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284851284851B001P3NU4OA395RQNMGAURTSMary E. Coyle1151252800000My kitties Adore these Treats!My kitties demand these treats every day; I dare not run out of them, or I'm toast!
284852284852B001P3NU4OA3MG4EFQW9GAIHB. Chord1151210636800CET cat chews fishI have used these cat chews for a year now. I give our kitty one in the morning and one in the evening. They have done wonders for the teeth!

Last year, our cats teeth were so bad that she had to have one extracted when she had her teeth cleaned. This year, her teeth looked so good the vet said they didn't even need a cleaning. Vet had told me they worked but I can now attest to that, first hand!

The bonus is ... she loves them!
284853284853B001P3NU4OA1N1T4GIWQ8630Cat Staff1151210291200Great cat treatsCET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor

We originally tried the CET Chews for Cats (fish flavor) when a friend gave us a small bag. Our cats went nuts for these treats. After their last vet checkup we knew that they needed something for their teeth. We mix up their treats giving them the CET Chews every 2 or 3 days. We're on the second 96 count bag and they still love them. We haven't been back to the vet to know if the chews have had an effect on the teeth yet, but as long as they keep loving them we'll keep buying them.
284854284854B001P3NU4OA2NSCHJNZAAT28Db "db3058"1151203638400Awesome serviceEntirely Pets always delivers this product fresh and very quickly. I've purchased it on the net via other suppliers and had bad experiences. They have a permanent customer.
284855284855B001P3NU4OA3JOEIC2MFT1Z3Carol Mello "marzeedoats"1151171584000For cats who won't brush their fangsWe have 2 cats. One eats a varied diet that includes a healthy bowl of dry food which is good for her teeth. The other is so finicky, she drives us nuts. She only eats wet food and only certain flavors and certain brands.

Even at the young age of 2, she was having gum problems and looking at a future of early tooth loss (devastating to the ego of a cat).

This cat is not a pet-able cat. Don't think about picking her up let alone attempt to brush her teeth, if you value your eyes, your life, etc. This cat is a killer (but we love her anyways and are trying to keep her out of jail).

A new younger vet arrived. He suggested these chews for cat number 2 to improve her gums and perhaps prevent her from losing teeth at a young age.

She LOVES them. (The FISH flavor NOT the poultry.) She begs for them on her first bowl of wet (of course) food every morning. She lies to the 3 of us humans: after human 1 gives her a chew, she tells human 2 that she has not had a chew yet today, please give me one. Then she tells human 3 that humans 1 and 2 forgot to give her a chew and she gets chew number 3.

Or maybe she is not lying because cat number 1 likes them too but the vet did not prescribe them for her. I know she sneaks over to cat number 2s bowl and snatches a chew now and then.

