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284791284791B000PDLBBOA16YH487W9ZYO0Bruce G. Lindsay92621196294400Warning: MSG insideThe buyer should be aware that MSG is on the label. Since the
label does not distinguish between the noodles and the packet,
it is not clear whether the packet contains it all.

It is also high in palm oil, and I would guess that this
is the noodles. If I had been aware of these
features (there was no contents information) I would not have
purchased it.
284792284792B001EO7NAQA9QVKQ0Q0TOZ6Upton O'Goode "Upton"4451328832000Taste Specialty Black Mustard Seeds Really Cut the Mustard!Black mustard seeds provide a potent kick to many Eastern and Western cuisines. I use them to make homemade prepared mustard -- easy as can be and much better than store-bought varieties. There are three general categories of mustard seed: white, brown, and black. White is the least potent, and black is the most. Brown is in the middle. I like my homemade prepared mustard to have a complex depth of flavor, so I use all three types. The mustard-y properties of the seeds are activated by water, which provides another way to control the potency of the mixture: adding cold water will yield a stronger mustard, while warmer water will mellow the taste.

The most simple preparation of mustard is Chinese-style, which is just a mixture of powdered mustard seed, water, and a dash of oil.

Basic Prepared Mustard Recipe

1 measure* of mustard seed (one type or a mix of all three)
1 measure of liquid (can be water only or a mix of water with other ingredients such as wine, beer, vinegar -- I like to use 1/2 measure of ice cold water, 1/4 to 1/2 measure of cold white wine, and up to 1/4 measure of homemade wine vinegar)
1 teaspoon good quality oil (extra virgin olive oil)

* A "measure" can be any set volume amount. I typically make about 1 cup at a time, so my "measure" is 1/2 cup.


Place the mustard seeds in a glass bowl (I use this type: Snapware Glasslock Glass Storage Containers with Lids 18pc Set Nesting Design) and add the liquid ingredients. Cover and soak in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, place the contents of the bowl in a blender or food processor and pulse until most of the seeds are bruised or crushed.

If you want a grainy mustard ("whole grain" mustard) remove 1/2 to 2/3 of the mustard and place back into the soaking jar. Then, continue to pulse or blend the mustard that remains in the blender/processor until smooth. Place the smooth mustard in the bowl and stir to blend.

If you want a smoother mustard, just blend/process all of the mustard until the desired consistency is achieved.

A word of caution: Do NOT stick your face over the opening of the blender/processor to inhale the aroma of freshly prepared mustard -- you WILL understand why they called it "Mustard Gas" in World War I.

For more potent mustard, do not allow the blender/processor to heat the mixture. If needed, stop blending, re-chill the mixture, and blend again.

Feel free to add honey, salt to taste, black or white pepper, jalapenos, horseradish or any other flavorings.

Keep the mustard in the covered glass container. It will continue to become more potent over a few days (the exact number of days will depend on your preparation), after which the potency will slowly decline.

Homemade prepared mustard makes an excellent gift. And, after tasting, your friends will DEMAND more. I keep a supply of jars like these Bormioli Rocco Fido Storage Jar - Wire Bail - 200 mL for giving.
284793284793B001P3NU4OACNK603VEUIBKI <3 Jesus "Sugar Dew"0041265587200YummyMy cats love these treats, but eat them too fast. They don't take as much chewing and crunching as I expected them to. Breath is a little fresher, but I am still waiting to see long term effects for keeping their teeth cleaner.
284794284794B001P3NU4OAR3ZWCFGGK585Fred Thomas0031265155200Uneven QualityMy cats loved the first two bags, but the latest one repelled both of them. Even the one who wants to eat himself into obesity so badly that he eats filth off of the floor. I can't say that I blame them, because the smell was worse than usual. The bag doesn't expire for another 19 months, so I think the manufacturer has some serious quality control problems.
284795284795B001P3NU4OA2CPH457GAOEBQRescue lady "Rescue lady"0031264809600Dont depend on it for dental helpThis is a good treat for your cat, if he/she likes it. Some do not. I'd suggest a new customer w/ a cat who has never had the treat get a small bag and not invest in the large one incase the cat refuses it. My cat likes the hygene chews and I like to treat her regularly. However, they in no way take the place of any other dental cleaning from your vet or regular toothbrushing you can do yourself. This product can not remove any tartar or plaque on the cat's teeth, only a scaling will do that. If you cat likes them fine, but dont depend on this for your cat's dental health.

BTW this produict is available from various sources. Try searching for better prices if esp. you choose to go with the larger size.
284796284796B001P3NU4OA3KJAPWRCBJUNICheryl0051264636800Great C.E.T.Hi,

This is a good product according to my cat. He was very excited about this and even bit on the bag in an attempt to get one. He loves it. And I must say that I believe his teeth are better with it and breath. I know many think this isn't the case. That a tooth brush is necessary. That may be true, but he had so much trouble holding the toothbrush. He doesn't have opposable thumbs.

