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284619284619B002W09PX4A2SR5UTNH32P32Eugenia Drye "special ed"101151284595200Agave to the rescue!Love this product for my daughter who has a terrible sweet tooth and is borderline diabetic. Everyone who tries it likes it as well. Even my hubby is almost sold, and he is a die-hard white sugar lover!

First heard about product from my raw sister who is a purist when it comes to her diet. She doesn't bother too much with processed foods, and I am striving to be like her. Bless you Seshatms!

Product is a little sweet for me as I gave up sugar and honey long, long ago in my drinks. But it is excellent for cooking ... just don't use to much as it is very, very sweet.

For those still holding on to sugar and honey, it is a great way to get rid of those cravings.
284620284620B002W09PX4A2M6F6K4ED3O9ZMichael Bush6651297036800Previous reviews on point!Product arrived on time and was above expectations. I sent my father the two bottle package. You would have thought that he won the lottery or something. He noted that this blend of agave had more nutritional value than the brand he buys at the grocery store. Nice to know something lives up to the hype:)
284621284621B002W09PX4A2LU9NHI51IGEOLuvstobake!91151279152000Not All Agaves Are Created Equally!!!Xagave is the best tasting brand of agave on the market. Period.

I've used Xagave for a while now and I have been completely amazed at how versatile it is. This product is NOT just for sweetening drinks. Xagave is PERFECT for cooking and baking. In fact, I "slip" it into the cookies or cakes I make for my friends and family. No one can tell the difference!!

Buy this product and you will be amazed!!
284622284622B002W09PX4A3FP2T77LS9QJDLady Di2251332547200Great Taste...I drink 3-4 cups of hot tea daily & Xagave does not over power the favor of the various types I enjoy. The change in the label was alarming but once I used it, I knew it was the same. It is not always carried in the store I shop so ordering on line was a blessing.
284623284623B002W09PX4A1C7FLU4IFINGTterrance2251326240000Awesome!My wife and I always try to consume organic products. We recently purchased a Blendtec from Costco and the host used this sweetener in quite a few recipes. There are a ton of artificial sweeteners everywhere: all man-made and extremely bad for you. With all the high fructose corn syrup in almost everything that's eaten in this country, it's no wonder the majority of the American population is overweight! After reading the ingredients in this product, it was a no brainer. Since this product is organic and there is a sugar conversion table listed also, it makes this product an A+++. It only takes a little bit in each recipe to add just a little flavor if needed, without the guilt or harm of adding a processed sweetener. Overall, I highly recommend!
284624284624B002W09PX4A2FH6OTTCETBQHDebie_B2251311379200Our Favorite Natural Sweetner!This is the best Agave brand we've used. We use Xagave as our everyday sweetener, as well as a replacement for sugar products in baking and other deserts. While we do still use organic Maple syrup in moderation, Xagave has a bit lower glycemic load. So, I sometimes set aside a 25 oz (18 fl oz) bottle and add a tablespoon or so of Mapleine extract (you can usually find it here on Amazon or at most Wal-Mart superstores). After allowing a day or so for the extract to blend well with the Xagave, it works very well as a Maple syrup stand-in!

