy"0041336608000Snuck Veggies on my older kids!I have extremely picky little boys. I give them vitamins every day, but I would prefer they get what they need from their foods. I passed this off as "pear sauce" with dinner and both children ate every bite of it. The 5 year old said it was great and the 2 year old declared it delicious! They both dipped french fries in at and said it was great that way.

I tested a couple of spoon fulls. The color was kinda greeny brownish and that was a little off-putting. I don't know how neither boy noticed the green flecks in it. I couldn't tell if that was the spinach or broccoli. Didn't matter though. The overwhelming flavor was the pear. It was sweet enough to cover the veggie flavors, but it didn't completely mask them.

I consider it a success. And no, I don't feel bad about giving them baby food. The product is organic, gluten free (we may have an allergy), unsweetened, natural and full of good stuff. This flavor has no fat, sodium or calcium. It does provide (1/2 package is serving size) 2% DV Protein, 25% Vitamin A, 70% Vitamin C, and 2% Iron in each serving.

Just a note, we served it room temperature, but I've put a pouch in the fridge for going with breakfast tomorrow.

UPDATE: We tried it cold and they both thought it tasted better. I didn't notice a difference, but the kids ate more of it when it was cold. They dipped tortilla chips in it this time and said it made them "taste fancy".
284102284102B0051COPH6A1BHSP8TPTH8Y5CCGal "MyReviews"0041336608000Well, the baby likes itAfter figuring out how to open these little pouches I have discovered that our baby seems to love them. While some people say they can "drink" them right out of the package, I squeeze mine into the bowl and use a spoon. Either way he loves them. I don't know that they are any different from baby food in a jar, but they are convenient for on the go and disposal.
284103284103B0051COPH6A2WY52YD5GAEIBLauri C. Coates0041336608000Tastes great, Me and Baby agree!I am not usually a fan of green vegetables, personally. In fact, it is a joke around our house that I will not eat anything green. I tried this product first, myself, before feeding it to a friend's little one. It actually tastes great! No sugar, all organic, lots of vitamins and babies like it too!

My only complaint is with the's small enough to be swallowed, so pay attention when feeding. Maybe the company will find a way to keep the cap attacned to the package, by a tab or something, to make it safer.

Tastes good, good for you both. Can't ask for more than that
284104284104B0051COPH6A21VGNU5959O85Laura Terese Henri0041336608000Not just for little babiesI work in a special needs clinic, and sometimes our babies/toddlers are really picky, have massive food allergies. A lot of the parents are now ONLY feeding kids Organic to make sure there isn't any processed nonsense and pesticides in the food.

Most of the kids have not turned down this baby food, and its so easy to just squeeze a bit out, replace the cap and send it home with the parents if they love it. I have even seen kids carrying it around like a sippy cup and just squeezing away!

It doesnt have to be refrigerated until you open it. And also make sure to check the expiration date because the batch I got was only good till June.
284105284105B0051COPH6A1Q1T811N4IY3ZClicker0041336521600Nutritious for babyBaby Gourmet has come up with a wonderful, healthy, delicious way for my baby to get the nutrients she needs with none of the artificial additives that she doesn't need. It is organic, unsweetened, unsalted, gluten free, nut free, BPA free, dairy, egg and lactose free, and has no fillers or thickeners. The pear makes it taste slightly sweet and masks any bitterness from the broccoli and spinach.

The packaging is convenient if you want to serve just a portion and save the rest for another time. You can squeeze the amount you want out of the 4.5 ounce package and screw the lid back on. I do worry that the lid could come loose or the package get punctured in my diaper bag, but I tend to put all soft foods and liquids in a Ziploc bag for extra protection in the event that happens. I do not have that concern so much with Gerber jars, but this Baby Gourmet packaging seems less likely to lose its lid than the common plastic Gerber containers do.

