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284422284422B000V9SN5EAFOGGKELS4L15NYCPosts1151301443200Expensive But So Worth ItMy husband and I are now eating more organic foods as part of an increasingly healthy lifestyle. I am responsible for our grocery shopping and, as a very thrifty shopper, I searched extensively for an organic coffee that gave me good value, great price, excellent flavor, and a reasonable quantity. This coffee definitely fits the bill. It is bold, rich, and silky even without creamer or sweeteners. Moreover, scoop for scoop, it packs the biggest flavor and aromatic punch when compared to just about any other coffee I've tasted.

I was skeptical to spend sixty dollars on coffee but picked this one based on the many positive reviews. Now, my husband and I are both so pleased with this purchase. I will certainly keep this coffee is regular stock.
284423284423B000V9SN5EA2YDOB3IMX5HD6joevandal20001141298678400What happened to the Price???!!!I've enjoyed this coffee very much over the last year, and am disappointed that the price has jumped $24 per bag (that's a 66% increase!). I'm canceling my subscription and looking for another brand. It's very good, but not good enough to justify the price difference.

Edit: Since posting this review I discovered that the price of coffee beans has doubled due to weather and bad crops. How bad is it? Apparently opium farmers are tearing out their crops and planting coffee beans. So, Camano Island jacking up the price is understandable and should be expected (although some notice to subscribers would be nice). Unfortunately, this news doesn't put any more money in my pocket.
284424284424B000V9SN5EA168T9CZV47XE7Jaclinn Pullman1151281139200Excellent coffee at a good priceI like my coffee strong and often when I make it strong it is bitter. Not this coffee it is very smooth. I also love the fact that it is organic.

However, my daughter who likes the Starbucks Hazelnut coffee which is very mild does not like this coffee even when I make it very weak for her.
She does like it though when I make it into a Frappe for her. So this coffee is good for all kinds of drinkers but mainly for coffee lovers like myself.
284425284425B000V9SN5EA2289ZRB42X7PQWilliam Wharton, Janet Wharton "Jan Wharton"1151269043200Great CoffeeI was a coffee aficionado long before there were coffee bars. This coffee is very good and a great value. It is nice to have five pounds on hand.
284426284426B000V9SN5EAQFB5JY3M6GM0T. Mallery1151262908800Wow - great taste, great price!I was going to order the Pura Vida Sumatra coffee that I normally buy, and decided to try this instead. Wow! This is a darker and more complex taste than the Pura Vida, plus I get a 5 pound bag for a few dollars more than their 3 12 ounce bags. Great buy
284427284427B000V9SN5EACFWEV1IP4NTAC. Kuehn2351213315200Camano Island coffee, WonderfulCamano Island coffee is some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. I have even called customer service to talk about their coffee and found customer service to be what it should be and more. These people care whether or not you are happy. They will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.
284428284428B000V9SN5EA30Z47HY0H62J1G. Mesick0051340236800My Go-To Coffee for flavor, freshness (and even social responsibility)I didn't throw in the "social responsibility" factor to make up for some shortcoming in quality here. So let's get it out of the way and get to the coffee itself. Camano Island Roasters are committed to fair dealing with their growers, the community, and the environment. That should matter to us all, but even if it doesn't matter to you, they still make the best coffee you can buy at any price.

This coffee will hit your door a day after it is roasted. It is that fresh. And they roast it perfectly. The Dark Sumatra is earthy, a bit smoky, and finishes incredibly smoothly. It is a world-class cup of coffee.

And this is a luxury you may be able to justify for every day.

Even if you don't want to rely on mail order for all your coffee, this also makes a gift that is guaranteed to impress even the fussiest coffee drinker (and they will be especially impressed by the good the good folks at Camano intend to do).

I love this coffee and the people who make it. I think you will, too.
284429284429B000V9SN5EA3B4JOLDFSTE41kaylanjoe0051338508800excellent smooth low acidBought a lot of great coffees from Amazon and other places. This is an excellent value. The flavor is smooth and not harsh at all.
284430284430B000V9SN5EA1B6RH7PUE6RC2I'm Funkingitup0041312675200A solid go to. Will buy many times if price stays low.I ordered this five pound bag to drink while I'm over here in Iraq. We of course get coffee provided in our dining facilities, but it is Maxwell House's dish water blend. I brewed this in a french press. It worked well with the grind except for the shake at the bottom of the bag. This is to be expected with five pounds of ground even with a quality burr grinder.

Has a nice flavor. I drink coffee black and with milk. This roast is dark which helps cut through milk drinks. Being from New Orleans, and knowing pre-ground coffee is less than ideal for flavor, I chose the dark roast(french roast). If you were going to drink it without milk, they offer this Sumatra in a medium roast that will emphasize the bean better than the roast. Since my purchase the dark roast has increased in price. Medium is still at the cheaper price. I didn't have the luxury of a grinder. Make this your first purchase before you buy this coffee. Even cheap whole bean will beat this coffee after it hits the air for a couple weeks.
284401284401B0051COPH6A2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0051344902400portable, liked by a kid who doesn't like green thingsMy daughter is 7 months old, and we started baby food right before 6 months. She has never been a fan of most green things (spring veggie mixes, green beans, etc) even though we keep trying them. But she likes this! It tastes more like pear sauce than anything (I tried it).

