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284131284131B0051COPH6A1XFI340SHOS5KZenpony2241335744000organic fast food-not just babiesThe packaging of this product makes it a quick fix for travel, a snack on the run or a day out at the park/beach etc. Easy to open, easy to squeeze and can be resealed. Just keep the cap away from babies, as it is a choke-able size. It does not have to be refrigerated unless it has been opened.

Each squeeze pack is 2 servings, so double the amount of sugar when computing the ingredients. One serving of the Juicy Pear and Garden Greens has 9g. of carbs and less than 1g. sugar, no fat, no sodium, no protein. That is why I called it Organic fast food. It's nice for a fill in snack, but I don't think I would make it an infant's entire diet. I'm not sure if other varieties of this brand have more food value.

I actually ordered this box of food for my grand-kids who are 5 and 6 years old. They go to boxing and Kung Fu school and are always looking for a little pick-me up in between classes. They like the taste and asked for more. I also passed some on to a 70 year old woman who attends my tai chi for seniors class. She has had a brain incident and lost her ability to swallow liquids or speak. She chokes on water and this is the perfect thing to quench her thirst without choking. We had been giving her the squeezable yogurts that kids like so much. This will add a little variety to her choice.

It taste like sweet pears, even though there is no added sugar. The consistency is like applesauce.

Very pricy to use for everyday meals, but I will use it as a fast food pick-me up for both the kids and seniors.
284132284132B0051COPH6A33Y8C4818EJL0Live, Laugh, Love...2241335744000Delicious & Nutritious / Easy to Use Great when travellingYears ago I always made all the baby food my kids ate to ensure they only had high quality, fresh food with no additives and no preservatives. I was very curious about this new squeeze dispense baby food, and rather skeptical as well. The ingredients are nice & simple : Organic Pears, Organic broccoli, Organic Spinach, Ascorbic Acid & Organic Lemon Juice. I like it so far
Next the taste test was not as sweet as I expected considering pears was listed first. This is great because I don't want baby to develop a sweet tooth this early. The flavor tends more towards the spinach than the broccoli.
I'm not a fan of this packaging. The cap can easily be a choking hazard and it seems as though this pouch could easily be redesigned without it, it serves no meaningful purpose to me. A tear strip would be much safer.
I tried this and like it, my nephew willingly ate it, but I don't think he was a huge fan. Overall I like this product and would probably purchase this for travel convenience. Amazon's price especially with the available coupons make this a very economical healthy choice.
284133284133B0051COPH6AIGI4MMOFYO46Princess Jenny2251334707200Better than it soundsI wasn't really looking forward to trying this baby food before actually feeding it to my daughter, but I'm glad I did; it's delicious! I'm happy that I'm giving her something that actually tastes good rather than just raw, disgusting vitamin goo (which I half expected it to be). It is, of course, full of vitamins, and seems to be the perfect thing to give your baby. It's the perfect blend of nutrients and flavor to give to any growing child. I'd recommend this to any parent looking for a good baby food brand.
284134284134B0051COPH6A5GPH59NDWJRBJenna Glatzer6851337990400Here's Another Use for Baby Gourmet...I no longer have a baby, but I do have a preschooler who avoids eating fruits and veggies. Therefore, I look for ways to "hide" them in other foods. That's where purees come in very handy. It's hard for me to find a variety of organic produce locally, so I was glad to see this Baby Gourmet online.

Here's what I made this morning (good for the whole family!):

Pear and Garden Greens Protein Pancakes

1 1/2 cups of Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix
1 1/2 cups milk
1 Baby Gourmet pouch
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 egg

Mix 'em up, and make your pancakes (or waffles). I made the same recipe with canned pumpkin the other day and it came out great.

The puree makes the pancakes thicker (which is why I added a little extra milk, too), and in this case, offers just a very light, nice pear flavor. Next time, I think I'll try adding two pouches-- I think it could take it.

