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284911284911B001UUB8WSA130VGG4P4PW5JSirTaz "Geniebugged"0151308960000Product Very good - watch pricing offersthis is very good creamer as well as convenient - BUT Check all offers in Amazon and stores

Just order [2] 50 cnt ONLY boxes for under $11 and this offer showed up today - too late too cancel

$.11 cents per serving in order versus this $.05 on the '300 cnt' is a huge difference and in today's economy - one needs to really watch this
284912284912B001FTYU38A1ZFIANDPRAYQNSunshine Boy222621231977600poor customer serviceI received this item poorly packaged and contents were scuffed and jumbled. It was meant for a gift and looked like a returned product. When I emailed the company to complain, they never responded.
284913284913B001FTYU38A29YCPVU4Z9RECE. Davie "girlie_cop"8841238198400A great gift whenyour not sure what to give.I bought several of these to give as gifts and keep around the house for small get togethers. There is a selection for every type of drinker and the chocolate doesnt take away from it at all. The bottles are set into small plastic trays so you can pull out one type or one row if you want. If you have a guy and your not sure what to get them. This is a great item to go with.
284914284914B001FTYU38A3U9LXAUJSV2W8Christine E. Day5521261958400meltedWhen opened, a bottle had cracked and the sticky liquid had dried on other bottles.
my second one, the tin foil stuck to the chocolate and people got tin foil in their mouth, I'd never order it again.
284915284915B001FTYU38A1VOUYV6SBV2TNMs. B.5541236729600Great chocolate!I purchased this chocolate for a Valentine Day gift for my husband. I was very pleased of how quickly I received the package in the mail. I also like the various assortment it provided. And the chocolate is very good as well as the liquers inside the chocolate. My only complaint was that this was advertised as a Valentine's Day Gift Box, but nothing about the box reminded me of Valentine's Day. No hearts, not even a red box.
284916284916B001FTYU38A2KTSFBTK816UMMeep4451291766400Surprizing lil' chocolate shots.I recieved my Athon Berg chocolates today, 12-9-10. They were here earlier then expected, and in perfect condition. No leaks or any crushed. I took them to share at a Christmas party. Everyone loved them! I hide a whole bunch! I loved the Grande Marinier and the Southern Comfort the most. I love the burn and kick these little confections give. They are awesome! I WILL be buying them again as well as recommending them to my friends and family. Thank you to the thenewmall as well as Amazon. Meep meep
284917284917B001FTYU38A44DJUK7YRPG5gingerg993351230076800Great for holiday celebrationThis will be our 3rd year to use these chocolates in stockings at Christmas. They are always a big hit for the adults - especially the adults who don't normally eat much chocoloate.
284918284918B001FTYU38A2OUXOSRMSM8KKawoodward2241291766400Great gift to giveI was excited about this as a "gift to give the person who has everything." There's enough in the box, so i gave each row as a gift to someone (put it in a little bag myself).
I tasted one, and was suprised at how much i liked it. I do find it odd they didn't verify buying age to make sure I'm over 21 - but whatever.
Also, to recieve this package took about a month. Good thing i purchased it in enough time!
284919284919B001FTYU38A1BTFD783XWI2YAmy Sasser0051294963200Great itemFor the price this was a great find. I buy these type of chocolates at Disney World every year. It was a tenth of the price here.
284920284920B001FTYU38A2DIEVPARAQEQQkitty7170051294704000They were a present to me for me!! Good ChoiceI have always loved these chocloates however in the past several purchases (from other venues) the liquers inside have been dried to sludge or gone completly. I read the Co. comments & decided to take a chance. It was a good decision. They are wonderful!! Quick delivery, well packed and just as promised. I will buy from again!
284921284921B001FTYU38A3N6DKD8NIQU79Marie Motschenbacher0051293840000Chocolate LiquorsThe liquor chocolates got here in perfect condition. No dents or bruising. The product was packaged beautifully and looked as I had hoped. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a perishable product but having dealt with Amazon once before and treated so well when I had a problem I decided I would trust your company again and I wasn't disappointed. Thank you.
284922284922B001FTYU38A29NRVT1S4W74DMissy0051292457600Thank youI received my Anthon Berg Chocolate Liquers order today, 12-16-10.They were here earlier then expected, and in perfect condition. No leaks.I was so excited to see how fast I got them thank you. I will order again and I will tell all my friends and my family.Thank youAnthon Berg Chocolate Liquers with Original Spirits 64 Piece Gift Box
284923284923B004CH7A7SA18H3K2EXMD05ZI. Speakthetruth "THOUGHTS WORTH READING"0011306972800DISAPPOINTED FOR MANY REASONS! HORRIBLE CANDY..If I could rate this transaction ZERO STARS I would, I was disappointed for many reasons.