As for the seller, I am not sure why people had problems. I have not and ordered twice. Both times, there was quick delivery.

Hope this helps.
284797284797B001P3NU4OA8HL6PSFZT84IE. Mitchell0051262995200My kitty adores these...My kitty loves these so much that it's the first thing she eats after her tuna and before anything of my best purchases.
284798284798B001P3NU4OA2MNBXVLO5PUC5CB "musicdivaSF"0041262563200Our cat loves this treatIt took awhile but our cat is loving this treat and with its ability to also clean her teeth. We hope to get a good report on the health of her gums and teeth on her next visit to her veterinarian.

In our case, we started with cutting up the treat into bite-size pieces and adding it on her food in small amounts. Gradually she is no able to consume the entire piece but we still cut it up leaving the film around it so she work on it a bit.
284799284799B001P3NU4OAM7WEOA21N3FGHappyfeet Petspa "poodleowner"0021259539200my cats won't even touch itI have 4 cats and they are usually eat anything. I thought it would be a good idea to get them a treat and clean their teeth at the same time. I got the fish flavor and none of them would touch it. Then I tried to break it into small pieces and 2 cats out of 4 would eat it now. I called the C.E.T company and they said they have 100% satisfy guarantee. So that was nice.
284800284800B001P3NU4OA1BT2UD2Z8W78SD. Lazarescu ""0051257379200Favorite!My cats love these treats and they're good for the cats' oral health as well.
284801284801B001P3NU4OA18QNMVRG08DU5a reader0011252195200an expensive experimentMy 10 year old cat who was recently treated for a build up of tartar wouldn't touch these chews even when I cut them into small pieces and even when they were the only food available overnight. Next I guess I will have to try a toothbrush though I don't think he's going to like that either.
284802284802B001P3NU4OA1VIGAHAPQKS00LStJames "cameo kid"0021246233600YuckMy cats won't TOUCH these. One of them tried and chewed and chewed. She finally spit it out. Oh, well...
284803284803B001P3NU4OA1YVTAUBGVWXSRElizabeth Roberts "Liz"0021245974400Feline Enzymatic ChewsMy only complaint about this product is that the chews should be a little smaller for cats.

I have to cut them up or my cats won't eat them.
284804284804B001P3NU4OA19ED1R5BILW7DArline M. Saul0051236124800better digestionmy tabby cat loves the fish cat chews, and I feel that it helps her digestion because her elimination has been much better since she started eating them.
284805284805B001P3NU4OA2NSCHJNZAAT28Db "db3058"0051229558400My Kitty Likes TheseMy kitty gets 2 of these a day for his teeth and likes them. I've given them to finicky cat owners who won't eat them though. My cat's been eating them for 3 years.
284806284806B001P3NU4OAMA3JSCJY5CKMMarilynJ "MIJOHNS"0051228953600Healthy treatThis is a good product for the cat's teeth. You can get a cat interested in them by a) giving them when the cat is hungry and/or b) breaking them into smaller pieces to they can bite them more easily and to release the enticing poultry smell so they know they are not eating a rock.
284807284807B001P3NU4OA97JUUZRVOYWUC. Woodward "Teacherman"0051223251200Cat Chews are greatExcellent service and price. Virbac ships quickly and always has the items in stock. Cat Chews are highly recommended for both dental support and taste for cats.
284808284808B001P3NU4OALW969NU6X1RVK. Dunlap0051215388800My cats love them!My cats love love love these treats. They're decent size, so they keep the boys busy for quite a while. The older cat had some pretty horrible breath before I started giving him one of these once a day. Now I can barely smell it. They're a little on the expensive side, but it's much cheaper and safer than a full cleaning from the vet.
284809284809B001P3NU4OA2SSVETMR8KALNC. Gooden0011190937600Good idea, but....I bought these from my vet, but my cat won't touch them. They might as well be rocks for all the interest he showed in them. He sniffed it a little and walked away, never even putting it in his mouth. I wish I could have gotten a sample before I wasted my money.
284810284810B001P3NU4OABS7OVB5GM9OTWilliam D. Hawkins "hawkwild1963"0051163030400My Cats go WILD for themMy cats love these a lot, and I will be interested to see if they are having a good effect on their dental health when we go visit the vet in a few months.
284811284811B001P3NU4OA11HBII8O2A71EPatricia L. Raymond "Pat on books"0151329523200My cats love them!And so much more fun than inadvertently smearing kittie toothpaste on whiskers!My cats wait for me to go to my computer desk (where I store my cache) for their daily dose.
284812284812B001P3NU4OA3GF8TTQP22ZWHBernard W. Leger0131266624000Cat ChewsI purchased these for a number of months and gave them to my cat who suffers from gingivitis. However, the last couple of bags I purchased, the product was yellowy and did not look or smell fresh. I threw them out and have not ordered any more. I think that the manufacturer needs to improve their QC.