I'm particularly pleased the last 2-pack of Xagave bottles arrived with new flip-top lids. So far, the new style lid seems to have eliminated the irritating sticky drip down the side of the bottle the previous lid allowed.
284625284625B002W09PX4AI4SMLPTEZHIBStevie Quick2251297814400Best Agave Out There!I had never tried agave before I tried Xagave, and since trying it have experimented with other agave nectars, but this is by far the best! I've been recently trying to cut back on processed food and sweets (veryyy hard for me to do as I love sugar more than any other food group) and Xagave has made it easier for me to give up more of my unhealthy sweets for stuff I make with agave, and if the taste isnt the same, it's better! Also much less expensive than using stevia to replace sugar. I will never use any agave or sweetener but Xagave!
284626284626B002W09PX4A2RJ8UCTTJX8VOJonathan L. Tueller2251297123200Hands down the best agave, it's like a whole different nectar!I can't stress this enough, this agave is simply far superior to other agave nectars. The taste is very neutral without the aftertastes other agaves seem to have, and the texture is creamy smooth. Each bottle has a very informative sugar exchange table (detailed in that there are slight differences whether you're using it in a liquid versus baking with it) and the best part is that I have been able to take some of my mother's favorite recipes and convert them using Xagave instead of sugar and brown sugar without it effecting the end result. In fact the cake I made seemed to be lighter and fluffier. I again cannot stress enough how much this nectar changes everything for me. As another reviewer mentioned finally something that meets the hype.
284627284627B002W09PX4A38IH57SEUHL7M. Auel2251296777600No more white sugar here!I bought this on a lightning deal last week, and i love it. You use less of this than you would sugar and it has a great taste. I give this a thumbs up for healthiness.
284628284628B002W09PX4A2J1P2DSBFTXLBBob Loblaw2321315958400Worst dispenser design I've ever experiencedI generally don't write bad product reviews, but in this case I'll make an exception. I switched from using sugar in my coffee to agave due to the low glycemic index, but also because it seemed simple to use, and the liquid is much easier to dissolve if I wanted to use it in a cooler liquid, such as iced tea. This was the first agave I ever purchased, and I am now a big fan. However, that is IN SPITE OF this Xagave product, NOT because of it. The bottle design for this agave nectar was beyond frustrating to me. The design of the bottles included a clear plastic top, which came off completely, and a little nub with a hole on it that you pulled up so that you could squirt agave out, and then pushed back in when you were done (kind of like an old-school water bottle), and then you put the clear plastic top back on again. There is NO way this design was actually tested by a conscious living human before it was putt into production. You could not use this product without leaving at least a tiny bit of agave around the spout thing every single time you used it. The next morning, you left a little more, and so on and so forth, until the top of the bottle (including the little plastic top thing) were so disgusting and sticky that I actually started to dread my normal cup of coffee every morning. I literally counted down the days until we were finished with this product (yes, I refused to waste it by throwing it out); not because I planned on quitting agave. No, only because I wanted to quit making a sticky disgusting mess every morning with my coffee. Honestly, I can't believe I'm the first one to complain about this. Am I the only one who received this type of dispenser top? Is this some sort of elaborate agave practical joke?

Bottom line, I like agave. Strongly support it. I hate this bottle. In my nightmares, a giant version of this bottle leaves sticky puddles of disgustingness that I get stuck in until the end of time. Until the bottle design is changed, don't buy it. I've used other agave and it has all tasted just as good. Buy one that won't frustrate you with each use.

Note: If the bottle has changed in any way, someone please comment on my review and say so, and I will change my review to reflect that. As of today (09-14-11), one of the pictures Amazon is using looks like it has a different dispenser/tap than mine, while another picture shows the same tap I had on my bottles. A flip-top would basically solve all of my complaints; I switched to a different brand (Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave), and the flip-top design is perfect.
284629284629B002W09PX4A3MOBUY8F9RQN5CD0031344384000Deceptive weightThis description indicates that you will receive a 23.5 ounce bottle x 2. When they arrived each bottle contained 11.75 oz. I will not be buying from here again!

P.S. I emailed Amazon and they promptly agreed to correct the matter as soon as possible. I will continue to use their services.
284630284630B002W09PX4A27FK03HW49XK3Niks Nana0051342656000Agave SyrupBest tasting Agave syrup on the market. I prefer the old packaging with small neck and pour spout, but it is still the best agave product on the market.
284631284631B002W09PX4A2209SXJEX154WM. Walters Acctg Serv & More "On web"0051341360000Xagave Best Ever!Xagave is the best ever Sugar substitute! I love sugar but as I get older, it does not love me. So blood test monitoring has been a breeze & taste buds are still happy!
284632284632B002W09PX4A2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"0051321401600Sweet SyrupAgave supposedly has a lower glycemic load, but beware, that depends on how it's processed. Any sweetener should be used in moderation. That being said, this stuff tastes great - a lot like corn syrup.

My favorite thing about agave is that it will dissolve in cold beverages. We mostly use it in sweet tea, but have also used it in ice cream and home made baked goods, all with excellent results.

I see some complaints about the bottles, but the bottles I received were sturdy and dispensed the product without leaking.