My baby enjoys the flavor of the Juicy Pear and Garden Greens food and will usually eat the whole package in one sitting. An added bonus, my five year old thinks they are Crushers and eats them too. So it can be a healthy snack for older kids as well. This is a baby food I feel good about feeding to my kids.
284106284106B0051COPH6A2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"0051336521600Baby Loved itI have to say that this baby-food was a nice surprise. It smells like real food and babies love it. I like that it is easy to feel a bowl, take how much you need,then put the cap back on into the fridge. My daughter loves the Garden Beans as well. Really nice surprise because she is a finicky eater.I really liked that its easy to heat up as well take on the go. I am always out so this fits great when out to the park or friends house. Really good product for babies.
284107284107B0051COPH6A215WH6RUDUCMPShilom0051336521600Fresh and Healthy!Good garden greens for baby, purees and organic without being too sweet. I like the packaging design on these as well and they're great for on the go! Highly recommended!
284108284108B0051COPH6A3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu0041336435200Good tasting, portable, and convenientWhen it comes to our little ones, we want to make sure they're getting the best. This Baby Gourmet product is a high-quality product, manufactured in Canada, and certified organic by QAI and USDA, it is made from organic, all-natural ingredients (organic pear, organic broccoli, organic spinic, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), organic lemon juice concentrate). There are no added fillers, added sugars, or any artificial additives. The taste is good, with about the consistency and color of apple sauce. It's got enough sweetness to make the blend palpable. The broccoli does have an overcooked taste to it however.

The soft pouch is durable, compact, and portable. It's ready to serve warm or cold. To serve warm, stand in some hot water for a few minutes, or microwave the contents in a separate bowl. The pouch itself is not microwavable. Nutritionally, this product doesn't contain much besides Vitamin A (25%) and Vitamin C (70%). Protein is 2%, Iron 2%, Calcium 0% of the recommended daily value.

It is gluten-free, nut-free, daily/egg/lactose free, and kosher. As the cap is a choking hazard, parents need to keep it away from baby. Additionally, the edges of the pouch are very stiff, which may poke sensitive baby parts.
284109284109B0051COPH6A1MKPMJPD22YYS. Cline "Retired Fed"0051336435200Awesome! Not Just for Babies, Also for those ordered by Doctors to be on Soft DietThis is truly amazing, once this arrived; opened box, found them in nicely stacked foil pouches. Small enough for a baby's mouth and yet at the same time is fitting for an Adult likewise who have been ordered on soft food diet (Stage 1 - Puree) or depending on what the Physician has instructed. I am already on well-known brand name products but there is no comparison with this Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1. Literally had to grab the boxes to compare what's in there and was literally shocked to find out so much of artificial and natural, plus fillers, and concentrate, and yadda, yadda, yadda ... on these brand name products. Not only that, the label on the Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1 was very simple; while the shelf life itself will be short because it is all natural.

All in all; it is fitting not just for babies, but also for those who have been instructed by Surgeons to Physicians on Soft Food Diet - who are literally sick of this canned repetitive "Broth, Liquids, and Jell-O" when one has a craving for "REAL FOOD", like Steak, Lobster, Salad, Cheesecake, for example ... stuff "Big People can eat".

The differences was remarkable! It was not watered down, but yet, was very tasty and addicting. It neither upset my stomach or digestive system even after the harsh medications after taking it, was very soothing. The other brand names, were kind of frustrating for me (due to nature of injury and then having fallen on Sunday, the day before this arrived from my walker which result more injuries as if I needed it - which result a trip to the hospital that which the photo image shows the Hospital tags) also was instructed to continue on the medications and stay on the soft diet since not able to handle solid foods yet.

My elderly mother went out to look for more of these, later then informed me that she wasn't able to find them anywhere only then I noticed they hailed from Canada. Oh Canada, can you teach America to make great foods like these? For not only they are delicious but I will be upfront and first to admit... I was unsure about having Pears, Broccoli, and Spinach all mixed together - I love them all, but together? I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but really, it is very, very good.

In my humble opinion - this is excellent for people not just restricted to soft diet with the Doctor's approval, but those with specific medical conditions but not in the late stages where choking is a hazard.

It needs no refrigeration unless you had opened it and didn't use it all, it can be closed and used up within 24 hours. It also can be served at room temperature or cold.

