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284242284242B0051COPH6A3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151343088000Super Duper Cooper Cornutt enjoys Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Length:: 0:27 Mins

Cooper Cornutt, the amazing (almost) nine-month old boy, was a willing and happy product tester for Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1 Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food, which Amazon kindly sent for a free test as part of the Amazon Vine program.

As you can see for yourself in the attached video and photo, Cooper enjoys the Juicy Pear and Garden Greens flavor.


Ingredients you can read and pronounce: Organic pear, organic broccoli, organic spinach, ascorbic acid, organic lemon juice concentrate.

Packaging is easy to carry and store relative to other baby food brands. The pouch is well designed and sturdy; no spills so far.

Convenience is perfect for active families, especially for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, camping and family picnics. This isn't intended to be a complete meal replacement. It is handy to bring along as another meal option.

Price is reasonable for the quality ingredients at just less than $2 per pouch if you use Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. There are two servings in each 4.5-ounce pouch.


The smooth texture can get boring quickly. Good advice: supplement the baby food with bits of cooked vegetables or baby cereal. Cooper's teeth haven't arrived yet but his mother reports that he appreciates a variety of textures in his food.

Rating: Five stars.
284243284243B0051COPH6AQM0K7MBBT4AYBailey Z. Rose1131342569600Organic, healthy... but tastes weirdI agree with Terrence Aybar's review (at the time of this posting, it was the top review).

This is good stuff -- if we're only focused on nutrition and ingredients -- and its texture makes it a nice 'supplemental' snack in between bottles of milk/formula on the way to eating actual baby food.

The packs are very convenient and there's a good amount in each -- the pouch/cap to me is a handy alternative to the jar/lid.

The only thing is -- babies don't really seem to be crazy about this flavor. Pears and mixed greens? They got a bit of the tanginess of slightly under-ripe pears mixed with the mineral-y bite of raw greens. I know it's healthy, but it's awfully tart for babies just getting used to transitioning away from sweeter milk or formula.

Still, it's a neat product and has its uses... but you might consider trying a different flavor.
284244284244B0051COPH6A9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie1151341619200Baby likes it and so do I !OK, here are some things that I like about this product.

1) It is organic! Yay!
2) There is a mix of fruits and vegetables. You cannot find these combo's in the supermarket.
3) It can easily be tossed into a diaper bag without worry that it will break.
4) No need for a spoon! Just squirt the food into the baby's mouth and they are happy!

Here is what I don't particularly care for.

1) The packaging is kind of difficult for a baby to squeeze. With the way that the opening is placed, the baby normally tries to squeeze the sides together which doesn't make the baby food come out that easily.
2) The opening is very small. In my opinion, the opening should be the size of a bottle nipple so that a baby feels comfortable sucking on the spout.

I really like this food and will buy more. I hope the company can continue to make great combinations of fruits and vegetables to assist in overall nutrition for our babies.
284245284245B0051COPH6A3VGAP2KLCBNBBAmy "epiamy"0031330732800Good flavor priced a little high
284246284246B0051COPH6A26EQ8U96JA92TJody0051330732800So Yummy!My 20 month old loves these and so do I. You can really taste the pear and the greens. The packets taste very fresh and delicious. I love that they have a substantial amount of vitamin C, similar packets have no vitamins. I find the price to be quite reasonable when comparing to my local grocery store which has competitor brands on sale for more than the Baby Gourmet Purees. I am excited to try these which my youngest child once he starts solids.
284247284247B0051COPH6A23PBLHUOR6GNNM. Felton "CrazyMike"0051330646400Tastes great, but expensiveThese pouches were enjoyed by both a 4 year old and a 2 year old who is a very picky eater. And even a quick taste by a grown-up, they taste pretty good.