It's also nicely portable. My little one is too young to squeeze it right into her mouth, but I can carefully squeeze some onto a spoon if we're out (if I'm home, I usually just squeeze it into a bowl). I also reseals well (the cap screws back on) and is easily tossed back into the diaper back if it's not finished. I would definitely buy this again and in other flavors.
284402284402B0051COPH6A1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"0041344902400OK tastingI like it is organic, you can really taste the pear which is good but the green bean tastes is pretty powerful too but the pear is the strongest taste. It would have been nice to be able to sample the different flavors but the pear and greens is the only one I was sent. It is pretty healthy with 40 calories, no fats, less than 1 gm of sugar so it is something that I would feel good about.
284403284403B0051COPH6A2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0041344556800Great organic baby food-on-the-go!!The Baby Gourmet Organic Simple Purees Stage 1 (6 months plus) - Juicy Pear and Garden Greens Baby Food - these pear and spinach fruit/veggie pouches were great for an 11 month old boy (my newphew), for on the go! He can just take the pouch and feed himself by sipping through the top - which frees up mommy's hands for doing other things! The nutrients are great as well, and he liked it! Plus the fact that it is healthy organic makes me happy: it's super convenient to have these sort of things around to grab and take in the car: great value, would definitely recommend!
284404284404B000GAO92EASDNC2DU3G3JEMargo Norris4431185753600good but always grainytasty but not the best drink. the chocolate flavor is strong but more like carob than chocolate. the powder is hard to get to dissolve by stirring, however putting it through the vita-mix gets it pretty smooth! I am happy to support a company out of sebastopol, ca and to get added nutrients in my shakes but this recipe could be tuned up to make it work out properly.
284405284405B000GAO92EA1HQ09CJ892C7AC. Loch3331221955200Too Gritty...This formula is too gritty. I get the hemp seeds stuck in my teeth all the time. The chocolate taste is more caroby than anything.

After trying many of the chocolate protein shake brands on I highly recommend this one: Jay Robb - Whey Protein Chocolate Flavor Powder -12 oz

It has 25g of high quality whey protein with only 1g of carbos because it's sweetened with Stevia. Plus, the mix is really smooth and creamy unlike Nutiva.
284406284406B000GAO92EA33R5QTG7SE5WINorm0021342396800Damaged and expiredThe item came in a reasonable time, so I was happy about that. The package was completely damaged and falling apart, which could have been the postal services fault. The product had expired almost a month prior. The item seems like a really good one in which I hope to try and have a better experience next time.
284407284407B000GAO92EA3FKQLWKQ3SKDWSaul Kravitz0031335484800Agree with "good but always grainy"When mixed with soy/almond milk and a banana, this isn't bad.
It is a bit gritty, and the chocolate flavor is not rich and creamy.
Nutritionally, this is a great product with lots of (non-soy) protein and high fiber.
Try it, you might really enjoy it!
284408284408B000GAO92EASLIIRP3RGES6anonymous "anonymous"0031304640000Maybe not for everyone?I love the taste of this product. Reminds me of Nestle's Quik when I was growing up...

After the third day, I had a whole day of explosive foul-smelling rotten-egg flatulence that could only be attributed to the drink I had. However, I wonder if this happened because I had added 8 oz of skim milk to the drink... usually I do not have a problem with skim milk as I have it in coffee and with cereal during the day.

The rotten-egg smell, per my research, comes from sulfur-containing foods... perhaps the combination of hemp and milk creates a nondigestible mix?

Please, if anyone has ideas feel free to comment.
284409284409B000GAO92EA33EEIG3MMMR90R. Sturdivant004129816000080 CaloriesFor only 80 calories this stuff is not bad. Hemp has a nutty flavor that I like, the texture is a little different and seem to take a while to leave your mouth.
284410284410B000GAO92EA1FG7FI2M3VUH5Erica0041265587200Nutiva Hemp ShakeI start my day with a shake each day. They fill you up while being healthy. Only 5 stars because you HAVE to add a banana or another sweet fruit to the shake or it will be really bland and not tasty.
284411284411B000GAO92EA2IEC71PK3NAGPAffan Kermani "Affan"2451179187200Perfect energy DrinkI am a polio survivor and tuhis provide the ability to take the extra protien I need wiithout having to load my system with extra fat and sugar. Great taste too!
284412284412B003Z33WGIA2GE7OOGW6LMYKBill Barkoczy0021289088000CashewsThese dry roasted cashews were noy dry roasted enough! They almost seemed like regular ones. Won't buy these again.
284413284413B004BBR95IA303QZQYO5HZ3WDemonsDanceAlone475151330041600Able to read a description? You'll love these.The one star review given by someone with the inability to proccess information, opting instead to berate a product based on his own ignorance doesn't give this product a fair standing.