I think it's very handy to have small portions of purees around for just this purpose-- you can sneak them into lots of meals so your kids don't even realize they've just eaten fruits and veggies.
284135284135B0051COPH6A3R9X003XW0LNRDeborah Verlen "Deborah"0051335916800A great fruit item for when you need something quickI don't use a lot of commercial baby foods as I tend to make most of what I feed the grandchildren. However, there are times when you want to be prepared with something quick and this fit the scenerio of "the baby needs food NOW" very well.

Other reviewers have commented on the ingredients, the nutritional value etc. So I won't go into any of that. What I like about Baby Gourmet Juicy Pear and Garden Greens is the on-the-go ability. I keep a diaper bag packed in the car at all times as well as a diaper bag that I take places. This product along with several others (yogurt snacks, baby cookies, jars etc) comes in handy when you are out somewhere longer than you expected to be or if you are going on a picnic at the park or somewhere that doesn't offer baby-friendly foods--you know no apple juice or mac and cheese. The container is heavy duty in that nothing has punctured it yet, squirts well into a small bowl, and the baby likes it.

I would recommend this product to anyone that is a busy on-the-go mom or dad or grandparent. Because it is organic though, make sure you watch the expiration dates. And if you do keep some in the car for hunger emergencies, if any is left it needs to be stored in the refrigerator.
284136284136B0051COPH6A914TQVHI872UAn Educated Consumer0051335916800Excellent!Baby food never tasted this good!

Having made my own baby food and enjoying its benefits and the happy look on my infant's face as special purees were enjoyed, I can only say it is about time that quality, tasty, organic food is readily available.

The pouches are especially convenient when traveling.

It passed the taste test with flying colors.

Yes, it is more costly than supermarket brands, but our precious babies are worth it!
284137284137B0051COPH6A1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach0051335916800Much more than food for babiesI have no more babies at home, but was curious to try the Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1(6 Months+) Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food, 4.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) for several reasons. Firstly, I bake a lot and use applesauce or pureed prunes instead of oil and/or sugar in some recipes. Secondly, my mother is unable to chew much these days, and I was thinking of sending some purees to help my folks achieve better nutrition. Thirdly, having recently experienced some GI problems, I wanted to have pureed foods in my pantry in case I have another flare-up that necessitates a temporary change to soft foods in my diet. Since I had relied on some pureed baby foods in the past, I liked the option of BPA free packaging that appeared to take up less storage space and the ingredient list was enticing.

Well, the glowing praise I read about Baby Gourmet Organic foods on the web has it right! Stage 1 foods are sold for 6 month old infants, and I wish these had been available when my daughter was young. I would have saved so much time as I routinely pulled out the Happy Baby Food Grinder to prepare her nourishment! I find the green vegetable flavor in this puree to be slight, not as strong as plain broccoli and spinach, with the pear sweetening it just right -- good combination for newly developing baby palates. Now on to my experiences... I used this product in baking zucchini bread and it was outstanding! I've frozen a couple pouches, then sliced them open for an "instant sorbet" of sorts. It was quite good and I'm sure that if one has dental work done or is recovering from an ailment, this will be a welcome food source. Regardless, it's a swell summer treat.

