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284521284521B001P3NU44A1OEG5GSKDJMVLR. Jones1131322179200My dog loves these, I hate themMy dog loves these things, item as advertised. However they stink! They especially stink once they get wet from dog slobber. Two rooms away we smell the awful stink. One time my husband gave the dog one of these while I was sleeping, and the awful smell woke me up. Now it's an outdoor only treat.

We've had no choking scares which I see people mention, but my dog enjoys chewing things up, and thoroughly chews up everything before trying to swallow.
284522284522B001P3NU44A2G4SCKF6X8YAUDaisy1151320796800Great productWe have been giving these to Daisy, our golden reteiver for about a year. She really loves them and do a great job of keeping her teeth clean. We don't have to worry about teeth problems or bad breath. I would recommend this product to any dog owner.
284523284523B001P3NU44A364PHUCEP6KQVJeffrey W. Grey1151320710400dogs love themi have 4 beagles, and they all love these chews. too soon to know if they're really keeping their teeth cleaner than they otherwise would vet recommends them, though. one issue i have is that the sizing of these for medium dogs is kinda small, and one of my dogs pretty much chews twice and swallows. i'm going to move to the large size and see if that makes a difference for him.
284524284524B001P3NU44A3DM7GW5SNEXPERoberto1141320192000Good produck but smaller than beforeMy dogs love these, and they help clean their teeth. I have bought them for 4 years. However, Virback has reduced the size over the last several months- without reducing the price.
284525284525B001P3NU44AO4J2NVQUVXX6jettsoma1151319760000C.E.T. ChewsI have to buy a bag of these at least once a month. The store that I have been getting them at does not carry the HEXtra Premium chews with chlorhexidine. They said I have to buy them at the Veterinarian's Office. My chihuahua and I are very happy to be able to buy them through Amazon for a better price, and no hassle. Delivery was unbelievably quick. Yes, my dog is small, but he can chew like the best, and the "small dog" size just doesn't do it. I also like the idea of having that extra (hextra...very clever) ingredient for his teeth, as I hear that small dogs tend to get more tarter than bigger dogs. Milo is one year and NO tarter!!
284526284526B001P3NU44A2ZFRRICU707L7Broomall1111319241600Bad Treats.I wanted to send the chews back but I had already thrown away the receipt. They had a horrible smell, I gave one to my dog and she was sick. If anyone knows where I can return them, let me know.
284527284527B001P3NU44A2V9C5MKTMLXJAMichelle J. Ciraky "Sweet, sexy, sassy"1151317686400Stinky but effectiveMy dog is in love with these C.E.T. chews! I like the fact that they help with infection and keeping her gums and teeth healthy. She recently had 3 teeth pulled and does not let me brush her teeth so these are a big help in keeping the tarter to a minimal. Her breath was great but recently has gotten a little "ripe" lately but she is a Pom...her breath has always been a little bad. :)

Shipping was speedy.
284528284528B001P3NU44A3AGVZC564PM6Djmhon "meep"1151316908800my dog is obsessedmy dog is happiest when he has one of these in his possession. he loves the flavor and the chewiness. the teeth are still dirty, but there is a slight improvement. it's hard to work miracles on a dirty 12 year old dog's mouth. i just hope the crazy chemicals listed in this product aren't bad for him.
284529284529B001P3NU44A25Y0CWF8Q16YVcboland1151282176000Great TreatThis product is great for your pets teeth and very healthy for them. My dog loves to chew on it and it is so good for him.
284530284530B001P3NU44AKZSTO88VLCOBTreftorMom "Gemj83"1151280793600Excellent supplement to brushing their teethI got two beagles. One with terrible teeth and one with teeth we are trying to keep in good shape. Both love this and I have noticed and improvement in their breath.
284531284531B001P3NU44A7JJRXXENV47IJazzcat1151280102400Nightly treatMy vet recommend this product to keep the dogs teeth clean. After purchasing from the vet a few times I decided to check online and the price is significantly less and I don't have to make the trip to the vet. My two dogs 17 lbs and 15 lbs let me know every night at 5pm or so to get their treat. They are crazy for them and their teeth are staying clean. I would recommend this product.
284532284532B001P3NU44AJ42OSEYQEGPKGina Fristoe "just shoppin'"1111268179200Great if they Were Not Burned!I have been buying these from my Vet in the Medium & Large size. was Glad to find them on Amazon at a much better price. Unfortunately all the Medium chews were burned! Since I ordered 6 bags, I really got taken. When you open the bag you can smell the char. Makes me think that they save their mistakes to sell on the internet. Very disappointed. In fairness I must say that the large chews were just fine.
284533284533B001P3NU44A1OTB9KOB8MR2URobert Muccillo1151256601600My dog loves themWE have been buying these for a year now from Amazon and they are the best priced for this product..The VET was nearly double what we are paying now

