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284431284431B000V9SN5EA3DD96LN8U1NMcitygal0041300924800Good but too expensive nowI was buying this coffee for my husband, who goes through about 1 1/2 lbs. per week. Since he goes through it so quickly, he likes coffee to be already ground (I like whole bean). Even though it's already ground, though, it's good tasting coffee. It's dark, but not bitter.

I had been using Amazon's Subscribe & Save for this, but I had to cancel because the coffee went up a whopping $15 per bag in one month. It was a bargain prior to that cost increase, but for its current price, I could buy almost any other coffee, so I stopped ordering it.
284432284432B000V9SN5EA1K6J59CVEFX74Boyd Steere0051299196800Buy for the content, not the containerAfter going through several iterations of trying and ending subscriptions to different Amazon coffees, I've finally arrived at home on Camano Island.

The taste of their Organic Sumatra Dark Roast is deep and balanced. It is faintly sweet-nutty, like cashews. The product is also consistent bag after bag, suggesting that the roasters and buyers are attentive to quality control.

On the negative side, the price has risen sharply recently, but we are in the middle of a global spike in energy and agriculture costs and must expect that coffee from the other side of the planet is going to reflect that price change. I love this coffee too much to do other than hope that some of the price hike is going to the original farmers.

The plastic bag makes sense for packaging in that it's light and tough and needs no wasteful paperboard support. There is still some room for improvement: 1) the bag should have a zip-lock strip on the outer side of the thermal seal to permit re-closing and 2) the bag or label should be marked with the appropriate SPI resin identification code for sorting plastic recycling.
284433284433B000V9SN5EA7HVGZVW0VBTOJames J, Straub0051296864000Organic Camano Island Coffee Roasters Sumatra, Dark Roast, Ground, 5-Pound BagJust what I was looking for, good coffee that ships to Alaska, tasty, already ground, Organic, all in all, I am impressed, I hope more coffee will be able to ship to Alaska, we appreciate good hot coffee before during and after being out in the below zero temps.
284434284434B000V9SN5EA1Z1TR1IITW719Pedro0051293926400excellent coffeeExcellent coffee. We use the coffee each morning and for guests. It is smooth but with a rich, lasting flavor. I recommend this coffee without any reservations, for its flavor and value.
284435284435B000V9SN5EA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"0051288569600Great Cup of JoeThis delicious coffee + new Braun = Heaven! It's true what the others said, strong, robust but not bitter flavor.
284436284436B000V9SN5EA2QVBY42IQUOGRB. L. Taylor0041268438400Very good coffeeMy brother recommended I try this in my quest to find the perfect coffee, and it comes as close as anything I've found to date. My wife enjoys coffee, but normally has to drink less than she would like due to acid content, loves this and is able to drink as much as she likes.
284437284437B000FED3VYA1Z7Y2GMAP9SRYM. Thompson "Dyson Diva"1111332201600Nasty tastingI threw all of these away today. I have had the straws before and they sure didn't taste like these. I guess I should have called CS.
284438284438B000EHXWI6A3R9NRBA1KATN4Patricia Pierce9941153267200Very good for wheat-freeWhen I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I thought foods such as this would be off-limits. What a pleasant surprise to find Orgran making mixes like this. The falafel patties hold up well to cooking, and my daughter and I honestly could not taste much difference between this falafel and previous wheat falafels we used to have.
284439284439B000EHXWI6A1Y4MKZ2OP02LRoberta Melnyk "Mom of twins"2241295136000Delicious falafel mix!We love the OrGran products. They are good quality. The problem with most boxed mixes is the sodium content. This brand is less salty tasting than the Fantastic Foods brand. OrGran makes these with yellow peas so they taste a little different from what we expected. There aren't any other beans in them which other falafel mixes usually include in the mix. These are a good gluten-free food choice for my son who is on a gfcf diet. Overall these are good and the kids enjoy them!
284440284440B000EHXWI6A2OE5YYFHPCYUKEzra's mommy1151262649600Delicious!When you have a gluten allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, or full blown Celiac Disease, you often feel a bit deprived when it comes to your favorite foods. It is so amazing when you find a version of an old favorite that is absolutely delicious, and won't hurt you!