The removable cap is small, so if you do have kids as most consumers likely do, I'd recommend taking care with its safety. Being able to easily close the pouch is a strength, particularly since each pouch contains two servings for an infant. The pouch should not be microwaved, but placed in hot water if warming desired. This food has gained my approval and I'm preparing to order some for my mother. I'll likely send Baby Gourmet Organic Yummy Combos Stage 2 (7 Months +) Baby's Sweet Potato Pie Baby Food, 4.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) because I think it will be a great addition to her morning oatmeal!
284138284138B0051COPH6A1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0051335916800Talk about convenient!I think back on all the YEARS of wee glass baby food bottles! (Kind of scary to travel with!) Fast forward a bit to the cute square, plastic baby food containers. (Handy, but a lot more expensive for what seems like a whim, this plastic container idea.) Fast forward to today, to these awesome little pouches! I LOVE IT! The food tastes great, yes I tried it! The pouches are no problem to toss in your cute Dooney and Bourke purse, or your already messy diaper bag, or your car or even your pocket!! What a brilliant idea. My only issue is that they are a little expensive. :)
284139284139B0051COPH6A3U029B8Z5WGI2Kat "kttykat16"0051335744000Pear and Broccoli-liciousAs a terribly forgetful and busy mom, it never hurts to carry a few extra snacks in the car, purse, diaper bag, backpack, or in my jacket pocket. Seriously, kids seems to be hungry ALL THE TIME. When I got the Baby Gourmet Juicy Pear and Garden Greens baby food, I figured it wouldn't be a bad snack for my kids. Ingredients are fairly simple: organic pear, organic broccoli, organic spinach, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and organic lemon juice concentrate. When I tried it, I have to admit that it's not bad. The puree tastes like pear and broccoli - it's a little sweet, but not overly so. The texture is like Mott's Applesauce (or any other applesauce without chunks). I didn't like it enough to finish a pouch, but my preschoolers LOVED the stuff. At 4.5 ounces per pouch, I can't imagine giving a full pouch to a 6 month old, but this is just the right size snack for a toddler or preschooler. In fact, Trader Joes has applesauce in a similar pouch - my kids love those things, too.

The pouches don't require refrigeration, so I just toss them into my bag and we can go out and have a quick and healthy snack while we're out. The cap allows for the pouch to be resealed, just in case a pouch isn't finished in one sitting. Baby Gourmet should really consider marketing this towards preschoolers - who can go wrong with convenient AND healthy that young kids like? Recommended!
284140284140B0051COPH6A357B3PUHSVQAY. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ...0051335744000Packaging a plus for portability and serving size, older kids like it too!If you're paranoid about food allergies, you might want to stick with single ingredient baby food until your baby is perhaps 9 months old. Otherwise there's a lot to like here.

This review is based on our experience and those of a friend. My wife and I tasted it and it was actually very good. Our 4 year old wasn't keen on it but one of her close friends thought it was as good as a smoothie, and drinks it right out of the pouch, kinda like a Capri Sun, but much healthier. I'd suggest this isn't the best way to use organic baby food. Her little brother (7 months old) thought it was very good.

The containers are great for portability (Won't break like glass) and resealing unused portions for later use - the glass baby food jars never close that securely. I'd suggest these are worth it for the travel value.
284141284141B0051COPH6ATLZNVLYKP9AZT. Fisher0051335657600Great as a treat within a well-balanced baby dietI agree completely with other reviewers stating that the ideal food for babies up to one year is mother's milk, which is mostly fat. That being said, like most parents we started our son trying solid foods at six months. We try to keep his diet balanced, never forgetting that his nutritional needs revolve around mother's milk, or formula if that is not available.

As a supplement while keeping the above in mind but still getting our boy up and running with solid foods, we found this Baby Gourmet product is great. We try to keep the solids we give our son healthy, and we have turned mainly to our own cooking -- organic vegetables, potatoes and meats pureed for him at home. This is one of the few processed products we have kept on the menu. He loves it, and we can't blame him having given it a little taste ourselves.

The packaging is great, resealable and BPA-free. The food is a nice treat (e.g. dessert in limited quantities) for baby. Recommended.
284142284142B0051COPH6A2HOLM5I1ARX9JCarol C. "ccjello"0041335571200Interesting flavor, good amount of broccoli, less spinachThis baby food tastes fairly good, even though it's an odd combination of pears and broccoli, with a little spinach and lemon juice added in. It is high in Vitamin A and C, but doesn't have much in the way of other nutrients. Because of the sweetness, it should appeal to most babies.
284143284143B0051COPH6A2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0051335571200Organic Baby Food in Convenient Packaging!Baby Gourmet organic baby food comes in a convenient squeeze feed packaging, which allows you to use as much as you wish, as long as you use all of the package within 24 hours. It's better than the glass jars, in my opinion.