Not cheap but well worth the price because cat number 2s gums and teeth have improved. Vet has given up (as have we) on trying to get her to eat dry food.
284856284856B001P3NU4OA3OH7CF9ULS7I4dlr "dlr"1151170720000The price is rightMy vet recommended these treats to help with my cats tartar build up. The treats come in a wrapper which I think is edible but I take it off. One cat LOVES these treats and the other won't touch them. But...the AMZN price is so so much cheaper (about 1/3 the cost) than the vets price. I wouldn't buy them anywhere but AMZN.
284857284857B001P3NU4OA18MQSKFNKSMADX. ZHENG "Garfield"152211220313600Great Cat Chews but horrible seller. Buy from other seller.This seller by far is the only terrible seller I have dealt with from Amazon.
The Cat Chews arrived without any expiration date printed on the bags and most of them have changed to a very yellowy color. My two cats won't touch those with a off color. So, I have contacted the seller and someone over there told me to send them back for an exchange. I did that, and called the seller one month later since nobody contacted me and neither did I receive the exchanged product. After calling many times, I gave up and contacted Since everytime, the person answered the phone told me that he can't do anything and the manager will call me back and he never did. After 5 of this phone calls, I decided I've wasted too much of my time and it's better to direct the issue to And Amazon has made it so easy for me. They filed the claim and did the refund. I'll keeping shopping with Amazon, but not with this seller anymore. They are many other sellers carry the same Cat Chews.
284858284858B001P3NU4OA3AZ37ZB5FYYZZS. Cahill2311316649600Why Add Sugar To Dental Chews?Be aware that this product contains a form of sugar (dextrose) and is listed on the label as one of the main ingredients. To me this makes about as much sense as putting sugar in toothpaste. I love my cats. I'm definitely not feeding them something that can lead to tooth decay.
284859284859B001P3NU4OA3OKLS8UBHEVFAndrew P. Hardy0051350518400My Cats Love ThemMy vet introduced me to these chews to help with keeping my cats teeth and gums healthy. My cats love them. It's hard to tell how effective these kinds of products are at living up to the health promise. At worst they are a well received treat and maybe they have healthier teeth.
284860284860B001P3NU4OA29A17MY4959VJM. G. Miller0051350259200one of my cats loves themI have 2 cats, one male and one female. The male is crazy about these. I just discovered that he got the bag, ripped it open and ate them all. I had started with a small bag to be sure at least one of them liked them, so not too bad a loss. The female just sniffed and walked away, but she is not crazy about fish flavored treats anyway. I just reordered a big bag of the poultry flavored ones. I am sure the male will like them and I hope the female goes for these as her teeth are the worst of the 2 of them.
284861284861B001P3NU4OA3LJCJT2GS88YOSheldon0051350259200Cat Loves Them and Hopefully They HelpNo problem at all getting the cat to partake!! In fact, she pretty much insists on her nightly "treat". I know brushing her teeth would be better, but, since she doesn't always cooperate in that effort, I hope these help at least a little bit to keep her teeth clean.
284862284862B001P3NU4OA2O3IWIVOZD4S7Qwerty "PenguinK"0051349308800My cats love these!We have to keep these chews in a cupboard, or else the cats would eat them all at once. We give them as a treat once a day. The size is a a bit daunting, but at least for my cats, it keeps them busy for a while. Each cat is too busy with their own treat to try to steal another cat's.
The price here is better than what I found locally, too, so this is a good purchase for me.
284863284863B001P3NU4OA3VPQVOTCNO0IPcookie20000051347062400Cat Loves Them - Hope They WorkI have a domesticated formerly feral cat. The vet found two cavities and gingavitis on his last exam. He is mostly very affectionate but I made ONE attempt to brush his teeth and am never going to try that again. I got clawed up trying the oral rinse the vet sold me as an alternative. Dental chews are a last resort. The cat was indifferent to the treats sold by the vet. I searched for alternatives through the internet and thought I would give these a try due to the mostly positive reviews.

He loves them. Like other reviewers I thought they were rather large, so the first time I unwrapped the cellophane-like covering and broke it into pieces. Those were gone in about a second. So I tried giving him a whole one. Took about two seconds. Now when I toss him one (once a day or so) he tries to snatch it out of the air. I'm not sure whether it helps his teeth or not as he gobbles it in a second or two but he sure does love them.
284864284864B001P3NU4OA1Y404ETQ0Q0N8gl0w0041346976000Great taste, too bigI ordered the 30 count pack of these chews for my three cats (Siblings that are 2 years old). I had to go to the vet earlier this week because one of the cats (Daisy) looked like she had gingivitis, which she did, and found that the other two cats had some serious tartar. I feed them a can of wet food once a day that they share and leave dry food out for nibbling. The vet recommended these chews for all three cats, so I bought them. I had read on earlier reviews that they were pretty big, and like the reviews saying that they were like wine corks, they're completely correct. They're about the size of a wine cork with a softer texture and it smelled like fish food (I got the fish flavor). All three of my cats are pretty small (ranging from 8-11 pounds), so I had trouble getting them to eat a full one. I wound up cutting them into quarters to get Daisy to try them, and once she did, she went CRAZY for them. She literally stands on the back or arm of my chair, swatting her paw out to get a piece when I'm cutting them! She'll even throw little tantrums when I try to hold her back from stealing them from the other cats! The other two cats didn't warm up to them as quickly or easily until I started cutting the quarter pieces into half. I could definitely tell that they liked the taste, but it was just bigger than any other treats or food that they've eaten in the past, so they weren't used to it.

I'm not sure if cutting the chews into little pieces will affect their effectiveness, but if I just gave them a whole piece, I'm sure the only cat who would try to eat it would be Daisy (which I suppose is good because she's the one with the gingivitis). If this review was based on taste alone, I would have given it a 5/5 star rating; however, I wish they could make them more compact.