This brand is the tastiest we've tried yet and is hopefully organic. We'll be buying it again.
284633284633B002W09PX4AHIE33VFKXJ2JMellisue9220051318982400Great DealBought this on a Lightning Deal a while back and have been very satisfied. I use Agave Nectar in baking and have some on hand when my sister visits as she makes the most amazing margaritas using this.
284634284634B002W09PX4A12CC0H8AWM9YCS. Wyler0041318723200A great substituteThis is a great and easy way to replace sugar in your diet. You can use it in so many different ways. It's nice to be able to feel a little bit better about what you are using to add that little bit of sweetness to your food.
284635284635B002W09PX4A3PIRYH7BYLCJGPenny Swann0051312934400tastes kind of like honeyI haven't had much time to try this yet, but so far I like it. I used it to make ice cream with and it was marvelous! It tastes kind of like honey straight (on cereal and such).
284636284636B002W09PX4A11KV6I7ZVP5YNKristen Shirilla "KS"0051308614400Great productWe find that we use agave nector offen, just with this brand was a little less expencive. We were pleased with this produce and would buy again if we could find it cheaper.
284638284638B002W09PX4ATAKQXTJL5UK4loren torresola1251296432000Who needs Sugar when you have XagaveI picked up this product after a friend recommended it.
Oh boy it's so good. My wife & I use it every morning with our Coffee instead of sugar.
we have also begun to use it when baking or with any recipe that asks for sugar.
It also goes a long way so it has totally been worth it's purchase price..
284639284639B002W09PX4A2P4XF2BB7F13HKF1251296345600Great Taste!This agave seriously has the best flavor, I have used several different brands of agave and they all have a weird aftertaste but not Xagave. It makes it so much easier to incorporate it into my recipes.
284640284640B002W09PX4A3TR8HTGJILJE1Lady Penelope1251296345600the best agave!This is the best agave nectar I have tried. I prefer it to the darker versions available at Trader Joes and most supermarkets. It has a lighter flavor - more neutral. I use this in smoothies, marinades and baking. Love it!
284611284611B000EYNE82A2WBE93UGB93FCL. Shepard "LK Sisters"0051167868800Great Healthy Snack!These crunchy snacks are healthy, addictive, and tasty. I love the crisp texture, the flavors, and the perfect size for a snack. Much better than the Apple Chips that have all that added junk and sugar. These Sensible Foods Snacks are just dried fruit! Love the apple harvest flavor best, then tropical blend. A favorite snack item!
284612284612B000EYNE82A2CDTDUO493FVURamona Watson1211293667200"used to be great, dried fruit"The first time I ordered the product, it was great and that is why I bought it again. This time, it seems to have been a BIG mistake. The fruit was humid, hard and nothing like before. Should not forget to mention the big clumps of fruit stuck together, that were so hard it made my teeth hurt. Too bad. I used to love this product, and talk to my friends about it. Not anymore. :(
284613284613B000EYNE82A3R3X3IDHJ65B0Katrina D. Delaney "super foodie"0121240790400Not worth the priceI love freeze-dried fruits and decided to purchase this product. DON'T DO IT! It is a waste of money for what you get. The bananas taste really strange, so bad in fact that i had to pick them out of each bag and trash them. These snacks are a fad and not worth the money especially in this economy. In time I believe prices won't be so inflated!
284614284614B000EYNE82A1CNMLLMYNE26KL. Plank0111162598400Sensible Foods Crunch Dried SnacksThese are probably sensible but taste awful, you can't even tell which fruit you are eating, yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
284615284615B000LLMATMA36GPUBRC4QULPB. Wood1151315094400Awsome flavor and so easy to use!We purchased this at our local supermarket after clerk told us that they could not keep it in stock. We were amazed by the wonderful flavor it gives chicken and steak! It is on sale right now at our market but had to get a rain check! We are going to try the smoke flavor but love the original. Please don't hesitate to try this one! My whole family loves it!!
284616284616B000LLMATMARBHMK3CBDECKRad Doc0051282867200MHISuperb flavor. Easy to use. Place meat in zip lock type bag, shake up the Allegro bottle, pour in half bottle (or whole bottle depending on meat/ roast size), and let marinate in fridge for a couple of hours, occasionally flipping bag and gently massaging meat. So far 8 people on different occasions have stated they have never had a better tasting steak. I also have had to rush the marinade time to only 30 minutes by piercing meat with a fork during marinade. Not the best method, but the flavor still was incredible. Shipping cost is a problem, as almost doubles the price for a case. Allegro is only $4 per bottle at at my local Kroger's.
284617284617B000LLMATMA1QQHH5H0SMLZAS. Hampton0051264291200terrific marinadeThis is hands-down the easiest and tastiest marinade I've ever used. My whole family and many families in our area buy it from local stores. It is strong so a little goes a long way. My husband had never had it before we married and now he wants it in every pot roast with vegetables and in hamburgers. When making pot roast, I water it down a little which makes it a little less strong but still tenderizes the meat and provides water for the vegetables. I love it on fish and chicken. Our cabinet is never without it. Thanks, Allegro!
284618284618B000LLMATMA3966XW5T63CDWGreco121311289606400Rip OffExcellent product but absurt at $9 a bottle. Buy it at your supermarket for a regular price of less than $5 a bottle.

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