All in all - I strongly recommend this, the bad thing about it is, I wished this was around when my son was a baby nearly 28 years ago - for this would be the proper food for babies, after having read the packaging and what's all in there, scared me; I never did pay heed to it at all, for I only stuck to the brand name I trusted because it was the same ones that my parents fed my sister and I or have times changed?

I also asked my married son to pull out his baby spoon, while he knew not why I asked for it; but what I did was a comparison between the brand names and this on that spoon. After I squeezed this into the spoon, The looks of it was very appealing to a baby (I know because I have often fed my granddaughter when she was a baby), the other brand names, were so watery, that I found myself constantly having to wipe the spoon which then gave me flash back memories of how many times I had to wipe my granddaughter's face with a spoon, the leakage, and same way with my son when he was a baby. But once I put it into my mouth, each one, there were no differences, the only differences here was that Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees State 1 Juicy Pear and Garden Greens was very tasty over the others where if I were a baby, I would want more.

As an Adult on soft food diet, this is a huge relief - where Pears tastes like you just chomped on a fresh Pear, and Broccoli - tastes fresh like one just boiled it fork tender just for you, and Spinach tasted exactly like cooked spinach. Not acidity, no salt, pepper, or any seasoning. It's the way Mother Nature intended it to be; the Pear's own sweetness makes it all the more desirable.

All I can say is - elaborately well done and well rounded meal.
284110284110B0051COPH6A21W7ZA2FZKOGPHope T.0041336348800Side spout works better for little hands -- less squirtingI'm not sure why, but this side spout design seems to handle little hands squeezing it better than the other ones that have the spout in the top center. That in itself is enough reason for me to buy these again! Beyond that, all the ingredients are good and organic. Getting greens in babies couldn't be easier. These pouches are great for a diaper bag. It makes it much easier to pack food and take on the road. The best part is the baby loves them and enjoys feeding herself. It's far superior to jarred food. Let the baby feed themselves! Love it.
284111284111B0051COPH6A3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0051336348800Surprised by Taste & Texture!I was reluctant to try this since Most green babyfood comes back out one way or the other in my household by the babies around here. However I was surprised when this was delightedly swallowed and kept down without a frown by my nephew. He is just 6 months and this was his first solid. I expected him to spit it out period being a first offering. But he loved it and smiles now when he sees the package coming his way. I even tasted it myself and it was not half bad.
284112284112B0051COPH6A2TXMYYGSZCSZ1annie "grannieannie"0051336348800Gluten Free! Completely Organic!Not only does this product taste great, it is good for baby. These are very handy to carry in a diaper bag, and can be eaten without a spoon. Remember to keep an eye on the expiration date because their shelf life is relatively short due to the fact that they are organic. I just rec'd this last week and it expire in July -- only 2 months. I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in organic baby food, but it is rather expensive.
284113284113B0051COPH6A2FFMW5UH8WNL5Tara Peterson0051336348800The only thing my son will eat so farI have had a hard time with my 6 month old so far trying to get him to eat solid food. I have been making my own at home and he seems just not interested. I got a batch of these to try and to my surprise....he ate it! It has a great consitancy and a great taste (I like it) and you could seen the garden greens in the food. I really like the pouches! They did not have these around when I had my daughter and make it so easy to travel with little ones (the glass jars can be heavy). The screw on top is nice and does not leak. A friend's son who is 1 acutally sucks the food out of the pouch! I would recommend this to everyone!
284114284114B0051COPH6A19XMHRB3G4DIRjavajunki "javajunki"0051336348800Delicious and nutritious...yes, we tried it ourselves!We frequently have young visitors so thought it would be nice to have some of this around but before giving it to anyone, tried it ourselves.

The first thing you should know is this tastes really good! We had the pear and green puree and it was a nice blend between a bit of sweet but also obvious garden greens. Perfect for babies/toddlers or even elderly persons with a sensitive stomach.

All organic, no BPH, nothing bad to worry about so you have the full confidence that what you are feeding is healthy. It comes in an odd little pouch type container with a knob that is fairly odd/new to use but quite useful once used.