Just a tip if you're cutting them, the chews have a papery coating on the outside. My cats still ate the papery covering, but I'm not sure what it's made out of, exactly. The chews stay intact for the most part, but do get a little crumbly when you start to cut them into smaller pieces. I'm definitely going to try and "wean" them into eating larger and larger pieces.

I slowly started giving my cats larger pieces and now they happily eat the whole treat by themselves! Just make sure to watch your cats because my cats try to steal the treats from the others!
284865284865B001P3NU4OA1K6G7NNTKGKT0Cynical Nymph0041345852800Cat loves them, Unsure how effective.My cat absolutely loves his "fish corks". We have to keep them locked in a cabinet or he chews through the bag and eats all of them. They are about the size of a wine cork. Foam like texture with tough outer covering. In theory, biting through the outer covering and squishing into the inner foam is supposed to help keep teeth clean. Hard to tell if they are effective but I'm too lazy to brush his teeth and figure this is better than nothing. He is fed Wellness wet food only. I strongly believe kibble is bad for animal teeth since it doesn't clean their teeth while chewing and all the carbs simply make a nice paste on teeth providing an excellent environment for plaque forming bacteria. Seriously, would you replace your tooth brush with hard cookies? Consider the residue from Oreos? I've seen kibble fed teeth and they aren't pretty. We've been using this product for a few years. Our cat is nine years old and finally needed his first professional teeth cleaning earlier this year. The dental chews have a strong odor and oily residue that sticks to your fingers but easily washes off with simple water and friction. He attacks and bats them around the floor for a second then devours them quickly. I usually give him one each day.
284866284866B001P3NU4OA3K8RCC0IOL3X3Nuaannce0051345334400Great for oral hygieneMy cats love the taste of these chews and regard them as treats. I have definitely noticed cleaner breath in my older cat and use this product as a prophylactic for the younger one. A very good price and I will be buying them again.
284867284867B001P3NU4OAXQ5GR4QXVBE0PattyHB0031344988800Little Fish Corks!I was really hoping my cat would like these. I buy the dog variety and my dogs love them. My cat sniffed the chew and walked away. I tied a string to it and attempted to get kitty to chase and chew the fishy smelling little item. It was a no go. Finally, I sliced the chew into 4 pieces with a serrated knife. I think he ate them unless my dogs found them before I did.
I don't know if the cut up pieces will work as well because he doesn't really have to chew them for very long.
Anyway, my rescue kitty is scheduled for a cleaning and hopefully the vet will have some ideas for keeping him free of plaque and periodontal disease. Kitty is only 3 years old but the vet tells me he is needing a cleaning.C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats, Fish-Flavored, 96 Chews
284868284868B001P3NU4OA1RXK4FJC2Y9T3J. Walton0041344556800All three cats love them.Cats being who they are, there is of course no guarantee that your cats will find these treats appealing - but all three of mine devoured them.

It took my tiny (6 lb) cat a little while to get the hang of eating them - they're pretty thick. But once she got the hang of getting at them from the end she did just fine, and in a way it seems she has to take the most bites and gets the most benefit.

Sadly, the cat with the worst teeth is allergic to them. He's allergic to most dry foods as well, and my bet is that it's some sort of preservative triggering the reaction.