Our dog loves them and never has a problem digesting them and or chewing them.
284534284534B001P3NU44A25D8AXKXRUWP3S. Long "Sherry"1151250467200Better than brushing their teeth !The Vet originally sold these at 2 times the price
284535284535B001P3NU44A1Y1L56592H2ZXKimmy in Valencia1121241308800you can lead a dog to a chew but...My vet recommended these for my 2 girls (one Maltese, one Papillon mix). Unfortunately, neither one of them like it! It has a really strong smell. The first time I gave it to them, the Maltese completely ignored it. The papillon chewed on it for a while, but then lost interest. I've tried playing with it to entice them but to no avail.

The reason I give it 2 stars is because obviously, not all dogs like the flavor. Also, when my dog chewed it the first time, it turned the fur around her mouth and paws yellow... ick.

From other reviews, it looks like most dogs take to it pretty well but I just know the potential drawbacks.
284536284536B001P3NU44A3BNR0KSUT9R5CEd Mandler1151225584000TaffyMy dog goes crazy for these chews every other day. She knows when she will get one from me. Highly recommended by my Vet. It really works well.
284537284537B001P3NU44A1XNZZ3UJO07LEmerlin "merlin"1151196985600Great product, dog loves themThese are great, my dog loves them and they do a great job cleaning his teeth & helping his breath. And a wonderful price, compared to what the vets charge locally to buy.
284538284538B001P3NU44A18FWAXVPZCR1UK. Stump1151188518400Great Doggie TreatCET Chews are my dog's favorite! They keep her teeth super clean and keep her occupied and happy as I leave the house every day. These chews are the only rawhide my vet okayed and I've used them with my dog (now 6) since she was about 6 months old.
284539284539B001P3NU44A1OWSR898FTZP4Happy Waggers "Lynigal"1151181174400Keeps them pearly white!I love this product - don't understand why they are not sold over-the-counter. I give them to my clients whose dogs don't like to brush their teeth and this makes the biggest difference. It's not a substitute for brushing or cleanings but it makes a difficult, tedious task a whole lot easier.
284540284540B001P3NU44A4OAG90VE2ZRASandra T. Cook2311312156800C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews with Chlorhexidine for Medium Dogs, 30 ChewsI ordered these for my 29 pound Wheaten Terrier as she munches on them. This packaged was labeled exactly the same as the previous packages (size). However, when I received them each chewie was half the size and paper thin. These were not fit for a very small dog, let alone a medium dog. I threw them away as I would not take a chance that my dog would choke on them. I then decided to call the company. I was told that they were aware of the problem and needed to do something with their quality control. I ask her where they were made and she told me Mexico. BE WARE.
284541284541B001P3NU44A2YZ5FVHZCFJKVJman2351278979200My dog's favorite treatWe give our dog one of these every day after dinner. Its the highlight of her day. I even love the smell of them. We don't brush her teeth manually, and still the vet says her mouth looks great.
284542284542B001P3NU44A3VIZUILZYT5ZFJ. Clarke2351244678400Dog Dental HealthThese strips are amazing, improving the condition of my dogs' teeth. Vet recommended giving them one strip right before bed so the enzymes could work overnight. I could see improvement before they were finished with the first bag.
284543284543B001P3NU44A1GGWEX2RW0IRWJ. Sears0031349395200Great oral hygiene , bad smellI ( my dog ) have been using CET chews since we got him. Previously was using the smaller stick when he was a puppy, but needed something bigger now that he is older. Like the other CET sticks, he has great oral hygiene, good breath, nice white teeth, and no problems at the vet. The only downside of this particular product is the SMELL. My dog likes to sit next to me and chew it and I have to cover my nose. It's an odd, nauseating odor that can fill the entire house. I probably wont be buying these again for that reason, but will go back to the sticks without the odor.
284544284544B001P3NU44AJFSSJZP65UFGgh0st0051348099200Great Chews..but watch out!I have been purchasing these chews for our two American Eskimo dogs (miniature and a toy) for years. My dogs really enjoy them, as soon as I go for the package they become excited. One thing to watch out for: particularly thick chews. Usually there are 2-3 chews that are thicker than the rest and very hard. I didn't catch this and one of my dogs broke one of their teeth on it. I still buy them, but I go through the entire bag and remove the thick ones.
284545284545B001P3NU44A1L5ZN4UUOIUMMCarol A. Stanton0021347753600Poor quality controlMy vet recommended them for my dogs which are around 20 pounds each and just will not let me brush their teeth. They love them. As with any rawhide chews, I only give them to the dogs when I am around to make sure they don't choke.