This particular flavor is Juicy Pear & Garden Greens, and is recommended for babies 6 months and over. It's gluten free, with no dairy, eggs, nuts, fillers, thickeners, sweeteners or salt.

I am disappointed that the case I received has an expiration date in two months. So I suggest anyone who buys this item check the expiration dates on the individual packets and make sure you can use the product before the last sale date.

This is a product I would definitely recommend and use for feeding babies ages 6 months and up.
284144284144B0051COPH6A19FRW264WZTGPBunson Honeydew0051335398400NiceGreat consistency and flavor for your little ones. It's much better than traditional glass jars, and it's organic. My guys are a little bit older, but our pediatrician recommended that we add these into baked foods to help with nutrition (our guys are finicky eaters). It's a great thing to sneak into baked goods.

A friend stopped by with a youngin', and she tried it out. Her baby loved it, and now our friend will buy this.
284145284145B0051COPH6A397CWU6DM3O5Gganka0051335398400good for on the goMy two-year old likes to have a pouch of apple sauce when we on the go, so we decided to try this one. First, we tried it ourselves. It tastes very much like pear puree would, but you can definitively feel the broccoli taste. It does have some grittiness as any other pear baby food, though. Our son loved it, asked for more "green apple sauce".
284146284146B0051COPH6A928HCGAQTU6Xsarabella0041335398400Tasty and handy for a quick snackI use these as quick snacks for my 18-month old and he enjoys them. This particular flavor took a few tries before he took to them, but after that they were great to throw in my purse and take with.

The taste is a little tart at first and my little one had a little too much fun with the squeeze factor at first, but we soon adjusted and they've been good healthy snacks!
284147284147B0051COPH6A13Z96HR8EEF24Terry LC0041335398400Okay I guessThe kid likes this stuff. Me, I thought it tasted pretty...well, not great. But it isn't for me, so that doesn't matter. Since the baby liked it, I suppose it is good stuff.

The resealable package is useful. The fact that no sugar or salt is added is good also. So add that to the fact that babies like it, and I would say it's good stuff.

It's baby food. I can't think of any more to say about it.
284148284148B0051COPH6AOAOARIH72UWIjt0041335398400Good Stuff for BabiesBabies love it and it is made with some good ingredients. It is very convenient to take around with the soft packaging and easy to re-close top. Although you might be able to recycle the packaging (it does not have the RRR symbol on it) in some places not many in my area take this material. This is a product of Canada for those that care. As far as taste goes... babies might like it but, I and my 4 and 5 yo tried it and it tastes pretty "interesting" in a not so good way. Keep it for the babies who don't know any better.
284149284149B0051COPH6A34C98SJU4M7DDPhAzEr DaZeR0041335398400Tastes A Lot Better Than You Might ThinkThese pouches are very handy, and compact.
The flavor or Juicy Pear & Garden Greens, does not sound like a very good flavor combination.
I had to taste it before feeding it to the baby...
I was extremely shocked, it tastes very much like pear and the texture is very smooth.
Tastes extremely similar to just plain pear baby food- but better and fresher tasting!
Ohhhh and the baby loved it too!
284150284150B0051COPH6A3PNBZ60XRKZFPEkat0041335398400juicy pear. greens?This baby food has very simple ingredients: no sugar added, no preservatives (lemon juice only), no coloring. It is mostly all pear however. There is very little iron (2%), that I though it should have had from spinach, and virtually no protein - again, I though broccoli would add protein to this mix. It does have 70% of vitamin C however. Taste good: not over the top sweet from the pear and not over the top tart from the lemon juice. I really wish it would have more greens in it though.
284151284151B0051COPH6A1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0041335398400Nice packaging, easy to useThese Packages of organic baby food come in very convenient containers, allowing you to squeeze the amount you want into a bowl and refrigerate the rest for up to 24 hours. While I have found many uses for baby food jars over the years, it is nice that these bpa-free containers fold flat making them easy to dispose of.