-Tastes good
-Good way to get vegetables past a picky eater
-Larger size (4.5 oz) compared to other brands (3.5 oz)

- Veggies to fruit ratio? No way to tell how much vegetables the kids are getting. The pear taste predominates, but how much broccoli and spinach are getting into the little ones?
- Pretty expensive per unit, HAPPYBABY Organic Baby Food, Stage 2, Broccoli, Peas & Pear, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 16) are cheaper per ounce and per pouch and taste just as great.
284248284248B0051COPH6A1MZEMD0EDETS6C. Maynard0051330560000Pricey, but good and healthyWe are a veggie-eating family. I train them from 6-8 months old to love their veggies. This is a great product to get some much-needed greens in their diet. This has pears, spinach, broccoli and some lemon juice. I think it is palatable. Both my children think it's tasty. The pears give the spinach and broccoli a little sweetness. There is no added salt, sugar or other "stuff". Of course, you could make your own baby food for much cheaper, but this is nice for travelling when it is sometimes hard to find restaurants that serve green things.

It is all organic, so you should be safe from chemicals and such. This is for Stage 1 babies, so the mixture is pretty thin. These squeezy packages are all the rage. if your baby is too young to suck out the veg, you can just squirt it into a bowl.

The price is a little steep at $2.29 a pouch, but if you subscribe to Amazon's shipping program, you can get it down to $1.94 per pouch.

I would get this again!
284249284249B0051COPH6ABCNO99OFECJ0R. C. Bowman0051330473600I Bought These for the Wrong Reason....I got these not for a child--I don't have any, which will most likely negate my review in the eyes of everyone--but for myself. I have some health issues that make baby food a viable option at times, and I gave this a shot. Overall, it's wonderful. The taste is fantastic. The food is pureed spinach, broccoli and pears. There's no added sugar whatsoever, and the nutrition is great. Weird as it may sound, blending it with ice makes a really nice smoothie.

Also, each pack comes with a LOT of food. Each individual container should have 2-3 servings, depending on the baby. The product is 100% organic, no preservatives or additives (and the taste proves it. Again, it's actually very good.) The shelf life is a little poor compared to some other brands, but I'd imagine that's the effect of the zero additives.

I'm aware that the price is a little steep, but it's worth it if you can afford it. The nutrition, taste, and quality of the food make it worth every penny.
284221284221B0051COPH6A3S5WYWYKSAI9CBradley Olin0051331510400Big Smash with my ToddlerMy little girl, who just turned two, loves these things. She drinks them straight from the pouch. It's convenient for road trips or other times when we need to get some calories in her, but don't have access to proper dining accommodations. I wouldn't recommend this as a meal replacement, but it is certainly a good supplement. There's plenty in each package to satisfy a wide range of appetites...and now I can finally say my kid does occasionally eat some greens.
284250284250B0051COPH6A1DNXL8BIR5R8RE. P. Brookshire ""TRUEobsession""0041330473600All babies love to eat their greens, don't they?What makes this product unique is how it has been packaged. The baby food comes in pouches that have pourable spouts for ease of storing, packing for daycare, and you can open and shut them. They are pourable and the plastic pouch is durable. I personally didn't eat any of these organic baby meals but a friend's little boy did and he ate it all with no discernible complaints.
284222284222B0051COPH6A2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0041331510400good consistency and flavorWhile making baby food is the often the preferred option, it is so convenient to have pouches of food at the ready for busy nights and days on the go. This product is a good way to introduce little ones to healthy fruits and veggies. The flavor is definitely more on the pear side than the garden greens, however, the sweetness may help to persuade hesitant eaters to dig in. This product is not overly thick - definitely thicker than a broth but not thick like a smoothie.

The product is packaged in BPA free packaging. My packaging indicated that the product should be used by July 20, 2012. From receipt of product to the best buy date, this would be about a five month shelf life. Like other baby foods, it is recommended that the product be refrigerated after opening and used within 24 hours.

This product is vegan and therefore vegetarian. It is also gluten and nut free. Ingredients: organic pear, organic broccoli, organic spinach, ascorbic acid, organic lemon juice concentrate.