These Falafels are so good, and so easy to make. I highly highly recommend them!

ORGRAN products are new staples in my pantry for the health of my family!
284441284441B000EHXWI6ACWPMU2S1M60XCassiopeia Genevieve1151246665600Love itI need gluten free and like things quick and easy. Love this. Go for it.
284442284442B000EHXWI6A3T6JQ9MZU4PFIElana "Beenie"1151206057600OrgranI just got Orgran Falafel and Tortellini. I am gluten-free and always looking for ready to made stuff as opposed to making it from scratch. These products are great. Easy to use and very good tasting. I have been corresponding with their web site in Australia for several months now and love the great receipes they have. Anyone on a gluten-free diet needs these products in their pantry!
284443284443B000EHXWI6A3VBKMQ25VSTJVHRH Spider "Cats ^..^"0051342742400DELICIOUSi am not particularly enamored of the taste of felafel but as a vegetarian i alternate between that and frozen morningstar products.. this orgran is wonderful. no felafel taste. taste like hamburger(after 24 years as vegetarian i probably dont really remember hamburger taste)
i hope its never discontinued.
284444284444B000EHXWI6A2UWT2NCOUCW1JCathleen from ISSB of CA0051319328000Delicious and Easy to PrepareLast summer I was craving falafel. I hadn't had any in years because of celiac. I'm so glad that I found the OrgraN Falafel Mix, and can't believe how easy it is to prepare! I fry up two boxes at a time and freeze the leftovers. Whenever I want some I grab three and warm them up in the microwave for 45 seconds. Yummmm!
284445284445B000EHXWI6AZFWJDQFKPDDHAlyssa Hethcoat "Healthy Mommy"0051284163200Gluten Free, Easy and YUMMMMY~!So excited about this falafel mix!!! All it takes is a little water and you have totally yummy falafels, just like the kind in the Greek Resteraunts! My hubby always likes meat with every meal, but these are so flavorful and the entire family loves them!
284446284446B000EHXWI6A3E87PNJPWBMLQElizabeth Muenster0051258502400Wonderful gluten free mixIt is probably the only falafel that a celiac can eat and it is so delicious.
284447284447B0001KH5PWA1L1CGB8YT95NJCollin Lyle "zaziana"0051307232000Absolutely Fabulous!The name says it all. "Very Cherry" indeed. This jam is rich in flavor and a delight for your tastebuds. My jam arrived in good time, no dings, breaks or spills. Yum!
284448284448B001HTGAL6A3JY07S9UNY028Sweet Alyssum2251281830400Naturally HydratingDelicious and natural, this is the only "sports" drink I'll put in my body. The taste is light but flavorful, and the hydrating effect is immediate. I especially like drinking this after a day in the sun.
284449284449B001HTGAL6A139O1I6KCU7U1Jan J Lucas0051309824000Very Good!For enhancing and balancing your electrolytes, as well as having a refreshing drink, this is great! Not too sweet, which I prefer, I recommend this, as well as the other flavors. Get Amazon Prime, and the shipping is free! The free shippings add up, and the annual fee is worth it!
284450284450B008PSM0BQA3OUFIMGL2K6RSkara0041351123200Good SauceThis is a good all purpose sauce. Has good flavor that the heat doesn't overpower. Not really that spicy unless you use a whole bunch. 10 good drops is about enough to add a little heat to a pot of soup, but a lot more is needed if you want a lingering burn. Heat isn't quite up to par with other products out there, (such as Spontaneous Combustion) but this has the true aged cayenne hot sauce flavor.
284451284451B0015TMCOMA32HL6OFQB61LRanonomose1151331683200A+++++excellent , would buy again! just like the old times same flavored gum!!! :)
thank you i give it A +++