This particular variety contains pear, broccoli, and spinach. Since this is rated stage 1, for six months and older, I suppose it is ok to combine the three. However, for allergy and tolerance purposes, it is best to introduce your infant to single ingredient foods before choosing multiple variety foods. Also, having sweeteners like the pears in with your vegetables teaches your children that sweet is necessary.

If you are into organic and healthy, these are great to bring along in your diaper bag, however you might want to consider making your own using a blender or food processor if all natural is really important to you.
284152284152B0051COPH6AHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict0041335398400Convenient pakage + organic ingredientsIf you like 100% organic baby food made without artificial colors or preservatives in a package that makes serving it easy and convenient, this is the product for you. It's easy to squeeze out and the flavor itself is great - sweet from the pears, but with the nutritional power of spinach.
284153284153B0051COPH6A1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie0051335398400Very tasty indeed, and organicIn order to review a baby food product one needs a baby, right? since I do not have one and wished to participate in said review I needed to borrow one.
Knowing me, my good friend allowed me to test Baby Gourmet Juicy Pear & Garden Greens on her little girl. Since I am a green smoothie advocate I found it interesting to have a product that mimics this food choice.

My first observation was that it is packaged nicely and is a very convenient way to carry your baby's food, a lot better that the bulky and oft times dangerous glass jars.
I opened one and actually took a swig, well if we are going to feed out babies with it, it should be good enough for me. It was, very tasty, it was nice and thick just enough to be able to hold on a spoon and it was also very sweet so I looked at the packaging to see how much sugar was in it.

Nutritional facts: Per Serving:
Serving size 1/2 package
Calories 40
Total Fat 0
Sodium 0
Carbs 9
Fiber 2
Sugars less that 1 gr. (sugar is from the fruit and not added.)

Organic Pear,Organic Broccoli, Organic Spinach,
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Organic Lemon Concentrate
Plain and simple

No Fillers or Thickeners
Unsalted & Unsweetened
No Dairy, Eggs or Lactose
Gluten Free
Nut free
BPA Free Packaging.

OK the nutritional part is fine now the little one.
Sarah is about 15 months old and very sweet child that has no big issues with food she has her likes and dislikes. I poured some of these baby food in a bowl and started to feed her, just a little at first and she opened wide anticipating something good, when it hit her tongue she made a funny face, I hung there waiting for her approval, and I got it.
She liked it. I continued and she gobbled up the whole portion. Later her mom asked if I could let her finish the rest I brought it over and we let her "suck" it out of the tube and it was fine, the only thing is she was not able to get the entire contents, mother had to assist.

Findings: I think this is a lovely way to feed a child with this on the go, I just hope people don't just buy it to take off the lid and hand it to the child and walk away letting the child feed itself. I do not think most mothers would do that.

I have seen these packages with juice etc. The babies seem to like it. The packaging is also something I would like to comment about, it stands on itself without tipping and is reseal able.

Overall, I find this is very tasty and seems to have a good nutritional base for your child.
Mom says Sarah is enjoying her new tasty Baby Food.
284154284154B0051COPH6A16RI68PS6T5CAGadget Geek0041335312000Better if thickerMy nephew seems to enjoy these purees. My only comments are:

- it is a bit watery. If it was slightly thicker, it would make feeding much easier as it would be much easier to get it into his mouth. To make it thicker, I blend the puree with a little banana or steamed yams to give it a thicker consistency and make it easier to eat.

- Another note is that each pouch is so large. The instructions indicate to use within 24 hours of opening. In my nephew's case, he's 6 months old. There is no way he will be able to finish a single 4.5oz pouch in 24 hrs in addition to drinking his milk. I have had no problems with using the packs over 2-3 days.
284155284155B0051COPH6A1QR76SYGTXJN5Adam "ashaef"0041335312000Not too sweet, but the little guy loves them!Our son has been a fan of fruit/veggie pouches for a while now and these are no exception. We knew he would like them as pears are one of his favorites and he does, but I was surprised to discover that pear is not the dominant flavor. The broccoli dominates, but still he will always chooses these ones over any others (even the ones that are purely fruit). Obviously, this is great news. He has always done a good job eating his veggies, but his enjoyment of these particular pouches has still been a pleasant surprise. And best of all: they're organic!
284156284156B0051COPH6A12E0Y0J6584RTSeanna0051335312000Nutritious Food on the Go!Baby Gourmet have come up with a healthy food option for your infant that's great for at home or on the go. All you do is twist off the cap and you have tasty, organic solution that's guaranteed to please your baby's taste buds.