I have two dogs, so when I came out with only one chew at the end of a package, I started counting the contents of each package. I have found between 28 and 31 chews per package. There are almost never 30 chews as stated on the package. I thought that perhaps they were packaging them by weight instead of count but that turned out to be not true. The weights of the various packages were considerably different. I called and they just said to return the short packages to my vet for a refund. I did this once and as a result the vet opened and counted the three packages she had on the shelf -- they had 28, 29 and 31 chews each.

There is also a large variation in the size and color of the chews. Some are very light and some are quite dark. I currently have one chew that is 1"x1.5" and paper thin, one that is 2"x3" and 3/8" thick, and one that is 2.5"x4" and 1/4" thick. Some packages had mostly large ones and some packages had mostly small ones.

I don't know whether they really help the dog's teeth or whether the chemical is bad for them. But I do know that they have a serious quality control problem at the location in Mexico where they are produced/packaged.
284546284546B001P3NU44ASC3GL48Q1I0TYakamovich0051346544000His brown teeth are now almost white!I started using these out of desperation as nothing was helping my dogs bad breath and brown teeth. I don't have the money to take him to the doggy dentist. I'm on my second bag and his teeth are almost white and his breath smells so much better!
284547284547B001P3NU44A18WYFS3BC7OARPaj "zenrx"0051344211200My Dogs LOVE TheseMy vet gave me a couple of these chews after one of my greyhounds got her teeth cleaned. Let me tell you, they were devoured by her!! I have been ordering these for the past 6 months for both of my greys and it does a wonderful job of keeping tartar to a minimum and overall oral health. In addition, I brush their teeth with C.E.T toothpaste 2 to 3 times a week.
284548284548B001P3NU44A3GFYRVCNWSULTAMH0011344211200YUCK!I did not realize that these Chews come in two different versions, one is flavored and one is not flavored. This version happends to be flavored/scented. They smell like ass. They also make my Bulldog vomit a disgusting slimy mess. They do not seem to adversely affect my smaller dog. The smell alone will prevent me from purchasing this product in the future. I will be certain to order the ones that do not read HEXtra and contain Chlorhexidine.
284549284549B001P3NU44A3GTGZCKM6URYLIsabelle Bone Senst0051338681600C.E,T.HEXTRA Premium oral Hygiene ChewsI have three dogs and they really love these chews. Avoiding tarter build-up on their teeth is so essential for their good health. I highly recommend this product.
284550284550B001P3NU44A2X6TK15AQS1RVWild Bill0051337731200Great ProductRegular use of CET chews has eliminated the need for yearly cleanings by our vet. Our three dogs love them
Wild Bill

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