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284211284211B0051COPH6AX7317G153T8WP. Colin McGraw "AV, Computer & EnviroTech Nut"0051331596800My Baby's AddictedI have a one year old, and after trying this, he's addicted to the stuff. I tried it myself and it's not bad!

I love that it's fairly nutritious and natural and it's also nice that kiddo can suck the stuff out of the package (with a little help from Dad), so you don't even need to carry around a spoon and bib like with messier jars/tubs of baby food.

We'll be buying more.
284212284212B0051COPH6A3T8WOFS5RD2IRJohn D. Hillmer0051331596800Baby and Mommy FavoriteI asked my nephew's wife and their 6 month old for help with this review, because I was not going to eat this at rate it! She said,

"This is one of the first "solid" foods my 6 month old has tried, and she absolutely loves it. I didn't taste any myself, but my little one almost convinced me to take a bite. She is always ready with an open mouth when this is on the spoon. I served it at room temperature. In general, this meal has definitely been her favorite of the veggies and fruits she has tried.

As a mother, I love the convenient packaging. The squeezable pouch and twist-off cap make dispensing the food very easy. The cap on the pouch is re-sealable, which is great for storage or traveling. This brand is less messy to open/close than other brands I have tried. I also love that this food is 100% organic, has no fillers, and the packaging is BPA free.

What great peace of mind to know you're feeding your baby the best!"

Thank you Erin and Lilly!
284213284213B0051COPH6A1URMXEEWEQR6VJeremiah L. Olson0041331596800I like it, my son loves itThe only reason this gets four stars and not five is because it is a little messy. A six month old or even a year old will be able to suck and swallow this product. The straw is short so when it pops out of their mouth it becomes a pear explosion if it is still being squeezed. The product tastes good. It has a flavor that tastes natural and does not feel as if there has been the toxic sweet additives that are in most products. The resealable cap is beautiful. It is also thick enough that you can squeeze the small remainder of the product at the bottom of the pouch onto a spoon to avoid any waste. I would recommend buying this product.
284214284214B0051COPH6A2K89R0B20LYHBChristine0041331596800Tasts good but must like broccoli flavorIt is a good product, high quality ingredients. I find that has a strong broccoli flavor to it, which at least to my adult palette doesn't quite jive with the fruit flavors. However, my daughter seems to just love it so thats all that matters.
284215284215B0051COPH6AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0051331596800Tastes like Odwalla Superfood!I mix this with water in a sippy cup for my toddler and it is an instant vitamin boost without the chopping and blending, I think it tastes just like Odwalla Superfood, which tastes like pears so not a big surprise there. It tastes very fresh and has a bright flavor, it does not taste boiled to death like some baby foods do.

I usually make her and I smoothies with our Vitamix, but these are great to take in the diaper bag or if I am too ill from morning sickness to make us one. I have another little bean on the way and will be giving him this on a spoon when he is ready :)
284216284216B0051COPH6A2IMZNPSJGB2HQFernando Valenzuela0051331596800Tasty and healthyNot only are these organic purees healthy, they are actually pretty tasty. Our baby devours these on their own or mixed with other foods. The packaging is very convenient for meals at home or on the go. Even my adult palate was pleased with the little taste I had. The only potential negative is that they're a little on the pricey side.
284217284217B0051COPH6A2E4R7YISIM4QME-Cowboy0051331596800Nutritional and convienentI love these pouches of Juicy pear and Garden greens made by Baby Gourmet. As moms, we often try to incorporate veggies into things we are cooking to make sure our children are getting their veggies. Like most babies, my daughter loves fruit and this tastes mostly like pear but also include broccoli and spinach. I can feel good about feeding my daughter this because it is made with organic fruit and veggies and includes no added fillers. I make my own baby food typically but the pouches are a wonderful option for being out or traveling. They also include a whole ounce more than other brands which are usually 3.5 oz. I am a fan and so is my daughter!
284218284218B0051COPH6A1SY4X1WWNOBX5theShepherdz "theShepherdz"0051331596800Huge HitI thought that my 17 month old would like these purees, but I had no idea what a huge hit these would be for him! He's definitely on the older end of the children that this product is marketed towards, but he couldn't eat them fast enough! I loved them for several reasons. 1) They are all fruit/veggie products. Extremely healthy with no yucky additives. 2) They taste good. And yes, I tasted them - as did my 8, 6 and 4 year old. We all thought they were good! and 3) They gave my little guy some independence in eating so that I could prepare the rest of his food or we could wait for something to cool down. He's no quite ready for a bowl and a spoon yet, but he sure figured out how to quickly slurp this stuff down.