This product is made in Canada.
284223284223B0051COPH6AP6L54VTCJKCQArdeal "Emi"0051331510400Baby, Toddlers and Adults love itFriends who feed their 1 year old primarily with this product introduced us to Baby Gourmet Organic. We gave it a try - and young and old like it - my 4 year old as well as my 7 year old said they like it. You can definitely taste the pears and broccoli. Apparently you can microwave this puree, yet it's possible it may lose some of its potency. Even if you get this product for free, like I did, you will likely end up buying it afterwards. I don't have any complaints to the product - I wish the packages would be larger, but then again, they're supposed to be for babies, not hungry adults.
284224284224B0051COPH6A2J8DE8R94ZB02Truth Teller0041331424000Great way to supplement dietWe use this for our 2 year old and 4 year old to help supplement their diets, because getting them to just eat vegetables at meal time is quite a challenge. They will eat these at snack time as if they are a treat and just suck it out straight from the top. We are also able to give it to them while driving and not worry about messes or choking.

We knock it down to 4 stars because it is a little bit harder to get all of it out than the competition which has the spout directly on top.
284225284225B0051COPH6A2OCDK0BOW6UCYAntigone Walsh0041331164800Simple GoodnessBaby Gourmet promises to bring organic goodness to baby food without added sugar, salt, dairy,eggs or nuts. Additionally it is free of fillers, thickeners and gluten. The packaging is BHA free but not recyclable. The food is packaged in convenient pouches with a plastic screw top. This design makes it easy for taking one the go as well as for storing the unused portion. (Should be refrigerated after opening) But the litmus test of any food is the flavor.

This food can be served either warmed or cooled. (Package is not microwaable.) I sampled it both ways. Cold it tastes like a not very sweet apple sauce. The greens, especially broccoli, come through more when it is heated,but are not overwhelming. It is pureed and smooth. The taste isw very mild. My friend's two babies seemed to enjoy it both warm and cool. I also gave some to a relative who has suffered a stroke. She has difficulty eating and has lost her taste for veggies. This was palatable and easy for her to swallow. I could see giving it to ailing adults or older children as well as utilizing for babies.

I applaud this company for using organic, healthier ingredients in baby food. It is costly but an early investment in a baby's health is one with lifelong benefits. The pouches are perfect for babies on the go and this is an easy way to intorduce greens into the diet.
284226284226B0051COPH6A2PU5IDX61XJ7ADeborah Price "Artlady"0051331164800She likes it!Got this for my 8 month old granddaughter. The vote is in - she likes it! I love the fact that they have figured out a way to make babies enjoy eating their vegetables. What baby would not like to eat their greens if they taste like pears? These convenient size pouches are great to take anywhere to feed baby on the go. They can be served warm or cold. To warm, just sit in warm water for a minute or so and voila! The 4.5 oz size of this pouch is perfect for one meal. I can see it also being perfect as a snack for an older toddler - both healthy and delicious. These gourmet baby foods are gluten free, have no thickeners, no dairy, no sugars, no egg or lactose and are nut free. The pouch can be closed back up and stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. On their website are recipes available to use these baby foods. I have used applesauce in baking before but never any other type baby food. This would be interesting to give a try. You can never get too much of wholesome, organic vegetables. Great product.
284227284227B0051COPH6A6X1O3A5C5FX1SMB0051331078400Baby loves it!This is the first baby food puree I have ever fed my daughter that I didn't make myself, and she absolutely loved it.

I chose to make all of G's food because I have the ability and time to do so, and also because I just don't trust most food companies and that includes baby food makers. As a family, we eat clean - so why would I feed my daughter products with random ingredients? I'm satisfied with the contents of this pouch, its nutritional value and its claim that it does not contain additives, preservatives, etc.

These organic pouches are wonderfully tasty (yes, I did try it myself) since the predominant taste is the sweet pear. I think they're great to keep on hand, but they do have a pretty short shelf life (about 6 months).

I found it odd that the pouches are NOT recyclable.

I'll likely keep these on hand and use them for traveling since they're easy to get through TSA, but will continue to make majority of my daughters purees.
284228284228B0051COPH6A276OI0NHBYORXRebecca N0041330905600tastyI tasted this before feeding it to my nephew. It tastes just like you would expect apple sauce to taste if it were made with pears.