The Juicy Pear & Garden Greens baby food comes in convenient Sip & Feed 4.5 oz pouches, and are all 100% Organic with no sweeteners, fillers, or added salt. They are also Gluten Free, Nut Free, and contain no dairy, egg or lactose.

Like most baby foods they can be served warm or cold or straight out of the package. These are a great idea, my 1 year old loves them and they are the best for busy moms!
284157284157B0051COPH6A1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041335312000Tasty organic pear baby foodBaby Gourmet Juicy Pear & Garden Greens is a typical pureed baby food. It has the appearance of honey mustard sauce in both color and texture and tastes predominately like pears with a barely detectable hint of raw broccoli flavor. It's not overly sweet and has no added sugar.

There is a lot of packaging involved in the handy little pouches but it is nice that it is easy to squeeze out just the amount you want to serve and then to empty out the pouch completely without having to scrape around in the corners of a jar with a tiny spoon. It's very easy to warm up in a bowl of warm water. Don't microwave the pouch and don't let the baby play with the cap as it's a choking hazard.

Ingredients: organic pear, organic broccoli, organic spinach, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), organic lemon juice concentrate.

Each pouch contains 4.5 oz. (128 g) which is two 2.25 oz. (64g) servings.

Each 40 calorie serving has 9 g carbohydrates including 2 g dietary fiber and no fat, sodium, or protein.
284158284158B0051COPH6A3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051335312000What more could anyone want?This product has everything anyone feeding a baby could want!

100% organic

easy squeezing with no spoon needed

no artificial ingredients

bpa-free packaging that is resealable





AND available to order from Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company (Amazon)

(jingle song) who could ask for anything more?
284159284159B0051COPH6A279A4Y2N1CQ26Crestviewer0041335312000Great for on the goI am always looking for convenient and healthy snacks for when we are on the go. I got these and gave them to both my 2 and 4 year old. My 4 year old was not interested (I was not surprised because she is a very picky eater). My 2 year old, who is a better eater, drank up one and asked for another!

I love how easy it was for my 2 year old to eat these on her own. There was very little mess involved (she did dribble a little on her shirt) and I was surprised at how much she was able to get out on her own.

The only reason I didn't give these 5 stars is because they are a bit pricey, but I plan on having these around for special longer trips and occasions when it is harder to pack food.
284160284160B0051COPH6AGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0051335312000Great package designMy baby (9 months old) is usually pretty picky, preferring mostly pears, apples, and squash, and she does very much like this juicy pear and garden greens flavor, but Since every baby's taste is different, this review is more about the packaging than the flavor. It comes in a pouch with a great little screw top that, when removed, reveals a straw sized opening for you to squeeze the food through. This is GREAT because it allows the baby to suck the food out, thus avoiding the SUPER messy alternative spoon feeding, however, you can't simply hand it to the baby and allow her to feed herself, because as soon as they squeeze it all squirts out. That's not a big deal, I just hold onto it as she sucks, which is still easier than spoon feeding! The package also reseals by simply screwing the top back on, so you can store it for later feedings. Another thing that's really nice (for older babies) is that the package size is a larger 4.5oz, instead of the typical 4oz glass or plastic jars made by Gerber, Beechnut, etc. The package is great for traveling as well! It takes up a lot less space than the glass or plastic containers, so it's easy to toss in a diaper bag for a quick trip or pack a lot for a longer vacation! Overall, I like them a lot and would recommend them to any parent on the go!

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