All in all - a superb baby food!
284115284115B0051COPH6A33VI944SO2YCNSqueal0051336262400Baby loves it!This was the first mixed baby food I gave to my seven month old daughter and I was unsure if she was going to like it, but she loved it! She had no hesitation in eating it and eagerly opened her mouth for more. I loved that it was healthy and all organic. The only two downsides were, unlike Gerber which can be kept for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, this has to be used within 24 hours of opening, and also unlike Gerber, it does not come in a container which you can feed out of. You need to squirt the baby food into another container which you can then spoon it out of to feed your baby. Those are two minor quibbles though, and overall I am very pleased with this food.
284116284116B0051COPH6A1ER5AYS3FQ9O3K. Corn "reviewer"0051336262400Passed the baby and adult taste test. Also, best occasions to use itI have to start off by noting that I am not a fan of packaged or jar forms of baby food. Fresh and homemade is my preference.

But having noted that, Baby Gourmet is a winner and the major plus for us is that it is so portable and light. Each pouch is only 4.5 ounces and a pouch or two is all that is needed for even a relatively long day trip, although you'll probably want to bring along some extra snacks from the other food groups. Depends on how long you'll be gone. Even the standard box of 12 is simple to tote along.

Of course, any baby food has to pass the taste test and the Pear and Garden Greens was eaten eagerly, not only by a baby but a pouch was consumed by an older child (poured over some sliced bananas). So it will be a staple for a 6 month old and a snack for the older child - when carrying along homemade food isn't possible.

Unlike baby food in jars, young fingers can grasp the Baby Organic package, although parental supervision may be necessary to help aim the spout into the mouth. Of course, you can always squeeze the puree out of the pouch and into a bowl and serve it that way.

Baby Gourmet doesn't need refrigeration until opened and an entire box isn't the least bit heavy. A shelf stable product is a major advantage when refrigerator space is at a premium. It always is at our home.

Since Baby Gourmet encourages parents to taste the product, I did. It was appealing and not overly sweet. This made sense because the Pear and Garden Greens is noted to be unsweetened. I could definitely taste both vegetable and fruit flavors and to my adult taste buds it had a slightly sweet but mild flavor.

It didn't knock my socks off but I'm not the important user here...the baby is. He loved it! We did taste test this on a friend's baby. Also a success. She plans to get more Baby Gourmet as her baby is normally a picky eater.

What about nutrition? Each pouch has 80 calories (40 per half pouch) and hefty amounts of Vitamin A and C. The package needs to be refrigerated and thrown out after 24 hours, presumably because of the lack of preservatives. There are also no fillers or thickeners and this seems safe for those babies who are prone to gluten, nuts, dairy, egg, lactose, etc. The packaging is BPA free. It also meets the USDA and other organizations' standards for being an organic product.

Maybe I didn't look hard enough (and would appreciate the info if anyone else has it) but I couldn't find a recyclable symbol on the individual pouches. Does anyone know if they can be recycled? I assume the cardboard box can be recycled. I am knocking one star off because I wish the recycling info was more prominent. I'm winging it on that and not putting the pouches into our recycle container. Odd as it may seem, we have had packages of other foods which have a similar plastic feel and appearance and which ARE recyclable.

One tip: Pay attention to the expiration date as the new box I received notes that the product expires in July - and this is May. I'm actually comforted by the fact that Baby Gourmet doesn't last for months and months because many baby foods which do have added preservatives and chemicals. The list of ingredients is relatively short: organic pear, broccoli, spinach, Vitamin C, Lemon Juice. Only the lemon juice is in concentrate form.

I'd highly recommend this product for convenience, portability, ease of storage and nutritional value. We'll still primarily make baby food used but this is a wonderful option when we can't have our own on hand.
284117284117B0051COPH6AWIF8AR75LL9LColorgirl "Spreading color around my world"0051336262400My Whole Family Fights For These!Although I do prefer baby food products in jars, because I reuse them for many things, I have to say that the Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1 Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food is one that I will buy despite the lack of jars.

The texture is just right- not too runny, not too thick, and the color is very natural- shows a lack of manipulation or alteration. The taste is absolutely perfect. The food is very sweet like fruit is but not artificially so. The greens are in the perfect balance. Not too much to be overbearing, but the pear fruit taste balances it out perfectly. It was gobbled right up!