- Delicious - my nephew loved it, both plain and mixed in with his baby oatmeal
- The cap was easy to twist off
- It's easy to dispense. No scraping around inside with a spoon. You can squeeze it all out really easily
- Organic, no GMO, no pesticides, etc etc

- It really is bulkier than a little jar of stage 1 food. Those can be stacked and they really just don't take up as much room. You could fit 20 jars in a cupboard in the same space where you could fit maybe 8-10 of these
- The box mine came in was sticky because one of the bags inside was leaking and had to be tossed. That's probably not typical, but it did happen to me and is worth noting.


- Kosher. OU Certified on the box and individual packages
- Vegan certified, with the V symbol on the box and individual packages
- The package is 4.5 ounces, which is supposedly 2 servings (according to Baby Gourmet) but it's not. (For reference, a jar of stage 1 baby food is generally 4 ounces. So it's just slightly larger.)

Overall, I think this is a very good product.
284229284229B0051COPH6AOEUN9718KVRDMM0041330905600ok.The ingredients are ok, but my son doesn't like the taste. He prefers Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches. It is better to buy few kinds at first and let the baby decide.
284230284230B0051COPH6A3K8AU6BAGN60EMs. Parrothead "Book Lover"0051330905600Great tasting baby food!As the mother of 1 y.o. twins, I am always on the lookout for tasty, organic baby foods that will satisfy my little munchkins. My son has had allergic reactions to processed baby foods in the past, so I am always careful when introducing him to new foods. The first thing I always do when feeding my babies is to taste the food myself. I was pleased by the taste of this baby food, it tasted mostly like pears, and you couldn't really taste the "greens." Both of my babies eagerly ate up all of the food I had for them, and seemed to really enjoy it. I monitored my son closely for any allergic reactions, and thankfully there were none. That evening, I mixed another container of the baby food with some pureed chicken and once again, they happily ate up everything. I was very pleased to find an organic baby food that was pleasant tasting and also offered something different than the usual offerings for baby food.

NOTE - The next paragraph may offer more information than the average user wants :)

A side effect of this baby food is that it caused both of my babies to experience soft (but not loose) bowel movements. This may not be an issue for some parents, but for me, it was actually a good thing. My son has always required a laxative to have a BM his entire life, no matter how much fruit or juice I have given him. My husband and I were both very pleased that this food seems to have helped him go to the bathroom on his own, without medication. For that reason alone I will be ordering more of this flavor, as well as trying out some of the additional types.
284231284231B0051COPH6AO13TNMQBPLZEGene Twilley "GTwilley"0051330819200Soooo Good...My son really enjoys eating these little packs of fruit and garden goodness. I tasted it myself (I actually taste most of what he eats anyways) and could really taste some distinctiveness between the garden greens and the pears. There is a lot that Baby Gourmet gets right in this, so I will start off with a short list according to my custom

(+) No Sweeteners
(+) Organic
(+) Just about all the ingredients are easily identified / recognizable
(+) Easy to store
(+) Easy to reseal and re-store
(+) Feeds clean
(+) BPA free packaging (this should be a given, but... just to be sure)

We have a 15 month old son who can be finicky with his veggies. In the past, we've made smoothies and mixed fruit juices and fruits to add a little sweetness to his spinach and greens. These packs and their ingredients work on a very similar premise.

What's inside the pack:
Consistency: the contents are kind of like the consistency of a fine applesauce
Taste: As mentioned before, the predominant taste is pear, but you definitely get some earthy undertones from the garden greens
Can you put it in a spoon? Yes.
Would it mix well? Yes. As mentioned, it's got the consistency of applesauce, so this might go well with whole grains or even as a spread on toast.