I'll definitely be on the look out for these as we have upcoming trips over the summer - these will be fabulous to stash for healthy car snacks!
284219284219B0051COPH6A2JKM8KF3296CWck_361 "ck_361"0051331596800Comparable to other pouch meals! We enjoy it.Definitely would recommend this product. We got the organic Juicy Pear and Garden Greens to review and I would say this is very comparable to other organic pouch meals.


-Tastes good.
-Packaging is simple.
-The cap is large enough so my son won't choke on it if he gets a hold of it.
-Generous portion (4.5 oz)... my 11 month old will eat this in two sittings or more. My 2 ½ year old will eat it in one; he sees his younger brother with one and wants one, too. I like that it has garden greens so he's getting vegetables and doesn't even know it!
-Price is comparable to other brands.

-Of course these things could always be more affordable because you go through so many of them.

Great product!
284220284220B0051COPH6A3F2926FPOBNLfake name0051331596800Great productOkay, I can admit this. I occasionally, feed my dogs baby food. It was a recommendation from the vet after one had a long bout of pancreatitis and had a hard time digesting food. After the pancreatitis, I visited a vet about a special diet for my dogs and organic fruits, vegetables and baby food along with a special food came out of the decision.

I love that this product is organic, BPA free, and has a mix of fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, my dogs prefer vegetables to fruit [perhaps it is only surprising because I prefer fruit?] and this is a great balance between the two. This product has a great balance of sweetness and the dogs really enjoy this food.

Usually I will give the dogs a fruit and vegetable mix during the late afternoon for a snack. But, when I am in a hurry, this is an easy alternative that I don't feel guilty about. I can also admit that I have taken this product along with me on a long bike ride and easily enjoyed it while riding. It was easy to open and enjoy; best of all it was healthy!
284191284191B0051COPH6A3QCC7PV6EG4YCJulie0041332288000Applesaucy and kid-approvedMy 21 month old loves these served up room temperature. There's something fun about the pouches though you have to help them squeeze the last half out and the day care doesn't allow them because the tops of the first pouch brand were a choking hazard (didn't notice anything problematic about these tops). The ingredient list is pear first, then broccoli, then spinach (ascorbic acid and lemon juice concentrate are the only other ingredients). Definitely tastes like pear so I wonder how much garden greens are really in there, but at least it's something... Good for finicky young eaters of all ages.
284192284192B0051COPH6A2W4014S06NAITFathom "Fathom"0051332288000The babies gobbled all this up quickly.My twins quickly gobbled this up in a relatively short time. It's a wonderful mix of vegetables and fruit that had my babies eager for me. The only issue I had was the packaging. I didn't quite understand it. Were they supposed to feed directly from the package? They didn't seem to like that, so I squeezed it out into something else to spoon feed. This was the only drawback because then it's not really portable if you have to squeeze it out prior to serving. Not to mention you are probably loosing some of that yummy goodness by not be able to get all of it out of the packaging.
284193284193B0051COPH6AJ2FDNZ3COBFNCassie0051332288000GoodI tasted it for myself and this doesn't taste half bad. I didn't want to feed my baby something disgusting, however nutritious. She is just learning to eat solids and she seems to like this food a lot so far. The little pouches are so convenient to carry around and allow me to feed her a little at a time. The first squirt came out kind of fast and flew onto my sleeve so watch out for that. I agree with what others have said about these expiring fast. It may be due to having received it from Vine but I hope that we can use it all up in time. I'm thinking of buying other flavors from this brand in the future.
284194284194B0051COPH6A1EMN4T3ROJDOOKaren E. Koch "ditzychick"0041332201600Would have been a 5 if not for the priceMy grandbaby absolutely loved this food. The package is convenient to open and store. You can take out the amount needed and refrigerate the rest. If it weren't for the high price we would use it more often. As it is I try to save it for trips away from home when she is distracted but needs to eat something.
284195284195B0051COPH6A2KFWHHUFVKFXZLaura B0041332201600Easy to feed, baby likes itMy 9-month-old prefers to feed himself and is tired of purees. I really like these "self-feed" pouches. Although he hasn't quite learned to squeeze the pouch, he does like to hold it while I squeeze.