The container is very interesting- it is flat with that screw on top. The top has a seal on it, and is very easy to remove, but not so much that it will come off if you have to transport it. Once you open it, the spout is easy to get the food out of, and then if you need to re-cap it, you can do so and keep the rest until the next day.

I doubt that this food would last that long, however. It is so delicious that it will be finished most likely. The packet is also fairly easy to get most of the food out of too, leaving little waste.

This food is so good that my entire family right up to Daddy kept trying to eat it all instead! It would make a great snack for traveling even for plder kids on the go (even moms). Just enough for an energy boost and a great little snack.

I can not recommend this food highly enough. It truly is fantastic.
284118284118B0051COPH6A1OMHUU58XHQNGSKY2110 "SKY2110"0051336089600Daughter loves itThese organic pouches I believe are less sweet than others. They are on the pricier side but I got them on sale when they offered a coupon on Amazon so they were affordable. if they were not so expensive I would get more of them. I do not like that the pouch opening is on the side but I think that they are not meant to be eaten out of the pouch like the other types like earths best or plum organics which have spout on top which my daughter is use. They are also bigger pouches than most other types. My daughter is a pretty picky eater but she seemed to love them. She was hesistant at first of eating them but after a couple times she went for them when she saw them.
284119284119B0051COPH6A17BUUBOU0598BMark "Technology, Music and Movies"0041336003200Baby Gourmet Pear & Garden Greens - Great Tasting Quality Product, But Packaging Could Be ImprovedBaby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1(6 Months+) Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food, 4.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) is a great tasting product that has been well-thought out. The product is mostly pears, and tastes that way. But the included vegetables is enough to cut the sweetness slightly and add nutritional content. The texture can be a little gritty. That doesn't bother me, and it shouldn't bother the average baby. There's enough sweetness to get them to swallow the pill, so to speak.

The pouch is rather large, with enough for 2 portions. But it is resealable, so you can refrigerate what is left.

The only real disappointment I have with this product is the packaging. The pouch has enough corners in it that it is impossible to get all the baby food out of it. And the cap, while large, is not so big that babies can't get it into their mouths. So I think they could improve the packaging somewhat.

It should be noted that because these pouches have metal foil in them they can't be heated in the microwave. You have to heat them in warm water. That's pretty standard for this kind of product.


This is a high quality product that tastes good. It has a limited amount of preservatives, so the shelf life is not very long. And the packaging could be improved. But the contents are nutritious and delicious. I think you could do a lot worse than this.

284120284120B0051COPH6A3JZ5L52FM318HMatthew T. Weflen "Matthew Weflen"0051336003200Baby sucked it right up, relatively convenient packageWe just used our first pack of this food (Pear and Garden Greens flavor) today at a lakeside picnic. Our son, who is seven months old, was launching himself towards the container and trying to grab it. So I think it's safe to say he found it palatable (I tried a bit and it was pretty decent - not very bland, and a good strong pear flavor). We liked that it contains pear, broccoli, and spinach, since it's been kind of hard o get broccoli into the kid thus far. I will say the recommended serving size on the package is small - he probably would have eaten twice what was contained in the package, not half.

Anyway, this brand will definitely remain on our list of portable options. It was a hit.
284121284121B0051COPH6A3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...0051336003200BPA Free, Convenient, Great taste, somewhat pricey compared to other brands.I LOVE the convenience of these baby food pouches over bulky jars and I really appreciate the lack of concern for broken glass during the manufacturing process. Pouches also mean there is less air within the container hence the food should remain fresher - this is a big plus in my book! At just over two dollars a pouch or a buck per serving I feel the pouches are somewhat on the pricey side however the safety, convenience, quality, nutrition, and taste makes these pouches more affordable. Also don't forget to use Subscribe & Save for great savings to control the cost!

On the shipment I received, the expiration date allowed 2.5 months to use up the 12 pouches.

My only frustration with buying items like this baby food online is the inability to read the product label since the sellers generally do not include this information in the product description. For those parents who like to read product labels as much as I do, the pertinent information is included below. Information from the packaging:

Serving Instructions (summarized): Serve warm or cold. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Reseal and Refrigerate after opening for up to 24 hours. (Personally I would freeze for future meals.)