284452284452B0015TMCOMA1HRNHBITW92JTL Bass1151306368000We LOVE Bazooka Bubble Gum!My son-in-law and I love bubble gum but not just any bubble gum (although we have had to stoop to lesser products) we absolutely LOVE Bazooka Bubble Gum, It is no longer available anywhere that we can find so, thank you for making it available via the web! We'll order again when we've used up this portion!
284453284453B006WOOARCA3R1EUF1DNC47EDebbyLou20090051330473600Cherry M&M'SI am a Chocolate Covered Cherry lover and will usually keep this treat for Christmas. However, I was walking out of the drugstore, close to Valentine's Day and spotted Cherry M&M'S....well, I grabbed them and thought, I'll give them a try. Nobody told me they were a "Limited Edition" of M&M'S. So, when I went back to the store they were gone. Sooooo, I found them on Amazon!!!! Ordered 2 bags, one for me and one for my granddaughter. Received them before expected date and have almost eaten entire bag. Can't wait till Christmas when they will be out again. Thank you Amazon.....for your prompt service...I will reorder from Amazon they are great!!!!
284454284454B004HIZ7HWA2XWXJNNLS1TKJoy Denise Skelley "always curious"2251320537600YummyIf you love Kalamata olives... you'll love this oil. It makes a great salad dressing... drizzle it on tomatoes and fresh mozzarella or grilled eggplant. It has become a staple in my home.
284455284455B004HIZ7HWA2JPIGOUCMCOBDS. Partlow "Bike_n_surf_girl"0031344988800Not super extraordinaryDon't get me wrong, this is good stuff, but not drastically different from your average Olive Oil you buy at your local grocery store. I was expecting to taste quite a difference for the price. But a least it's organic.
284456284456B004HIZ7HWA331SA3L1YVNLJE. Pew "tazdrgn"0051338595200Great dipping oilI received this as a gift. The added infusion of the Kalamata Olives gives this oil a very rich flavoring. I sauted vegetables in it.... WOW. Great drizzled over cold tomatoes and mozzarella. I also served it at a dinner as a dipping oil with mixed herbs and it blended nicely with the flavors. This oil is slightly thicker than some of your cheaper oils, so it clings to the herbs and the bread very well.
284457284457B004HIZ7HWA2Q4P6TGQIGLFDJohn Donaldson0051330300800To Live For!!! I agree.I believe this is the first occasion I have used the word "beautiful" to describe the taste of something. This oil taste beautiful. I love it !!!!!!!!
284458284458B004HIZ7HWA3JP1V13TLQ01JCarol M.0051326412800YummyThis oil reminds me of the dipping oils at fancy Italian restaunants. I can't wait to dip some bread into it.
284459284459B001T48OW2A24RPXOHKX3ELIKKB2251337731200Best Sugar-free Syrup!I first tried this syrup at a local restaurant and loved it! Since then, I have found that another local restaurant also serves it. I have looked in almost every store I can think of for it, but can not find it anywhere. I went so far as to ask one restaurant owner if I could buy one from her, but was denied :-( So, I turned to the internet.

I found this syrup cheaper on other websites, but the shipping costs made it equivalent to what I paid here at Amazon. The price is expensive for breakfast syrup, but I have not found any other sugar-free as good. (I have been a diabetic for over 30 years and have tried MANY!) I would (and probably will) buy this again in a second!
284460284460B001T48OW2A1HPDT4G3DH0T9Colleen Jerman "Colleen jerman"2251317168000Amazing!My mom used this at Ihop and loves it, but we cannot find it locally! I ordered two, lasted about a year! My mom is diabetic and this is not only something she can have, but it tastes good! I would recommend this syrup to anyone, it is better for you than normal syrup and tastes way better too! Wish smuckers made a blueberry or boysenberry flavor that was sugar free!

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