The first try with the Juicy Pear & Garden Greens wasn't a huge success. Baby is so-so on it and didn't really go in for more. The 2nd and on times, though, he has eaten almost all the container in one sitting. Since he isn't as into purees as he used to be, this is a success.

I can see these being a good choice even as he is older and wants a quick snack he can feed himself.

Overall, a simple way to feed baby (less mess for me to clean up) that baby enjoys!
284196284196B0051COPH6A2I98OOPNIJNYYAltar Boy "Pax Vobis"0041332201600Perfect except pricePouch-style baby purees are a staple in our house. We love that this format allows our one year old to feed herself with no mess, whether at home or on the go.

I was very pleased by the simple ingredients list: Organic Pears, Organic Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Ascorbic Acid, and Organic Lemon Juice Conentrate.

I also love that without reading the label, you can TASTE that it is made from pears, broccoli, and spinach.

I would definitely buy this again, but I would not pay more than $1.25 per pouch because there abundant substitutes of similar quality and taste at and below that price.
284197284197B0051COPH6AB0TLNLNOAGY4Shanshad "shanachie_shadowfax"0051332115200Tasty Product, Good Quality (My daughter agrees)With a 3and half year old son and a baby daughter, I've seen my fair share of baby food. Some of them have been barely palatable--bland but watery. Some of them have been decently sweet and tasty. Some have been simply dreadful to the point that I have had to apologize to my child for trying to make them eat any of it. I had never before tried the pouched foods like Baby Gourmet, however, so this was a new experience in our household.

Ever since the truly dreadful baby food incident, I make a point of tasting all new brands and flavors of baby food that come into our house. Anything I can't stand doesn't get served to the kids. So, when I opened the first pouch of Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees: Juicy Pear and Garden Greens I tried it out first. Wasn't quite convinced that pear and garden greens would be a nice meld . . . and the green color didn't quite convince me. However the taste was sweet without being overwhelming. It's obvious there's greenery in the puree, but the bitterness of the greens doesn't come through. The puree itself is creamy without the kind of textures that bothered my picky eater son when he was a baby. When I served this up to my daughter, she wolfed it down in no time, quickly eating an entire pouch and wanting more. Now, my daughter will admittedly eat a wide range of things, but this food is clearly a favorite and she recognizes the pouches now when I get them out.

For parents wanting quality store-bought baby food, this is a great option. If you can't make your own food because of time constraints etc. This one hundred percent organic babyfood has no added sugar or salt. It's also gluten free and nut free, which makes it a good match for children with food allergies. The pouch packaging is BPA free, which adds to the appeal. These foods can be served hot or cold, and the screw top opening can be reapplied to close the pouch and use it later. If serving it warm, either heat the pouch up in a bowl of warm water, or remove the food from pouch before microwaving. I do admit the pouches can be a little frustrating to empty: like squeezing out a toothpaste tube really: squeezing the last of the food out can be a bit tricky. However, these containers pack easily and store well. If you're not an arts and crafts inspired parent who can find endless uses for baby food containers, these might be easier to dispose of and are excellent for food on the go. The variety is also fantastic. I've only tried the one food, but looking over what Amazon has to offer, there are plenty of other flavors to explore.

My only real complaint is that this baby food is not inexpensive. It's well worth the price if you can afford it, but for the regular grocery budget, it's just not viable in our household to buy this as more than an occasional treat or travel option. If you've the money to splurge and want to find a tasty organic baby food for your little one, I'd definitely recommend this!