Net Wt. 4.5 oz (128 g)
Serving Size: 1/2 Package or 2.25 oz (Number of servings: 2 per pouch)
Protein 2% * Vitamin A 25% * Vitamin C 70% * Calcium 0% * Iron 2%

* No Fillers or Thickeners * Gluten Free
* Unsalted & Unsweetened * Nut Free
* No Dairy, Egg or Lactose * BPA Free Packaging
* Organic Baby Food (labeled USDA Organic)

Ingredients: Organic Pear, Organic Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate.
Made in Canada.
284122284122B0051COPH6A1I477ADGMLVJMD. Matlack "Guidedog"0041336003200Decent food but it's the packaging that really sells it.Well I will start out by saying that the pear is there but flavorwise it is second to the spinach. This is not terrible but will be the main reason that a child will take pause to the first taste.

That being said it is perfectly good & depending on the mood of my guinea pig it goes down just fine.

I like the nutritional value of this product and it is a decent serving size, but I will have to admit what I like best is the packaging. It is re-cappable, can be refrigerated and thanks to the pouch it fits in easily to narrow fridge/cabinet space and it's portability is ideal for travel, camping (toss it in the fire when empty) or for going to the sitter. And can actually be much tidier as the child can actually 'drink' from the pouch rather than mess with a spoon or bowel.

This is a winner.
284123284123B0051COPH6A3VBXQKRM7A4JReyecore0051335916800Good flavor, ingredients, packaging...This little packet (okay, it's not really a "little packet;" at 4.5 ounces, it's actually fairly hefty) is pretty much exactly what nature intended - and parents that actually care about quality have been searching for. With organic ingredients that you know exactly what they are, rather than some cocktail of chemicals, the first impression is a good one. Each pouch has a screw-top lid that the kid can suck the contents out of...and reseal if it's not finished. May not be the most sanitary of practices, but as long as you make sure it doesn't sit around for days before reusing, it won't be a problem.

Then there's the flavor. Yep, I had to try it. It basically tastes like an "earthy" apple sauce made with pears. Which is exactly what it should taste like, since it's made from pears and spinach (among a couple others.) And the texture is very similar to apple sauce as well, except it's much creamier...none of the "grit" feeling.

I'd recommend this for snacking, a meal unto itself, or mixing with other foods (oatmeal flakes) to make them more appetizing to your baby. Good stuff!
284124284124B0051COPH6A194K60CWZ371JErin L. Lowmaster0051335916800A Great Alternative to Homemade Baby Food!I am a pretty crunchy mom. I tend to make all my babies food from organic fruits and vegetables. My son at one time was given baby food that was not homemade nor organic and hated it. I'll leave that particular brands name out but even I agreed with my son that the food tasted terrible.

I was pleased to try out Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees and was very to happy that my son enjoyed it cold or warm! These packages have been wonderful for us when he is cared for by a sitter or when we are on the go and need to bring along something for him to eat. The individual packages make preparation, meal and clean up time a breeze and I couldn't be happier.

Compared to other baby food, there is a shorter lifespan but that's to be expected with a product that has no preservatives as well as no food dyes, no artificial colors or sweeteners. 100% organic ensure you are giving your baby the very best.

The price is debatable as it does cost more than other baby foods out there. But this brand is 100% organic and it's pouch packaging makes it super easy to just throw in a diaper bag and be on your way. I would say it one hundred percent worth it for times sake and the health of your child. Plus getting this product through subscribe and save can save you money!
284125284125B0051COPH6AWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"3341337212800Organically sweet but healthyI ate one of these pouches so I would know what to expect from them. Honestly, all I could taste was pear so although I believe the other ingredients mentioned are in them, they are pretty sweet, and I worry about creating a baby with a sweet tooth as a result. There are few ingredients (good in my book - I prefer to eat nothing that has more than 5 ingredients) and they appear to be of a high quality.