Overall, this is a great food product. It has so much in it that's great for our children and there's not a lot of worry about what they're actually eating. When our son first started with food other than breast milk, we gave him a vegetable puree that we made on our own. Baby Gourmet lets you skip the "on your own" part without skimping on ingredients. This is definitely worth a try-and-buy!
284232284232B0051COPH6A311QT2NYDS6UDJinger Jarrett "Internet Marketer and Writer"0051330819200Baby Food That Tastes Like Real FoodTo be honest with you, there's not really anything about this product that you can't love. There are several reasons.

First, it's organic, and with all the insane things that are being done to destroy our foods these days, you want food that is as pure as possible for your baby.

Second, there's not a lot of packaging to get rid of. Even better though, you can take this product with you, it doesn't have to be refrigerated, and the way it's packaged makes it very convenient to carry, dispose of, and use while you're out and about.

The thing I liked the most about it, or that is my granddaughter did, is that it takes really good. It tastes like fresh pears, not what you would normally get with baby food where it's been pureed and processed to the point that it's bland.

Who knows? Maybe you can't mess up pears when you're creating baby food for babies. Then again, I've tried several differnt brands, and in my opinion, after tasting this, it does taste the best. Might be a little expensive for you, but if you want organic for your baby, I highly recommend this. The portions are pretty generous too.
284233284233B0051COPH6ATANE2SC44592Loves those books0051330819200My son LOVES this food!My seven month old son absolutely LOVES the Juicy Pear and Garden Greens. It is a combination of pears, broccoli, and spinach. When I saw that I wasn't too sure how he would like it. But after the first bite he was hooked! He eats a full pack of it in one sitting! Technically each pack has two servings but I would say that only pertains to babies who are just being introduced to solid foods. Because of this I do find this food to be quite expensive. I would love to say we would be buying them again but not until the price is lowered!
284234284234B0051COPH6A3AF5TL5080AK6Samuel Wai0041330819200Good Baby FoodIt is hard to review baby food because babies don't articulate. The stuff is nice, with real pear flavor and the texture is a puree with the slight sandiness of the pear. Barely sweet, a nice product.
284235284235B0051COPH6A23RZIU0N8K2KRM. Caceres81151330041600Can be served warm or cold, absolutely delicious!I tried the product before I gave it to my cousin's baby, and it taste delicious. The baby also agreed, he made no complaints in eating it! He really seemed to enjoy it.

If you want to serve it warm, just stand the pouch in hot water, then squeeze and serve. Microwaving the pouch is not recommended. It taste better cold than it does warm.

The cap does look like a small chewing toy when removed so parents, keep the caps away as it could be a choking hazard. The caps twists on and twist off.

Serving (1 Package)
Calories: 80
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars less than 2 G

Protein: 4%
Vitamin A: 25%
Vitamin C: 140%
Iron: 4%

The servings are given as 1/2 package so I had to double the numbers, because a baby CAN eat this all in one serving.

My product expires on Jul 2012 and I received this product Feb 2012 (that is 6 months). I can understand the short shelflife of this product, it is 100% organic with no preservatives, no food dyes, no artificial colors or sweeteners.

other than the cap issue (There is a warning on the pouch), I found no flaws in this product. It taste delicious and the baby loves it!
284236284236B0051COPH6A3F2VVIQIY6U64Armando N. Roman1141348704000When are they gonna make turkey/apple ones?It's important for your baby to get proper nutrition these days, what with all the hormones and who-knows-what injected into seemingly everything. Baby Gourmet gives a helping hand with their line of Organic Simple Purees, a very nutritious food that won't have you worrying about what exactly is going into your baby's little tummy.

All I can say about this product, since I'm not a baby and can't tell you myself what it's done for my growth, is that when I had my little brother try it at 8 months old, he loved it. After just a few packs, he started to recognize it, and would get happy whenever one was within his view. I tried a little sample myself and couldn't stand it. I love pears and broccoli, but they didn't mix together nicely in this form for my taste buds. That's just me though.