Happy Eating ^_^ Shanshad
284198284198B0051COPH6A20J0NBT6FWXXMRobert W. Smith "Robert Smith, Ph.D."0041332115200VERY NICEA co-worker and I tried a packet of this gourmet, organic pureed juicy pear and garden greens before we gave it to the baby. Honestly, baby food never seems to taste spectacular to me. This tasted better than most of the stuff that I'd feed my own children years ago. Over the years, I've tasted some baby food that I immediately spit out, and never fed to our children. This wasn't bad and, in a pinch, I'd eat it again. I think that the price is about $1.50 a pack ... is it worthwhile to you? The taste is better than most, in my opinion, and it was very well received by the baby who ate it and wanted more. It's packaging is convenient. As parents, we can put the lid on a refrigerate as needed, although lids can easily get misplaced. Since it is shaped like many juice containers today, kids are "primed" to accept this. The nutrients appear to be very good. The only "downside" that I see is - "plastic" containers that'll sit in landfills for ages whereas the old glass jars would be recycled easily. I give everything that I review a grade, and I believe that this merits an "A-". I'd try this or one of the other flavors to see if your child likes the taste. Review the contents first to make certain that there are no known allergies. I highly recommend this pureed baby food (something I'd never imagined that I'd ever say before).
284199284199B0051COPH6A147SS0ZPZPPFCS. Fishburn0041332028800Perfect to-go pack for the little ones!What I like about it:
1) Can fit in even a fairly small purse, or throw several in your diaper or bike bag, and you can leave the house totally prepared for worries about being home to avoid missed meals (or near a market to grab a bite)!

2) Fairly neat as the children eat, and no super messy spills.

3) Even toddlers love it - the one at my house declared it "Good!", though she also claimed it tasted like peppermint and pepper, so we may have to take her opinion with a grain of salt! Her younger sister is also a fan; she kept trying to shake down her sis for the rest of hers...hence, a word of caution: watch your little ones, as they may be sneaking out of their cribs at night to raid the cupboards for more...

4) Healthy and organic.

1) Hmm. Doesn't really taste THAT great to me. Oh but wait. No, I am not exactly the target demographic.

2) Environment - each little packet contributes to the landfill debacle. On the other hand, used in moderation (road trips, bike trips, camping (?)) these are no worse than other things we consume which are not biodegradable.

3) A little pricey, but again, we often pay a premium for the convenience of other consumables, too.

So realistically, 4.5 stars. 4 because of the drawbacks, 5 stars for its likeability.
284200284200B0051COPH6A4BNJSZVARL5WHolly0041332028800Healthy and good!I got this Baby Gorumet Simple Purees for my daughter. I've just started her on solids a little while ago, so thought it would be nice for her to try something organic. She loved these! She loved the taste and how easy it was to eat. I had no problems with giving it to her. I tried the flavor too (for this review) and it's not bad at all. The smell is also okay. I would recommend this to anyone with organic feeding intentions, espically if you don't have time to make homemade! Great product!
284201284201B0051COPH6A1HHPA73HHGABZSean Dooley "wittdooley"0051331769600She Loves It!Its hard to get our niece to eat much when she's over at our house every week. She likes Cheerios, and that's about it. I can't ever get her to eat fruit or vegetables.

So thank goodness for products like the Baby Gourmet Organic Puree!

She has gobbled one of these down each of the past three time's she's been at our house, even asking for one last time instead of Cheerios!

The pouch is really toddler safe as well, which is a bonus. The lid goes on securely and definitely takes an adult to open, so she hasn't been able to get into them without our knowing.

Really great treat for a toddler!
284202284202B0051COPH6A3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051331769600Tastes great.....I like to try the food I give to my kid and this taste real good. Maybe it is real good since its mostly pears but it taste great and has very little texture. It is not runny like some baby food and it is not firm either. It is almost like pudding but not smooth. My son really enjoyed this flavor so I will probably try out other flavors. The whole pouch idea is great too. I carry these in the bag and car for certain emergencies. Sometimes I forget a spoon but since its a pouch with a little nozzle it is pretty easy to get some out and feed my son that way.
284203284203B0051COPH6A3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer0051331769600Baby Gourmet Organic Simple PureesWith a desire to consume healthy "green" foods on the go, Baby Gourmet Puree is our first choice. There are few pre-packaged green smoothie options available for kids (or adults) that are all natural with no added sugar; this one tastes good, is organic, and the pouch travels well.