I miss the old baby food jars which seem greener to me. If you didn't recycle the glass, you could at least save the jars for storage of small items. The BPA-free packaging of these does make it easy to get the contents out, and the lid can be screwed back on so that the pouch can be finished later, but overall, there is a lot of trash generated from them.
284126284126B0051COPH6A1R1BFJCMWX0Y3KO5641341532800Concerns of product expirationI was excited to try this out but disappointed to see that it was about to expire less than a month of receiving it. This is not the first product I've had problems with expiration dates through Amazon. It's been anywhere from Taco Seasoning to Dog Food. I understand that this is organic, but I received this in June and it expired this month. I also understand that it is a problem with Amazon, but since this is an Amazon review, I'm bringing it up.

I did try it, and I have to say after trying the food, I was super disappointed that my baby wasn't going to be able to because I thought it was pretty good myself. I was honestly surprised that it wasn't bitter or gross. I loved the packing of this product but wonder if we aren't paying more because of it. The price to me seems a bit on the high side. I will say that Amazon does have the cheapest price at $23.38 (if you subscribe & save) but I see other organic food for less.
284127284127B0051COPH6A2JVRUOXR4OKU4Jane A. Osbourne "janneann"7951307318400my baby loves this food!My baby absolutely loves this food! He's been eating Earth's best and Gerber purees regularly, and he will eat those just fine, but when I've given him the Baby Gourmet food, he practically wolfs it down. I've tasted it and it actually tastes pretty good! Now, my only issue with this food is how ridiculously expensive it is. We received about 10 packets for free at an event, and that's pretty much the only reason we tried them. I wish we could buy more but the price point is just a little too much.
284128284128B0051COPH6A2701UXI8QGRHELeslie Ann Lewis2251337212800Baby and Mommy approved!!!I make my daughter's baby food because my previous experience with store-bought foods (granted it was many years ago) was that they were overly processed, foul tasting, and inconvenient. The food never tasted anything like what the label proclaimed it to be and usually tasted rather flavorless or sour, and they were only available in clunky containers that were annoying to pack or store. This looked different so I decided to give it a try and I am glad that I did.

First, and most important to me, the food is made of all natural and organic ingredients. Second, I can clearly taste the vegetables and fruit in each bite, and I can identify them as greens and pear. Third, the storage container is extremely convenient. I don't have to worry about the package breaking open in her bag and it is easy to serve her exactly the amount I desire.

The packaging recommends that the product be consumed within 24 hours and in my house that is no problem. My sometimes-reluctant-to-eat 6 month old had absolutely no difficulty polishing off a container in a day. And if she did, it tastes so good that I would probably not mind finishing it off. She loves the taste and the consistency is great for someone just starting on purees.
284129284129B0051COPH6A26KHZE0HTS057Burgmicester2251337126400The little one couldn't eat it fast enoughAs we were preparing for the arrival of our 7 month old grandson, I ordered this Vine selection for him. He is not a picky eater, but he does have some foods that he will not eat. He gets this funny face, gags, and then spits it up. It is quite cute actually - as the grandparent many more things are cute this time around. So after a round of gags with a new pumpkin organic something or another, we tried this pear and garden greens food combo. It is made up of a blend of organic pears, organic broccoli and organic spinach. He face went from gags to smiles, his hands starting to whirl and his mouth kept opening until the packet was empty. And I stood there with my mouth open - no, not for this concoction, but because who in the world would think that these three foods would be anything that a human would like. But like it he did. We fed him 7 packets in 7 days and he never tired of it.

Highly recommended.
284130284130B0051COPH6A10YWQ4AAAE29OGayla M. Collins2241335830400Convenient and HealthyBaby Gourmet Organic Simple Stage Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food is a lovely idea for the on the go mother. 100% organic this particular package is a lovely combination of puree broccoli, spinach, pears and lemon juice. More palatable to the 6 month old babies taste buds and handy for mom. Each comes in a 4.4 ounce pouch(beautifully packaged) and can be tucked easily into a diaper-bag or purse for the family on the go. A capped feature lets you squeeze out what you need per feeding, resting in the refrigerator for the next.

This would be a LOVELY gift for a baby shower or baby gift. I would be proud to present it to a new Mommy.

Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Stage Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food is a win/win for Mommy and baby. Father's too!!

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