I ordered this item for a party with plenty of time for shipping, even with standard shipping, but just to be sure I emailed the seller (Bayside Candy) 1 hour after I ordered, to make sure they knew I needed the item before the weekend (it was Tuesday and they are located about an hour from me!) I finally received an answer and they said the following: "Amazon states that it could take up to two weeks to receive any orders. The shipping service that I provide is 5-8 business days" and that they "do not guarantee that USPS will deliver it by this weekend". TWO WEEKS delivery time to travel ONE hour away???? I went back to this item page and BURIED far down is a link that gets you to their shipping rates.....saying it could take up to TWENTY ONE DAYS for an item to be delivered. Read further, to their "disclaimer" and it says the item might not even be as the website describes! VERY interesting how they don't feel the need to put all this shipping information up front in the DESCRIPTION section, and they can basically send you ANY ingredients they want, saying it is a substitution? Also check their web page and it states they ship in 2 days after you place order and it takes 4 to 14 days or as long as 21 which is it? NEXT they state: "We will send your order within 2-3 business days using USPS priority mail flat rate service." Well they use the flat rate envelope alright, should cost $4.95 so why was I charged $6.99 for shipping?

Well when the item finally did arrive it was FIVE pounds of gummy frogs SQUASHED in a skinny paper Priority ENVELOPE!!! you know, those flat ones meant for a few paper documents! ...only this one was bulging at the seams in my mailbox in hot summer weather! So much for their temperature control "stored in a climate controlled room" claim (I guess once it leaves their facility they no longer care about that). NO wrapping or padding whatsoever, just the plastic bag of FIVE pounds of candy stuffed into a too-small envelope! This product SHOULD have at LEAST been shipped in a small cardboard box with bubble wrap or SOME insulated padding. Upon opening the envelope the gummy frogs were all stuck together, and tasted quite rubbery (and I LIKE, and am familiar with, textures of other gummy candy)... but this was like trying to eat rubber!) The taste was faint and not very apple-like. In fact it was quite awful.

284924284924B002OH0MG4A19SIRBHIOODQMESKD1151345420800When you want the flavor without the laborIt would certainly be cheaper - much cheaper - to make your own Bearnaise sauce. But if you're either not inclined to try that approach or don't have the time, this is a great option. Fabulous flavor. And it doesn't get any easier.
284925284925B00523NRZUARLDCS4EB9LWHBrooke C Gardner1111328140800Brown, not yellow or goldWell, I should have read the reviews because these are definitely not the bright yellow color as pictured. They are a brownish yellow color and will be returned asap.
284926284926B00523NRZUA2B6OO13SRALGSAaron1111327536000Color not as pictured!We got several colors of these suckers, for a rainbow birthday party, and the gold is not even remotely as pictured. My kids were even going through the colors and referred to these as brown. I'm sad that I won't have yellow in my lineup of suckers, but I guess I'll just throw yellow ribbons on them or something...

They aren't the best tasting things, either, and they are actually just from Oriental Trading Co... So, I'm not super impressed; but the kids think they're cool.
284927284927B00523NRZUAXBAMEHX8WNQEJodie Wong1131311984000Color DifferentI bought these lollipops for my wedding for the candy bar. My colors are tangerine and aqua. When I saw these lollies, I was ecstatic to find the perfect item! I bought them in aqua and orange. When they arrived, I was quite disappointed in the orange. The color was more of a yellow/goldenrod then orange as listed in the picture.
284928284928B00523NRZUA38OIJHM47EFD4Liana Lehman0011326931200Gold Swirl Lollipops - Color all off!I ordered both the aqua and gold lollipops and the aqua ones are true to color, however the gold ones are not even close. It looks a muted pasty brown color vs the vibrant/true gold color pictured here.
284929284929B008I5CL7YA3QC4TGOGUL1M5Spirit Visitor "clairvoyant"212241179187200FINEST BLEND OF sTROGANOFF IN DELICIOUS SAUCEOutstanding gourmet taste: the blend of mushrooms, steak and sauce is tantalyzing. The orders could be divided, so that the entire order doen't have to be defrosted at once. Possibly divide the large portion into three or four smaller ones. As it stands the order is easily microwavable.
284930284930B008I5CL7YA1ONWQH8IQKWKHDaphne0031325548800Beef StraganoffJanuary 3, 2012