All the nutrition info looks solid, and these are handy snacks to have on you. They fit perfectly in just about any bag/purse pocket. The only thing keeping this food from being a 5 star product is the price. If it's not a problem for you, more power to you, but that seems to be the main con for a lot of other people as well. Healthy and organic, you should at least let your little one try these out sometime to see how it goes.
284237284237B0051COPH6A29TZ0192IY8IZCharles Donovan "Cardinal Charlie"1151348099200Yummy and healthyI always taste-test baby food. Old-school baby food always had a bitter, chemical-ly taste. This product is not that. It tastes fresh and healthy, just like advertised. I buy organic whenever possible, and this baby food is a no-brainer. Especially after tasting it! Big recommendation.
284238284238B0051COPH6A2O9HU1K7TCF7BJMack1151347667200Organic Baby FoodThe first selling point of this product is the handy squeeze pouch for the baby food. Easily squeezed out, it is easier than using a new spoon every time you take some baby food out of a jar. Still, I wonder how much remains in the pouch when it appears empty. I personally can't vouch for the taste. My daughter enjoyed the food, though she rejected it the first time. I like the fact that it is organic, so I know what my ddaughter is eating. I would certainly use this again.
284239284239B0051COPH6A3HG0DNFURFXR4CCE "greenness"1141346889600Tasty but expensiveThe product was great. Amazon's ability to watch expiration dates leaves a lot to be desired.

Tasty Greens!
AWESOME packaging - this is by far the easiest to use pouch baby food I've tried. The spout in the corner just makes it so much easier to dispense by the spoonful. It stands up nicely.

- Expensive.
- I was also shipped (by Amazon) baby food that was 1+ month expired. (7/13/12)
- AND it was clearly a return. (My shipping box contained a box with a return label TO Amazon and then that contained the baby food.)

I used 2 of the pouches before I realized it was expired. (I smell and/or taste all her new food and it didn't taste unfresh or bad.) Expiration dates are usually overly cautious, especially with baby products, so I've continued to use the pouches but will probably not go past the 2 month expired mark. I guess the expiration date explains why they were free in the Vine program. If I'd paid for these, you can bet I'd be livid with Amazon.
284240284240B0051COPH6A17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley1151346630400I wish that these were available when my children were babiesAlthough my children (all six of them) are in their 20's and 30's now, I am at the age when grandchildren are starting to become a part of my life. I wanted to check out this product line since it would be nice to be able to send my daughter a monthly supply of high quality, healthy baby food.

Back in the 80's, when most of my children were babies, I don't think that there was anything like this on the market. We purchased mostly Gerber baby food in the little jars (I am sure that we went through hundreds if not thousands of those little jars over the years.) The first thing that I liked about this product is the container itself. I am not positive but I have to believe that the environmental footprint of this package is far smaller than the glass jars that we threw away in bulk back in the day (sorry, it was the 80's and recycling was not big back then.)

I believe that just because a product says that they are organic doesn't mean that they are. However, after looking at this company's website I feel pretty comfortable about their claim. Organic is good since I would like to limit the chemicals that my grandchildren ingest and organic is a good start.

I have to say that it was the taste that surprised me. It was clean, bright and really fresh tasting. I am looking forward to trying all of the varieties in this line. If they all taste as good as this one I think that we have a winner here. Once the grand-baby gets a chance to try this out (they live in another city) I will update this review. As it is now, I am very, very pleased with it.
284241284241B0051COPH6A4EUL79IT6AUPH. Laack1111344470400Ordered July 26; received with pull date of July 13, 2012!I recognize that the pull/use by dates on products are not "throw this away now" dates. However, when 12 packages of baby food are ordered AFTER the "best by" date, there is a real problem. I would not take the chance on ordering this product with this kind of stale dating, especially when a twelve pack is likely to last the typical baby several weeks or more.

(Before noticing the expired date, we did try a bit of the food on a 10 month "subject," who found the flavor acceptable. However, he eats all kinds of vegetables, without the need for sweetening them with fruit, so there seemed little need to do such "sugar coating. In addition, the cost--and wasted packaging materials--does not compare well at all compared to his usual diet of home-cooked veggies from the garden and farmers market. They might be practical for travel emergencies, but otherwise, even when "current," would earn no more than two stars.)

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