As a result, I can't report on what they'll do for a cat with real dental issues - but they do polish away minor tartar build up and they eliminate stinky cat food breath when given as an after dinner treat.
284869284869B001P3NU4OA7R53KBKNCKXCthink about it0051344470400Cat chewsMy cats go crazy over these! Since they won't let me brush their teeth I try to do all I can in between dental cleanings and I think these help a little bit.
284870284870B001P3NU4OAVYSIDBJ2XJS3Kennedy Snow0051343001600Enzyme Oral Hygiene ChewsI cannot attest to the results purported yet by this product but my cats love them. Our younger male cat, 3 years, especially loves them and will gnaw on a whole one of these 'treats'. He even got into the bag when we were gone and ate 5! The other cats did not seem interested because they are ridiculously large almost 2" x 0.5". The are wrapped in a wafer paper like material with a flaky, wafery, crumbly, stuff inside. To feed the other cats, I applied pressure to the wafer and rolled it back and forth between my fingers to break it out of the 'shell'. I do this and add it to their food or put it separately on their plate like an side dish in addition to their wet meal and they love it, go nuts for it. I associate it with/like brushing our teeth after we eat. They eat their main course, have dried bonito flakes on the side, and then have a side of these flaky chews (not really chews at all, like a crepe rolled up tight). I have only recently made this purchased and started using this product so cannot provide evidence for, or against, the claims of the product regarding pet hygiene and dental health but will post an update later in time. Is it weird I kinda like the smell of them...?
284871284871B001P3NU4OA20D9VGCF3P13LRoyBlaze0041342569600One likes it one don't.I got these and my female cat which weighs 8 pounds would eat the whole bag in one sitting, the male who weighs 10 likes one and walks away. Cats, go figure. I found that the male loves the Greenies though so I've got both covered. The only thing I can say is buy a pack and see if your cat will like them, no other way to know. I put in the cats weights as this crops up in other reviews. I got the exact same results with the Petrodex.
284872284872B001P3NU4OA38HU4KLYKWT6OClalumelia0051342224000Great product!The product arrived promptly and in good condition. My cat loves these chews for breakfast every morning. They seem to do their job in keeping his teeth clean.
284873284873B001P3NU4OABOIHE61T2A0RTeraByte0051342224000AwesomeMy cat prevents us from properly brushing her teeth and dislikes most teeth cleaning toys, but she loves these chews. She plays with it for a few minutes, bats it across the room, and then chews on it to her heart's content. She considers it a treat, so it is an easy part of her day.
284874284874B001P3NU4OA171SXIWTNWVTIJasonDC0011342051200Too big for a cat's mouthAs MANY reviewers have stated before me, this product seems like it should be a dog treat. They are slightly smaller than a wine cork (about the same length, but the diameter is skinnier). Considering cats chew "with their mouths open" as we would call it, putting something like this in it is just asking for a mess on your floor. I tried cutting it into FIFTHS (1/5) and it was still too big a piece for my cat. He would try, but it kept falling out of his mouth until it was just a soggy mess on the floor. When I did try to give him the whole one, he just batted it around. That's another thing... what genius made these round? As if a cat wouldn't have enough trouble eating it because of the size, now you're making him want to play with it AND when he goes to eat it, he'll end up rolling it down the floor (or rolling around the bowl) anyway.

You can have the best ingredients ever, but if the delivery vessel is garbage, it's completely useless.
284875284875B001P3NU4OA23QY2GBOS2GF5T. Robinson0021341964800Cat dental chewOnly purchased a small bag of this item to see if my cats would eat them. Sorry to say none of the six cats would touch them. Delivery was quick and in good cindition.
284876284876B001P3NU4OA1BYWV62P9B6AVluciellenc0011341964800The stench of old fish. Try the poultry one instead.The fish C.E.T. chews smell terrible. I assumed they would but they are far worse than I expected. What's even worse is when the cats visit the litter box - O!M!G! I have to open all of the windows and doors, turn on the fan, and use air freshner. I thought one of them was sick.

Try the poultry. Much better. Hardly smells at all.
284877284877B001P3NU4OA25PM14UMLP2B3Karina L. Viltova0051341705600He loves themMy cat loves these and they are actually big enough that he is forced to chew them - I believe this means they can effectively work on cleaning his teeth.
284878284878B001P3NU4OA3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita0051339718400the cats love theseI actually feel bad when I think how much I paid for these at the vets! The mark-up there was ridiculous, but these were a great treat for cleaning the cats treats that has proven some results (very little tartar build up) that the cats absolutely ADORE. One of the cats act as if this is a kitty drug or something when I break out these treats, she loves them so much. It's never a problem to get them to eat these treats, and now it's not a problem to give them once a day to help keep their teeth clean when the price is much more reasonable than what you'll find at the vets. If your cats are not a fan of brushing, definitely look into these - even if you can brush their teeth, these will help with their dental care and are a decent snack as well.
284879284879B001P3NU4OA1Q5B4I82S7WJWhallimos0051338422400cat chewsProduct is great - smells terribly to me, but the cat adores it! Too bad it's so pricey! Will have to buy 2 bags at a time next time.
284880284880B001P3NU4OA2EX67IB48SGLMCat Collector0051338249600Keeps teeth healthyThese chews seem to keep the cats teeth healthy. My oldest cat is 14 and his teeth are in great shape, partly due to these. I have been giving these to my cats for years. I have always bought them from my vet who charged me alot more for the small bag than Amazon charges. I was happy to find I could get this larger bag. It is a great value.

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