I purchased the Beef Stroganoff from Omaha Steakhouse last week. It arrived in a small tray covered with plastic. I didn't really read the instructions for preparation ... just got out my trusty skillet and lid. I popped it out the container and addded just a couple teaspoons of water and let it simmer. It simmered about 15 minutes before I tasted it.. The sauce was delicious and the beef was tender. There was only one thing lacking [noodles]. There was only a tiny beef of egg noodles and alot of meat. Nonetheless, it was tasty. I give it 3 stars.
284931284931B008I5CL7YA2AGCTEQJFSSZZMichele Cecere5811229817600disappointedDisappointing in the amount of meat and vegetables. Guess I was hoping for a more natural sauce. The tomatoe base was not to my liking.
284932284932B003XPF9BOA3R7JR3FMEBXQBGail S. Marion "Gail S Marion PA, PhD."0051351123200where does one start...and stop... with a treat like thisWanted to save some to bring to my Chicago family but my North Carolina family ate all 4 boxes before I could pack. These are excellent...could serve to anyone
284933284933B008892DPAAQK5MRXK9VH4XHappy Dog Owner2251339200000Best Ever!Grew up with these in Europe and LOVE them. Was completely bummed when I found out I can't get them in the US. If these were widely available in Southern California I would never buy another M & M.
284934284934B008892DPAA2RLERHASR0RLPPeggy Stone0051349740800Smarties - Not Just British NostalgiaI used to buy the occasional packet of Smarties at a British import shop, just for nostalgia's sake, but recently I've become completely hooked on them to the point where I hoard them so I won't run out! The ingredients are far higher quality than M&Ms, the colors are all natural dyes (plant extracts, like spirolina for the green ones), and the orange ones even have orange extract in the chocolate itself. There is no substitute for Smarties! They are worth a bit extra for the quality.
284935284935B0067OTBY4A3GGXJD0BMJ2W3Chris from Chicago "Chris"5551253577600Another fantastic ZiwiPeak product!It should have been no surprise to me that the ZiwiPeak canned venison is a hit with my dog as he already enjoys the ZiwiPeak Air Dried Venison Dog Food...but I was indeed surprised at HOW MUCH he loves the ZP canned. I've been feeding my dog, Titan, another brand of canned dog food so that I could hide his different medications and get him to eat them without having to wrestle his powferful jaws like the late beloved Crocodile Hunter. While he enjoyed this other brand of 100% venison canned food, he was on to me with the whole pill hiding thing and would root around his bowl and eat around the pills. Titan is a food motivated dog (you'd think he was a lab rather than a pittie) and usually I could count on telling him to sit, give me paw and then literally drop the ball of wet food with the pills hidden inside into his mouth and he would gulp them down. Well, a couple of weeks ago, he wouldn't eat the wet in his dish, and when I tried the old 'drop in his mouth' trick, he let the ball of wet food hit him in the snout and didn't even lick it off; he just watched me pick up the mess and waited for me to wipe off his face.

Enter ZP canned. First, this stuff doesn't look like normal canned food. It has such a fresh quality to it. Titan loved it instantly. In fact, I don't even have to hide the pills anymore. I feed him just like an 80+ baby, spoon feeding him right from the can, except that I place a pill on the spoon as it goes in his mouth. No getting my hands all messy with shaping the canned food around a pill to conceal it from him. Titan knows the pill is in there, and as long as he gets a mouthful of the ZP canned, he doesn't care.

Oh, and he won't even touch the old stuff with or without pills. He knows he's moved on up in the quality of food and there's no turning back!
284936284936B0067OTBY4A7C7QG6O3ZHXDA. C. Smith "A.C.Smith"2251328227200Dog LOVES the Rabbit and Lamb!!!Maybe it's cause the food from NewZealand, but my Shihtzu loves this stuff. She went to push the food aside out of her way and one wif and she started gobbling it down. I mix a big spoon full in with her kibble and she seems to really like it. I feel really good giving it to her because the ingredients seem to be really good quality. gives this a 5 star rating which is the highest they can give for a dog food.
284937284937B0067OTBY4A26QRIAX292CSMPuppyLove2251271376000Great Variety - Great PriceResearched the product line on their official website. Really liked what I read about the ingredients, where/how it is all made. Found great prices through Amazon so took a chance. The best deal is that it was offered with super savings shipping (free)! I really liked the variety of flavors offered in this package to give each a try. All 4 of my dogs loved all of them. I would buy again.
284938284938B0067OTBY4A2E32CO9HGN51YNicki Tompkins "bkworm212"1151348531200Tuffy Loves It!!!My dog is the pickiest dog on the planet when it comes to food and treats, so I wasn't sure he'd like ZiwiPeak Venison Canned food, but I am pleasantly surprised. I put a little in his bowl and it was gone in seconds, so I mixed a little more with the air-dried venison from the same company and he gobbled that up too!

This is the BEST dog food on the planet in my opinion and I receive the fastest shipping from Gulf Coast Pet Supplies on Amazon.
284939284939B001SAY5NEA2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB2221336780800Clams...Clams in a can are as tasteless as sweet peas in a can. I have tried many different brands but unfortunately all clams in cans are tasteless. These clams are/(suppose to be) from US not from the Orient like other brands. Although 6.5 oz, you only get 3 oz which is less than a cup and still more expensive than 10oz cans. I do not consume these for taste. Instead of buying supplements I consume these clams since it's ready to go without any hard labour for B12, iron and protein. I rinse to get rid of 500 mg sodium and sand which regardless after rinse there is still sand in these clams. For real clam taste I buy fresh clams from Costco and boil it myself for three minutes.
284940284940B001SAY5NEA273L0HI95MGZAbob0011335398400DissapointedThe clams are very chewy and include too many inedible gristly bits.Flavor is OK but overall not a good choice.

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