I bought these and loved them, however I nearly neglected the sales page due to the low star rating. This product is exactly what you should expect, marshmallows that will transform your one-serving box of Lucky Charms marshmallow cereal (be real, who eats the other pieces by choice?) into a full 16-serving box of marshmallow cereal. Buy the bag and go nuts!
284414284414B004BBR95IA28BA6K5NGI8C0Anthony J Sullivan31311347235200Totally misleadingI really wish I had read the other 1 star review before buying this. I know it says 8lbs but when I saw that photo with the giant bag I expected to get that. The 8lb bag can't fill up a bathtub. That was the entire reason I bought these, to swim in them in the bathtub. While they did taste good it just wasn't the same as my hopes. So go ahead and buy this product if all you need is 8lbs but if you're wanting to feed them to a heard of cows you're going to need to buy multiple bags.
284415284415B004BBR95IA1YE12IMVT18HVteach1610011317600000MISLEADINGAlthough the marshmallows were very good, the pictures shown are of a 20 lb bag not the 8 lb bag you are buying. This is very misleading.
284416284416B0048IMAEOAHQ87TGSL1YZPB. Bush0041345420800Delicious change from brewed coffeeBoiling coffee, super-fine, with a bit of sugar added before boiling, is a delicious change from brewed coffee. We tried Aladin 7oz bag when it appeared on local supermarket shelf during Passover. We'd had boiling coffee in Sweden -- this is just as good. In fact we went out and bought a thermal glass boiling pitcher designed to let the grounds settle. Pour gently into a small espresso or demitasse. Expect some 'mud' at the bottom of your cup, so drink in sips. Slow enjoyment! (4 stars because maybe not everyone will like this as we do.)
284417284417B000V9SN5EA2ZSC81MXLBELXL. Shirley "Laurie's Boomer Views"8841230422400Bold,Rich, Aromatic - Shade Grown and Organic - Packaging Needs ImprovementCamano Island Shade grown and organic coffee not only produces a wonderful and flavorful cup of java but saves trees from being chopped down as well. The Sumatra coffee is a real eye-opener, a coffee lovers coffee with a very bold rich taste(dark roast). The aroma alone will get you going in the morning and will be a great afternoon pick-me-up as well. It's as good if not better the the more expensive designer labels, and this 5lb bag is a truly good buy. Shade Grown/Organic is pretty expensive at my local market.

But what's up with the packaging. It arrived in a heavy-weight clear plastic bag. Not very environmentally friendly. Also, it is very hard to keep sealed. It has one of those cheap sticky tabs you pull over to reseal and at that it is not very sticky.By the second use it wasn't working. I transferred my coffee into the largest Tupperware bowl I could find(5 lbs. is a lot of coffee) to keep it fresh.

5 stars for the coffee. I love it and would buy it again, but Camano Islands - if you are listening- please improve the packaging.

Thanks and enjoy....Laurie

also available in a medium roast - Camano Island Coffee Roasters Sumatra, Medium Roast, Ground, 80-Ounce Bag
284418284418B000V9SN5EA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"6651267056000Bold, rich, chocolaty and organicSumatra roasts have typically been some of my favorite coffees. This Camano Island Sumatra is among the best. It's got exactly what I'm looking for: a nice, bold flavor without too much acidity. There are some hints of chocolate in there that made me compare it to Trader Joe's MochaJava. It's a great afternoon or evening coffee, especially with a rich desert since it has the character to contend with the sweetness of a rich cake.

The price is remarkable for the quality of the coffee. You could pay $15 a pound for some 'premier' coffee from the likes of Intelligentsia, but I don't feel the price difference is at all warranted when you can get a coffee this good for half as much. Are there better coffees out there? Sure, but they're not that much better at 2-3x the price.

This is well worth getting if you like Sumatra style roasts.

Very tasty.
284419284419B000V9SN5EAFVR1P33FKP93Zoie4451267401600good coffee, good priceDeep, rich flavor. Great price when you use the subscribe and save option considering it is organic and fair trade. While the big bag is kind of clunky, I'm glad the company is willing to reduce waste by using larger packages. It's easy enough for me to transfer to glass, ceramic or metal food storage bins.
284420284420B000V9SN5EA199EWSQ3VVCK9Dennis Or Juleen Amundson "purplejuleena"2231264809600Exceptional CoffeeI will never be able to drink any other coffee after having this! We love it and love having a subscription for monthly delivery!

Wow, my wonderful coffee just went up about $20 a bag. I'm forced to try a different product :(
284421284421B000V9SN5EA3ERTFI302EXD3M. Heiker2251232928000great coffee!I bought this coffee when it was on sale for about $5 a pound and I wish I would have bought more of it then. It is very good, nice dark, rich flavor. Many of my guests ask what it is and want to buy it, too. I'm almost out now so may have to come back and buy more...

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