Highly recommended.
284204284204B0051COPH6AA8F2HV4DPV2Tkelpiegirl0051331769600Baby loves it & mommy too :-)What's not to love. My son loves it and it's organic. I like that they include healthy leafy greens with pear so it is palatable yet very nutritious. There is no sugar added so it's good for baby too. No complaints and it's cheaper than many of the other organic brands that are comparable.
284205284205B0051COPH6A1X2YRSD648FM3Alexandra Henshel "Librarian/Book Blogger/Pas...0051331769600I was worried about the color, but my baby LOVES this food!The only things my 8 month old daughter has not wanted to eat have been green (peas and spinach and potatos)so I was a little worried about the Pear and Garden Greens being green, but she loves to eat this! I think the pear gives it a nicer flavor, and of course I had to try it too- it was tasty! The packet is convenient and just the right size for her, and I really like it that it is organic. She will gobble up the whole packet when I feed it to her, and I will purchase this brand again.
284206284206B0051COPH6A3JLOIXFM75QNVVal "LOTRMatrixHPLostFreak"0041331769600Daughter loves these!Have used these before when my daughter was a bit younger and she loved them, and now even though she just turned 2 she still likes them once in a while. She pretty much drinks it straight from the pouch. I love that it's all organic and has plenty of nutrients and vitamins. And I love that she loves it!
284207284207B0051COPH6A33PBU9EHZ28PCC. Park0051331769600I didn't taset it myself, but my baby likes it.Started to feed this my baby at 7 months. He seems to like it. Some other foods that i gave him, he would spit out if he didn't like it. But, he seems to like this one, he keeps it in his mouth and swallows. The fact that its organic is the reason i feed this to my child. The package is easy to carry arounn and small enough to be placed inside a diaper bag. The cap allows you to recap so you can feed teh reamining later, not throw away the left overs.
284208284208B0051COPH6AZA55FJD7CCZNBetween the Lines "J. Morrill"0051331769600Pouch Baby food is fast and convenientI am so sad that these pouch baby foods weren't around for my older two children. I've been able to use them with my youngest, and I have to say, the convenience factor is amazing. I make a lot of my own baby foods, but they don't travel well. With these, you don't have to worry about them breaking in your bag...or even packing a spoon.

For flavor of these particular packages, I do like that they are a fruit and veggie combo. More often, they are fruit only. Pear and garden greens sounds disgusting, but actually doesn't taste too bad. (Yes I tried it) My daughter loved it and asks for them regularly.
284209284209B0051COPH6A45S6D1P309G9M. B. Walters "Big Smoky Valley"0051331769600Tasty take-along for moms on the goThis is one of the best baby foods I've ever tried. I really appreciate the simple ingredient list. Nutritionally, Vitamin A and C are the only nutrients ranked high enough to count on but calories are important for little ones too. Having it packaged in the foil pouches makes it perfect for traveling with babies and small children. They can eat it by sucking on the spout and the top screws back on so keep it clean and mess free when the kids are on the go. It can be warmed but room temp was the best, and straight from the fridge as a cold snack was also acceptable by the little ones. Both of my grandchildren(ages 12 mos. and 2 1/2 yrs)liked the taste and gladly ate these over the sugary applesauce squeezers that are commonly sold as snacks. Of course I had to taste this before feeding it to the kids: the pears makes a nice base but the most dominant taste is broccoli with a greeny spinach undernote. Each pouch has a 2 generous servings for a baby and once opened should be refrigerated. Most of the time the kids ate the whole pouch as a snack, the baby also ate part of one as a side dish during meals. These have become the go-to for supplementing a meal and to tuck into the diaper bag as a backup snack or to accompany a meal while dining out. We went through 2 boxes of these in 2 weeks while on vacation. I am ordering more today.
284210284210B0051COPH6A3VS2RYRGDW4HSShannan0041331769600Tastes good, great package designMy grandson loves this Baby Gourmet Organic baby food. He seems to prefer it over another brand my daughter tried and we both feel good because he is not only eating healthy fruit, but broccoli and spinach as well. The package is awesome. It stands up well on the shelf in the pantry and in the fridge after opening. It is easy to open and the screw top allows you to just squeeze out the amount you want to feed your baby, then replace the cap and place in the fridge. Because you don't put a spoon into the package, there is no contamination like you get with a regular baby food jar, and the squeeze package allows you to get it all out of the package.

The price is somewhat higher than with Gerber, but the Gerber comes in either small plastic containers that are not resealable or in glass jars that require you to either dip a spoon in to feed the baby or use a spoon to scoop some out to place in another dish. Either way, you are putting something into the jar which increases chances of bacteria getting into the food. With the Baby Gourmet packaging, nothing gets inside the package.

I tasted the food and so did my daughter and we were both surprised that the greens and pears don't clash. In fact, it tastes mostly like pears. While I wouldn't probably put broccoli, spinach and pears together for my meals, my grandson does enjoy it.

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