No, I did not complain because frankly I don't have the time or the energy to fight these types of situations. I just won't order any more.
284813284813B001P3NU4OA2SN1C0KVT7K4KJKLineberry2511316217600Cat hates themThey were not hefty enough for my cat. The were too light and full of air for him to sink his teeth into so he won't touch them.

[...] Thanks!
284814284814B001P3NU4OA37TA115S10WZUF. M. Green0221186444800not exactly what you would expectI gave this a three star, I guess some cats don't like freeze dried anything. I only purchased this because of the excellent reviews.
my cat only likes fish and refuses other brands of catfood.
when the package came, I gave one chew to my cat, he chewed a little, spat out the CET chews and walked away with his tail up in the air, so, i tried again Tuesday thinking he might change his mind..., NOT!!, he totally stuck his nose up and tail and sauntered into the other room.
I had purchased Greenies in the past and in ocean fish flavor. He went nuts, so, i purchased more greenies. well..., I'll stick with what my cat likes.., period.
284815284815B001P3NU4OANX9YYM0EY3ADCraig Witkowski0351337990400CET Chews are great, Amazon, not so greatThe CET chews are fantastic in keeping my cat's teeth clean. However Amazon has buckled under to a group called "Color of Change" with is a race-centered extreme leftist group that is extorting companies to drop affiliation with a business group called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Color of Change was founded by Van Jones, an avowed radical with a race-based agenda that has been exposed by his own words caught on tape. Caving in to such race-based political groups that oppose the free market system is a losing proposition and is a sure way to lose customers such as myself. My latest purchase of these CET chews tonight was not made at Amazon but at another company. Amazon needs to disassociate itself from race-based hate groups and re-join with ALEC to support the free market.
284816284816B001P3NU4OA2G4LKK57XMBL3Sherry "MomToTwoBoys"3911226361600the third and fourth ingredients are sugar!!!Ingredients: Freeze-dried fish, antioxidant (containing tocopherols, ascorbic acid, natural flavor, and citric acid), dextrose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase.

given the epidemic of feline diabetes and the fact that cats are carnivores and the fact that this is meant to clean teeth, I find that absurd. Does your dentist give your kids candy?
284817284817B001P3NU4OA3SUZA0C8QV8AWCharles G. "An Engineer and Business Person"222251243900800My cat loves them and the seller was greatI was worried that my cat would not like these and was hesitant to buy this many. I purchased a smaller bag and my cat LOVES them.

So I purchased this much larger bag at Amazon's much better price via Amazon from Entirely Pets. Again, I was worried about the seller based on other comments. But they were ordered on Sunday, and I got them Tuesday morning - they ship from Fremont, CA. The expiration date on the bag is 16 months from now, about what I would get in any retail store. So I've just not experienced any problems with this seller or this product.

The manufacturer admits that brushing your cat's teeth is much better, and I do that about every other day. This product ensures that there is at least something done for his teeth every day. And trust me, my cat does not let me forget to give him one of these every night. He'll claw at my legs until I do and his claws are sharp!

By the way, one tip for cat owners: many of an older cat's problems are due to the propensity of most cats not to drink enough water: kidney and teeth problems are common. I feed my cat only a teaspoon of wet food a day, smothered in about 2 ounces of water. He drinks the wet-food-flavored water and only then gets to eat the wet food. My cat is 19 years old (the average cat lives to be about 12-14 years old) and has had no major health problems. However, the teeth cleanings are getting to be too stressful for him, so I've taken to these treats and brushing his teeth to try to spread out the cleanings.
284818284818B001P3NU4OA2F540P3L6P5CLMisfit151551157673600Well priced through AmazonI have been purchasing these treats at the recommendation of the vet to help with my cat's tarter build ups. When they are chewed they release enzymes into kitty's mouth to help fight against the tarter.

What really surprised me is the price difference, I was paying about $12 at the vet for a 30 pack. When I did the math on buying the 90 pack + S&H, it's about the same amount I would pay for two 30 packs -- so I got 30 more, another month's supply!

Also, Entirely Pets shipped this very promptly. I ordered on Labor Day Weekend and it arrived on the following Thursday. Good Service!
284819284819B001P3NU4OALW969NU6X1RVK. Dunlap9951215993600Love these treats!My cats love these treats so much they tried to eat right through the bag. They get one a day, and I noticed a definite improvement in their breath within the first week.
284820284820B001P3NU4OA2Z3BKW78SNWCWK. Shorrock5551244419200Dental HealthcareI own 2 burmese cats and have always had problems with there teeth. So much that both cats have had to have teeth taken out. I recently went to a new vets and they put me on to CET Oral Hygiene Chews. I thought I would give them a try.

First up my cats went crazy over these chews. My cats normally don't like chews or treats. They pritty much just eat cat food. However they love these chews and they would eat them all if given to them or they could open the container I have them in.

After using them for 4 months, my cats went back to the vets for a checkup. The vets were taken back how effective these chews were. Strange given the vets recommended them to me. No more red gums and only a little build up of plaque.

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